Monday, August 16, 2010

Please read MUSTANG'S LATEST gave me a stomach ache. If you don't know this information he's presented and pass it on, you deserve one, too :-) BY the way, do I have an excellent nose for good articles, or WHAT? THE NY TIMES is carrying Mustang's piece today! (above CBS News AND Townhall...HA!) (and please, nobody tell me how lousy the NYTimes's STILL the NEW YORK TIMES! z


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link, Z.

Semper Fi

The Pragmatis said...

The magic of 2008 can't be recreated and good riddance to it.

cube said...

I just came from Mustang's blog. Scary stuff, but sadly, true.

christian soldier said...

Hey-Z- a bit off topic-but-
Good on the Germans-
read M's post late last night--

Z said...

thanks, Carol...great information.

As I just mentioned at your place, the Germans have been kicking imams out of Germany the afternoon after they heard them preaching hatred toward the West. This next move of closing down the Hamburg mosque is a great one.
I WISH we had the guts to REALLY get busy and DEMAND that those muslims who call themselves MODERATES speak UP against the bad guys.

Linda said...

Until the 'moderate' Muslims take a stand against the terrorist Muslims, I will consider them a part of the problem.

I know there are people who say they have Muslim friends who would never do things against the Americans, but until the hearts are changed, I don't think so. Sorry if this hurts anyone.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking Mustang's excellent post Z. It couldn't be more timely or informative. Everyone should be exposed to the truth we are experiencing today.

The most difficult thing to do is to convince those who will not see what is so obvious if one is willing to look at and accept as, an ugly reality.

Just today, the left is coming out and saying, "today we are now experiencing the NEW NORMAL".

Really? How's this "new normal" working out for you folks?

How's this "new normal" going to sit with our children, who are being set up with looking ahead to a future which, for the first time, will provide less opportunity for success, and less freedom to achieve their dreams?

I too am heartsick, but not so much that I'm willing to give up and let the bastards have their way with us. There are more of us than there are of them.

So, we have to plunge ahead, and give it all we've got. We have to instruct our children with our values, and teach them that we, their parents, and grandparents are the ones who care about their welfare, and their futures.

They have to see us provide a role model for loving America and everything she has always stood for. In other words, they have to see us as willing to stand up for our beliefs, and to be unafraid to do so.


cube said...

The GOP needs to hammer the left on this "new normal" meme that has just been birthed. I'd bet the vast majority of Americans would be against the "new normal" version of America. I know I am.