Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Arizona and Obama...what most people think

I thought this was worth blogging.....people will argue with him (especially because he's on PATRIOT TV, so he MUST be wrong, right? :-) ...but he's got the facts and he tells it like it is. Please remember AZ sheriff Paul Babeu in your prayers...he needs it. Talk about a patriot who's putting his life on the line for America.


FrogBurger said...

The guy explains it very well

FrogBurger said...

I had to carry my green card at all time when I wasn't a citizen. And had to show it for jobs, DMV, etc...

Faith said...

Good presentation of the facts. Unbelievable what is happening.

Z said...

FrogBurger, as you know that's the case all around the world, too. ALL around the world. Papers must be carried.
Faith, it is unbelievable...I wish this could be shown on TV. In an honest atmosphere, it could have been

Anonymous said...

Z, this is a very powerful statement the Professor is making.

I have come to feel as though this administration purposely takes the opposite position on every issue the majority of the American people take.

I can't think of one, in which this President is in agreement on. It seems to me it's a kneejerk reaction against Americans, out of a disdain for everything American, including our prople.

We are not represented at all IMO. We are out here on our own. Those who agree, or who would represent us, are not in power, and in many cases, do not forcefully speak out.

So, we shouldn't be surprised that they sued Arizona. I view this as a punitive action, and as an attempt at intimidating other states which
are considering the same law that Arizona has passed.

The administration is now looking for ways to avoid the congress, and using existing federal laws and methods to allow illegals to remain in the country, and make them permanent residents. It's something called "parole in place" (pip).

If I understand it correctly, this would be done through the Dept. of Homeland Security.

They never stop, do they, and they don't care how they do it!


Opus #6 said...

We are in a battle for our nation. We must support Arizona, Babeau and Arpaio.

jadedfellow said...

Your timing is impeccable my ZZZest!

I'm in the middle of switching brokerage's for 18 various trusts between to domestic companies. All the accounts are for either legal residents or Qualified Erisa Profit Sharing Trusts.

Each account requires at least seven pages of forms, the old brokerage already has one on file but by Federal law the accounts cannot transferred without brand spankin new forms.

The first page requires the following personal info.

1.) Name
2.) DOB
3.) SS Number
4.) Mailing Address
5.) Legal Address
6.) Country of Citizenship
7.) Drivers License Number
8.) State of Issue and Expiration
9.) Martial Status
10.) Employment Status
11.) Employer Name
12.) Employer Address
13.) Phone Numbers (Home and Work)
14.) Email

Then I think about all the Hispanics at the post office the day after payday buying money orders to send to points all over Mexico without being asked any questions other than, "you got the cash to pay for this".

I am considering buying a tanning bed. Would cut down on paper work when I need want to transfer funds?

Just goes to show how "A Wonderful Life" ain't legislated by Dodd, Frank, Pelosi, Reid and O-bser, cuz they ain't looking out for us citizens.


FrogBurger said...

I think the Obama "crackheads" administration wants to make a stand against state rights. That's what it comes down to.

They keep talking about leveling the playing field across states b/c the ability in America to vote with your feet and move to better states drive them insane.

Rick Perry, gov of TX, mentioned that the Feds keep blackmailing TX in exchange for money. The blackmailing includes changing TX laws for various areas, such as education.

They did the same with my sister's company, a large CA bank, that didn't need the bailout money but was forced to take it in order to keep the FDIC support.

All they want is control. They want to destroy local democracy, economic freedom and they don't care how they do it.

This is the worst administration I've seen in my entire life. Because it is it TOTAL disconnect of American history and the fundamentals of its democracy.

We never liked Mitterrand in France. But he was a statesman, not a divivder. And, to my greatest disappointment, socialist ideas are in line with France's history and the principles of its democracy.

America run by the Obamacrats is like having a mix of people from the socialist, communist and green parties of France.

Maybe that's the change they were talking about.

I think destruction would have been a better word.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to the Homeland Security Memo which demonstrates the efforts the administration is making to skirt the need for legislation by the Congress, on amnesty:



Anonymous said...

Sorry folks it didn't publish the entire link.


Leticia said...

We must continue to support Arizona and oppose Obama and his administration for turning on its own people.

We can clearly see where Obama's loyalties lie, and it is definitely not with his fellow Americans.

He supports the cartel and illegals breaking our laws and the mosque being built on ground zero.

Anonymous said...

Prisc's Link reposted:

Homeland Security Memo

Anonymous said...

Thank you Imp for the rescue!


beamish said...

All sorts of federal encroachment on states rights comes from holding federal funds hostage. Take the legal drinking age for example. States were at risk of losing money for highways unless the raised the legal drinking age to 21.

I'm pretty sure Medicare and Medicaid Funds will be withheld from the state of Missouri due to our recent overwhelming vote to tell president Ogabe to shove his mandatory health insurance law up his speechwriter hole.

I'm wondering what the result of the kangaroo court lawsuit against Arizona will find? What are they gonna do? Send in tanks and bombers to stop Arizona from policing it's own borders? They are not going to stop.

If Ogabe wants to take the Democratic Party 0-2 through another civil war, he seems to be on the right path for it.

Always On Watch said...

The Obama administration has no intention of upholding the Constitution. The oaths they took mean nothing to them.

Anonymous said...

I heard on Fox this a.m. that the Feds are going after Sheriff Joe Arpaio AGAIN because of his active enforcement of illegal immigrant policies. I love, love, love that man! He's tough as a piece of whang leather.


Z said...

A lawsuit against Arpaio could be the best thing for America; let good Americans see THIS GUY run over the coals...WHEW, if I know Americans (not sure I do anymore, but I can dream...), they'll FINALLY get the monstrosity of this administration's ugliness toward THE PEOPLE.