Saturday, August 28, 2010

Glenn Beck's Saturday

Just how much can the media distort, lie and misrepresent Glenn Beck? THIS MUCH.
Apparently, he's a 'racist', did YOU know that? Ya, the guy who spent weeks showing how much our BLACK FOUNDING FATHERS did for America, celebrating their contributions to our country, etc. , is a racist. Yes, the guy who so many Conservative Black leaders (like Dr. Martin Luther King's niece) are holding up is (shhhh) ...racist.

He's also a 'self-promoter', did you know THAT? Yup...because he's trying to do something for this country that the left doesn't understand, the leftwing media seems to think he's duped all of us jerks who apparently MUST have no education and no common sense and no ability to see through people (yes, I'm being sarcastic, of course), and....(shhh!) we're all being taken to the cleaners by this guy.

Well, please watch Saturday morning on CSPAN......and pray for his safety as it appears he's been threatened:

"Malik Zulu Shabazz: (from the link):I am aware of it, and that Glenn Beck should not be allowed to have this rally. Glenn Beck is a sneaky little devil, and he does sneaky things, and tries to portray that he’s really not the neo-racist that he really is. And for him to go and to secure the Lincoln Memorial on Dr. King’s birthday will meet not only opposition from civil rights leaders, but it’s going to meet direct opposition from the New Black Panther Party."

Pray for the safety of Glenn Beck, for all those who attend, and for the safety of all those buses coming from across the country, etc. He's trying to restore HONOR in DO remember when we had honor, don't you, the media made that a thing of the past when they gave up "who, what, when, where, and why?" and turned to "because that's how we want you to think it is." It might take some doing to bring honor back to any arena of American life, not just journalism. Pray hard.
Apparently, if you don't agree with the leftwing of this country, you deserve insult (the whole article, linked in the top lines, is QUITE an eye opener and I encourage you to read it)and possible physical harm. And people insult Beck for wanting AMERICA BACK? wow.

Now, please watch THIS VIDEO at Mustang's's fabulous and will cheer you up, I promise!


JINGOIST said...

Glenn Beck is fantastic! I just LOVE what he's doing with his show and hope that this rally is so big that the press has to lie about the numbers again.
Beck is a uniquely talented showman and covers subjects that NO ONE else is touching on tv or the radio.

My good buddy Mike Austell is there. I envy him.

The Born Again American said...

My beloved Tammie is there as well, jumped on a bus early yesterday morning... I'd be there, but wheelchairs and crowds of that size aren't a good mix...

BTW did you notice that the leader of the black panther party thought 8/28 was MLK's birthday... Kind of makes you wonder...

Elmers Brother said...

now now duhkkky you do realize it was some left wing mosque supporter who attacked that cabby?

tha malcontent said...

It's going to be lots of fun reading about this.

I'll bet the NY Times headline will say..

Only a few Thousand attended.

Yeah right, Maybe a Few HUNDRED Thousand!

Anonymous said...

Malik Shabazz is a trenchant example of why civility can only work to a point. While I wouldn't expect Beck to quite sink to the level of a racist cretin like Shabazz , the time has come for our side to start paying back the Left in it's own coin; facts and logic delivered with a strong verbal left-hook. Johnnymac.

Beth said...

The rally will also be shown on the 8/28 Facebook page.

I heard O'Reilly said he'll give up his show if more than 100,000 come to the rally. I think Beck's show would be fabulous at the 8:00 time slot!

Joe Conservative said...

The MSM is looking for a "face"/ "leader" to pin the Tea Party on and tear it down. No one should ever be that face, not Beck, not Palin, no one. The Tea Party is an ideology, NOT a face. Small government has no "face".

Z said...

CNN's news reader this morning just quoted a writer about this event, calling it "the 2010 WINGNUT SUPERBOWL"
She had such a big smile on her sarcastic little's stunning; the new rule in America is "If you disagree, you INSULT THE RIGHT"

Thank GOD, Beck's going on and pursuing what's all of our right; to meet and give opinions.

The CNN newsreader actually said "Who is Beck taking this country back FROM?" They honestly don't get it.

)O( said...

Lets not forget that for every tea party member in attendance on the Mall today there are a thousand that identify with the movement that could not be there in person. Like most of us here.

But we will all be there at the polls on November 2.

Chuck said...

First thing I noticed: they are estimating 300,000. Everyone else is estimating 100,000. The media will hold him to the 300,000 number and anything less will be a failure.

Shabazz says Beck should not be allowed to have the rally. The group fighting for equality is...

Shabazz pointedly refused to say that he is telling his people not to act violently instead saying he will be there.

Actually I think this is a win for Beck. The media is billing it as a racist event and it will not be. It is getting harder and harder to hide this from the public.

I'd like to see a poll on how many people actually believe those CBC members were spit on in Washington. My suspicion is it not high.

Finally, one last thought.

There is a perverse side of me that hopes Shabazz and his nuts become violent.

-It will be recorded and splashed all over the internet embarrassing him and the media.

-They will get their asses kicked. This is one man who dearly needs that.

Anonymous said...

Yup, sure is a racist bunch. A black preacher received the medal for faith. I was doing housework, but I think he was from the great state of TEXAS. Oh, and there was an American Indian on the stage, too.

The MSM has no logical counter argument, so it's attack, attack, & ridicule. How's that working for ya?!? HMMM? (The 'ya' was deliberate, as in sarcastic, as was the 'yup'.)


Anonymous said...

I watch Glenn Beck via the live stream I found at Opie's blog. You should see the mocking comments that people are making in the "chat room." It makes you wonder why anyone would take a positive energy, and make it ... or attempt to make it into a negative.

Are we so jaded? I guess some of us are: the left.

Z said...

I'm still thinking about today...will let you know!

I will say that Jo Dee Messina has an ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE BELT VOICE, WOW can she sing!

Z said...

Okay...have been thinking about it and here's my take, after some consideration:

I think it was a great day.

I feel a debt of gratitude for all those people who went and sat in the heat and suffered the huge crowds and spent money to get there, stay there, etc. They did the heavy lifting for we who didn't make it.

The message was cohesive and clear, not so easy to do with that many speakers and as tough times as these, and I admired that. There was tons to cover but Beck really held it together and focused.

I believe the message boils down to being about GOD and how He has provided for this country and how we need to step up and stop turning away from Him, stop ignoring him and disparaging him, and we need to apply HIS Hope Faith and Charity to our friends and country.

Beck kept on that theme and it was a few other speakers who more emphasized Jesus, which as most of you know, I'm certainly FOR....
I will admit to feeling a tad curious about that as I feel that ANY people of faith who don't want our country fundamentally changed to suit their beliefs or who want us killed in the process, are welcome in America, as they have always been.....

I greatly admired the Rabbis who were there and admired Beck for reminding us of that....

So...what did you think?

I loved it, I'm glad there was no violence, I'm gritting my teeth waiting for the onslaught of nastiness which started in the first 3 minutes of the event when I quickly turned to CNN to hear their female news reader say to a man who she'd interviewed something about how she agree it was a "Nutwing event of 2010"
A couple of hours later, I turned back to CNN again and saw Frederica Whitfield, another newsreader, wax eloquently about Shabazz's Black Panther Party "PASSION" today in DC.

it's PASSION for leftwingers, it's NUTWING for the Right......who expected more from CNN, but...i keep hoping.

Anonymous said...

I thought Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor rally was wonderful. It is a lot to take in, but I thought the message was so unifying if people just took it for what it was, without preconceived notions, or biases.

That's what Beck wanted all along. To unify every American under God. A simple, powerful message.

Today, while Glenn Beck receives vilification from some corners, we have to ask ourselves, who else would have held this wonderful event? I daresay this would not have taken place were it not for Beck.

I think it's sad for some to reduce something so meaningful, to questioning Beck's motives.

Anyone who has watched his show for a long time, such as I, knows his message today is consistent with what he has spoken of over and over again.

If you agree with the message, which btw is universal, and a hope down through the memorial of time itself, It's unfair to excoriate the messenger. Someone has to bring the message, does he not?

So, here's to you Glenn Beck, for having the courage to face the slings and arrows of some mistrusting men and women, and for speaking of unity and peace among Americans as one, and always, standing up for love of God, freedom, and America.

Who knows, perhaps you reached some of those doubting Thomases willing to listen. I hope so.


Always On Watch said...

I hear that there has been a sea of people at Beck's rally today.

I don't expect our local media to show the photos, which are quite something.

Z said...

Hi, Jingo, so how'd you finally like it? Did Mike text you? Any feelings from him?

Born Again, your beloved Tammie is my hero; it's not a thing I'd do, but I feel a little guilty letting everybody else suffer the crowds and the heat to make for a great turn-out, which IT DID! Tell her THANKS for being such a great American. I'm sorry you couldn't go...
that MLK birthday/Panther thing just solidifies my feelings about the guy!

Malcontent, no news yet on exactly how many, unless I haven't heard...did you? facts, pls, they bug Ducky.

JohnnyMac, I agree!

Beth, let's see what happens now with O'Reilly! What a BLOWHARD he is to have even said that.. about his 'friend's' rally. might not need a 'face' but it needs solidarity, don't you think? And I know Beck doesn't look at himself as THE leader, either.

)0( (what IS your name, anyway!?)
You're right about the numbers and the election!

Chuck and sure wasn't racist, was it. Blacks, Whites, all got huge applause from that "RACIST CROWD" :-)
I'd say that rally was a really inspiring thing for Black Americans to see, wouldn't you? I loved that aspect of it, particularly.

I too kind of hoped Shabazz would act up, but then I realized how bad it would make him look...and I realized he's not THAT stupid BUT, they could have tried to set something up like they did when the Black Congressmen walked thru the DC Tea Party instead of taking the halls as they ALWAYS do and saying someone spit on them. I figured Shabazz and the media'd get something going to discredit the rally.
of course, there are big crowds still there and his tiny group's probably still figuring out how they can cause trouble and look innocent.
They probably didn't like the peacefulness of that rally..they can't figure out goodness..honor.

Mustang, I'm sad to hear that about the chat room but we have to expect this now. WE are always WRONG and they are alwayS RIGHT and it'll take a generation or two to fix that ridiculous mischaracterization.

Z said...

Pris, Beck showed a HECK of a lot of courage today, I kept thinking how he put his principles FIRST and didn't give a damn what the media thought...and the crowd loved it.
Americans usually admire someone who tells it like he sees it ..and he sure deserved kudos for today, tho he's also very humble, that was easy to see.

Always...we're not hearing numbers. BEck looked up at one moment to wait till helicopters had left, saying "there must be some big numbers here because they're flying in no-fly zone to see..."
We may never know, tho it disappoints me that Beck did say he had a way of getting a pretty good count and didn't mention it again today.

Faith said...

Well, I'm torn. Really torn. I thought Beck did a great job. I thought the overall presentation was coherent and effective. I was glad to see so many out for the event. And I did think he was courageous to do it and I know he's going to get slammed by people I oppose along with him.

But a Mormon CAN'T speak about God for a Christian. Can't. Politics, OK, but not God, yet that's what today was all about and because of that I can't support it. It's painful to be in this position but I don't see any other way to look at it.

FrogBurger said...

I watched a little bit on CSPAN. Nice crowd.

The left will go crazy. When you see the difference of treatment between how they deal with Beck and terrorists, it's unbelievable. Terrorists have reasons, while Beck is the terrorist. I guess that makes sense b/c Beck is not a victim of this awful Western world we live in.

Z said...

Faith, thanks for your input. I watched the whole thing and the man never once said anything not totally God-loving; and the people he had on were remarkable. I can only judge him on that. Whatever stuff he feels inside is his to keep there. was a very good event.and you're right; in the American media today, a 'gun totin', baby lovin', Bible holdin'American' is repulsive and a terrorist is just a poor misguided person who's not understood...It's amazing.

Joe Conservative said... might not need a 'face' but it needs solidarity, don't you think? And I know Beck doesn't look at himself as THE leader, either.

Yes, it needs some serious solidarity, but the Left's witch-hunt continues and won't stop until "der leader du jour" designate has received "the Bork/ Palin treatment" from the MSM and the entire movement thereby discredited.

The whole is much more than the sum of all it's parts. The starfish needs no star.

Anonymous said...

Faith, the stage was filled with Christian preachers, ministers and believers. Exactly what is a big name Christian? Why should that matter?

Would Jesus differentiate between who the preachers were, big name or unknown, or their devotion to God?

Would that matter to Him?

Beck is the one who delivered this message, he's the one who it meant so much to, that he braved the insults, and risked the ire of so many of the powerful, to do it.

He's the one who gathered all these religious leaders to deliver a message of hope and unity under God, and you judge him negatively because he's a Mormon? You can't support it? You can't support what, him, or the message?

It's the message that matters. To my mind it is universal. You'll probably tell me that I don't get it, and I'm sorry, but in your case, I don't.


LASunsett said...

//But a Mormon CAN'T speak about God for a Christian. Can't. Politics, OK, but not God, yet that's what today was all about and because of that I can't support it.//

A self-righteous and condescending hypocrite, who thinks she has a lock on all spiritual truth, cannot speak for Him either.

Anonymous said...

What would Faith know about being a Christian? I'm betting if she's anything at all, she's a muslim.


Faith said...

Pris: I have the impression that Beck invited many other Christian leaders, some big name ones, who turned him down because he's a Mormon. He hinted at that in something I saw yesterday. I'd like to know more about that if there's any way to find out. I suspect some of them will preach on it eventually if that is really what happened and then maybe I'll find out over Christian radio or their blogs or something.

Scripture REQUIRES Christians to reject heretical teachings about God. It's true that Beck himself didn't state any of them, and in fact I've never heard him do so either, but anyone who knows he's a Mormon and knows what Mormons believe has to reject anything he says about God. Has to, yes. BIG mistake not to.

Of course heretics will call us names for doing so, but that goes with the territory.

Anonymous said...

In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. --John 14:2

Z said...

Faith, I have to go now and hope this conversation might continue...I'll back in a few hours...but I have to say I just don't understand that you could have seen the rally, heard Beck, and think he can't talk "about God"...He did not (never does) push Mormonism or anything even SLIGHTLY smacking of that, you know that. It was pure and clean and inspirational...

I can see your point sometimes on some faith subjects, I really can, but not this one.

Dan, Faith is the farthest thing from a muslim going.

LA...who's the group who sang "Heeeere we go again.!" ??

LASunsett said...

//Of course heretics will call us names for doing so, but that goes with the territory.//

When terms being used accurately describe behaviors and attitudes of people, it is not name-calling. It is merely a case of descriptive analysis.

Of course there are those who call names solely based on what they inaccurately perceive to be scriptural authority, but that's okay. They claim it is God-like to call people heretics--as many mainstream religious leaders wrongly did during the Middle Ages. Right?

~Leslie said...

I suppose no one will suffice to speak about God except God himself, Jesus, or Miss Faith...?

And I really thought judgement was set aside as God's job. Wow. That really tops it, Faith. If you are worried about people pegging you as a "hater" as you said in your blog post, you may certainly be right, since you have a whole list of people you won't associate with because they don't believe exactly like you.

Do you realize this means you must seclude yourself from most of society?

And I always thought the whole point was to love one another not isolate everyone as unbelievers of God just because they don't believe exactly like you. Interesting.

I think Glenn Beck has placed himself in a very precarious position all out of a love for God and country, even to the point of being threatened of his life...

But then that doesn't matter, he's just one of them Mormons.

LASunsett said...


The only "here we go again" song that I know, was a marching song we sang in boot camp.

But.....there was a song called "Here I go again" by Whitesnake.

Anonymous said...

//Dan, Faith is the farthest thing from a muslim going.//

I don't know about that. I only know she acts like one. From what she says here and other places, I think she could get into stoning people, slicing off their sexual parts, and maybe even crucifying folks.


MK said...

Yes pray for Glenn Beck, but turn up packing heat, it's the only language the left understand. What's that, they'll use pictures of you carrying weapons to smear you, well if you don't they'll make some up and smear you anyway.

Anonymous said...

Faith, you missed my point completely. It doesn't matter big name or not. Your impression isn't quite enough to convince me.

Be specific please. Name those "big" names that matter so much to you. As if those Christian clergy who aren't big names, aren't good enough for you. I believe they're good enough for God.

I wonder, did you know that Beck had a program at the Kennedy Center last night? Did you know it was filled with religious leaders?

I don't know who was there, and It doesn't matter to me who was. It only matters that the message was to bring people to God, and to gather strength of spiritual adherence.

But, if what you say is true, then today I mourn for Christendom.

I would even go so far as to say, a "big" name minister who refused an invitation because Beck is a Mormon, is more political than Christian. He is not concerned with God, he is concerned about himself and others' perception of him.

I will never believe that God would disavow anyone who loves him, prays to him, and praises Him.


Faith said...

I just found out that Beck has indeed publically endorsed some typical Mormon teaching, contrary to my impression he's never done more than generic God talk. I just wrote about it on my blog.

I have a feeling some Christian leaders will be coming out over the next few days to say pretty much what I'm saying, and I'll report on what they have to say as I encounter it.

I don't see any reason to continue the discussion as it's already getting abusive.

LASunsett said...

//I don't see any reason to continue the discussion as it's already getting abusive.//

Then stop commenting. It's just that simple.

It's obvious that very few people are buying into your false doctrines (of exclusion and unjust judgment), anyway. So why do you even bother to spread your malicious factitious dogma among intelligent people--who are not aligning themselves with your weak and faulty assertions?

Do you enjoy pissing people off? Do you enjoy acting like a Shiite Christian? Or can you not help yourself?

You need to repent of your untoward judgments, your Pharisee ways, and leave the spiritual evaluations to God. Because you will give an account of yourself someday, and you might be surprised at what you will hear.

Anonymous said...

One of the seven deadly sins —some argue, the most dangerous, is Pride. From pride come other sins. Prideful individuals are those who sense in themselves a person more important than all others and so they fail to acknowledge or recognize the good works of others; they possess excessive love of self —particularly holding self out of proper position toward God. It is a dangerous sin because love of self often transforms to hatred and contempt of one’s neighbor. We see this manifested in the story of Satan, whose desire to compete with God caused him to fall from Heaven. Christians who are full of themselves should be cautious. Related to Pride is Vainglory, which assumes a strong narcissistic undertone and may involve what some have called “false pride.”

beamish said...
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beamish said...

[this space reserved for comment later]

Z said... could only be the opening lines and not the title but it was a huge song in the late seventies or early eighties...SuperTramp? Grace Slick? I'll think of it, I'm sure...
Might have been the US of A (a good group that's pretty unknown)but I think it was more mainstream...If I could hum it to you, I think you'd know.

Z said...

Beamish, very good South park! :-)

LASunsett said...

//If I could hum it to you, I think you'd know.//

More than likely.

Speedy G said...

One of the seven deadly sins —some argue, the most dangerous, is Pride.

And THAT is an argument that cuts 2 ways.