Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Character Counts

Read THIS if you want a REAL LIFT...what it was like for a young Black man at the Beck gathering.


Anonymous said...

Oh no, Z ... this can't be true. Well, it can't be true if you ask bigots like Al Sharpton and Ducky. Black Americans like this young man and Thomas Sowell are just 'uncle Toms'. According to Gov. Howard Dean, Beck has something the matter in his head; faith condemns him to hell because he's a Mormon.

No, don't thank me Z ... I'm glad I could help sort this out.

Joe said...

The percentage of blacks in the crowd was about the ratio of blacks in the conservative community who have expressed themselves. In blocked out sections of pictures of the crowd (which I estimated at 250,000 +), there were none that I saw without significant black representation.

Linda said...

This man needs to be the head of the NAACP! All colors can relate to him!

Anonymous said...

Z, this is a great piece, spoken by a true American soul. He knows that freedom allows him to take the path he chooses to take.

This young man knows it's his future at stake, and he embraces being free.

He found out Saturday, what we already knew. That he was welcome and not just as a visitor, but as a fellow American and partner in this wonderful experiment in individual freedom called America.


RightKlik said...

That's a great account. Thanks for sharing! Hope all is well, Z.

Major said...

Unfortunately...this brave, honest man....is an anomaly among his peers.

He's a self motivated thinker with his own convictions...and knows that the meaning of "tolerance" is one without convictions.

The sad part is that the majority of blacks still believe the bullshit that a "Rev. Jackson or Al Twinkie Sharpton" feeds them daily.

We're a racist nation....pffffft....it hasn't occurred to them that...we have a black man in the Oval Office. It hasn't occurred to them ( and all the religious Baptist blacks ) that Beck was calling out to them in a language they should understand.

God...family and country.

Sometimes I have to wonder at....the futility of it all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Z! Hope all is well. Still cramming books here but on a little break til the 7th.

This was a real lift! I also received my weekly update from John Hagee Ministries, and John Hagee and his wife Diana were there. They had breakfast with Glen Beck and Sarah Palin (whom I am not too fond of these days) and said that the left would of course turn this into everything and anyting it is and was not!

It is a sad day in America when journalists do not report news but spin news. What a web of lies they weave.

My wish is that all Americans would truly be "free thinkers" instead of letting the potty trash journalists think for them.

Miss yah! God bless you! xoxo

WomanHonorThyself said...

nice to see Z..isn't it!