Monday, August 9, 2010

Racist Tea Parties? I can't watch this enough

Great group of Conservatives here....speaking out from what THEY know, not what they're TOLD to know. And, please make sure you listen to the disdain in the questions they's an important part of this video, sadly. Imagine the media reaction had the questioners been conservatives?! But, MOST importantly...listen to the's about TIME.


Anonymous said...

Yes, exactly … the press here appears to illustrate, “don’t confuse me with any facts; just tell me what I want to hear.” In this instance, it appears the press has their perception and nothing will make them change their mind. Not any facts, not any of the sincere pronouncements of the people speaking at the dais. “I simply choose not to play your game,” said the one woman. Yet, she expects the people speaking to play her game.

Race should not be an issue. When leftists tell us how racist white conservatives are, they are only telling part truth. Telling part of the truth is lying by omission. Selective truth is perjury. Racism is a fact of life no matter where you go. There are ignorant people and it has nothing to do with skin color. Whites don’t own it, and neither do blacks. But racism is how Democrats reemerged in the early 1900s —it is what they do today; it is who they are.

Sam Huntington said...

What the left wants is for anyone with a different point of view than their own to sit down and shut up. One cannot help but notice this is the tactic used here by a certain quacker. One cannot help but notice it is the same tactic used by Nazis in an earlier era. Amazing ...

Anonymous said...

Great video. The reporters looked like morons.

I Speak My Mind Out said...

They do have the legal right to build it. But, if moderate Muslims were respectful and sensitive to the issue, they would not.

And we have the legal right to protest it.

Z said...

The disdain and hostility in the reporters' voices is amazing to me. The Black reporters won't "play YOUR game" as Mustang points out..That statement really got to me.
This bunch of journalists just can't BELIEVE that Black Americans aren't liberals and that's IT.
Imagine reading their articles about this press conf.?!!
That woman in the pink blouse was really terrific and I can't wait to see what she means by "You ain't seen nothin' yet!"
And the BEAUTIFUL way she comments on Obama and how they don't have to go along with him because they're black, too? WOW

FrogBurger said...

Awesome. The woman who asked the first question sounded very narrow minded and dumb.

Goes back to my own experience when I say I feel more American than French and they can't believe it. No wonder why they have policies, positive discrimination: they can't believe an individual can change overtime. And at the same time they believe human nature can be forced to change.

They really have the whole thing messed up.

Brooke said...

And WHO EXACTLY are the racists?!?

GO ZO!!!

Amazing. The reporters may as well have told them to shut up and act black; know your place, ect.

I do have to ask that lady what's up with her hat. Heehee.

Z said...

Frog: it is awesome, isn't . That woman not only sounded dumb, she sounded downright MEAN. Oh, so angry! "How could they?"

Brooke is right, they really might as well have just said "Shut up and act black"
(ya, Brooke, that's QUITE a hat, huh!)

Faith said...

So nice to hear these guys defend what America is all about against the lies that want to tear us down. The programmed propagandized questioners are a scary lot but we can be happy there are some who will stand up to them.

I was frustrated, however, that nobody mentioned to the first questioner that there is video that shows what probably happened in the "spitting" incident -- and I think you posted it here at some point too. There isn't just a lack of evidence in other words, there is positive evidence against the accusation. Cleaver is shown passing close to a man who is shouting "kill the bill" and reacting as if something had hit him in the face. Later he is shown bringing a policeman back to that same person. Nobody spit on him intentionally though perhaps accidentally and the film shows that clearly.

FrogBurger said...

Haven't you even spluttered (just checked the translation from French) when screaming? I think that's may what have happened. But as a good liberal he can't comprehend the difference.

Faith said...

Sure,"splutter" will do fine. And here's the incident on film.

Z said...

Faith, yes, you're right...but they CHOOSE to consider it they can't see it any other way.

FrogBurger, they're using this and have since that day. I thought the people on the dais covered it very well.

EDGE said...

Gotta love it!

Z said...

Faith, thanks for posting that. Even the cop walking RIGHT NEXT to him didn't see anything untoward. The guy wasn't spitting, he was SPLUTTERING, as FrogBurger says!!

PLUS, nobody asks "Why did those liberals walk THROUGH the Conservative crowd?" Remember, Pelosi did, too. They ALWAYS take the underground corridors between buildings...this was absolutely planned. They were looking for trouble but didn't get any, so they had to make it up.

FrogBurger said...

I love this video. You can see he had prepared the way he was moving, etc... The guy definitely planned it. Everybody walked straight except him. Went in a light curve.

Z said...

I"m not sure, FB...I'm not sure about that, but the reaction is QUITE something else... AND, I'd dare say that IF the guy DID spit on him intentionally, the cop would have flipped out, the others around the guy would have been angry and stopped him, too.

Faith said...
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Anonymous said...

That's an excellent video, Z. It's obvious that too many people are indoctrinated to pigeonhole or stereotype other individuals according a category and expect all others in that category to be just blind unthinking followers. The "media" in that video shows this and when they meet others in a category or group which don't accept their stereotype they are lost.

Those black people standing up defending the tea party movement are courageous in light of the vicious personal attacks they will get from the brain dead MSM.


Karen Howes said...

Trestin, the reporters looked like morons because that's what they are.

Ducky's here said...

The truth? Such a common commodity and such a complex topic.

The truth will be known when the last witness is dead.

Anonymous said...

Great post Z,
For me, the most significant statement was made by the last gentleman at the podium.

That is (and I paraphrase), "when race is no longer an issue, then America can go on and start to be a different country". For his exact words, you can go to the end of the video and listen to him yourself.

His point being, that true equality is mirrored by the perception that being of a certain race is not an indicator of inequality.

As long as policy is created by a perception that race needs to be dealt with as a separate issue, and paternalism is part of that policy, we will not overcome this
insidious tactic, which serves to continue this politically driven segregation that exists today.

These people in this video, should resent, and probably do, the condescension they encounter just because of the color of their skin.

They love America, and are independent thinkers, who understand that the sacrifices their forebears made so that they could be free, are now going for naught.

As long as one is perceived as a victim, he is captive of those who declare they are his caretakers.

Now, a black President comes along, and seeks to create a permanent dependency which is the opposite of the central reason for that struggle. This is an astonishing irony, but there it is.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...



E V E R Y O N E.



Ducky's here said...

Darn, Paricia Neal passed away. Great, great actress.

Have to put "Hud" on tonight. She just lit it up.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Ducky: I agree. Tonight I'm gonna play "The Day The Earth Stood Still" -- the ORIGINAL and not the enviro-drivel piece of crap knock-off.


Z said...

Her recovery from the strokes she had at 39 is in medical books...quite a woman.

JINGOIST said...

This was fantastic Z! I watched it over at BZ's, and found out that it came from YOU.

It's almost otherworldly to watch leftist white reporters scold conservative blacks as being sell outs. How totally upside down can things get?

Leticia said...

Listen to how articulate the men speak! Those liberal reporters didn't stand a chance, way out of their league. Bravo!

~Leslie said...

What an wonderful video to present Z! And I am sure the lefty media was just cringing at the intelligent and clear points made against playing the race card!

MK said...

Brilliant video, thanks for posting that Z.

Wish the camera would have shown those reporters, just to watch them cringe as these black people simply would not conform to their bigoted view of blacks as not equals. Good on these folks.

Joe said...

Ducky: "The truth? Such a common commodity and such a complex topic.
The truth will be known when the last witness is dead."

Does that REALLY seem to have meaning to you? It sounds like sophomore philosobabble to me.

Must be something only people who mistakenly THINK they are intellectuals can make sense of.

Anonymous said...

You can't help...but hate these dishonest, lowlife, immature, biased....scumbags that pass as "journalists" today?

All pie in the sky, tofu eating, bark humping, socialists with an agenda that's designed to misinform, lie, obfuscate and hiding under the cover of MSM.

I've said it before....these bastards have waged / declared war on all mainstream Americans.

I hope that the next plane goes into the NYT. And in the house giving an interview.....the socialist POS that this asshole is. F New York...F Bloomie and all socialist bastards.

I'm warning you....the war has begun.


Or the village.


David Wyatt said...

Excellent! These are patriots. I so appreciate them & you for posting this!

SHOCKA said...

Well of course the media is going to attack these people, did you expect less? I would say that this is progress. At least they can't call us racist.

Z said...

Thanks, David!

SHOCKA, welcome, sweetie!
Didn't that video ROCK? They sure can't call us racist.
I loved how that group handled the questions SO beautifully! Oh, man, they are FABULOUS!