Tuesday, August 24, 2010

MEGAMOSQUES all over the USA

PLEASE to go ALWAYS ON WATCH's blog and see THIS VIDEO. Yes, it's a Christian broadcaster so, I know that some of you will discount it because of that (kill the messenger's much easier than seeing the truth, isn't it?) but not paying attention to the fact that muslims are building very expensive huge mosques in rural America where there aren't the muslims to feed into it is American suicide. God bless us all. Thanks, AOW, for the courage to post that video. Please email the link to your friends.
Then go listen to THIS VIDEO for a great laugh and some lessons Americans could learn from..at Born Again America's blog!


Anonymous said...

I heard on Fox this A.M. (where else?) that they want to build a 60,000 (!)sq. ft. one in Murfreesboro, Tn. I wonder just how many Muslims are in Murfreesboro? HMMMM?


cube said...

If you build it, they will come. That's what they're counting on. All part of the big sharia picture.

cube said...

Z: Completely off topic, but thank you so much for your computer advice on how to reduce the size of videos. It worked like a charm. Now I'm off to thank Mustang too :-)

Anonymous said...

All this is part of their jihad. Their plan is to dominate the world through Islam, and from what I can see, politicians and political correctness are going to let it happen. They already have in other countries.

By the time they realize what they have done, it'll be too late. Small towns will be taken over and long time residents will leave.

A no go town for infidels. Over and over again, this will happen.

9-11 was a calling card. Now, the process of gradual imposition.

"I wonder just how many Muslims are in Murfreesboro? HMMMM?"

Sivrlady, you know the line, "build it and they will come"? That's what this is all about IMO.

They don't call London, Londonistan for nothing. We could learn from their experience, but it looks like we aren't.

We have too many mindless, spineless fools in charge, while we just watch, yell, and wait.

It's amazing, we are aiding and abetting our enemy. Surrender is an ugly thing, isn't it?


Brooke said...

I was just there. Amazing video!

Z said...

Great, Cube! I was so happy when he showed me that, too. Glad to help.

Pris.."Build it and they will come"...absolutely....all over Europe, in tiny villages and all over America. Get ready.........

Always On Watch said...

Thank you for the link.

I'm not sure how courageous I am, though. Just determined to dry to put a bit of a dint in the constant whitewash of Islam and the colonization of America by Muslims. Many of these mosques are financed by Wahhabism!

beamish said...

Maybe my sister, who is a convert to Islam, will realize she can worship her meteorite from here in America and move back from Egypt.

I've got a strip mall storefront "Islamic Center" not very far from my house, next to a church in the same strip mall that is a karate dojo every other day but Sunday. Nothing "mega" about them, but I challenge anyone to put out their local phone books and count the number of "Islamic centers" and "mosques" in their cities.

They're everywhere already.

MK said...

And islam will want you to pay for these mosques. And it'll be supported by their liberal bitches.