Thursday, August 5, 2010

Our Tax Dollars at play.....Air Force One and Security$$....

What a trip...........Must be nice, huh?


Jan said...

Z...every time I read about something like this, it just infuriates me.

I've never seen such hypocrisy, in any administration. Maybe it was there, but it was kept hidden, and not thrust into our faces at every turn.

Either these are the most stupid people, or the most naive, ever, but which ever it may be, they are certainly getting all they can, while the getting is good.

At a time when the economy is so bad, and people are really struggling just to make ends meet, they are acting like royalty, sparing no expense. I read that she took forty of her closest friends with her, too.

Even if they pay their personal expenses, just think of all of the tax dollars that must be spent on security, and all the other expense involved in such a jaunt.

I said that they must be stupid, or naive, to be doing this at such a precarious time in our nation, but I think it's that they just don't really give a flip what it looks like to the citizens who pick up the tab for their extravaganze.

But then, they are 'entitled' after all.

Anonymous said...

"I said that they must be stupid, or naive, to be doing this at such a precarious time in our nation, but I think it's that they just don't really give a flip what it looks like to the citizens who pick up the tab for their extravaganze."

The tables have turned folks....the AA, American Negro has established themselves as King of the Hill...Waters, Barry, Holder, Rangel, Kilpatrick, Meeks, Sherrod, Jackson, Sharpton, the Naacp,the CBC, The Rainbow coalition, The Black Lawyers association, Jet, Ebony, "Black Parenting", Jefferson, Barry...and they want payback. Period.

They figure that it's payback time...reparations....hand in the cookie jar....time to level the "playing field"....time to get even.

Even though most of us, if not all, of have freed our slaves to live freely in Haiti, Liberia and any African or Caribbean nation they desire to prosper in.

They're so GD stupid that they don't even fathom that they've set race relations back 100 years in very little time.

We did the right thing...those of us naive assholes who bought the bullshit about "post racial" America. Didn't we?

We're paying...we now are the minority...get used to attitude, anger, more racism and hate folks...directed against you.

The voter intimidation by the the signal that we better take cover.

FrogBurger said...

Aristocrats. I really hope November will be the electoral guillotine for the hypocrite leftist elite. Those people are despicable and I hate them so deeply.

JINGOIST said...

Ah yes! The American queen and her retinue...aren't we blessed to have a first lady who travels with a "royal" following that requires 60 rooms at a 5 star resort in Espana? Do ya think Queen Michelle is wolfing down piles of Iranian cavier like she did after the primaries?

Eat cake you damn serfs! We gotta work hard to support this CRAP!

Always On Watch said...

Snippet from the linked article:

Marbella is an elite beach resort filled with yachts and Ferraris...

Michelle is sparing no expense-In a resort where suites run up to 6,500 dollars a night, she’s reportedly reserved 30 rooms for the group, their friends and security detail.

Damn. I'm not getting any vacation at all this year. I didn't even have a vacation in 2009.

Anyway, we are seeing just how elitist the Obamas are, aren't we?

I wonder how all this elitism is playing among black Americans?

And how much of this elitist vacation is being paid for by us taxpayers?

JINGOIST said...

"I've never seen such hypocrisy, in any administration. Maybe it was there, but it was kept hidden, and not thrust into our faces at every turn."

Jan I have a theory. The Obamas and their ilk are easily the most imperious and arrogant presidency I've seen in my 47 years. That's a fact.

They don't give a flying flip what you or I think. I really don't think he cares as much about re-election as he does about accomplishing his RUINOUS agenda.
Everything he has done, and wants to do is harmful to America. If he cared in the least about winning even ONE of the Gulf States he would have done SOMETHING to help in the oil cleanup in the first LOST 6 weeks. What did he do? He enacted a new drilling moratorium.

If you want to learn more about this "African Colonial", read L.E.
Ikenga's piece:

JINGOIST said...

"I wonder how all this elitism is playing among black Americans?"

Well AOW, according to Ted Baxter (O'Reilly) he still has an 88% approval rating among blacks. That's down 5% from a year ago. Yawn.

Chuck said...

They're our new royalty

soapster said...

Are you absolutely positive about that? A question was brought up about this trip and tax payer dollars to Robert Gibbs this week during a press briefing. I heard it live on POTUS xm. According to Gibbs tax payers are not footing this bill. Just puttin' it out there.

soapster said...

Q: Okay, one last thing real quick. Just to get it on the record, the First Lady’s trip to Spain with Sasha, what portion of that is paid by taxpayers and what portion by --

MR. GIBBS: I would point you over to the First Lady’s office. It’s a private trip and is being paid for that way.

JINGOIST said...

Soapster I assumed that the taxpayers were picking up the tab. And since obama's propagandist said that we're not, I assume that we are. They lie ALL the time.

It just may be that the great Oz (Soros) is footing the bill?

soapster said...

Of course they lie and we very likely are picking up, if not all, at least a portion of the tab to be sure. It's been done before, it'll likely be done again.

These sorts of things however speak to the point I'd made previously about attacking Democrats. I'd rather stick to policy issues than the more trivial and mundane (reading from a teleprompter, his "mom" jeans, the way he throws a ball, etc...)

Brooke said...

I guess we should just eat cake, eh?

Brooke said...

An afterthought:

I really think the Obamas KNOW they are done at the end of this term, so they are living it up and sparing no tax dollar expense!

Karen Howes said...

Welcome to the new feudal system.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Most of you are angry about this. But you really shouldn't be. Poor Michelle works very hard. She has a full day's schedule and it's not all about the vacation. She's there on official business, helping America to spread their goodwill to the Spanish people. I think you people are just racists. It's crazy how you people are taking this.

Meh! I hope this post got some of you fired up! Z, I'm on the same topic....head on over.

Z said...

soapster, do you know who pays for the trip over there on AirForceOne?
Not them.
I'd change the title if you'd be more pleased, but we ARE paying for their TRIP and FOR SECURITY IN SPAIN.
And, a bigger part of the meaning is that they're being rather insensitive not vacationing again in THE US, many towns of which need an infusion of money. She's the one who, last month in FLA, told Americans that we should vacation THERE, spend money HERE, our country needs it...what a good example that might have been had she needed yet another vacation this summer.

I thought it was almost kind of sad they left on her husband's birthday; but I know couples agree to those things and it's really none of my business how they came to this timing.

Funny you all should say that, my original title (I accidentally deleted my original post on this earlier last night when it was lined up for publication) was LET THEM EAT CAKE.

Z said...

I changed my TITLE a little to please everyone.

I'm not so sure that all of what all the comments say is true, or what bothered me (let me put it that way), tho every comment has a smack of truth in it BUT...

What really bothers me is that they know full well how bad Americans are doing these days and how we're facing an unknown financial situation due to THEM. (Second Econ adviser to the pres quit last night..odd,huh? rats deserting our sinking ship? "I DIDN"T DO IT! I LEFT BEFORE THAT HAPPENED!"??)......

Vacation HERE if you must vacation.
And STOP YOUR LEFTWING THUGS from slamming BUSH for his CRAWFORD, TX, where he most frequently had dignitaries and meetings there.

I happen to LOVE the glamour of the presidency and first lady; why would we relegate them to anything less? But, other First Families have been a little more sensitive to THE PEOPLE, THAT is my point. Bush even stopped playing golf as soon as he sent kids to war. This president's golfing and entertaining QUITE OFTEN.

Just TONE IT DOWN, OBAMAs...that's not YOUR house and we'd like to see you caring a little bit. STOP the "poor Johnny can't get medicine...well, I'm OFF TO SPAAAAIN!...or NYC..........or MAINE"

Did you know Obama said his most memorable time as president was his recent vacation in Maine? ??

FrogBurger said...

Obama's a lazy man. I've always said it. That's why he speaks so much. He takes less work, especially when you use teleprompters and canned speeches where you just say what people want to hear.

More golf than Bush, more frequent vacations and yet those jerks lecture us on how to spend our money. They spend the tax payer's money.

(I'm trying to stay polite.)

cube said...

Many people are ticked off about MO's extravagant Euro vacay especially since the BO regime is responsible for not fixing the economic doldrums hurting the country.

FrogBurger said...

I just skyped my dad and they're talking about it in Europe. My dad was upset at it too.

Anonymous said...

An expensive vacation, an opportunity to show off with her friends, one more chance to demonstrate how much the Obama's care about Americans who are out of work. Yes, the Obama's are real geniuses.

It is also a demonstration about how relatively easy it is to disguise "expensive vacation at taxpayer's expense" as a diplomatic mission. Michelle will visit with the King and Queen of Spain ... HA! They are not even the head of Spain's government.

I hope this does hurt ... maybe Americans will learn an important lesson about progressives. They're entitled, you know ...

WomanHonorThyself said...

let 'em eat cake! HAVE A BLESSED WEEKEND my friend!:)))

Z said...

FrogBurger, they know how we're hurting here in America ... I'm sure they don't like this, either.
I heard yesterday that Obama starts his work days at 9:30 AM...seems like a blast of a job if you can get it.

Mustang, no, they're not the heads of state. Don't forget, too, that Obama insists on continuing to diss Angela Merkel; he still hasn't been to Berlin and the first thing presidents do when they go to Europe is go to the capital city, it's what's expected. But, he didn't like her not going for a stimulus plan in Germany and then having Germany's economy improve, and he didn't like them not allowing him to campaign at the Brandenburg Gate for an election in OUR COUNTRY. Boy, did Germans think THAT was weird. Then ,the media HERE talked about how many people came out to see him and how the Germans "love him!" When THEIR media was asking..what the HELL? And the amount of people will come out for ANY occasion of good weather, free band music and bratwurst and beer (trust me)

Anonymous said...

All the expensive vacations, parties, & dinners in the world will NEVER give them the remotest smidgen of class. Europe is seeing a whole new version of THE UGLY AMERICAN, & I, for one, wouldn't want to be seen within a 100 mile radius of that bunch.

Reminds me of King Edwin Edwards trip to Europe with a whole gaggle of bootlickers. You know where he still is now.


Ducky's here said...

There is something vulgar about her.

Kinda got suspicious when they published the salary increase she received for her hack job after Obama became an Illinois state senator.

She knows how to go to the trough.

Z said...

Ducky, you're right. I think she was making $250K and, from what I heard, when she left, they didn't hire a replacement.
She worked with Axelrod in that job, I believe.

Silvrlady, it's sad that Europe's talking about this trip, too. As class conscious as it still is, they like our egalitarian thing here and aren't amused, apparently.
I keep asking myself "Don't they have a clue about how THINGS WILL LOOK?" Doesn't seem like they care, as so many have said here.

I must admit Michelle LOOKS good, however..whatever they did in makeup and hair and clothes has gone a LONG way.

Z said...

I've got to tell y'all I've had an AWFUL lot of hits FROM GEORGIA on my OINK/SHERROD post down below ..really a lot.

Gramma 2 Many said...

Can't say any more than has been said. In a time when so many people are wondering how they will even put bread on their table for their children, this is one of the most insensitive acts I have ever witnessed.
Even if they "payed" for it privately, what about all of the security? What about using AF1? Did they actually pay for that from their own pockets? Just how stupid do they really think we are?
I am so angry, if I do not stop, I am going to break my keyboard, I am hitting the keys to hard!!

Ducky's here said...

And they just finished a vacation in the great state of Maine which should be enough for her.

I thought that one was worse. They go down to the Gulf for a photo-op and immediately split to Maine where business is fine. They weren't needed.

However, if they had rented out a bunch of rooms at a Gulf hotel and spent a photo-op eating the Gulf seafood that had been inspected and was perfectly fine, not as if those folk don't know how to cook, it would have been a shot in the arm for businesses that needed the help.

The two of them are offensively arrogant. Much worse than Ducky.

Not being able to keep from dumping on him, anyone notice that he threw another economic adviser under the bus today. Her crime was not agreeing that the recession is over. Man, this guy's head is so far up Larry Summers' ---- that we are never going to get out of this thing.

Anonymous said...

Remember when the "Friends of the Reagans" group donated the money so Nancy could buy new china for the WH?

Or, her wearing gowns which were on loan from designers?

The media went after Nancy Reagan big time.

Now, it's the Obamas who behave like kids in a candy store on our dime. Where's the media frenzy huh?Oh, but there's no double standard is there?


Anonymous said...

Is there actually some hope for Ducky????? He has made some sense calling a shovel a shovel. (I'm trying hard to be politically correct, but it ain't easy when it comes to O.)


Ducky's here said...

Silvrlady, I am no fan of Obama.

Never have been.

Z said...

Ducky, I know you dislike Obama because he's not left ENOUGH but it's still nice to read comments with no insults to the Right in them :-)

Elmers Brother said...

I'll second that emotion about duhkkky. Congrats duhkster on not getting deleted.

Elmers Brother said...

check that...I was trying to be nice duhkkky

Elmers Brother said...

and nobody's can start your own big maroon

Z said...

Elbro, did you delete some of Ducky's? Who mentioned censorship? I've warned and warned, nobody's being censored; this is MY HOUSE and I don't want certain comments here and that's that.
Thanks if you deleted xx

FrogBurger said...

The President goes to work at 9.30, plays golf. I wake up at 4, works 7 days a week right now, and I'm paying high taxes.

He really can go [bleep] himself.

I really wish I had him in front of me sometimes.

Z said...

I'd like to see that, FB!!

I just read where Michelle's 'American delegation' as the article says (WHAT?, her friends and family are a DELEGATION?) had to have a beach closed so they could enjoy the water. I guess this is why most presidential parties go to private estates and nobody has to be put out by their security needs.

wow, this is quite a trip!