Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Mosque.....another in the PRISCILLA'S POST series!

“Cordoba was the first European city conquered by a Muslim army (in 711). Then a mosque was built there, and the rest of Spain was conquered“. This quote is from the POST written by Mr. Navon and previously linked HERE.

It is no coincidence that this mosque is slated to include the name Cordoba.

The debate surrounding the building of this mosque is centered on freedom of religion and legality.
Neither of these is the issue. The issue is motive and the symbolism of declaring victory by essentially dancing on the graves of innocents murdered in the name of Islam. Would anyone stand for the vandalizing of a loved one’s grave?

Now, to the advance of Islam and the appeasement and capitulation to the Islamists: this is what Mayor Bloomberg is guilty of. If freedom of religion were the overriding issue, the city of New York would not have stalled the rebuilding of the Greek Orthodox Church near ground zero and this site for the mosque.

As for the President’s position, we have to remember that Obama himself stated in one of his books that, "if things turn ugly, I’ll stand with the muslims". I think he knows and understands exactly what this mosque will stand for. This is not appeasement or naivete. It's pretty clear to me that Obama has no love for America, but for Islam? I think so.

Furthermore, those on the left have chosen to align themselves with Islam. Indirectly perhaps, but aligned just the same. What the left may not realize is that the Islamists are using them as well.

Thanks, Pris... Your last line is particularly true, in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

I think it is generous to suggest leftists may not realize they are standing with Islam. They know exactly what they are doing; they have decided to stand with foreign ideology over that which is uniquely American. Ordinarily, this would not bother me because in America, we have institutionalized the idea that a man or woman can decide for themselves who to believe about God, or not to believe at all. But what makes this situation particularly odious to me is that Islam is not simply a religion: it is a political apparatus; it is theocracy. So when one becomes a proponent of Islam —even that corruption we refer to as black Islam (Nation of Islam), one is suggesting desecration of our unique American values, as set forth in the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Anyone who stands against the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights is no American. Anyone who stands with Islam against the United States of America, its people, its ideals, falls into that category of individuals spelled out in my oath of office, “… against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.”

Always On Watch said...

It is no coincidence that this mosque is slated to include the name Cordoba.


And that symbolism isn't lost on the ummah, either.

FrogBurger said...

The left standing with Islam is nothing new. They would stand against anything that goes against what they call the "dominating class".

Since I'm a late teen, I've seen the phenomenon in France when the left would always criticize Catholics, ridicule them but never attack Islam.

In the 80s, the PCness really started in France with SOS Racisme, which was more a branch of the socialist party than anything else. Its founder actually became a minister at some point.

All of this led to the strong scores of the National Front at election and the legitimization of a party with some of its leaders denying the holocaust.

But the left loved the ascendency of the National Front because it made the other right parties weaker.

I don't think there's more cynical than the left. It truly is disgusting.

Ducky's here said...
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Ducky's here said...
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Ducky's here said...

Once again z is incapable of dealing with reasoned discussion. Doesn't speak well for your side z.

LibertyAtStake said...

I invite "@Ducky's Here" to spew, er I mean comment, on my latest post.
"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

Z said...

Ducky, I hate to tell you this, but as my link SAYS, there is a whole other side to your Greek Church issue.
And, trust me, your comments don't hurt me; just keep slugging and I'm deleting. I'm so tired of it.

To all others with varying viewpoints, PLEASE COMMENT HERE..I welcome dissent and just ask that you keep it informative and not nasty or sarcastic. Thanks.

Faith said...

Yeah, the Left knows they're standing with Islam, but since they refuse to recognize what Islam is really all about -- conquering the world for Allah and hating most of what the Left stands for as well -- they really ARE being used by them. Things are going to be too far along to do anything about it when they finally wake up.

Opus #6 said...

Mustang is right. They stand against America. They fall under the category of "enemies, foreign and domestic."

Anonymous said...

Mustang, what I said was, "what the left may not realize, is that Islam is using them as well".

Of course the left knows they're standing with Islam, but they don't openly say it. They talk around it through issues that arise involving Islamists.

Their anti-war stance, their citing the Constitution and freedom of religion, etc. as if Islam is the same as all other religions, instead of the enemy.

But, they don't come out and condone outright, the butchery and killing of innocents. Rather they make excuses such as the Islamists having been provoked by the US.

The left's pretense in supporting the Afghan war, was done during the Bush administration, because we took on Iraq.

Now, they are pretty quiet about it, because they took that stance to begin with, and because they are the ones in power. They don't want to rock their boat.

The radical left is as much an enemy as Islam, but as I said, Islam is not their friend, and they will accept the left's aid and comfort as long as it suits them, and not a moment longer than they deem it necessary.

It's as old as time itself, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". The unspoken caveat is, "until I no longer need him".


WomanHonorThyself said...

hiya Z...great piece..I think it is generous to suggest leftists may not realize they are standing with Islam. They know exactly what they are doing..I agree wholeheartedly!

Anonymous said...

Wjatever happened to the definition of 'traitor'? I'm sick & tired of hearing how Islam is a 'peaceful' religion. Where is our El Cid when we need him?


David Wyatt said...

Hahahahahaha!! What a joke! Z incapable of dealing with reasoned discussion! It would be difficult to find a blog run by anyone equally capable, let alone more capable of dealing in reasoned discussion. Keep it coming young lady!

Major said...

Where does anyone get off imposing this thing in this area. How the hell do you impose dialogue? I have heard a lot of descriptions of what is happening with this mosque but the one that seems to me to fit best is “imposition”

Nothing that begins with an imposition can have a positive outcome no matter how well intentioned.

But, if you ask me, this is where Islam has always missed the boat. It has always imposed itself on others, claiming good intentions or good ends. They have always imposed themselves claiming that it was necessary to acheive some good end that only Islam could bring. Never for a minute realizing that the impostion itself poisons all such attempts. Dialouge and healing can simply not be imposed!

Thousands of people do not want the mosque built so close to Ground Zero. We do not want Ground Zero to be used for ANY CAUSE other than to remember the dead. Ground Zero is not the place to redeem the name of Islam or to counter-program the horror of what happened there because that has nothintg to do with remembering the dead. The Corodba Initiative wants to impose a cause that does not belong there. There is no room, nor should any room be found for any other cause but memory and honoring the dead.

If the mosque is built it will be nothing more than an attempt to impose religious dialouge where none is wanted or asked for. If this mosque is built it will be just another hijaking committed in the name of Islam, a hijaking of the only cause this sacred ground should be used for in order to use the site to improve the name of Islam.

We have to say no to the hijacking of Ground Zero for the cause of Islam.

I also have to wonder how long it will take for extremists to hijack the mosque. It will have a huge target on it. Mosques are taken over by extremists all the time. I can all to easily imagine that one day there will be people in control of it that will celebrate the Islamic “victory” of that infamous day.

For this and all the above reasons it must be stopped.

Anonymous said...

"Nothing that begins with an imposition can have a positive outcome no matter how well intentioned."

Major, I don't see this as well intentioned from the get go. These are an aggressive people. This is an obvious in your face act. What the Imam says is irrelevant. Their religion allows for subterfuge and lies against the infidels.

No one knows better than he, the intent involved. It is what they do, and not for the first time.

This is what their culture demands, a battle won in the course of their jihad, and a symbol of their superiority as they see it.

If this sounds harsh it's because it is. Politicians like Bloomberg, believe that tolerance leads to harmony. That can be the case with people who are receptive of kindness and acceptance.

But those who will deceive for advantage, are beyond good intentions. They are of a mind to achieve one thing and that is power and dominance over all who are not like them and will abuse any offering of peace


Z said...

David, thank you very, very much. xx

Anonymous said...

The problem is not so much that they are building this near ground zero, the problem is what it symbolizes.

Brooke said...

Once again Ducky has failed to even read the post and instead chooses to be condescending and annoying.

Major said...

"Major, I don't see this as well intentioned from the get go."

Forgive me for the short lapse into PC or giving these bastards the benefit of the doubt. It won't happen again, I assure you.

I despise these lying, disingenuous, murdering scumbags as much as I do a case of the clap. They are without a doubt a all consuming aberration of humanity that needs to be wiped out. And I and millions more will not stand by and watch these scum...destroy what's left of America, our constitution, out values, our laws, our beliefs, our political system ( no matter how flawed ) to be substituted for & by their genocidal, murderous, 7th century shit...any more than I would allow these intruders...these traitors into my home to force their POLITICAL WILL on me or my family.

Mustang, I think knows the value of arms...the righteousness of a good fire fight. They will have to face our resistance and wrath...soon. And I believe that this latest aberration being forced upon us is an awakening that America needs to roust us from our apathy and stupidity.

Freedom of "religion" my ass.

I despise them all. Don't give me that crap about "good or moderate" muslims. I don't see them...I've never seen them. All you want to believe what's not true...they just don't exist.

MK said...

It took 700 years to liberate Cordoba from the muslim savages.

"What the left may not realize is that the Islamists are using them as well."

What many of us in the west don't realize is that the left know this and are happy to be their lackeys, so long as it contributes to the overall goal of white anting the west.