Monday, August 23, 2010

Mosque and the Media...and a fabulous article by James Taranto

(Okay, I lied: now you have to read my post as a gift to me for pointing out the Taranto article:-):

Well, Reuters ALMOST got it right. Protesters Sunday marched for and against the 'cultural center and mosque', as Reuters put it.........but then they mention the center includes a "prayer room"...Wait, is the inference there IS no mosque? They said 'mosque' but then there is a 'prayer room'.........What happened to the MOSQUE part?

And, they 'forgot' to mention there were approximately 500 people against the mosque and 250 marching for it. I Googled to better find how many were there but only one article I found said the numbers above...all the others said "Several hundred" as if it were even. One account said 200 for the 'counter-demonstrators' and NO number for the 'demonstrators'(against the mosque) One estimate said 1000 against the mosque, 75 for, and heck, if the leftwing media can exaggerate the numbers down, why the heck can't we exaggerate them UP? Oh, I forgot...we're not THEM.

Gee, you just have to stay ON the media, don't you? (check out the humor below, it cracked me up! We need laughs these days..)



Ducky's here said...

I will point out, before I'm censored or censured as Elmer calls it) that Rush Limbaugh had to do some fancy dance moves about the Muslim prayer room in the Pentagon after a caller started eating him alive.

Rush was able to pull out of his nosedive by calling the Pentagon room a prayer room, which was okay with him, rather than a mosque.

So which is it in NYC?

Ducky's here said...

It's also worth pointing out that the center is being built by Sufis and Sufis are pretty much hated by al-Qaeda.

You can refer to the bombing of a Sufi mosque in Lahore that caused over 300 casualties. Now, for an extremist to bomb fellow Muslims at prayer ... the hate has to be pretty deep, no?

There are the moderate voices in Islam out there reporting this. The same voices the Law and Order Teacher feels are missing.

Or maybe they are just being drowned out for the benefit of some other agenda.

Z said...

I don't listen to Rush, glad to hear you are, though, Ducky.

I don't give a damn what it's called NYC, tell you the truth...Reuters (as I pointed out in a post below)referred to it as a mosque then said "there's a prayer room"...sounds like the lefties are confused, too. I just know that thinking, caring Americans think it should go and so do some muslims.

Z said...

Ducky, I think it's just that FOX is getting great ratings from this and they're the ones who've made it an issue (!), as the lefties were discussing on Sunday Morning talk shows yesterday! That was REALLY rich. Ya, it's just us ol' mean hate-muslim Conservatives stirring up trouble. OKAY? :-) you happy now?

Opus #6 said...

It is insensitive and cruel to build a mosque on the ashes of our fallen.

Anonymous said...

Let's get real. Does anyone think a Japanese Shinto temple built next to the Pearl Harbor Memorial site, would have gone over in 1950?

It wouldn't have been allowed, and furthermore, it wouldn't have been attempted. But that was before political correctness. It was before weakness and softness was the order of the day.

It appears though, the American people aren't as infected with softness as some would like. They get it.

We are still at war with Islamist jihadists, yet that doesn't phase the muslims who want this Mosque. They're determined, and we have to ask why.

What, may I ask is this need to build it in a place they knew would cause proteststations from Americans. We all know, including the dense Duck.

It's an act of defiance, daring us to stop it, because they know, that those in power are politically correct cowards or America haters.

The President is just doing what leftists always do. Anything Americans oppose, is OK with them. Of course I'm sure they don't mind my calling them America hating leftists, after all they know all about hate don't they! At least they tell us often enough.

I'm sick of the obvious propaganda from scheming Islamists and leftists, who cornered the market on the hate card a long time ago.

As for the media, most of them are the left's useful idiots, who haven't a clue as to reality, or common sense!


Hayden said...

It comes down to one simple point: if there are bridges to build between the moslem world and America, the imams of this insane and inappropriate mosque (Project Park51) should consider sensitivity to the losses of lives on 9/11 and the fact that this mosque presents a trophy to the murderers rather than an opportunity to bring "peace".

It should not be built. End of story. But the incentive is to push it into the face of every American that the terrorists are making headway even into our own politics.

It is disgusting.

Elmers Brother said...

compare and contrast duhkkkster


1. strong or vehement expression of disapproval: The newspapers were unanimous in their censure of the tax proposal.
2. an official reprimand, as by a legislative body of one of its members.
–verb (used with object)
3. to criticize or reproach in a harsh or vehement manner: She is more to be pitied than censured.
–verb (used without object)
4. to give censure, adverse criticism, disapproval, or blame.

If you were being censored you'd have nowhere else to make your comments, to we've said several times start your own blog.

otherwise tie a can on it, as you like to say.

Anonymous said...

Blame the NY poiticians and power brokers. This could not have happened if not for idiots like Bloomberg. I don't expect sensitivity from the Islamists, I expect it from politicians who are supposed to represent our people.

Let's hold responsible those who could have stopped it in it's tracks. If they can't stand up to these carpetbaggers, get someone in there who can.


Major said...

Apparently...the muslim apologists and cair lackeys, mas lackeys...hamas lovers...are never going to back down. They're insistent that those who oppose this curse on those who died at the WTC...are "bigots, islamophobes and racists".

They insist that this provocation where 70% of Americans are opposed....can all be bigots and racists? It just demonstrates how delusional and dangerous these radical ( not moderates in islam ) really are. They are not about to give in, give up or compromise in the slightest. This should let us all see what their real aims promote and construct a temple to the 19 murderers alone. Not for "healing and understanding"...but for the symbolism and conquest over the "great satan".

Isn't it clear now to everyone...what these fascists are and really want?

I pray...that New Yorkers...continue to resist...fight...and if need be...destroy this affront to all Americans with a conscience. The islamist turds, obviously have none..and but one goal. Humiliation and a symbolic victory...using our tolerance...our laws...and spitting in our faces.

Major said...

"If Kilgore sees landmarks on a bridge, he must be a graduate of the Edward M. Kennedy School of Driving. "

And hopefully...he's driven off that bridge with his muslim mistress...the cordoba blunder freak house.

Stick with that wonderful sound of the islamist call to prayer....dope. Perhaps a cushy job in dubai, syria, iran or with the sauds...await you in your retirement and turning out of your stain on the White House. Hope the kids can pick out a nice colorful burka. The first "lady" needs one...I assure you. Her choice in "fashion" is indeed...hideous. A choice gig for her awaits on the "Housewives of Atlanta, I hope.

Anonymous said...

"Isn't it clear now to everyone...what these fascists are and really want?"

Major, it should've been clear a long time ago. We know wishing doesn't make it so!


Chuck said...

Pris and Hayden made very good points.

As far as building bridges. Since they flew planes into our buildings and murdered our citizens, the bridge needs to start on their side and get a hell of a long ways over before we start on our side.

And yes Ducky, I know Muslims were killed in the WTC, they're called terrorists.

MK said...

You can always trust the leftie media to carry water for islam, the more savage and violent, the more they'll be fascinated by and drawn to them.

"Rush Limbaugh had to do some fancy dance moves about the Muslim prayer room.."

Perfect example, thanks quack boy. On and for Rush's dance moves, pass the crack pipe to the next liberal moron old son, you're hogging it again.

Z said...

Someone tonight on TV made the point that "Wait, WE deserve sensitivity, not THEM..what is going ON HERE?"


Also, forget sensitivity. put that point aside for a sec: who's just plain tired of being painted HATERS and letting the lefties blame us for not thinking a mosque there is legal when it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT? Why's decency not matter to some people? How can they forget all those surviving families don't want it there? Geeez

Steve Harkonnen said...

Rush was able to pull out of his nosedive by calling the Pentagon room a prayer room, which was okay with him, rather than a mosque.

So which is it in NYC?

Dear asshat (a whimsical attempt at me using libtard names here):

That's a straw man, using the "mosque" in the Pentagon excuse as for us to allow the new mosque to be built near hallowed ground where our comrades died....AND IT IS A GODDAMN PRAYER ROOM, NOT A MOSQUE. I've seen was there years before 9/11 even happened.

So what is it in NYC, you ask? How about a high rise building full of assholes??? Can I make it any more clear?

Z said...

And Steve, everybody in the media and those pushing for the mosque have dropped CORDOBA and call it now PARK51...notice that?
And, Reuters called it a MUSLIM CENTER AND MOSQUE in the first paragraph and then said "It has a prayer room" in the can't make this stuff up.
They're REALLY swingin'..and looking stupid.
But, they'll win. CAIR's representatives tonight all over TV were right "WE KNOW THE LAW"

They do/ better than we do.

Anonymous said...

"But, they'll win. CAIR's representatives tonight all over TV were right "WE KNOW THE LAW""

HI Z. The law. What about the law. It doesn't count if it's illegal aliens but someone want's a building in a certain place and the law matters?

Legality isn't the question regarding the mosque. It would be legal. So, if something's legal that's all that matters?

The Greek Orthodox Church, would've been legal too, but it's rebuilding is disallowed. Why? It's legal isn't it?

So obviously, we can pick and choose even when something's legal. If I want to add an upper level to our house it'd be legal, but it has to be approved by our City Council, and with the approval of our neighbors within a certain radius of our home.

Now, in NY, the people don't want it approved, and never did. Legality has nothing to do with it.