Monday, August 30, 2010

A political bigwig in Japan thinks we're "simple minded"

TOKYO – A key figure in Japan's ruling party dubbed Americans "simple-minded"in a speech to fellow lawmakers Wednesday.

It was not clear what prompted the remarks by Democrat Party heavyweight Ichiro Ozawa at a political seminar, in which he otherwise paid tribute to Americans' commitment to democracy, saying it was something Japan should learn from.

"I like Americans, but they are somewhat monocellular," the former Democratic Party leader said. "When I talk with Americans, I often wonder why they are so simple-minded."

"I don't think Americans are very smart, but I give extremely high credit for democracy and choices by its people," he said. "They chose a black president for the first time in U.S. history," adding that he thought once that would never be possible.
Ah, yes, voting for someone's race...
And he thinks WE'RE simple minded!?



Anonymous said...

Well, I don’t know if we can argue with him. We did elect Barack Obama to the presidency, after all. Nancy Pelosi is in our House of Representatives, not his. One cannot get much more simple-minded than that.

What I know about Japan, having lived there for 9 years, is that for the past 3,000 years, the Japanese were always led by uh … a Japanese. So I think it is safe to assume that in the past 3,000 years, Japan has made some simple-minded choices. Perhaps Mr. Ozawa is merely trying to welcome us to his club.

cube said...

I think he's talking about liberals and obama voters. They ARE simple minded.

FrogBurger said...

Or you can listen to dumbasses like Ducky that make no sense and he's right.

Anonymous said...

And if you, as a gaijin, can eat with chopsticks that puts you at the level of a talented lower animal such as a mnnkey or a dog in their opinion.


Z said...

Watching the japanese parliament beat themselves to a pulp over laws shows what they're about. On the other hand, I wish some Republicans would at least take some figurative punches.
Did you hear today that Obama's saying the Right's blocking loans to small businesses!? And PEOPLE ACTUALLY BELIEVE THIS and the articles aren't telling about the whole bill. WOW.
But, then, Obama's backtracking yet again on the mosque, so.......

Ducky, stop trying to poke yourself back in...and, if you do, stop the nastiness.
If you HAD heard the Beck speakers, maybe some goodness might have rubbed up onto you?

Cube, they are...
And FB, you mean he THINKS he's right :-)

Silvrlady, they only EAT dogs there !

Just seemed so odd that yet another country's slamming Americans...they really never did in the past when we had Reagan, Bush, even Clinton; they gave the office some dignity and nobody dared. Today? Heck, when our own president's apologizing and lying and acting like a king instead of president, who can blame other countries?

I wonder who can bring us back?

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I would concur. The bulk of the electorate IS simple minded. What do our children know of history? Can they locate their own frigging state on a map? They can't even manage to pull their pants over their assholes.

People in tech fields worry seriously about the ability of new generations of Americans to step up into tech fields. They and their parents place less and less emphasis on education and more emphasis on esteem and feelings.

Our trades are going fallow. We desperately need welders and electricians and mechanics and HVAC repairmen and plumbers and people that can FIX things.

We desperately need to get back to BUILDING things in America. Once, we were builders to the WORLD.

Now, my nephew will graduate with his BA in philosophy. Which is, essentially, an entire WORTHLESS document. My brother and his wife will watch and their son works at jobs with little future -- if he can even locate a job.

We are a people of simple minds because we have become weak, soft, gutless, emotional zeroes.

I think you might conclude that I concur, generally, with his statement. We ARE simple minded.


christian soldier said...

maybe because we re-built their country and economy after they ATTACKED us in the US -
now we are considering reparations even though their former emperor threatened us in the US with terror cells here in the US during WWII!!

-and we still have troops there -our $$$ -defending them !!
let's take his statements and 'run'!with them-no more aid-no more troops-then we won't be acting like 'simple minded' "folks".//

Ducky's here said...

Oh, censored again for calling Glenn Beck a false prophet.

Well, when you folks learn that the real travesty here is thinking that either party as currently constituted is capable of sound governance there may be some progress.

Meanwhile, enjoy your echo chamber, you folks have really missed the road.

Leticia said...

Maybe just maybe he was referring to the simple-minded liberals that voted for Obama, because I sure is heck did not vote for him.

I refuse to be associated with liberals and their ilk. I take great offense in his reference.

Z said...

Ducky, Glenn Beck isn't a prophet...sorry you didn't hear him.
We've "missed the road"? :-)

I love you quoting ME with your "echo chamber" remark: How many times have I said I didn't want an echo chamber here? You could have stayed; how many times did I ask you not to be nasty, sarcastic, etc., and to be informed? But, keep up with the ugly comments and then cry 'censored'
Again, because you think something's so, and so does KOS and moveon, does not make it the truth.

Leticia,. good's very insulting that people actually think WE'd vote for a man because of his skin color, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

There's one good thing about the 'droopy drawers' fashion statement. Man runs much faster with pants up than with pants down. It makes it easier for the police to catch the idiots on foot.

I was driving through a small town about 30 miles south of our small town when I saw three of these clowns waiting to cross the street. Afer I passed I looked in the rear view mirror just in time to see the pants on one of them fall down!


Joe said...

Mustang phrased the first thing that came to my mind. What if an American sought to be elected in Japan?

Oh, and weren't they the ones who though they were going to be able to dominate the world by bringing down the USA at Pearl Harbor?

Having been "educated" in government schools, Ducky thinks that the Constitution guarantees him the right to say what he wants, where he wants, when he wants...but that when others do it to him, why that's a no-no.

He thinks we are congress.

Anonymous said...

Smart enough to make two atom bombs and drop them on your dumb asses Tojo. Smart enough to teach you how to make cars and electronics. Sheesh! J'Mac.

Ducky's here said...

z, you may even realize that the Japanese statement as in translation. Sometimes it's tough to get things exact but you might want to reflect that he means Americans look for simple answers.

In that, he's quite accurate. This is not a nation that has any grasp on the complexities of the world.

Z said...

It doesn't anymore, Ducky. It's all about winning for the LEFT.
I just heard Larry King ask Sharpton about "the OTHER SIDE"..with simplistic thinking like your 'side's', we're in worst shape than even I thought.

Joe Conservative said...

I'll take the "simple minded" over the "sophistry-cated" global-warmed-over "complexities of the world" lovers any day of the week.

Opus #6 said...

Even if we are simple minded as a people, it is unpleasant hearing it from a foreigner. Poor taste.

Major said...

Well...I sense the defensiveness of this posting. However...I tend to agree with the man. Generally...Americans are "simple minded". TV...instant gratification...expected results...arranged food....good guys vs bad black or white....just grey.

Pull up to the drive in decisions just choices the menus provide. Which is what they want us to choose.

On line voting...absentee balloting.

And then...the simple minded "electorate" that elected a simple minded, jive ass fool like this. Without papers...without evidence of accomplishments....without vetting...without character references....without any ....ANY evidence of qualifications let alone experience. Just...color.....just guilt...just cowardice....that this man knew the power of.

This man knew the power of RACE...he knew the power of RACISM and the angst that this country has been forced to swallow for over 50 years. As well as our "need" to prove that we could elect....a mixed race President. He's not black folks....even blacks I talk to...say he "ain't black enough".

I suppose that means ( he talks funny....hey Joe Biden? ) he doesn't / didn't sound...Black?

Shit....he's the Elmer Gantry of black "liberation" theology kids. A quoted hater of whites....a avowed socialist given his..."share the wealth" philosphy.

No...the Jap right...we are simpletons..maybe we can get smarter soon...knowing that we cannot get along in this world by expecting...demanding...everything without penalty or cost and let the rest of the world....GFU.

""The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president ".

Like I said before...see how much of an attention span we really have?

beamish said...

Having once worked for a Japanese-owned corporation, I can only tell you that the Japanese are one of the most racist cultures on the planet. If a Japanese executive lives in America (or another nation for that matter) when he returns to Japan he is treated as if he were tainted by the experience, shunned really, as an outcast for having lived among "gaijin" - non-Japanese.

If that wasn't enough clue of how culturally simple-minded the Japanese are towards their own, examine the plight of the Ainu, the aboriginal WHITE inhabitants of Japan treated as slaves for centuries and only recently beginning to gain basic civil rights in Japan.

Elect an Ainu as prime minister of Japan. Then come backhandedly praise America for electing a black man.

Chuck said...

I think this

Well, I don’t know if we can argue with him. We did elect Barack Obama to the presidency, after all. Nancy Pelosi is in our House of Representatives, not his. One cannot get much more simple-minded than that.

from Mustang

and this

Or you can listen to dumbasses like Ducky that make no sense and he's right.

from FB sum it up for me

Major said...

" Bloviating Zep...."

Goddamn....just goddamn....I'm in awe. BULLSEYE.....BADDABING.

Nice shooting bud.


heidianne jackson said...

i'm so sick of hearing about how amazing it is that we in the usa elected a black men. tell me the countries in the world where - prior to us electing bho- a black person has as good an opportunity for placement in a high-level job (elected or appointed) as here in the states. tell me how good a chance a round-eye - regardless of color - has of getting elected in japan. or how about a person from china or korea or vietnam? yeah, exactly.

perhaps mr. ozawa is of the opinion that the longer a people has been squatting on a piece of land, the finer (or less simple) they are. sorry, i don't concur...
people of all creeds and colors have much better opportunity here in the states than in ANY OTHER country in the world.

FrogBurger said...

This is not a nation that has any grasp on the complexities of the world.

The left has no clue of the complexity of human nature.
So look into yourself, Ducky.

Leftist regime have led to tyrnanny because of over-simplification of human nature and society. Enforcing equality is forcing the simplification of life.

Marxism is simplification of labor relationships as well.

So stop insulting us, 'petit con'. And this one isn't lost in translation for sure.

beamish said...


Though it exceeds the limits of my expansive imagination to come up with a scenario in which Ducky or any other leftist could and actually would say something intelligent, your rejection of Ducky's posts have mutated him from an exceedingly stupid person into a caricature of an exceedingly stupid person.

Here's a vote for letting Ducky give us the full thimble of his mind, without censure. That's more fun to kick around.

MK said...

I'd love to see the japanese elect someone along the lines of an obama. Unless their minds are far too complicated.

Oh and i note that for a bunch of simple-minded people, they sure wiped the floor with the japs back in the 40s.

Always On Watch said...

Some Japanese -- not all, of course -- hold great disdain toward America and Americans.

Frankly, the Japanese aren't much on racial diversity in their own society.

Joe said...

Major: Just curious. Are you among the simple minded of us?

You use of the English language sure testifies to it.

Z said...

Hey, Major...Joe's right..I hadn't noticed your last comment, but I don't love the GD word here..
DO love you commenting, but have to ask you to pull back a little :-)

Major said...

"Major: Just curious. Are you among the simple minded of us?"

Not at's simple. While you whine and complain of the medias distortion of all things conservative or complain of a phrase that's used by millions every me it means...God Damn! Simple. I learned that like my friend Mustang.

Time in uniform representing YOUR right to say what you want...and MY right to say it too. And that's what we both served for. Would you deny a Marine ( any Marine...anyone whose served, the right to speak in a manner they're able to express themselves with? )

If so..I'll just that I don't offend your fragile sensibilities...fair enough? Besides...the remark wasn't directed at was a BZ to Mustang.

Z...say the word. I'll problem.

Z said...

Major, you can't comment at my blog without using one word I don't like to hear? REALLY?
And that means I have 'fragile sensibilities"?