Saturday, August 7, 2010

This Stupidity: "The RISE OF THE NEW RIGHT....HATE AND FEAR"!! is something we should all see



Does the Democrat Party pay for this stuff when it's shown? It's so clearly campaign material that I'd have thought it would have to be paid for by the party? There are, I believe,
Chris Matthews weaves a connection from MILITIA NUTS to FOX NEWS rather artfully but so dishonestly that you'll actually laugh out loud. YOU, you "idiot" who's been swayed by the very
RIGHTWING FOX (Um...that one with about 100 liberal contributors, and CNN has....maybe 3?) and Glenn Beck's "LIES", you who are TRUTHERS and BIRTHERS with absolutely nothing but your 'hate for Obama" to motivate you (not the fact that you DO read the bills, you ARE informed, and you DO well understand and love this country's Constitution).......... You should watch all the videos just to know how you're being portrayed now. Just before the November elections.
Yes, I know you'll comment that "who cares? nobody watches MSNBC', but people do, and this treatment of Conservatives is not only at MSNBC it's at CNN and the networks, just a tiny bit more subtly. By the way, do YOU know someone in the MILITIA? :-) They're THE NEW RIGHT?
For the EUROPEAN READERS I just saw on my SITEMETER, these videos are NOT what Conservative Americans are about, and there is much to gain from stopping reading your liberally-oriented media (believe me, you're getting your language's translation of our very liberal New York Times and worse, I know that FOR A FACT) and open your minds to the fact that more than half of America is very discouraged with our government and these videos are ridiculous misrepresentations of most of America's Constitution-loving RIGHT.


FrogBurger said...

I had to stop watching right away. This guy is such an intellectually dishonest pea brain. He puts everybody in one basket. I could do the same. I could put moderate democracts with commies and authoritarian leftists.

He really has forgotten about the leftism in Nazism and fascism. He has forgotten Laval, the socialist who sent Jews to the camps.

God this pisses me off.

FrogBurger said...

I'm really getting tired of the left brain.

Personal obvservation of my life. Liberals around me spend their time reminding me I am French, cracking jokes about it. Even though I ask them to take it easy b/c I've been here a while and it's getting old. Also when I mentioned the other day I was feeling very American, one almost kind laughed about it saying it wasn't possible.

Conservative friends do not. They see the individual and could care less.

That's what this moron is doing. Labeling everybody the same way. Because it's easy. It doesn't require much intelligence, questioning or analysis.

And then we're the idiots, the biggotted and the racists.

Matthew you're a prick!

Faith said...

It's a propaganda campaign very much like the campaigns against the Jews in Hitler's Germany. Characterize the target group in whatever way feeds the ire of the stupid pre-programmed masses and you can do whatever you please with the group you hate.

FrogBurger said...

Good point, Faith.

The same dictatorial brain. Simplication leads to tyranny.

Z said...

FB, it's really so dishonest, isn't it. THE NEW RIGHT!
Good point about associating Dems with the anarchists and communists; but they LIKE that connection, so it's a bit tough.

VERY interesting, but sad, observation about your liberal acquaintances who play on your Frenchness... It's very important for the Left to LABEL everyone; we're HATE AND FEAR!....RACISTS! HOMOPHOBES!
Even Ducky, the supposedly 'big open hearted liberal' outs gays at this site; odd, he says it's wonderful then slams Republicans who are outed as scum. JUST PLAIN ODD.
YOu are MORE American than most liberal Americans I know, I assure you.

Faith, that's what it seems like to me as I watch, too. It's a sinking feeling that they actually believe that we're NOT to be afraid of this awful government, that they think their LIB ELITISTS they interviewed are THE GOSPEL on this subject, that they don't see their own amazing bias.
And they think THEY're the smart ones? Yikes.

Anonymous said...

It's started folks. An aggressive out and out assault on your freedoms. An assault on your honesty and integrity. A media blitz designed to show that average, everyday Americans who believe in responsibility, self control, less government and freedom to protest against government policies are "racist...baggers....fanatics...militants and extreme"!

A crisis is in the making.


Z said...

Major, I never fell for conspiracy theories but it feels like this is planned; the pushing pushing pushing this last 1 1/2 years especially has been unrelenting and so threatening.
Yet, when good Americans are speaking up, we have ridiculous videos like the posted ones here which demean and insult, as if NONE of what we say or do or fear is valid. THAT is a very scary ideology that only the left could do so well, and BROTHER, are they.

EXCEPT the polling numbers show that more and more Americans are on to this and maybe there's still hope. Who could have thought this would even happen in this country.

Anonymous said...

Z, the links didn't work for me. I found them on Youtube and Started watching, but it was just a rerun of a previous Chris Matthews show which I had seen before. Not to be too "conspiracy theory" oriented, but isn't that one of Matthews' favorites when he comes across somebody that asks him a tough question? I recall somebody asking him if he belonged to the Council on Foreign Relations and he finally admitted he was tight with Richard Haass and that Matthews' wife edited stuff for Haass. IMO, that's the real man behind the curtain, the organization which is the puppet master of all the phony political screeching that hits the air waves. At least that is why it was designed by Woodrow Wilson's inner circle of advisers.

Also noticed that Alex Jones was front and center as being an "enemy" identified by Chris Matthews. What's up with that?


Anonymous said...

"...a number of bigoted loons like Robert Spencer and am Geller..."

There you go again, comrade, frothing at the mouth and shooting wildly with what again to back up your assertion? They must be doing something right if the neo-Bolsheviks of today get frothing and foaming at the mouth and think by just using a name it should evoke the same emotions in all as experienced by indoctrinated Marxists.


FrogBurger said...

Not even sure it's planned, Z. Those people are just sick in the brain. They are unable of clearly analyzing things by separating them, *then* looking at *possible* connections.

Look at how they jump on global warming.

It's just an major intellectual defect.

Add to this some serious psychological issues related to childhood for some (leading to judging the notion of family as something for the "bourgeois" or the "pigs"), and the focus on being loved, you end up with really poor judgement.

It's a disease, a cancer.

Z said...

Waylon, sorry, I deleted DUcky again. He can't argue without insults, I've warned him several times, and I guess what he doesn't realize is that I really mean it.

FB, I think our looking at is as planned is important; it's no accident with Dewey, Alinsky, Norman Thomas, etc etc coincidence that the Cold War stopped just when indoctrination started in our schools, just about the time McCarthy got SO maligned by the left for actually suggesting some of our media people who are SO influential in this country were making Communist-approving 'entertainment' (and he was maligned enough then that anything we say now that is valid about communism is met with 'oh, you sound like a stupid McCarthyite'); this is something very strange....America's been just too darned independent and productive and traditional to make the leftwing happy and they're going to STOP America's exceptionalism if it's the last thing they do...they couch this ridiculous upheaval in "KINDNESS TO THE POOR AND NEEDY" and "THE EARTH NEEDS CARING FOR" but, really, there's something ENORMOUS in the making. Anybody with a brain can see that the changes just in the last 1 1/2 years don't go along with the Constitution or the desires of our founding fathers and at least 50% of American...yet, they PUSH.

I hope I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

Spencer and Geller are bigoted loons for reacting against Arab fanaticism? You dare criticize conservatives because they object to communists circumventing the Constitution of the United States?

Ducky, there can be no question that Chris Matthews is a effing retard; you are just plain stupid and it is getting worse with each passing day.

christian soldier said...

It is good to know our enemy--esp. when we know we are in a battle for our Nation-thank you for the vdeos--

Anonymous said...

Z, I guess Ducky is just a slow learner. Obviously a long term passenger on the short bus during his school days — likely excelled at "recess".


Z said...

Hi, Carol...really something, aren't they, these videos?

Mustang, imagine? Anybody who's warning America of potential problems is to be maligned. I guess it's the MOVEON meme, that's the only thing I can imagine. No person with an intellect could (not would but COULD) think differently.
But, you see, Geller spoke against the mosque in NYC and so she's now a bigot :-) Odd that nobody really asks the muslims behind the project how they can be SO insensitive when SO MANY PEOPLE don't WANT IT THERE. Apparently, it's only Americans who must, at ANY COST, be SENSITIVE.

Z said...

Waylon, I think there's a deep seated hate there that I don't want to deal with anymore.
As I said to him recently here at geeez, 'I didn't build a blog to give a venue for a Keith Olbermann-think alike...' NO WAY.
He knows he's invited to stay and discuss topics without insulting but, so far, not so good.

FrogBurger said...

I think they are planning the destruction of America. But I think at the root, it's a psychological disease that may them interpret things in a very destructive, nihilistic way.

The mere fact of wanting to destroy the family proves the sad state of their psyche.

Repeating myself again but it goes back to my 3F. Faith, family and freedom. They hate everything that guarantees human survival.

And to lead a fight against human survival is pretty sick.

Opus #6 said...

I love the smell of desperation in the morning. Polls say that the left is in for a trouncing. They are cornered and lashing out with all claws and teeth. To be expected.

Anonymous said...

I heard the members of the Hutari were registered Democrats and Independents. Matthews is a retard

Z said...

Interesting...I'm watching a documentary by FOX on the "honor killings" of the two beautiful Muslim girls in TX whose father 'allegedly' killed them . Now, maybe he DIDN'T, there's no PROOF, but they were in HIS cab and he's disappeared since this happened.. :-)'s 'alleged!' !!

The interesting part is that Greg Jarrett went to the murdering Muslim father's family's house and asked one of his brothers to talk on camera...the brother yells "I hate the mother f---- FOX news..get off my property" Even these NUT CASES whose nieces were KILLED because they 'had the GALL' to date (gasp!) "Mexican boys" don't like FOX, either.

Maybe FrogBurger's right and liberalism IS a mental disorder :-) !!

FrogBurger said...

It is a disorder. When you can only see the negative of a country like the US while 90% of the world would like to come here, it really means you can't look at facts straight.

When you use policies that have been used in Europe and have failed miserably, therefore repeating the same mistakes, it is the definition of insanity.

And if you do all this in order to destroy, then you really are sick and destructive.

Obviously I'm mostly talking about the elite and not necessarily of the random dude who doesn't do too much thinking.

But to me it's frightning when you see this elite with degrees from universities being that destructive and ignorant of history and the facts.

Z said...

FB, good comment. But, you think THAT's frightening. I just watched almost an hour of GERALDO on that "ALL CONSERVATIVE" FOX (what a joke) and thought "Now THAT guy's FRIGHTENING!" he's got an ego the size of Puerto Rico and should really just do a one-hour monologue for the time he gave his guests to speak! And, brother, if a guest doesn't toe the LEFTIST LINE, they REALLY should just SHUT UP!


FrogBurger said...

Well Geraldo is an ego maniac. He gets on my nerves. O'Reilly does too. Hannity says the same thing 24/7. I have stopped watching Fox actually. Maybe because I've been working too much. I listen to podcats while working.

And my beliefs are stronger than ever so I don't need to watch someone who's going to preach to the choir.

Z said...

OH, yes..O'Reilly's ego is even bigger than Geraldo's, I think.
It's funny you should say that about Hannity; a LOT of people have mentioned that to me only he always says the same thing over and over again. BUT, we have to admit he WON'T GIVE UP ON A POINT! And he's usually right.

I was frankly surprised at the HONOR KILLINGS piece FOX did tonight with Greg Jarrett and Bill Hemmer; FOX has really stayed away from any kind of pieces on islam that don't paint it in a good light..this sure didn't.

What was horrible is that the father who killed his daughters has an FBI sheet on him and it originally had HONOR KILLER on it or something, and a few days later, the FBI took that part off. They don't want to offend islam because "they need informants" WOW, that's a cunning way for islam to take a hold, huh?

Anyway, FOX has got good stuff on it but it's the SAME STORIES day and night, night and day, and even though they so often have both sides represented, all that really promotes is screaming matches ...

beamish said...

This Softball idiocy from Cwis Maffews is so far afoul of reality that it's laughable.

First off, it doesn't mention the fact that leftists are completely incapable of rational thought, so you can tell right away it isn't serious analysis.

It just gets more absurdist from there.

It doesn't mention that the prime suspects of the alleged "Hutaree" militia conspiracy plot to kill police officers are all registered Democrats. Sorry, Chrissy. Dem's your nuts.

Where else do we go? Where's the mention of the arrests of left-wing anti-war protesters in possession of Molotov cocktails? The street battles with police during the left-wing protests of World Trade Organization conferences? Where's the right-wing riots smashing shop windows while carrying anti-Semitic signs, in mimicry of the left-wing labor activists under Adolf Hitler?

Shall we examine the left-wing politics of the Unabomber? He mailed pipebombs instead of letters to Congressmen. Definitely less dangerous than the Tea Party movement, right Chrissy?

Removing the swastika armband from your bicep doesn't make you a less left-wing propagandist, Chrissy.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget though, Fox has stuck with Glenn Beck, they have Neil Cavuto, Judge Napolitano, Hannity's a good guy IMO. Some good people on their channel.

FB, some of the most patriotic Americans, are legal immigrants, and naturalized citizens. Don't let the SOBs get you down.

It seems to me, dealing with some liberals is like dealing with children. Leave them to their sandbox, where they can play pretend.


Susannah said...

I love what Pris said, "Don't let the SOBs get you down.

It seems to me, dealing with some liberals is like dealing with children. Leave them to their sandbox, where they can play pretend."

Exactly! I can't stomach things like this...and Letterman's schtick w/ Maddow the other night. It's my prerogative to change the channel. O'Reilly (Mr. Ego) did a nice job in this week's Townhall piece, holding these Leftist hit-jobs up for what they are: DESPERATION prior to an election that's gonna be a bloodbath w/o some desperate measures...

Bring it on, people, bring it on. It only makes me want to vote, work, write, make phone calls, attend rallies, etc. all that much harder...

Put your anger to good use, folks. Give 'em a run for their Soros $$!!

Anonymous said...

As a former liberal I can tell you this is a classic liberal technique: projection. Take all your own attributes,opinions, hatred and viewpoints and transfer(''project'') them on to your opponent and force them to either refute them or live up to them in trying to refute them. Matthews is an ass, pure and simple. And about liberals? Ann Coulter is right, liberals really, really do hate America. They really do. J'Mac.

Susannah said...

Hi Z, et. al.~ Just fyi, my newest post is your inspiration. Of course, I linked back to you! And THANKS!

Deborah on the Bayside said...

Sounds like the thrill [running up Chris Matthews' leg] is gone. So he's setting fire to a straw man to divert attention from the abject failure of his heart throb. Even Joseph Goebbels would be embarrassed by this tripe.

The upside is it's easy to see through. There you go -- one transparent thing associated with the BHO administration.

Anonymous said...

"Bring it on, people, bring it on. It only makes me want to vote, work, write, make phone calls, attend rallies, etc. all that much harder..."

Thanks Susannah, and I love your fighting spirit! You make right call here.


MK said...

"Chris Matthews weaves a connection...."

Those that watch people like him are not interested in facts or reason. Whatever you say or do won't make any difference. It's because it's in their nature to be stupid, ignorant and easily manipulated.