Saturday, July 2, 2011

Food Stamps and LOBSTER?? .... did you see this?

Click on the image to enlarge it and weep:
That's not bad enough, but the guy sold the lobster and steaks! Snopes, of course, says TRUE...but 'he broke no law' :-) Tell me.......are we so lost that 'breaking no law' seems to excuse it?  Liberal Snopes seems to think so.

Do any of YOU like the idea of our taxpayer dollars being spent on lobster and steak? I don't begrudge some people from getting help........but this?

Maybe the Obamas bought the lobster?  :-)



beamish said...

There would be no food stamp abuse.... if there were no food stamps.

Each bit of ground given on "entitlement" issues merely lets the seed of totalitarianism take root. It blossoms and bears fruit, and the lost ground of whther or not there should be food stamps at all is now teeming with "shouldn't the government be controlling what they eat?"

::knock knock knock::

"Hello, Mrs. Z. We're from the Food and Drug Administration Enforcement branch. In a random screening of your electronic debit transactions at the local grocery store, we data-mined evidence that you may be a carbohydrate hoarder. We have a warrant to search your premises for contraband boxes of macaroni and cheese. Until your body mass index conforms to the legal limit, you are hereby restricted to probationary nutritional management to be administered by the Department of Health and Human Services while your medical history is up for cost-benefit analysis and your health insurance ration recalculated."

Thersites said...

There's nothing wrong with feeding the peasants lobtser. ;)

Always On Watch said...

That last link in the post is quite something.

Years ago, my disabled cousin (Brittle Bone Disease finally took him down in his 40s -- arthritis at every site of an old bone break so that he could no longer work -- he had worked consistently since age 16) qualified for $80 of food stamps every month. The head honcho at the food stamps "agency" told my cousin that he could have gotten more in food stamps if he'd been an immigrant. No kidding!

Anyway, my cousin surely couldn't have afforded to buy lobster on his meager allotment of money and food stamps. Hell, he couldn't even afford to rent any apartment and, instead, had to room with friends or relatives.

GrouchyFogie said...

Maybe the obama's did. And the champagne along with it. After all, we must re-distribute the pleasures .

Z said...

AOW, isn't it? Apparently, the Obama's like it a LOT. They serve it at their Wednesday night cocktail parties, too..not sure they still the dazzling celeb list parties every week; we can't know because the media covers for them. Are they continuing?

Grouchy, right!

HERE's something sad: A lefty who can't comment here anymore wrote a comment I found in Moderation saying this isn't true ;-) Isn't it sad, particularly because I showed the TRUTH in leftwinger SNOPES's link and they still insist we're wrong? I mean, these people are so LOST.

Big Fat Tio Mike said...

Was it a lefty who cites sources or one who just says "FOX lies, wingnuts, LOL"?

Always On Watch said...

A lefty who can't comment here anymore wrote a comment I found in Moderation...