Thursday, July 28, 2011

Leftwing Terrorism

While the New York Times calls the Norway  murderer a Rightwing CHRISTIAN  because he supposedly says he's a Christian on his website,  AOW's blog, provided me with this quote from the guy's actual ramblings: "I'm not going to pretend I'm a very religious person as that would be a lie. I've always been very pragmatic and influenced by my secular surroundings and environment".  Some "Christian fundamentalist," huh, New York Times and other liberals?   Then there is this THIS information about leftwing terrorism you may never hear on our networks or cable like CNN or MSNBC.
Yes, it's LEFTWING terrorism that's on the rise in Europe.  Hey, I wonder if the New York Times would ever deem it proper to actually publish real NEWS and cover this information?  If they did, would they say LEFTWING CHRISTIAN TERRORISM is on the rise?  Why not?  Or LEFTWING ATHEIST TERRORISM?  Just a thought.

When that Muslim serviceman killed all the soldiers in Texas, how long did it take before they identified a known Muslim as a Muslim?  Did the New York Times' headline say "MUSLIM SERVICEMAN MURDERS.........."?   Naaa.

So, from most news exaggerations over the years, one would think the only crimes committed anywhere about anything were by Christian Rightwingers............I, and friend and blogmate Elmer's Brother, thought it might be nice to publish this piece today to set the record straight.   Who'd have ever thought anybody on the LEFT did anything wrong, ever?   I'm hoping the NY Times covers this, but I'm not holding my breath; are you?  But, wait..........I was just thinking;  it's ignored so much, maybe leftwingers don't think their terrorism is wrong and worth commenting on..............?



Silverfiddle said...

It's all about the agenda. The press propaganda ain't workin' anymore, at least not here in the free world. In Europe, the lefty establishment still has a tight grip, which is why they hate Rupert Murdoch so. He is a threat to their propaganda machine

Elmers Brother said...

On top of this Italy's Red Army, a left wing terror group had been caught making overtures to Islamic terrorists. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Mark said...

I read this in Ann Coulter's column today:

The New York Times wasted no time in jumping to conclusions about Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian who staged two deadly attacks in Oslo last weekend, claiming in the first two paragraphs of one story that he was a "gun-loving," "right-wing," "fundamentalist Christian," opposed to "multiculturalism."

It may as well have thrown in "Fox News-watching" and "global warming skeptic."

This was a big departure from the Times' conclusion-resisting coverage of the Fort Hood shooting suspect, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan. Despite reports that Hasan shouted "Allahu Akbar!" as he gunned down his fellow soldiers at a military medical facility in 2009, only one of seven Times articles on Hasan so much as mentioned that he was a Muslim.

Of course, that story ran one year after Hasan's arrest, so by then, I suppose, the cat was out of the bag.

And then, she wrote:

But Times reporters had their "Eureka!" moment as soon as they heard Breivik used the word "Christian" someplace to identify himself. No one at the Times bothered to read Breivik's manifesto to see that he doesn't use the term the way the rest of us do. That might have interfered with the paper's obsessive Christian-bashing.

I guess that about explains it all.

Always On Watch said...

Wading through Breivik's hypergraphic ramblings is a Herculean task.

That said, it is clear that the mainstream media jumped all over the early portions of the manifesto before reading enough of it to see what this sociopath's beliefs really were.

For example, he got all pissed off at the so-called counterjihad groups because they wouldn't embrace violence as a tactic. He also was enraged that Little Green Footballs, once a so-called counterjihad site, repudiated that stance and "betrayed" Breivik. I suspect that Breivik frequented LGF.

Tracking down any of Breivik's comments on blogs is difficult because he used many nicknames.

Breivik was clearly not a Christian. He did favor using any ideology to further his own agenda -- one of violence.

The truth about Breivik will not be covered by the mainstream media. Furthermore, the story has pretty much expired as far as a lead story goes; as a result, a lot of people have drawn erroneous conclusions as to what Breivikism really is.

Brooke said...

Z, you are 1,000% correct. If this dude had been a Muslim we would never hear about it, yet a secularist must be painted as a 'Chrisitan'?

Nah, there's no agenda in our MSM.

Z said...

Silverfiddle, my husband had an email fight going with Dennis Prager for weeks a few years ago arguing that there are many Conservatives in Europe, we just don't hear about them as much as we might. My husband's point was it's not "Leftist Europe" against Conservatives everywhere......there's also a "Leftist EUrope versus Conservative Europe" Prager kept railing that he's wrong because Prager is SO anti-Europe, but when Mr. Z presented article after article he'd seen in mainstream German papers over the years, taking much time to translate pertinent parts, showing he was right, Prager never wrote again :-)
That's always kind of bugged me, frankly!
But, yes, there's a LOT of liberal press there AND, as Mr. Z used to note, at least in Germany, the German 'journalists' mostly just roughly translated the New York Times articles and then they'd be printed in German mainstream or leftwing papers. Some 'journalists' huh? Talk about an easy job if you know both languages!
Still, in Britain, some papers are getting it righter about Obama than our papers ever do......

Did you see that Amy Winehouse was apparently hacked shortly before she died? I'm waiting for the leftwing to blame Rupert Murdoch for her death.

Elbro...Is that right? Imagine the idiotic trust in Islamic terrorists by leftwingers? It's almost like when leftwingers used to comment here that anybody wary of islamists in this country was stupid :-)

Mark, THanks for that.....she is SO right and it's kind of fun to have written pretty much what she did before she did, tell you the truth!! :-)
I should be meeting her at a function here soon (She's a very close friend of a friend of mine's son who I'm hoping attends the function where she's speaking) really looking forward to it!

AOW, this happens all the time in the msm, as you know. They lie, jump to conclusions, and have it in 3" headlines then, when found to be wrong or exaggerated, the story's dead but it had made its impression., NO AGENDA :-)

Anonymous said...

They are terrified by the rise of conservative thought in Europe and will do anything to stop it.

Z said...

Trestin; And even suggest a FOURTH REICH from good people wanting to retain their way of life and fight off those taking their money and saying WE WILL TAKE YOU OVER.

What's hard to understand about that, right?

Anonymous said...

Rep. Peter King says it all for me:

"Finally, I note that certain elements of the politically correct media—most egregiously the vacuous ideologues at the New York Times—are shamelessly attempting to exploit the horrific tragedy in Norway to cause me to refocus these hearings away from Muslim-American radicalization.

If they had even a semblance of intellectual honesty the Times and the others would know and admit that there is no equivalency in the threat to our homeland from a deranged gunman and the international terror apparatus of al-Qaeda and its affiliates who are recruiting people in this country and have murdered thousands of Americans in their jihad attacks.

Let me make this clear to the New York Times and their acolytes in the politically correct, moral equivalency media--I will not back down from holding these hearings. I will continue to hold these hearings so long as I am the Chairman of this Committee."

Bravo King...Btavo

Anonymous said...

And this just in:

"Fort Hood UPDATE: Abdo Confesses to Planning Attack, Bought Uniform and Fort Hood Unit Patches Off-Base
The Tatler has obtained a preliminary law enforcement report written late Wednesday regarding the arrest of Army Pfc Nasser Abdo in connection with a plot to attack Fort Hood, Texas. It’s eye-popping. According to the report, Abdo was arrested with ammunition, weapons and a bomb inside a backpack. He has confessed to plotting an attack on Ft. Hood.

The report states that the Killeen Police Department received a tip from a local gun store owner about a “suspicious male” who asked about smokeless gun powder and then bought three boxes of 12 gauge shotgun ammunition, smokeless gun powder and a magazine for a Springfield 9mm. He paid in cash and left in a taxicab.

KPD learned that the cab picked Abdo up at a local low-cost motel and that he had also paid cash for an Army uniform and Ft. Hood unit patches at a local military surplus store. The gun store, Guns Galore, is the same one at which Maj. Nidal Hasan bought the weapon he used in the 2009 terrorist attack on Ft. Hood.

KPD arrested Abdo soon after learning about his movements and purchases. Fox reports that he had enough material to make two bombs. Abdo had gone AWOL from Ft. Campbell, KY on July 4 and was being investigated for child pornography that was found on his government-issued computer.

This looks like a case of good police detective work acting to stop an attack in motion. Two others are in custody as well, and KPD is said to be assessing their connections to Abdo."

And this from CNN:

"Let’s not forget that CNN thought Abdo was a hero last August for claiming his religion trumped his voluntary commitment to honoring the chain of command."


Why do we allow this scourge, this political ideology to remain in America let alone our Armed Forces?

Z said...

Imp, I have to go, but I quickly read this comment: "Let’s not forget that CNN thought Abdo was a hero last August for claiming his religion trumped his voluntary commitment to honoring the chain of command."

WHAT? Picture any CNN talker saying they thought a Christian was a hero for claiming their religion came over ANYTHING? They condemn, every so subtly, Christianity SO often and they said that about a Muslim? Well, surprise surprise (not!)

Elmers Brother said...

Z said...

Elbro, isn't THAT a honey? WHY are leftwingers SO NAIVE? Don't they realize that it's mostly their lifestyles or things they approve of that islamists hate the most? Leftwing blatant gays, immorality, pro choice...things Islam ABHORS. And, with guns gone because leftwingers don't honor the 2nd Amendment, we'll all be in jeopardy because the leftwing courted islamists!
Let's hope this is only happening in Italy! Tho that's bad, could spiral out of control all over the West

Elmers Brother said...

As I said the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

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