Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Farmer John.........thank you

FJ published an old poem of mine that I sent him and made such a beautiful post of it I want to share it with you....Please click HERE....
Thanks so much for the honor, FJ.



Always On Watch said...

FJ did a beautiful job!

Well, he has something good to start with -- your poem, Z!

Pris said...

Z, your poem is moving, and so well done. Thank you for sharing it.

sue said...

Z - I will comment further a little later on your beautiful poem, etc.

Just cooked dinner and now I need to cool off in the basement.

It's just horrid here.


Lisa said...

wow you are quite talented Z. Very creative.

Z said...

Thanks, everybody.....I was blown away by the beautiful post FJ wrapped around my poem...I think I wrote it about 25 years ago!...not sure.

Sue, good luck with that heat!

-FJ said...

It was my pleasure to post a very insightful and thought evocative poem. Your VERY welcome.

sue said...

Z - I couldn't get my comment posted on FJ's site, so I'll say it here.

All of your poetry there was absolutely beautiful - and meaningful. You should be published.

FJ - Thank you for the breath of fresh air - the excerpt from La Traviata and the amazing watercolor video.

Z said...

thanks, Sue..and FJ.

It really touched me and shocked me to see my poem so gorgeously posted..amazing.