Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hitler stays, Coulter goes...choice of banned books?

Very interesting video here....kind of sad because I know that those who signed the poster didn't say "No thanks, I believe in free speech, I wouldn't participate in this if my life depended on it." Although, to update my original post here, after having read the blogger who produced this video's site (and you should, too) a few did come back and say they were sorry they signed anything that promoted censorship!  His site's called Rebelpundit...and it's a Chicago Conservative exposing the Chicago media's lack of fairness and balance...you'll like it, I'm sure.

Any thoughts?



Beth said...

It appears that the demonization of Palin and Beck by the MSM is working, sadly.

Speedy G said...

Looks like Savage and Breitbart are still "under the radar"... :)

Anonymous said...

Sam and Hayden recently published on this topic; I completely agree with their view. This goes far beyond banning conservative points of view, it also reflects a leftist desire to reprogram our children.

With communists running our public schools, how can this country survive in the long term? And why do parents sit back and watch it happen?

Always On Watch said...

Ban conservative books seems to be the point. **sigh**

Z said...

Beth...sadly, it's not limited to them, is it.

SPeedy G...they couldn't show ALL the books!

Mustang, I don't remember that they'd published on that...but I agree; while it's bad enough the left would consider banning the viewpoint of half of America and those who write about its opinions, but to program our children like this is scary.
Actually, it's not "reprogramming"; I don't think they have been programmed from the start to even know how to THINK, they just look to be indoctrinated because our kids, in general at public schools, don't seem to give a darn; seems like they're just eager to get out and get those welfare checks, it's easier than studying and working hard, if you COULD find a job, and succeeding only to have your paycheck redistributed to those who didn't work hard.

AOW; exactly.

Z said...

This is only slightly off topic; I saw it at Beth's blog;


Z said...

I meant to finish that comment ...can you imagine a whole town virtually turning into a lake; everybody's business and homes gone, and the media doesn't report it?

Anonymous said...

I still see people, including myself, struggling to define socialism as it applies to America and how much, if any, they are willing to accept. Seems like this topic always goes back to how much one is willing to accept

Chuck said...

Just more "tolerance" from the left.

Scotty said...

I wonder what would have happen if the books at the top of the list, it appeared to be all conservative writers, was listed at the bottom of the list.

And, human nature being what it is, many would join the majority vote, remembering they were allowed to see the other votes.

I think one would agree that the deck was stacked.

Z said...

Mickie and Kay is a new blog, folks...go over and see the quote by Obama which they blogged and which an honest fact-seeking media should have caught and discussed (AS IF)


Scotty, my point in my post is that nobody asked "isn't this CENSORSHIP?" Yes, the conservative books are on top and shouldn't have been displayed like that. I'd have wished the signers would have balked at the concept of censorship and, of course, it showed a leftwing bent whether you think it was stacked or not.

Lisa said...

Being in Chicago what would we expect?
Over by me on Long Island when conservatives have book signings the line is usually around the block.
Long Island has a lot of middle class people.

As what Mickey wrote" what we are willing to accept" I also think it's how much they can wear us down? We cannot and must not be worn down.

Z said...

Lisa, right...Mickie and Kay's point is a good one.
We do have redistribution already today but it's getting more widespread and is wearing us down. Not only wearing us down but making it normal; While it's good to help others, there's something happening in America now that smacks of bringing down quickly those with money; I cringe every time I hear the latest debt talks and how Obama always throws in CORPORATE JETS and OIL COMPANIES.
Well, without those oil companies, we'd be in trouble and corporate jets make corporate travel a lot easier. People deserve percs; trust me, I traveled a lot for business and wouldn't have wanted to do it via commercial aircraft all the time.
It's as if the Left is hell bent on keeping ANY American from living in comfortable luxury and THAT is wrong. And, of course, those comfortable Americans are generally philanthropic and give on their own accord; until it comes to a point that they won't have any to give anymore...then EVERYBODY will have to go to the government!
There seems to be SUCH a push to GO TO THE GOVERNMENT FOR EVERYTHING lately and THAT is something we MUST resist.

I'm curious as to why the very rich leftwingers don't just write huge checks to the IRS, extra money to help those in need.......let Tom Hanks and Tom Cruz and Streisand support those they feel can't help themselves. We shlubs give enough and can't take much more.

Z said...

Mustang, I didn't realize 'recently' was their latest post; thanks, I went by and saw their excellent piece.

Z said...


I am happy to have just read the video producer's blog and seen that 'two handfuls' of people DID say they thought this would be censorship and would not 'vote'!
And, it says a few who had voiced their decision re the books came back and said they wish they had not because that's censorship.

So, good for them.

The blog's a good one...check it out; exposing the Progressives in CHicago and what their media doesn't cover. Good stuff.

LASunsett said...

These are those who scream for freedom of speech, when their party or ideologues are not in power.

cube said...

I couldn't finish watching this video. The propaganda of the left always portrays itself as "cool" and that of the right is always "facist". The schools and the MSM are complicit in this agenda. It must be stopped before we reach the tipping point where there are more of them than there are of us.

Pris said...

"With communists running our public schools, how can this country survive in the long term? And why do parents sit back and watch it happen?"

Mustang's right. Where are the parents? Out to lunch? Or are they saying "how high" when our governmemnt says, "jump"!
Damn fools.

Z said...

Hi, L.A....you're so right.

Pris, think we can 'go back' to normal for AMerica?

Cube, I hope it's not already too late. I know we both know PLENTY of great kids, but the products of bad parenting are catching up on them.

Big Fat Tio Mike said...

The funny thing is to think of how steamed Savage is to have received zero percent.

P31 Mom said...

Again, I'm know late for the party:)

Just wanted to say that I'm not completely against "book banning", though I certainly disagree with the Chicagoans choice of books to ban.

Banned by who? A bookstore? What's wrong with that?

If it's a book that teaches men how to molest children and get away with it, is it really wrong for a bookstore...or a whole nation of bookstore's to ban that book?

What if it teaches someone how to build homemade bombs so you can get revenge on your school?

This highly depends on who's doing the banning and what they are banning in my opinion. And why they are banning it.

I wish they would ban all pedophile books. I think I would support some amendment that would allow for certain "bans".