Thursday, July 21, 2011

Obama's birthday.........what a bash$$$$

What's a president to DO when it's his birthday and financial armageddon practically on the same day?
Ours is doing THIS.

Here's a story from the Chicago Sun Times' Stella Foster:  President Barack Obama’s national 50th birthday/re-election benefit celebration in Chicago, which is a scoop I ran in my June 23 column. There will be a high-priced private dinner with Obama for the big dogs and doggettes a k a rich folks and supporters
Aug. 3 at $35,800 per couple. There will also be a birthday concert that same evening with a broad range of ticket prices. The president’s actual birthday is Aug. 4.

What do you think?   It IS his fiftieth, and everybody deserves a bash on turning 50 ... But, I think if I were considering what this country's going through, I'd at least not have eaten.........the cake? 
And I'd probably leave the politics out of it too, but he sure isn't $$$$$

What would YOU do if you were president and had a big birthday coming up and things were this bad for most Americans?


Anonymous said...

I would like the Ramadan Rat to know that I won’t be in attendance. I sincerely hope this is his next to last birthday party at the people's expense.

What would YOU do if you were president and had a big birthday coming up and things were this bad for most Americans?


Anonymous said...


I won't be offering any BD wishes.

Pris said...

If this were me, Mr. Pris and I would have close friends over for a private party, and we'd pay for it.

However, I think the invitation for the Obama 50th party goes something like this:

You are invited to a big bash to celebrate the President's 50th Birthday. Please bring your checkbook. Our motto is pay to play, so let's play! if you are truly our friends, you will show up, and you will pay!

To the Amercan people, "Let them eat cake"!

Anonymous said...

Interesting quote I found today from the Commie in Chiefs energy guru....

Consider the words of the man Comrade Obama hired as his top adviser on science and technology, John P. Holdren:

“A massive campaign must be launched to restore a high-quality environment in North America and to DE-DEVELOP the United States. . . . Resources and energy must be diverted from frivolous and wasteful uses in overdeveloped countries to filling the genuine needs of underdeveloped countries. This effort must be largely political.”

Guess who they think the "overdeveloped country" is?

Fitting now that gas prices haave bottomed and are up .30 a gallon again back to the $4 level.

Z said...

Mustang, excellent "resign".

Imp, me neither. You sent me that astonishing information, facts, pictures, figures, that so clearly show that the birth cert. the WH finally had to produce after Trump hammered them is another fraud that it's got me realizing that we're all pawns of this fascist gov't that doesn't give a @#($*& what the people think...and they just keep lying to us.
I just read your last comment and it almost physically made me sick.
I'm glad I'm going out for a Margarita now; there are days I literally can't stand what I read and hear........."de develop US" if Obama's not been doing that for 2 1/2 years (not counting the time SOros was paying lib minions to write the stimulus bills and the health care bills.....does any SANE person think anyone wrote those huge bills in days? And who PAID those people to write them before this WH took over, anyway?
No, people don't ask themselves questions anymore in AMerica, do they. THey've been taught not to.

Pris, it's a far cry from good people who write "Please, no gifts", isn't it!

Anonymous said...

"I'm glad I'm going out for a Margarita now"

Have one for me too it going to be one of those "skiiny girl" Margaritas?

I hear thats' a big thing now.

Didn't want to upset you...but I keep saying over and over that we're headed for social chaos. If not a huge implosion.

Anonymous said...

I think he should invite his buddies from the Fed over and have an old fashion money bonfire. You know, the same thing he does every day.

Joe said...

He is such a bowl of pond scum.

Always On Watch said...

He's more likely to celebrate his Muslim birthday.

Always On Watch said...

Explanation for my above comment:

Pastorius said...

Remember, last year, his whole family went out of town right before his birthday, leaving him all alone. However, they had had a big party in the White House on the day of his Muslim birthday.

So, once again, this year, his birthday seems of no consequence to him. It will be interesting to see what is going on in the White House on December 17.
8:50 PM

Also read the post to which that comment by Pastorius was made.

Z said...

AOW...WOW! I didn't know there were birthdays in Islam other than the date of birth. Pastorius makes a good point.
Armenians of old take NAME DAYS as birthdays; if they're named after a certain Saint or something, they take his birthday, or something like that, I seem to remember. So, this makes perfect sense to me.
(and scares the living daylights out of me because so many things point to Obama being a muslim..) By the way, I suppose you've seen the latest overview of the birth certificate the WH finally released after Trump forced their hand? The typesets didn't exist back then, they go letter by letter showing it's a technical FRAUD.
Gad, you'd think a curious media would be dying to expose this stuff, but................

Lisa said...

how about 50 lashes? You think that might knock some sense into him? yeah me neither.