Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This guy is reading YOUR MIND............right?


Pris said...


Karen Howes said...

AMEN! There's a guy at my church who thinks that we just need to tax the greedy rich bastards.

"Where is your sacrifice?"


Z said...

"a guy at your church," Karen? Half this COUNTRY is as uninformed as that jerk is!

I heard this morning that if all the rich paid huge taxes, it would result in so little toward reducing the deficit, and cause so much problems with their not hiring and buying anymore, that we'd be worse off.
If ONLY the msm would tell the truth.......

Pris, isn't he great!? I hope he gets TONS of traffic watching that!

Z said...

before he gets arrested, that is

Jan said...

That guy told it exactly like it is! He said everything that we've been thinking, and talking about, and he said it so well!

When I think about all the people in need of so many things in this country, and absolutely no way to get them, it infuriates me when I read that list of expenses racked up by Pelosi on all those trips to who knows where, and back and forth to her home, at her whim! Chocolate covered strawberries for her birthday, indeed!

And Michelle...I can't even speak of her trips without getting physically ill!

And then there's all the trips by our dedicated congressmen/women, for the benefit of this country, of our expense. I guess any old excuse for a free vacation, huh?

Have ANY of them ever had to worry about food on the table, a much needed prescription, or even being able to go to a doctor to get one?

I'm sorry...I'm ranting, which is why I don't comment more often than I do!

Joe said...

"...if all the rich paid huge taxes, it would result in so little toward reducing the deficit"

Fact is, if you gave the government every penny every one of them has, gave the government all the property they own and took their entire savings, you would make only a miniscule dent in the deficit.

Who on earth is stupid enough to think raise taxes on them is going to help?

Democrats, that's who.


WomanHonorThyself said...

agree in spades Z! God bless ~!

Lisa said...

I love that guy. Great find Z. I should put this on Facebook,yes?

Z said...

Lisa, if everybody put this on Facebook, maybe he'd get people listening who would have disagreed with him before hearing it.
I believe even leftwingers can learn.
I think so, anyway? :-)