Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hot DIGGITY! mmmmmmmmmmm

I don't know why I blogged this...maybe because I had a "certain medical test" yesterday and all I could think of was FOOD on Thursday! (ya, you know the test!) :-)    What do you put on your hot dog?   If you put catsup don't let me know;  I'd hate to think less of you (Smile)
Okay, now that you're drooling, look down below and TALK POLITICS!!


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Mustard mostly, but not such that the doggie is floating in mustard. Cheese too. GOT to have cheese. Grated cheese; either freshly sprinkled or just slightly melted. And chili. Chili can be added as well. But a good doggie can be killed if the doggie isn't fresh, thick, and if the BUN (frequently overlooked) isn't the freshest possible.


Pris said...

I put mustard, or chili sometimes with a sprinkle of grated cheese.

Then there are stuffed hot dogs. No bun, a slit down the length of the hot dog opened up a bit, with mashed potatoes in it, topped with strips of American cheese, and baked in the oven 'til the cheese melts.

You can make this with or without a wrap of a slice of bacon around the hot dog.

Linda said...

We had hot dogs for supper tonight! I really get hungry for them, once in awhile. We put honey mustard and a pickle slicer on them. Serve with Busch's baked beans.

Politics? What's that?

beamish said...

The weenie must be all beef... no pork or chicken blends. The bun must be wheat [enriched white if you must have your vitamin Clorox...]

Top with a thin stripe of ketchup, then sweet pickle relish, then layer over that with chili, onions and then a stripe of yellow mustard.

sue said...

Z - I actually went out and bought hot dogs, buns, a can of chili, and relish late this afternoon.

All so I could have a chili dog.

With mustard - no katchup!

Z said...

I just don't get the catsup on hot dogs thing, but everybody to his own 'taste':=)
I definitely DO like catsup, but not on my dogs.

BZ...the best dog I ever had was in Munich in a light snow fall at the Christmas market.....on a corner, with just a bun. Of course, it's a German dog, so it's SO flavorful, but though I LOVE mustard, I was perfectly happy with the piping hot dog/sausage, and nothing on it. mmmm It's actually one of the moments of my life that I'll never forget.
I love relish, but they don't do that there.

Here, I use mustard and relish...... and I love a steamed bun; If I do dogs at home, I put a strainer over the boiling hot dog water, open the split bun, and lay it, face down, on the strainer, so it gets the steam from the hot dog..mmm!

Pris, chili's good, too...but mashed potatoes!? that's a new one for me! odd that you and Sue both had hot dogs tonight!

beamish...catsup. oh, well. the rest sounds great!

FairWitness said...

Chili, onions & lots of mustard! Funny, I hate ketchup on hotdogs, too!

I'm going for those lousy tests in September, myself. I have had all sorts of health problems of late, so here we go with all the tests. Blech!

sue said...

beamish - I never buy anything but all beefs hot dogs.

Jan said...

At our house:

All beef wiener on toasted bun, with chilli, grated cheddar, and chopped onions.

But for my hubby: "Hold the cheese! :)

There used to be a place up here called "Hotdog Heaven" where we could get ANY kind of combination desired!

Sometimes, I got them with cole slaw, or saur kraut, with other combinations..delicious, but now the place is closed, after many, many, years.

Also, I prefer my hotdog grilled, rather than boiled, but boiled is okay, too.

Was this TMI? :)

Pris said...

"Pris, chili's good, too...but mashed potatoes!? that's a new one for me!"

Yes, stuffed hot dogs are for dinner, it's more like a meal than a snack, or lunch. Like I said, no bun.

Try it sometime. It's pretty good! I serve them with a vegetable on the side.

Btw, I only buy beef hot dogs.

beamish said...


I said a "thin stripe" of ketchup.

It isn't necessary, but if you don't have chili, onions, relish, and mustard, it's better with ketchup than a plain hot dog.

A good hot dog should stain your clothing with a palette of reds, oranges, and yellows.

christian soldier said...

Catchup and relish w/ a little mustard- my bad (-:

christian soldier said...

ketchup too-

Z said...

I always thought it spelled CATSUP, but I guess it's KETCHUP, too :-)

Carol, you're not 'bad' for spelling it different, but you're bad for putting catsup/ketchup on a hot dog :-)

Na, I don't know why I'm such a stickler on that; really, it's just a silly thing I've always said "No catsup on a dog!" but, of course, if you like it, you like it!

Beamish, if a beef dog is REALLY good and piping hot on a piping hot steamed bun, it should need NOTHING...mmmm

beamish said...

Nix on the steamed bun. Too soggy.

Z said...

beamish, you have to know just when to get it off there...soggy gives me the creeps! just get it hot through and then off.

Mark said...

Chili and cheese sauce only. Or plain. Sometimes without buns.

The best "hot dogs' to me are actually smoked sausages with chili and cheese.

Mark said...

There used to be an extraordinary place in Overland Park, Kansas called "Franks a Lot" which had the best hot dogs I ever ate. I used to go there at least twice a week for their spicy chili dogs. they were popular for their "Chicago Style dogs", but those had too much stuff on them that I don't like, but nevertheless, their hot dogs were fantastic dogs.

I transferred out of town for about 9 months and when I came back, the two brothers from Chicago (BIG Chicago Cubs fans)who owned the place had sold the store to some local who apparently thought he could improve the quality of the product by changing his distributor.

He went out of business soon after.

Linda said...

There's a lot of comments on hot dogs. Guess we are all tired of the stuff going on in DC.

I think even putting just a plain old hot dog, even the 'mystery meat' ones, taste just fine cooked in the microwave, and put on a bun. If the bun is a little stale, heat it up in the micro too!

Anonymous said...

I love hot dogs!

I like putting tomatoes, jalapenos, onions, mustard and sometimes ketchup. I also like putting some cheese once in a while.

Scotty said...

Grilled hots' only. If ya boil them? I'm gone!

Onions, mebbe cheese, occasionally a chili dog with onions again.

Back in the day, we'd call them porkers.

My favorite and when we're in N.Y.(upstate) we bring home Zweigles...only available in a hand full of counties there

Brooke said...

I'm with Beamish. It must be all beef!

After that, ketchup and mustard only. I want to taste the dog. ;)

Z said...

A good beef hotdog should only need a tiny bit of mustard....relish, maybe, and onions. I have spoken :=)

Scotty, I love a juicy boiled dog, I have to admit...especially with a slightly steamed bun. I don't like the grilled skin thing, but I certainly will eat a grill dog!

beamish said...


I guess slightly steamed is acceptable. I just live north of the line between people who know how to make grits and those who think they're supposed to be soup so it's hard to find people who know how to cook with water I could trust to steam a hot dog bun.

Z said...

Hi, Beamish...the first grits and shrimp (the first grits ever, actually) that I ever ate was in Paris, believe it or an AMerican friend's...she brought grits with her :-) I loved that and so did Mr. Z. I had to go to France for GRITS!

Ya, you can't leave the bun on for long, it would get awful........just enough for it to feel a little warm when you touch it, the last seconds the hot dog's taking to cook, and off it goes.

Mark said...

Lisa said...

Am I weird I like Chile and I like hot dogs but never had a chili dog.
I do like mine though with mustard,sauerkraut ,onions and melted American cheese.
I will even be happy with just mustard though too.

On food network there is a place that does deep fried hot dogs,supposedly it's all the rage.Anyone catch that one?