Friday, July 22, 2011

US Taxpayers paying for mosques and computers, etc etc.......

Watch this at your own sanity's risk:

It's unbelievable that this is happening.........the State Department says they're "building relationships with Islamic leaders"    This is what happens when our State Dept doesn't understand the Arab mind and our media's not discussing this.   unbelievable.   
If you're struggling for money, remember this information.   But, so what?  Who's doing anything against this? Republicans? (Ya, right)



Scotty said...

Unfortunately, the United States has been giving our enemies money for a LONG time, hoping that all of a sudden they'll love's sad we don't seem to learn from history.

Z said...

I suppose...but I find this information particularly suspect, Scotty.

See, I suppose Muslim countries know that no ONE COUNTRY ATTACKED AMERICA and that's their ace in the hole; the Conservative mind reacts with "NO, that's enough, whoever the attackers were and wherever they came from...we are broke in this country and while we mean all Muslims no harm, we see no reason for bending over backwards like this..sorry. Or maybe very rich Muslim countries could come and repair our churches and synagogues, OKAY? Let us know when to expect the check."

The Liberal mind seems to say "Oh, but this is wonderful! They'll LIKE US and won't attack, if it was even them the FIRST time!, if we keep fixing their mosques and paying for computers...okay, we need money here, that's true, but the government is there, no problem.....and we don't really need churches and synagogues here anyway because our ACLU's about destroyed everything they could in that regard and once we take away the church tax exemption they won't be able to exist anymore, anyway, thank GOODNESS!"

Democrats aren't the only idiots who started this trend, either, that's for sure.

Z said...

By the way, Scotty, your blog posts are short and sweet and well done...I encourage commenters to go say HI to Scotty, you'll be glad you did!

Pris said...

Muslims respect one thing, and one thing only, strength.

Weakness and appeasement is an invitation to more demands and hostility from the muslim world.

They'll take whatever gifts we give them, and laugh at our gullibility.

WomanHonorThyself said...

yup pay for our own sick Z!
God bless~!:)

Anonymous said...

There are lots of traitors and enemies of the US that need to be "walled up".

Chuckie Schumer is now an enemy of the people....just conservative people, mind you.

He has adorned himself as the de facto heir of the unscrupulous dead Kennedy...Ted the Swimmer.

Here's the latest assessment on his duplicity and anti US ( the common folks as they like to say ) stance. I have to do we allow a POS like this to still stand? It's all a game to them...they have no real world worries, do they? They are separate and removed from us, the commoners. The house must fall.

Not long after the 2008 election, a triumphant Sen. Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) stopped by our offices to announce that American politics had changed forever. Never again would we be able to argue successfully, as we had since Reagan, for smaller government. The American electorate ( illegals, grifters, parasites, socialists, communists, union excrement and AA recipients ) had declared it wanted a permanently larger entitlement state.

The Schumer strategy of assailing House Republicans as radical, in particular demonizing House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in personal terms, and opposing any Democratic concessions on entitlements. Schumer also led the internal fight against releasing a Senate budget, though Democrats control that body and are supposed to pass a budget resolution under the 1974 budget law.

( Now we have to ask where DWS got her moxie with her attacks on Alan West from? )

It's a measure of Washington's dysfunction that Chuck Schumer gets hailed as a political wizard for obstructing every serious attempt to reform government and avoid a downgrade on U.S. debt.

Time for the GD muskets....the hell with the corrupt process.

Anonymous said...

"Muslims respect one thing, and one thing only, strength."

Tell that to the Norwegians in Oslo now. 15 dead....30 kids wounded or dead.....there it is in all it's sickness...all it's depravity...the cult...the "religion of peace".

PC is bullshit and leads to death and capitulation. If I had it my way folks....I'd get every Muslim out of this country first....or at the very least stop any more from entering the country....I'd swap them for the illegal Mexi's instead.

Anonymous said...

The GOP has lost...once again the PR case against the Commie in Chief. The bastard has once again, cleverly shifted the blame to to the GOP.

The dopes in the GOP appear to be the cause of the coming default. the T Party members who were elected in 2010 on a platform of less government, less spending are once again "killers of SS and Medicare and the old folks."

Comrade O has won the PR battle and is being portrayed as a poor man who has only tried to compromise with those bastards in the GOP.

Stupid is as stupid does. The GOP has totally missed the opportunity to point out that these pukes...after 2 1/2 years have refused to pass a budget...have refused to obey the 14th Amendment...and have refused to obey the law.

This is why we NEED a 3rd kill both parties who are incompetent, shrill, lying asswipes who DO NOT deserve to represent us any longer.

We need "change" all right....we need another peoples revolution. After 234's time.

Z said...

Imp, anybody could smell that coming. There will be no end to "it's the GOP's fault"'s been that way since the 2008 campaign, you know that.
Of course this was going to happen.

Americans actually believe Obama had a plan, too.......go figure.
The Republicans did, but he won't hear of not giving entitlements to those he knows won't vote for him without them.
This is NOT about saving our country in the long run, it's about his staying in power.
And the Republicans aren't much better than that, either.

Z said...

I just heard CNN's news reader saying she'd never seen Obama so angry. Oh, MY GOODNESS, HE IS ANGRY! STOP THE PRESSES! LET'S DO WHAT HE WANTS NO MATTER HOW BAD IT MIGHT BE FOR THE COUNTRY!

Get the game plan? Americans who don't know better are sitting there translating that exactly the way the CNN PR people know it'll be translated..sitting there on their couches saying "Hey, Ethel, look at that, those damned Republicans just won't solve the problem"


Anonymous said...

"never seen Obama so angry."

I hope he has as stroke. Seriously....he's not made to lead. He's not an American least of all a citizen. Let's give him all the pomp and circumstance we can muster after 2 1/2 years of destroying America. A garbage barge down the Hudson would be my choice of a sendoff.

Harry..the RED...Reid on the bill...

"So, he successfully killed a bill that enjoys the approval of an overwhelming majority of Americans, including over 60 percent of his own party, because he felt it would be a waste of the Senate’s precious time then went home for a little weekend vacation because there was nothing for the Senate to do."

Is this not enough to demand his jailing? What have we come to when these bastards, without ANY HINT OF FEAR OR REMORSE, DEFY THE WILL OF AMERICA?

Anonymous said...

Of course this is perfectly in keeping with Reid's usual modus operandi. If a bill enjoys the overwhelming support of the American people, the American people don't know what's good for them. If a bill is rejected by the overwhelming majority of the American people, the plebes must be taught what is good for them.

Time...way past time for the tar and feathers, folks. Our Government is THE enemy of the people.

Give me an example of one country that would stand for this and not overthrow their masters? Just One.

Italy does, GB does, Israel does, France does....Why don't we?

Z said...

Imp, name me ONE COUNTRY whose media's against it......whose celebs go across the ocean and say vile things about her; whose ex presidents go to England and insult the new sitting president (like that bastard Clinton did as I sat in my Paris apartment watching Skye News from England, LIVE, as Clinton said TERRIBLE things about Bush, while tears ran down my eyes as tears would have run down them to hear any Republican president slam a new Democrat president, too.......oh, he felt such excitement and freedom being out of our country, speaking to the Labor Party of Britain as even TONY BLAIR sat there behind him blanching..)

This damned left wing of our country is destroying us.........and it's only getting faster and faster.

I'll leave you with one more thought before I leave the computer for a while this evening: What the HELL kind of idiot president suggests BUILDING RAILROADS to spur our economy and invent jobs when AMTRAK IS BROKE AND NEEDS OUR SUBSIDIES?
But, you think the freakin MEDIA ever mentioned THAT?

i rest my damned case.
whew! I should delete this, but I"ll leave it here for a while.......that's how mad I AM!!

Honestly? Sometimes I think the ONLY reason I'm happy my amazing, dear, brilliant, loving husband is not on this earth anymore is because that GERMAN NATIONAL husband of mine had more American patriotism in his freakin' little finger than most leftwingers and he'd be screaming at the TV right now.........causing me to freak out. I used to say "HOney, it's bad enough I have to hear the're driving me wild!" :-)
I wish he were here driving me wild now, but not for HIS sanity, believe me

I will never forget how very uncharacteristically tired he was a few weeks before he died; He heard there was a Tea Party even at the Federal Bldg near us and that Heidianne was going to be there.......I told him he was too tired and we might have to park a distance, but he insisted one point, he said "Honey, you walk on, I'll catch up with you"..those words cut at my heart because he'd been such a very strong, vital man........but obviously, I did NOT walk ahead........we strolled slowly toward the crowd and my German husband came TO LIFE...he saw the flags, the young people, the cars honking with fingers UP (I swear I thought they, in this very liberal city,were giving the Tea Party the finger but I could see clearly that wasn't the case when I really looked!)..he started walking quicker and was like his old self......taking pictures, smiling, amazed at the patriotism and the whole scene.......what a man he was.
Yes, he'd be hurting VERY BADLY if he saw that we were right about what Obama could do this great country.....I'm honestly glad he's not seeing it.

I've said too much , considering how anonymity's so important to me; but there you are. ANd my husband deserves for me to have said that.

Scotty said...

the Conservative mind reacts with "NO, that's enough, whoever the attackers were and wherever they came from

All while both sides keep dumping cash into North Korea and not to mention how much we're dumped into Pakistan!!

Malcontent had a similar post and I noted there that we have been doing this in what seem like forever!

the attackers were and wherever they came from

I STILL find it interesting that those that perpetrated the 9-11 attacks were just about all Saudi Nationals.....and what did we do? many European counties have we been giving cash since WWII...I'm fed up with it all!

Anonymous said...

" GERMAN NATIONAL husband of mine had more American patriotism in his freakin' little finger than most leftwingers and he'd be screaming at the TV right now.."

I hear you Z. Maybe what we need know what we need is a coming of people like your husband who know...from the past...what needs to be done for the future.

Jan said...

"I've said too much , considering how anonymity's so important to me; but there you are. ANd my husband deserves for me to have said that."

And, I'm GLAD you DID!

We all need to say more...should have said more, a long time ago!

I just hope it's not to late to save our country, now.

Z said...

Scotty, excellent point about Saudi Nationals and very interesting point that it's rarely discussed, come to think of it.

Jan, thanks!...
I don't have much optimism about our country any more......I hope I'm wrong.

Imp.....imagine if all immigrants who came here felt like Mr. Z did? Those were the days, huh? My family on both sides sure did. My mother, born elsewhere and a naturalized citizen, adores this country.

Jan said...

Maybe, we taxpayers could pay for aome of the little country churches, (who still believe in God, and teach it)to have their roofs fixed, or maybe, at least, a window air conditioner installed.

Yes, there are still a few of those around.

Or how about helping the tornado and flood victims have homes to live in, again, or put a roof on the ones still standing, which are using tarps to keep out the rain?

How about rebuilding some of the churches destroyed by the storms and floods?

Oh, I forgot...those poor souls don't meet the criteria.

How foolish of me to have forgotten THAT!

Z said...

Jan, imagine American tax payer dollars going to rebuilding churches? There's NO PROBLEM with rebuilding mosques, but there's a BIG problem of Church and State here :-) Excellent point; and one lost on the sycophant media.

This really does dovetail my post of a few days ago about charity beginning at home, doesn't it. At times we never thought could get so bad, we spend billions around the world and aren't even feeding people with the money, but fixing mosques.


nicrap said...
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-FJ said...

Well, it's heartening to know that Cairo is replacing it's old sewer system, I'm sure it desperately needs replacing, but why is America paying for it, again???? Why aren't the Egyptians upgrading their own infrastructure? I'm sure they've plenty of antiquities that would otherwise turn to dust (or develop their OIL) that they could at least sell and raise money for NEW infrastructure if they really put their creative minds to work.

soapster said...

"Unfortunately, the United States has been giving our enemies money for a LONG time, hoping that all of a sudden they'll love's sad we don't seem to learn from history."

"Let me see if I get this right. We need to borrow $10 billion from China, and then we give it to Musharraf, who is a military dictator, who overthrew an elected government. And then we go to war, we lose all these lives promoting democracy in Iraq. I mean, what's going on here?" - Ron Paul

It's a sad commentary; a blemish really when it seemingly becomes a problem once the subsidies aren't going for the things that each individual wants.

Again as Ron Paul correctly stated you've got one party that doesn't want to cut entitlements and the other party doesn't want to cut defense.

It's two sides to the same coin and yet we keep going round and round and round talking, not about whether or not we want big government or public subsidies but instead what kind of big government and what kind of public subsidies we want.

I don't care if Beamish or anyone else thinks Ron Paul is a kook, nut job, etc because the fact of the matter is that this house of cards is going to come down. And it's not going to be from an external threat but from within just as the founding fathers and history hath shewn.

Silverfiddle said...

The Muslim world is laughing at us.

We try to save people and end up damned by "the world" and pilloried in the press because every last Muslim we bomb or kill was an innocent civilian or a member of the ubiquitous wedding party.

We hang our heads in shame and end up doing things like this.

If we can't learn to stop being the patsy, we need to simply retreat from the world.

Scotty said...

BTW, wasn't Allen West out your way, I seem to recall a July 19th date.

Z said...

Scotty, you're right; he was scheduled for a private event Tuesday night but we got informed that he couldn't be here because of the Debt talks........I'm very disappointed to not have seen him.
But,then, he might not have had the chance to tell off Debbie Wasser-PERSON Schultz, right? :-)

Scotty said...

But,then, he might not have had the chance to tell off Debbie Wasser-PERSON Schultz, right? :-)

Yep, Alan Grayson in a dress!! If you knew the area of Florida she represent, you wouldn't be surprised that she got elected.

MK said...

Don't be surprised when you find out that you're probably funding extremists actively hating on the USA. The west didn't get to this point by being smart, there is a fair amount of stupidity in the west and we're no where near the end of it.

Z said...

Mk, the West did get this way by being's only since the far leftwing got finished indoctrinating a generation that we went so dumb.

Of COURSE we're funding extremists! How can we NOT be with these kinds of actions!?? Why don't we tell Saudi Arabia to rebuild frikin' MOSQUES in Muslim countries? It's in their interest and they have the money.
Unless 'somebody' thinks it's in our best IF.