Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dear Mr Obama......We the People............amazing video

You agree?


WomanHonorThyself said...

o gosh amen Z!!! Hope u had a wonderful holiday my friend:)

Anonymous said...

Breaking News!!!

Casey Anthony..NOT GUILTY!! Not Guilty of premediated murder, 2nd degree...NOTHING....except lying to law enforcement officers.

Once again Florida shows how freakin' dumb they really are. It has to the the heat or the drought.

So...since she WASA convicted of lying...what was she lying about???

Duh...for those dumb ass jurors...she was lying about here daughters where abouts...lying about here death.

So...who killed this 2 year old baby?

No One?

Z said...

Imp, this is unbelievable..

NOBODY killed her child? OKay...let's say she drowned...and nobody reports it?
And she parties during those 30 days of supposedly looking for HER BABY?
And the smell wasn't her dead child? Or it was and WHO PUT IT THERE?
And her nanny Miss Zanny is really XANAX, which she apparently gave her child?
And she GOogled Chloroform HOW many times? ANd she Googled 'neck breaking' too? Have you EVER GOogled either of those things?


I can't believe this.

Pris said...

Oh yes Z, I agree. This is fabulous.

Pris said...

Hi Imp,
I'm in shock. No justice for that poor baby. This is so upsetting.

Of course she didn't drown. Casey Anthony said from prison to her mother, Caylee was kidnapped.

This is unbelievable! My God.

Anonymous said...

Yup the POS that she is...the trailer trash ho can now get another tattoo ( as she did when she was a party girl while her daughter lay dead )....it'll probably read "Caylee. Mommy loves You"!

There were no charges of neglect or child abuse? How does that happen?

Florida....FlaDUH....another stain on this dying place.

Then Biaz her shylock lawyer....starts speaking spanish to the reporters! WTF????

Z said...

Imp, the tattoo she got 30 days after her daughter "disappeared" says BEAUTIFUL LIFE in Italian, I believe..IMAGINE?

They were just saying on the news what a lousy message this sends to other young mothers feeling a little weighed down by a child (usually out of wedlock so they have no support)...just make sure the child's decomposed enough that you can't be found guilty!!? MAN.

So...casey said the child was taken by MISS ZANNY....the nanny? Which we now know was xanax! So, who did the jury THINK Casey Anthony NOW thought took her daughter? And did she give a DAMN?...when she's PARTYING with a missing daughter?

And now the Jury isn't interested in talking? NO KIDDING??!!


Anonymous said...

You have to remember that in this state there are no child rights or advocates. The state has done such an incredibly lousy job of protecting children that it ought to be branded with a terrorism title by the world court.

It wasn't that long ago 3 mutts escaped liability in the kidnapping, murder ( by live burial ) of a 7 year old by trailer trash scum again.

Then a few weeks ago....a guy who abused his foster children by killing one by pouring chemical all over her and placing her in a garbage bag. Then the boy in the front seat of his pickup, parked alongside I95 in a botched suicide and murder of the boy.

Meanwhile these kids go to school everyday, emaciated, dirty, hungry and bruised...and NO ONE says a damn thing?

Let alone intervene?

soapster said...

While indeed virtuous and just, these things ring so hollow with me because the unfortunate reality is that there are too many "We the people" that don't believe in it wholly and completely.

It's like I said to AOW, where were so many of these "conservatives"/Republicans etc. when Republicans were embracing smoking bans on private property, ethanol subsidies, corporate welfare, and the like?

I know these "conservatives" and these Republicans. I've met countless numbers of them at county, congressional, and state conventions.

They loathe progressives and their agenda and the like but once you start chipping away at them you come to find that their moral compass doesn't point in a single direction. Far too many of them abhor big government except when it is working for their benefit.

Z said...

soapster, there are plenty of good conservatives whose compasses are in the right direction....we need to focus on them and we need unity, not bashing.

Having said that, I do wonder where the Senate Republicans are these days... because there are so many things they're doing nothing to fix. Of course, we all know they had changes to the health care plan the media didn't expose and the media even let Obama say they had offered nothing! :-)
But, in general, tHey hear Obama's lies and his midnight appointments and overreaching on ridiculous things the Exec. branch has NOTHING to do with and they don't speak UP. WHY?
This is what I'm more upset about from Republicans....it makes me wonder how many of the good ol' boy GOPers aren't into this One World Order, too, and they keep their mouths shut AND they (Rove and others) slam any Tea Party patriot candidate who's new and not tainted by the celebrity of being a senator or a congressman that both sides suffer badly from....

Without a bunch of strong Republicans able to voice the horrible things Obama's doing, what can we do? There are lots of mainstream Democrats who aren't happy, either, that's why they're veering toward the Tea Party and watching FOX in amazing numbers according to the stats..

And, let me ask you this: Do you think a REALLY CONSERVATIVE candidate CAN win in America?

Do you want to be the candidate telling Americans we can't afford all the freebies anymore? I doubt it.

Pris said...

"Florida....FlaDUH....another stain on this dying place."

Imp, it doesn't say much for Jeb Bush, does it! He was Governor when that first case happened. That little girl was buried alive.

Dear God, how can these things be so sloppily dealt with? Doesn't anyone care about helpless children anymore?

Susan Smith - committed premeditated murder of her two little boys, so as to be with her boyfriend. Convicted, but no death penalty.

The woman who premeditated the drowning murder of her five children in the bathtub - Convicted but no death penalty.

What are the legal pundits talking about? The show put on by the lawyers. How clever the defense attorneys were. Throwing everything out there except the kitchen sink, with no objections.

I say, take tv out of the courtrooms. A trial is not for tv ratings, it's supposed to seek justice, not a show for lawyers, and judges so they can make a name for themselves.

soapster said...

"Do you think a REALLY CONSERVATIVE candidate CAN win in America?"

What does that even mean? Is that not completely subjective? I've little interest in a "really conservative" anything. I prefer a Constitutionalist.