Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rush Limbaugh and Joplin..........On a subject we've been discussing

From the LA TIMES (believe it or not) Political commentary from Andrew Malcolm

Rush Limbaugh rallies Joplin with praise -- and tea

Well, controversial conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh is at it again -- talking about American pride and helping each other, American exceptionalism and other ways of independent thinking in a political era that's made them sometimes seem outmoded.
Unbelievable malarkey.
Limbaugh showed up in Joplin, Mo., which suffered severe damage and more than 100 deaths during a May tornado. He was having a contest to find the American city with the most pride. No, Limbaugh did not pick hometown Cape Girardeau, MoRush Limbaugh, file.
Limbaugh, as you know, is always going on about government interference and only attracting some 14 million loyal radio listeners in doing so.
Apparently, Limbaugh was impressed that Joplin isn't waiting for handouts and outside help and pointing fingers of blame at federal officials for not fixing the damage, like maybe perhaps officials did a few years ago after another major storm somewhere.

Joplin residents have already undertaken a massive rebuilding effort. American neighbors helping themselves and each other, if you can believe such a thing in 2011. For some weird reason this all impressed Limbaugh.

So the famous talker showed up there to speak and hand out nearly 4,000 cases of his new tea product, Tea for Two or 2 Teas for You Too or Two If By Sea. Anyway, the bottled drink label has a photo of Limbaugh in a tri-cornered hat riding to warn Massachusetts that Michele Bachmann is coming or something.   Rush told Joplin:
You understand the principle of hard work and self-reliance. You understand the difference between self-interest and selfishness. You are not selfish. You all are going to be working your own self-interest. You’re going to rebuild your lives, and in the process, everybody else’s lives will be rebuilt right along with yours.
American exceptionalism is simply the result of our founding fathers understanding that our government is not to determine the quality of outcomes in life because we’re not all the same. Our country was determined to present equality of opportunity, and what you do with it is your business.
We’re 235 years old. We’re here on Independence Day. We are celebrating the biggest miracle in the history of human civilization. And as I grow older — I just turned 60 — I become more in awe, more appreciative of this country every day.
Have you ever heard anything so silly?

Z:  Andrew Malcom ROCKS.


Chuck said...

A tale of two cities.

Elmers Brother said...

You think Limbaugh or the article was silly?

Bob said...

So what's wrong with Limbaugh giving away some cases of his personal tea product? It's no worse than Jessie Jackson or Rep John Lewis (D, GA) showing up on site at the Columbine massacre to look for additional fodder for their racial agenda.

It seems to me the writer could find something significant to write about.

Spurious Missives

Z said...

CHuck, so true.

Elbro, every time you post and I see you here, it blow my mind!

I think neither was silly; I had to Google the writer to see if he was a Conservative and he is (very maligned by the left, of course)...

Bob...the writer didn't at all mind the drinks, he admired Rush's words. But, I had to read it again and Google the guy to make sure! I'll add something to the post. I thought "he ROCKS" at the end helped, but I know, the piece could sound sarcastic; and he's not. :-)

Z said...

Bob, you mean the writer could have found something more significant to insult, right? Because, when you read it again and see he's on Rush's side, I couldn't imagine anything more significant, ..see what I mean?

Elmers Brother said...

I wasn't sure sorry. But understand better. You mean cuz my comment doesn't go through moderation?

Bob said...

Z: I found a YouTube video on Limbaugh's address, and I just couldn't watch it all.

I have nothing against Rush, but I don't consider him making a speech at Joplin a major thing. It is like a Congressman making a speech at a high school graduation. Great for the kids, but nobody, especially the kids, will remember what was said next week.

It may have been July 4th and a time for celebration, but we need to be talking about the economy, the debt limit, terrorism, and the absolute idiocy of our President.

There. I feel better, now.

Spurious Missives

Z said...

Elbro! Yes! I know why it doesn't, and I'm perfectly fine with it, I'm just always surprised :-) (takes me a while, I guess!)

Bob, I'm not a Rush aficionado, but I think his message was an important one for the whole country, frankly. We don't hear that kind of thing much anymore ; praise for people who are self reliant and courageous.