Tuesday, July 19, 2011

News Corp..........guiltier than........what?

So, the Wall St Journal's not too happy with how the rest of the media's covering the News Corp. scandal.  Here's a clip:

The News Corp.-owned Wall Street Journal blasted critics Monday for double standards and insisted that the phone-tapping scandal in Britain should not tarnish all of Rupert Murdoch's media empire.
The powerful Journal, the flagship of Murdoch's US print operations, also warned that pressure to investigate News Corp. under US laws against bribing foreign officials could backfire on the entire media.
"Do our media brethren really want to invite Congress and prosecutors to regulate how journalists gather the news?" the country's leading financial newspaper asked in an editorial.

I can't say that I blame them for their outrage; even though I find hacking into phone lines disgusting and insupportable other than to find information that could save lives, like in the case of known terrorists on phone lines.

My first thought, when I saw the heads begin to roll and FOX being dragged into this especially at CNN (over and over again....to the point where even CNN's reporter suggested they're doing this story more than they might), I couldn't help but think of the times the New York Times has published information that our government has asked to remain classified because they were against the public interest.  

Also, has any of you seen this much tumult and disgust on the part of the media over what Julian Assange at Wikileaks has done? 

No, I didn't think so.   Typical. 
I just saw THIS....News Corp "10 Most Wanted"...man, the media's reveling.

(Also.......I hope you enjoy the little respite provided by the lovely photos by my stepdaughter below)


Elmers Brother said...

What I find ironic is that their every move is captured on gubmint cameras. Where's the uproar?

Big Mama Says said...

Wall Street Journey? Where's that at?

Chuck said...

You beat me to it

Also, has any of you seen this much tumult and disgust on the part of the media over what Julian Assange at Wikileaks has done?

They printed some of this illegally obtained info. Shouldn't they be investigated?

What about some of the secrets from the Iraq war the Bush administration asked them not to publish?

My suspicion is that they are the ones that got caught. I suspect this is fairly tame stuff.

Z said...

Elbro...whose every move? ??

Big Mama....FJ, is that you? :-)

Chuck....."they are the ones that got caught"? Who?

Maybe I'm not awake enough yet......
see y'all later :-)

Z said...

I wonder if leftists can look at this hypocrisy and even try to understand it.

Check out the "10 Most Wanted" link I added to my post! The media is have a blast with this....making every single detail more fraught with evil and guilt.
This is ALL about FOX, folks...ALL about FOX. And, to see FOX's (disgusting) Shep Smith gloating about the News Corp charges and demeaning his own bosses, you'd think FOX is pleased to anticipate being shut down, too!

Anonymous said...

CNN Controversies

* Published videos made by insurgents as “news,” thereby providing a venue for enemy propaganda.

* Paid Octavia Nasr as a Middle East Chief Correspondent until he indicated sadness over the death of a high-ranking Hezbollah terrorist.

* Stated that the United States used Sarin gas to kill American military defectors in Vietnam, later retracted the story.

* Accused by foreign newspapers for editing and cropping photographs (i.e., manufacturing news) to get a peculiar effect from events in Tibet.

* Executive Eason Jordan admitted to withholding newsworthy information of the government of Iraq’s atrocities.

* In 2005, Eason Jordan accused the U. S. military of purposefully targeting CNN journalists for “death.”

* CNN President Rick Kaplan directed that the news organization down play the Clinton sex scandal because he was a close personal friend of Bill Clinton.

* Christiane Amanpour practiced advocacy journalism for more than two decades at CNN, including heavily biased pro-Moslem “special documentaries.”

* Where to begin listing or cataloging the biased statements of Jack Cafferty …?

* In 2005, CNN flashed a large X over the facial image of Vice President Dick Cheney, which many proclaim was a suggestion that he should be marked for death.

* In 2007, CNN hired a queer Army officer to participate as a questioner in a YouTube debate, hiding the fact that the man was previously on Hillary Clinton’s LBGT steering committee.

Controversies associated with MSNBC are too many to mention …

This is what happens when the "free press" transforms itself to "state run media."

Patrick Carroll said...

"I wonder if leftists can look at this hypocrisy and even try to understand it."

Hahaha that's a good one!

Errr, the answer to that would be no!!!

Lisa said...

Shep is a lefty. You know because FOX is all one sided and all.
Maybe we should shut down the government with all the criminals we have there, those "Fast and Furious" sons of guns.

-FJ said...

...not me, elbro.

Z said...

Mustang, and have you ever seen CNN FOX and MSNBC show an entire hearing of anything REALLY important to our country before?
They've had this hearing from Britain on since it started, or at least for the last four hours that I've been up.

Will anybody dare to ask "Why?"

WE know the answer, but will Americans even ask themselves why anybody'd run this trial for SO LONG? I also believe I have not seen a commercial on any of the channels (I'm clicking back and forth amusing myself at the bias in the print they're running under the video)

Patrick, thanks for coming by. Ya, that would definitely be a NO!

Lisa...Shep is the one who makes me like watching CNN.

Z said...

that Rebekah Brooks is one smart cookie.

Z said...

This is rather funny......Anybody who watched the hearings could see Rupert Murdoch might be 81 but he's sharp as a tack and only jumped in to correct or add to his son James' testimony.
CNN's painting it that he's old and needs to step down and poor James had to carry the water. I guess maybe they don't quite understand that James was the one more involved in all of this, but it's getting funny!!

Z said...

Now, on CNN, it's about Murdoch's WIFE. and how "he Divorced his wife of THIRTY ONE YEARS and married his wife now.."

Oh, my gosh...they're SO after him (FOX) it's laughable....I couldn't believe my ears.

This, the station which wouldn't condemn anybody's divorce to save their souls but if someone like Murdoch, who they're trying to get, is divorced........full steam ahead with the inferences and ugliness!! WOW

Z said...

I'm still listening to the CNN Coverage ..... they're still on Murdoch. The whole morning.

NY Times jeopardizes our country's security but this requires insults to Murdoch, personal insults, innuendo........did he kill somebody?

NOW, after my earlier comment about them calling Murdoch feeble, the news reader's saying "He may be 81 but he works 10-12 hours a day!"


Mark said...

I'm not defending Rupert Murdoch, since whatever he does makes absolutely no difference to me, but I sincerely doubt Rupert Murdoch was even aware of any phone hacking being done by some of his employees. His empire is much too big for him to be aware of everything his thousands of employees are doing at any given time.

Anonymous said...

"His empire is much too big for him to be aware of everything his thousands of employees are doing at any given time."

Right....and as Truman once said...."The buck stops here".

He's the King. It's on his shoulders. Just as it's on al Obamas shoulders what his DOJ Holder did as well as the ATF to gut American liberties.

Always On Watch said...

Did you hear about "the pie in the face" incident today? Sheesh.

Z said...

AOW, did I hear about it? CNN's about jumping out of their wits with glee.
(Can't watch FOX when Shep Smith's on...he's fabulous for CNN's ratings)

Imp; I agree with MARK: This man IS a king and he simply can't know what every single of his papers is doing....no way. I do not believe it's Murdoch's philosophy to hurt people by having minions hacking phone calls and paying cops off (though the paying off of cops, as they're trying to make understood) is done by every paper.
Obama knows full and well what he's doing and doesn't care; big difference, in my opinion.

I also know that guys at the top work finance and stocks and the like...
Yes, it's his company, I do believe in the buck stops there, but at times like this, as bad as I think hacking for scummy stories is, I don't think he was out to hurt and destroy.

this is about bringing down a very successful, wealthy business man.

Elmers Brother said...

In England they have cameras on every street corner with face recognition technology

Elmers Brother said...

England boasts 1.5 million police surveillance cameras

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who finds it creepy that the same company owns the New York Times and Fox News?

Chuck said...

Chuck....."they are the ones that got caught"? Who?

I meant that I believe all of the news organizations do this, Murdoch just had the bad form of getting caught.

As far as this damaging Fox, yawn.

People on the left (who already don't watch) will hate Fox more. People on the right are smart enough to realize this is not Fox News. Most of the other people could care less about this.

This story is not about Casey Anthony, Brittany Spears, Paris or Perez Hilton, or American Idol so the majority of the American public does not even know what it is about.

Z said...

Trestin, I don't believe the NY Times is owned by NewsCorp...are you sure?

Chuck: Most people haven't a clue, you're right; but they ARE hearing "The owner of FOX...blahblahblah".
Have you seen CNN's coverage? See my comments! :-)

MK said...

They can get tough on News Corp. right after they get tough on that rapist from wiki leaks.

But that won't happen, heck leftards sniffed in favor of that rapist from the IMF, even that child rapist celebrity so getting any sense of proportion from leftards is a fools fantasy.