Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wedded any input!? :-)

Dear geeeZ-reading friends, I'll have no Sunday Faith Blog this weekend, so please say a prayer for good health and great happiness for my nephew and his beautiful bride! I'll be at the wedding and will return Sunday and your comments will stay on moderation.  I'd love to come back to a chain of MARRIAGE ADVICE  I can send to my nephew if you have a minute?!  I'll publish them for you all to see when I'm home. Thanks for everything. Have a great weekend........




beamish said...

The size of your wallet has an inverse proportional relationship to the size of her purse. Try to maintain a 1:3 ratio, because she'll have multiple purses.

Elmers Brother said...

Say I love you every day and flowers a few times a month. When the kids come along still go on dates at least once a week.

Scotty said...

What's worked for me for 40 years?

"Yes honey, I was wrong again, you were right!"

Of course part of that is because of my low pain threshold.....;-)

Z said...

beamish, you're a cynic!?

Elbro...very good! Neighbors still tell me "I miss seeing your husband coming in with your coffees every morning and flowers so often!" So do I, believe me. He used to love to get dressed and out early to get coffee because he worked at home the last few years.

Scotty, hilarious!

I'm home another 1 1/2 before I get picked up to drive down South about an hour and a half, so I'm printing as I go when I have a minute to come look.

Thanks! I hope we get many more!

Pris said...

If you want something to be special, plan it, and make it happen. We gals love romance.

beamish said...

I'm cynical in the Kynos sense of the dog barking at people as they pass by. :P

Jan said...

Congratulations to your nephew and his bride!

There's a lovely plaque hanging in my bedroom, which says "Always Kiss Me Goodnight." And my husband and I always do...even if he is away from home, or at work, we "kiss" over the phone, and send each other a text saying, "Goodnight. I love and miss my love, *kiss*"

I realize that some may think that's a little much..just do what is comfortable for you, but do it. It's so important...never go to sleep angry with the other.

It's worked for us for twenty-five years!

Jan said...

Z..I forgot to say that I hope you had a wonderful time, and that I know you looked beautiful, too!

Chuck said...

Work a lot.

This keeps her in money and you out of the house. Nothing kills a marriage like being together ;-)

WomanHonorThyself said...

mazel tov Z! Have a super Sunday~! hugsssssssss~!

Silverfiddle said...

Realize that most things are not worth fighting over (color of the walls, which way to hang the toilet paper...)

Read Dr Dobsen's "Dare to Discipline" before you have kids. Read it together and discuss. You will have parenting differences, and you need to discover them before the kiddies come along.

Brooke said...

Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?


Congrats to the new couple!

Holly said...

Thank each other for the little things daily- "that was a delicious meal honey" " you look so handsome in that blue shirt" "I love the way you look with your hair tousselled like that" etc etc and always greet each other with delight and joy at the end of the work day- all these things have contributed to over 20 yrs of wedded bliss for Holly and Joel Strom.
Mazel Tov to you both, and may God Bless your brand new marriage and the establishment of a new home!
XO Holly

Z said...

great advice, and I"ll send it along! THanks SO MUCH, everybody!
Holly..great to have you here..


SUCH a beautiful setting...200 of the happiest crowd I've seen in a while! The music was fabulous; old Z kept up with the twenty-somethings...! My nephew attended Columbia and was on the football team and some friends came in from NYC and Atlanta, etc....such a lovely show of friendship.
ONe of his groomsmen was the founder of the AFrican group NURU which is working to bring water to African villages, the group I blogged about approx 9 months ago. Great guy. (and not a bad dancer:)

Beautiful bride, handsome groom, gorgeous bridesmaids, fabulous food and drink, AMAZING disc jockey...(and LOUD!)...and a beautiful night was had by all.

My advice will be "live every day so you you can look back at your years together and have very very few regrets" I have many things to add but that's the top one. TRUST ME.

Z said...

Chuck, I have to say that I know from your blog and your wife's blog that you're crazy about each other, so your comment really made me smile!

Bob said...

I always say, "Yes, dear...", and I fix breakfast.

I was working nights at a AM/FM/TV station when we got married, and I fixed a big breakfast every morning. She took that as a sign of subservience and has held that attitude for over 40 years.

That's our deal.

Spurious Missives

Bob said...

Hey Silverfiddle:

I thought there was only one way to hang toilet paper. Roll it down in front, just like window shades.

sue said...

To z's nephew:

Stay the course. Giving up on a marriage is the easy way out.

Big Fat Tio Mike said...

Interesting...I know someone who played quarterback for Columbia and I think he's getting married in San Diego this summer. Don't think it's your nephew though.