Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Marine ROCKS :-)

If you can't read any of these small letters, click on each will not be sorry!!  (thanks to Robert for sending me this!)    Fabulous!

Think he ought to have done it?    I DO!! :-)


cube said...

He's good. Excellent comeback.

sue said...

Z - I thought that the action that the Marine took after receiving such an impersonal note from his girlfriend was more that appropriate.

I wondered why she felt the need to admit to him that she had cheated on him twice - kind of like twisting the knife when just sticking it in would have been enough.

I say 'good riddance' to someone like her.

sue said...

z - The Marine's former girlfriend probably did more good than harm:

She united him with his buddies in the 'payback' by sending all those pictures back to her.

And perhaps in the future the Marine will be a bit more discerning in his choice of girlfriends!

Semper Fi!

Brooke said...


Bob said...

She did him a favor. When he returned home to renew the relationship, the hurt would have been worse.

Just looking at the pictures, I would be tempted to troll among my buddies girlfriends for a new hookup. There's always some girlfriend churn going on.

Wait! Not a good idea. Those guys carry guns and knives.

Spurious Missives

Z said...

Bob,yes, you may not want to mess with them!!
By the way, your blog is working really well now; thanks for the changes! You've got a good piece up now, I hope people go read it.

Pris said...

Ah Z, revenge can be sweet, can't it?