Monday, July 18, 2011

Ms Z's photos from some castles near Munich yesterday....I thought you might like them


Pris said...

Beautiful Z, I especially like the bottom photo.

Such a nice setting, with a bit of everything in there.

Z said...

Thanks, Pris...I'm glad you liked them. The colors were so beautiful in all of them I thought it was nice to post them.
She's QUITE a photographer; I'll email you the whole bunch of them with the dancer she shot at the castles..

Patrick Carroll said...

WOW, pretty impressive!

Lisa said...

wow such beauty and architecture. There is so much historical beauty over seas.
Thank you for sharing Z.

sue said...

Z - Really beautiful pictures - especially the color.

Is the bottom one Linderhof?

Z said...

Sue, they were at Neuschwanstein and LInderhof, good eye there!

sue said...

Z - For pure beauty, the one I like the best is the closeup of the flowers!

Z said...

The purple one?
My absolute favorite is the one above the castle reflection...for its proportion and balance and color.
I just loved them all but the ones taken with the dancer ROCK.
I think I'll add one now, what the heck?
I will.

sue said...

Z - The one I was referring to as my favorite is right above Linderhof, the lavendar and offwhite flowers up close with water in the background.

I did a double take on the dancer -I'm assuming that is taken in the Neuschwanstein courtyard. I thought it hadn't been there before, then you mentioned that you had added it.

How about some more of the dancers.

Z said...

same one I liked, SUe.

I emailed you the whole bunch; I don't usually put people in my photos on the blog; I wouldn't without asking her, etc. But I hope you enjoy all the shots of the dancer, too.

sue said...

Thanks, z.

I'll check them out.

Right now I'm headed to the basement to paint. I'm also going to sleep down there tonight. I didn't last night and can see that I should have. This heat is brutal.