Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Star Parker ....... if only people would LISTEN to her

Here's an article by Star Parker you might want to read:

A Chicago Sun Times article, headlined "The disappearing black middle class," reports on the disproportionate impact of these hard economic times on blacks.

According to the data, taken from the Washington-based Economic Policy Institute, median net worth of white households fell from $134,280 in 2004 to $97,860 in 2009, while over the same period median black household net worth went from $13, 450 to $2,170.

The national unemployment rate stands at 9.2 percent, while black unemployment is over 16 percent.
There's more, but you get the picture. The nation has been hit hard, but blacks much harder.

Which raises a point of interest.

Approval rates for President Barack Obama among whites have dropped from 56 percent in early 2009 after he became president to 39 percent now -- a drop of 17 points. But over this same period, Obama's approval rating among blacks has dropped just 8 points from 93 percent to 85 percent.

Many whites that initially had supported our president are now crediting him for our current misery. But blacks, despite suffering far more, are far less inclined to hang it on Obama.

The message that massive government spending and borrowing does not grow the economy has not reached blacks. Rather, like our president, they seem to believe that the problem is we just haven't yet dug the fiscal hole deep enough.

Is this a racial thing? Whites will jump off the ship run by a black captain in a minute while blacks will ride it out until it hits the iceberg?

No, I don't think so. I think it's both a liberal information thing and a moral thing.

The liberal information thing is that blacks overwhelmingly get their information from liberal sources.

Blacks watch CNN and MSNBC, not Fox. They listen to urban black radio.

They are not going to hear from these sources that if you look all over the world, nations with the most prosperous economies are the ones with the most limited governments. Liberal media refuses to get and pass the word that socialism has failed.

The major organizations that supposedly represent black interests are all on the left, generously funded by big left wing white foundations and by our nation's corporations. The former do it because they are liberals and the latter do it to show that they are not racist.

And, like the Economic Policy Institute, that produced the data reported in the Sun Times article, they are supported by unions.

But I think more corrosive is the moral thing.

Almost a half-century since the passage of the Civil Rights Act, too many blacks still don't want to be free and accept the responsibilities that go with it. Too many blacks still believe that the condition of their lives is caused by what someone else does or has.

It is sad that this is true despite the fact that blacks go to church more often, pray more often, and say religion plays a central part in their life more than any other ethnic group in the nation.

Why do a people so inclined to turn to God so readily violate the Tenth Commandment's prohibition on covetousness and measure themselves in terms of what others have? And then use this sin to justify violating the Eighth Commandment and give government license to steal what others have in order to redistribute?

Perhaps most fundamentally, how can a church going people buy into the materialism of socialism?

There is a solution to the general travails of our nation and the particular travails of our black brothers and sisters.

It is called every man and woman taking personal responsibility for their lives, turning to government for protection of life and property -- not redemption, and living as free people according to traditional biblical mores.  (end of article)
Well said, Star.......If only people will WAKE UP...and soon.

And, while you're waking up, please read Mustang's excellent piece below;  you won't want to miss it.


Silverfiddle said...

I've seen her on tv and read many of her columns. What a smart, classy lady. Her intelligent, informed message conflicts with the left's "God D*** America" message, so of course they hate her.

Always On Watch said...

Blacks watch CNN and MSNBC, not Fox. They listen to urban black radio.

A while back, I was at the car dealer's service center. The waiting room had a plasma television, tuned to FNC.

The black lady next to me blurted out, "That channel tells nothing but lies!"

Yes, blacks avoid watching FNC. In fact, they DESPISE FNC. Consequently, many blacks aren't getting an accurate read of the news -- not that FNC is all that conservative anymore.

Brooke said...

Are people on both sides of the aisle finally figuring out that the novelty of having a 'first black president' isn't that cool when the man is a complete buffoon, liar, and red?

Or is Obama just not paying the mortgage like some thought he would?

-FJ said...

Hey, women have just FINALLY earned the Constitutional Right to free birth control, with free abortions just a small slippery-slope away. WHY would ANYONE listen listen to somebody advocating personal responsibility when the government is so ready, willing and able to NEGATE all personal responsibility?

If Chewbacca lives on Endor, you MUST acquit. Because it just doesn't make any sense!

cube said...

The NEA has done its 'job' when so many blacks deliberately eschew an education and, once out of school, go out of their way to avoid information that could help them better their lives.

Better to rage against Whitey. It keeps the hate mongers off the unemployment line.

Thank goodness there are speakers out there who are beacons of light such as Star Parker. Too bad not enough people are listening to her wise words.

Z said...

We need people like Star speaking to our Black Americans, don't we. If she could get past the wall of unwillingness to see the truth, maybe it would work.
We all know black Americans who feel similarly as she does.......WHERE ARE THEY? They need to start talking, too.
But, as a black friend once told me "you haven't heard racism in the white community like you'll hear racism in a black barber shop"'s hard to get past that.

Joe Conservative said...

I personally believe that we're on the verge of discovering exactly why the current economy isn't generating any new jobs... ;)

Lisa said...

She knows what she's talking about because she's been there,done that. But most blacks would most likely call her an Auntie Tom.

Anonymous said...

Cultural differences aside, we all are in a similar place. Paul Simon sang it in 1969: The Boxer

I am just a poor boy.
Though my story's seldom told,
I have squandered my resistance
For a pocketful of mumbles,
Such are promises
All lies and jest
Still, a man hears what he wants to hear
And disregards the rest.

Government promises and we acquiesce. Obama promised change, but we must change to survive. The Tea Party is a good start, but we must demand accountability from each and every one of us. For me, it begins with me. Nancy Reagan had a different target in her day, but I still believe her answer is best: Just Say No!

~ Will

Anonymous said...

"Better to rage against Whitey. It keeps the hate mongers off the unemployment line. "

Wonder why whites don't rage against Asians? After all it's a known fact that they are at the top of the IQ stack, aren't they?

Nature has always had a pecking order and a caste system. And that applies to the human species as well. There's no escaping it.

There are exceptions... but too few to be able to change the outlook of an entire race. We've given it about 146 years.

Is that racism? I think it might better be labeled as realism. All the money in China will never change the results of these failures.

Star Parker, Sowell, Cosby, Thomas, Cain or an Alan West aside. Look at the derision these "brothers and sisters" face by the mindless slavery of socialism.

There are more Lee's, McKinneys, Waters, Jordans, Wrights, Jacksons, Shabazz's and Sharptons to fill the void...many more.

Anonymous said...

"The House Ethics Committee has hired an outside counsel to handle the Maxine Waters case in the wake of a POLITICO story about alleged mishandling of the long-running investigation. The panel announced Wednesday it has hired Washington attorney Billy Martin to "review, advise, and assist the Committee in completing the matter of Maxine Waters."

And on and on it goes.

Major said...

I wonder why there's no comments today about a great feat of American exceptionalism?

In 1961 JFK had a dream...a dream which was accomplished on this day, 42 years ago.

And that dream and reality has become another casualty of Obamas deconstruction of America.

"One small step for man and one Giant leap for mankind".

Jan said...

"We need people like Star speaking to our Black Americans, don't we."

Yes, Z...but too many of them are not interested in what she has to say, unfortunately.

Too many care only that Obama is black, and not that his policies have failed, and his promises to them still unfulfilled.

We visited a church meeting awhile back. The minister was black, and a friend of my husband's, from having worked together at one time.

Now, one would think that a minister would certainly not be a fan, considering all of the moral issues which would be diametrically opposed.

At least I thought so, but after the service, the minister walked up to his small son, and did the fist-bump thing, with both saying, "Obama."

I thought that said a lot.

Karen Howes said...

That's the thing about freedom-- the flipside of that is responsibility. If you aren't willing to take personal responsibility for anything, then you will be a slave.

Sadly, many black people-- in addition to others-- now vote for their chains.

Leticia said...

She is one smart lady. I admire her courage and strength. She is a fantastic role model for all races.

beamish said...

Fox doesn't come with most basic cable TV packages, you gotta pay extra to get the channel lineup that includes it.

I really rather doubt anyone in financial dire straits could tune into Fox even if they wanted to.

MK said...

Blacks may be blaming whitey for their current woes, they're partly right, it's liberal whitey who has been screwing them over for decades.