Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Naval Female Offices on Submarines.......STUPID

Well, my goodness!  The media and the rest of the Leftwingers (and even some Conservatives, I suppose) were all for women on it was done.   We haven't heard much about whether it was a roaring success or not, but then there's THIS article which includes this information about women officers now taking over:

The women naval officers  are already saying "I have a feeling more people will be focused on us. Our mistakes and successes will be magnified more than they deserve,"  But, then the article says the women felt treated totally equally in the Naval, which is it? Let the WHINING, and the "them versus us" (that so many of us knew would happen), BEGIN.

I thought the navy believed wives would be fine with women on board because they sure didn't seem to care when they allowed women aboard, but then we have this:

"The issue really has to do with the creation of a relationship that becomes very close and then results in further relations ashore. That is, of course, what bothers the wives. They know the kind of relationships that happen between the shipmates," said retired Navy Rear Adm. W.J. Holland Jr., a former submarine commander.

Gee,  were you listened to when this decision was being made, Rear Adm Holland, Sir?...Ya THINK a wife might not appreciate having other women on "..... submarines with corridors barely wide enough for sailors to brush past one another"  Yes, that's just the ticket for a new bride knowing her husband's on, or under, the high seas for months at a time without her!   

As anybody who's not badly mentally ill can imagine, it takes quite a bit of discipline and sacrifice to serve underwater in cramped quarters for long periods of time, hundreds of feet of water between you and fresh air...but, that's apparently okay for the navy which made this ridiculous decision to have women serve, though "One of the issues around women being integrated is this thought that, 'Oh, now because you're here, we can't do XYZ,'" Kennedy said. "And that creates a greater sense of isolation and exclusion for women."

Wait!  What about the "greater sense of " general well being among the MEN who have to serve and do their best to keep from flipping out in the difficult life of living on a submarine?  THEY now have to curtail things they might have done, like running to the john naked, or whatever one can imagine.....  but, now they will have to not do things that eased the feeling of claustrophobia because the women are worried about their own sense of isolation?  REALLY?

Sounds like a great idea, huh?  Of course not.  I rest my case.  I always thought this idea was insane and it looks like we who thought that were absolutely right;  it IS utterly stupid, ridiculous, insane and just another horrid push to dehumanize human beings by shoving men and women into ridiculous situations better handled by Great Danes than sexual human beings.

How many divorces? How much time off for mental stress?  How much sex on board?  How many pregnancies?   It's started.............dayum.
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Silverfiddle said...

I was not in the Navy, but I have been in austere deployments with females and I've literally shared foxholes with them.

No problems for short periods of time, but I can imagine how 6 months in cramped quarters could indeed be a problem.

Always On Watch said...

I want to hear EB's thoughts on this topic.

Patrick Carroll said...

This is a disgrace, the military is fast turning into some sort of perverse social experiment...I just don't have the words.

Z said...

SF....I could imagine short times in 'austere deployments' might not be bad; though I don't favor women in combat at all.

AOW, me, too.

Patrick, thanks for coming by; you're so right. What good can come from this? I do feel so badly for navy wives and the worry they must go through. I'm not suggesting no man or woman can control him or herself, but, really.......just so women can 'feel fulfilled' by getting their way, we have to subject others to this?

Scotty said...

One wants to bring her stationary bike on board???!!! Goes to show you just how clueless that Ensign is!!

Maybe we should bring this experiment to it's logical end. Let's start making women register for the draft.

If men don't, there are many things that happen, first I think that a non-registered male can't get a student least that used to be the case.

Mark said...

I'd rather be cooped up for 6 months with a female than cooped up with a homosexual man.

And they want to do that to our military, too.

sue said...
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Z said...

Scotty, that stationary bike thing cracked me up, too...imagine? Sure, LOTS of room! :-)
Maybe a non-registered man can't get a student loan unless he's illegal?
I saw an illegal 19 yr old today whose parents brought him here years ago. The interviewer on the news asked "your parents are illegal still, too?" He quickly said "They are UNDOCUMENTED"
Boy, they really know the euphemisms, don't they. He said he was ENTITLED to the Dream Act California's gov just signed. And I have American friends strugglng so hard to pay for their kids' educations!

Mark, good point!

Sue...there have been many pregnancies in the service. It's such an iffy proposition but some American legislators cave to political correctness, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Being in the Navy I have no problem with this. Why not? We now allow gays on subs.

Z said...

Trestin, you're in the navy now? Thanks for your service.
But, of course, two wrongs don't make a right :-) Gays, women....
Talk about morale problems. by the way, I also think I've heard that some women have sued over pregnancies in the service.

Elmers Brother said...

There was a period while I was in the Navy that a pregnancy got you out of a deployment. Not sure if this is still the case but I imagine so. I can still hear the *itching of many a male sailor upon finding out he was being deployed because his female counterpart was unable to fulfill her obligation. My first duty station we had 60 sailors and at one point 6 of the ten females stationed there were pregnant. I still have the base paper with the pictures and the headline was 'There must be something in the water'. I know two of the women did not want to go to Diego Garcia and purposely got pregnant to avoid the year long deployment.

The gator I served on while awaiting the invasion of Iraq had Captains Mast on a weekly basis because of couples getting caught in fan rooms getting jiggy with it. The ironic part was that Navy policy makers couldn't quite grasp the problem that if you isolate male and females for 6 months or more, whose average age was 19, that this would create an issue.

I'm sure this will ring true for subs as well.

Another bit of irony is that the feminists and policy makers who think this is a good have no idea what having females in comabat creates. They have lower requirements for the PT test etc. So the question is can she help me if needed?

Now I know many a female sailor who can be professional. However, the issues that it creates I believe outweigh the benefits.

To her credit one female Executive Officer I had chided a female petty officer who complained about having to lift a P250 pump.

I know I'll probable be chided for this but one thing that could be done is to have something like the WAV's like we did in WWII.

Leticia said...

It's a total disgrace. I wish this political correctness garbage would stop and leave the military as it was.

Arghh....this is so frustrating.

Anonymous said...
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Z said...

Elbro, how'd the WAVS thing work?
They didn't have whole ships dedicated to women sailors, right?

It seems to me this creates more problems than it does benefits, too......but, gosh, we can't be politically incorrect and DENY ANYBODY ANYTHING, can we. Even if it's in the best interest of the majority. I can't IMAGINE being a young wife left behind knowing my 21 yr old husband's going to be in tight quarters with young female sailors...what a joke.

Imp...that's discouraging about female pilots; I thought they did just fine.

Elmers Brother said...

The thing is these people can't say they want equality and not have women perform the same physical fitness requirements. Pardon my French but its a ball buster because promotions in part are determined by how well one does on the PT test.

Pris said...

The military is the last place social gerrymandering belongs. It creates upheavals that are totally unnecessary to satisfy liberals whose life experience is obtained from books, not living in the real world.

Men and women are hardwired differently. One would think by now, everyone would realize that.

IMO, women don't belong in the military, and women serving on a sub, is insane.

I swear, there are some women who won't be satisfied until the males around them are all eunuchs!

Jos said...

EB - Amen to that.

Elmers Brother said...

Its vain DADT.

Anonymous said...
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Thersites said...

Why should Cincinnatus return to his farm after defeating the Gauls when he can stay in the field and bonk his brains out? Better yet, with homosexuals allowed to serve, perhaps the New Thebans can form a Sacred Band and go on a PERMANENT campaign! Woo-hoo!

Thersites said...

I suppose that the Society of Cincinnati is now "officially dead". Great job, progressives!

Thersites said...

235 years of military tradition... who need it! Let's just adopt the latest fashion and re-learn the hard won lessons of the past.

Anonymous said...
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