Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lenin had it right............so does wonderful blogger friend Mustang

I am watching with interest the so-called negotiations between the House of Representatives and the White House; I am not impressed.  Why is President Obama, an avowed communist, winning the public relations battle?  Probably because the state run media is in his pocket and the media, like it or not, is agenda driven: they endorse the socialist state.  Wait … do I mean to suggest communist, or socialist?
“The purpose of socialism is communism.”  —Vladimir Lenin

Why hasn’t the House of Representatives hired a public relations firm to help counter the lies and distortions of the American Communist Party (Progressive/Democrats)?  One would think that Rep. Ryan (R-WI) and Sen. Coburn (R-OK) would wish to get maximum exposure to their plan for rescuing our economy, but so far all we see is Boehner stumbling from one White House meeting to another.  Is this the best the GOP can do?

If these politicians wish to fix the economy, here’s some free advice: stop spending our money on things that is none of the federal government’s business.  We are wasting trillions of federal dollars on a wide range of programs that belong to the states.  A counter argument is, “Well, the states can’t afford these programs so we must collectivize them,” which is another way of saying we must have a communist state.  Here’s a counter-argument: if we (states) can’t afford these programs, then perhaps we should do without.  Similarly, I can’t afford a Mercedes Benz automobile … so I don’t have one.  After considering the long-term maintenance costs of a Mercedes, that’s probably a good thing.

There are several things we could do to save our economy, but the government isn’t in the mood to do any of it.  Saving the economy is not what Obama intends.  He told us early on that he intends to make fundamental changes to the United States of America.  Did we think he was kidding?

If we want to save our nation’s economy, we must save our money (or spend it wisely), increase capital investment, and increase production.  This is not an easy task since today we only produce hamburgers.  But it is important to note that our national government is working overtime to inhibit each of these financial imperatives.  And we the people are entitled to know exactly how any federal expenditure serves the best interests of the American people; socialized medicine would never be an appropriate expenditure in a capitalist/free-market society. 

Unseemly economic behavior isn’t the exclusive province of the communist Obama, either.  George H. W. Bush was every bit as dangerous to a free society as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama; George W. Bush cooperated with Greenspan to produce “stimulus” with money that doesn’t belong to them.

Dr. Thomas Sowell tells us, “One of the things that have ruined our economy is the notion that both Democrats and Republicans in Washington pushed for years, that a higher rate of home ownership is a Good Thing.”  This is true.  Republicans watched the housing market spiraling downward for years and did nothing to prevent it.  These nitwits are the genesis of “Republican in Name Only.”

But, politicians aren’t our only nitwits; people voted for them.  Which of these is the greater nitwit: lying/incompetent/communist politician, or the American who voted for him or her?

MUSTANG is right.......you agree?



Anonymous said...

Z, obviously the latter, since the former couldn't be a problem otherwise.
~ Will

Anonymous said...

“The problems we face today are
there because the people who
work for a living
are outnumbered by
those who vote for a living.”

Time for the Tea Party to spark that revolution we keep hearing about. Create a third party and send the weakened Repubs to the ash heap of history.

Lisa said...

well Z if we don't know what we really get until they are in office so it's difficult to say.
What I can say though is that we need to stop living in the mindset that we can only survive on credit and borrowed money or at least not trillions of it.
I heard Soros say once on Bill Moyers that we need to keep spending and borrowing and then I saw on You Tube a meeting of Communists in New Yorks' Madison Square Garden back in the 60's and the speaker said those exact words. Spend,spend,spend.
Soros also said on that same show that Socialism can very easily lead to Communism.
So when the left accuses us what they usually accuse us of, I have come to regard those accusations exactly what they are,like you wrote " lies and distortions of the American Communist Party ".
You know because we get all our info from FOX.

Z said...


I had to run out the door for an appt. but wanted to publish before I left and I forgot his link and to mention him at the end as well as in the headline..sorry!


Imp....I don't think we're ready for a third party that could succeed but I SURE DO SHARE your sentiments. I shudder when I think of dividing the Republicans......

Lisa....What would we know without FOX? Imagine all leftist CNN, MSNBC, NETWORKS.......man, we'd be so uninformed on SO many subjects some of us only see on conservative blogs.
Obama couldn't have been elected had we had an honest media, either........NO WAY.
FOX couldn't stop that tidal wave but so many more people watch them now, and many independents and democrats if you see the stats, you never know.

Silverfiddle said...

Mustang is a wise man, and one of my favorite reads.

Great post!

Sam Huntington said...

I'm disappointed that the GOP doesn't have a more robust public relations campaign. Half of what they do should be communicating with the people who sent them to Washington. So much for the argument that politicians are bright.

Z said...

Silverfiddle, he sure is a great read and great thinker. I'm proud to have his article here and look forward to more (hint hint, Mustang :-)

Sam; I'm honestly starting to think the Republican GOPers are just as ONE WORLD ORDER REDISTRIBUTION hopeful as the Dems are; why else would Rove and the GOP hacks be slamming Tea Party people who understand the Constitution, LOVE IT and this country, and wouldn't DREAM of propogating the CRAP (pardon the expression) the left's come up with the last few years?
Something's up and we need to wake up, in my humble opinion.

Always On Watch said...

Why hasn’t the House of Representatives hired a public relations firm...?

Because the GOP doesn't understand that politics today is all about perceptions -- and, yes, sales and marketing.

Remember Theodore H. White's book The Making of a President? This article in the Washington Post reminded me of White's book:

By the 1972 Nixon-McGovern campaign, White acknowledged that his preoccupation with character and strategy had given birth to quadrennial media frenzies in which presidential politics became a game. He rued the atmosphere of endless critical media attention in which candidates were forced to function, and he took part of the blame.

I got something of my own out of that article: Theodore H. White created a cult of personality. Today in politics, the cult of personality is what got Obama elected.

The GOP has no clue as to how to create a cult of personality for one of their own.

Yes, politics should be something other than the cult of personality. But I don't believe that a majority of the American electorate are going to return to ideology or scrutinizing candidates' platforms anytime soon.

cube said...

Excellent post. I have one small nit to pick near the end when Mustang writes about Republicans and the housing market.

The Bush administration raised red flags about Freddie Mae & Fannie Mac in April 2001. In 2003 they pushed for a regulatory agency but the legislation was blocked by Barney Frank & friends. In 2005 Greenspan warned. This time Chuck Schumer intervened. In 2006 McCain warned for reform.

Sure the Republicans could've fought harder to stop them, but it seems as though the democrats have a larger hand in causing this crisis.

Z said...

AOW: The only personality the GOP has now has been formed by professors and the media; democrats are good, Republicans are evil,you know that. It's extremely hard to buck this and it's almost astonishing that we still do as well as we did in Nov 2010's elections in spite of the huge onslaught of negativity.
Look at my Maher article below; imagine if a Republican had said that they'd like an angry Mr. Pelosi to "f" Nancy? six inch headlines would have been eveywhere, but....nodody covered the Maher nastiness.........the media says things like "the Reps didn't have a health cvare idea" when they certainly DID, and we all knew it! it never stops.

I think Mustang's got an idea to get P.R. people involved with the GOP ; I hope so. As it is, nobody EVER mentions something I heard the first week after O was in the WH...that he'd hired five or six bigwig television news people to run PR for him......

Cube, I mentioned that to Mustang, too...but he felt that Bush really didn't do enough to stop the housing problem anyhow, and he's probably right. Bush spoke many times of his fears about Fanny and Freddy but he'd been too maligned by the left for anybody to listen. it might have made a difference; maybe more people wouldn't be homeless now

cube said...

Who's fault was it that Bush was so maligned that no one listened to his repeated calls for regulation against Freddie&Fannie? Ummm, perhaps the left and the eagerly complicit MSM.

Z said...

cube; no doubt about it

Anonymous said...

I think the PR war has to come from common people like us. The Republicans (most of them) are simply to corrupt. I think they are trying to lose.

Z said...

Hi, Trestin; I couldn't agree with you more. It does have to come from us, and the GOP is trying to lose, in my opinion; even to the extent that they're fighting the patriotism and loyalty of the Tea Party movement. That's fascinating and very disturbing to me.

MK said...

"If we want to save our nation’s economy...."

If you want to save your nation, any nation for that matter, don't vote liberal. Everything they touch turns to crap.