Thursday, July 14, 2011

Guns in Mexico.....the real story? Another Priscilla's Post

Operation Fast and Furious

If you were in  a position of power, and you wanted to have an aggressive approach towards gun control, how would you attempt to convince the public that, for the benefit of national security, it is essential to have more control over gun ownership?

It is highly probable you would have to have a crisis of weapons availability to foreign criminals who buy these weapons from citizen gun owners or gun shops, and gun shows. Several months ago, that is exactly what we were told by Hillary Clinton, Janet Napolitano and others within, and politicians outside of,  the administration. We were told American guns were finding their way into Mexico and into the hands of Mexican drug cartels and criminals. Something had to be done, given drug running, and increasing criminal gang activity by illegal aliens affects our national security. The “something” was stricter regulations on gun availability here at home.

Now, jump ahead to today. We’re hearing about "Operation Fast and Furious",  "Gunwalker", or "Operation Gunrunner". It has come out that over 1700 hundred weapons were sold by ATF agents to Mexican buyers called straw men, then they went on to drug cartel criminals in Mexico.

Acting ATF Director Melson has come under fire for this project and has testified that he was kept in the dark about the FBI and DEA involvement. It should be noted that Melson was pressured by the DOJ not to testify.

Here’s an excerpt from a letter to AG Eric Holder from Congressman Issa and Senator Grassley regarding an attempt by the DOJ to prohibit Director Melson's cooperation by giving testimony:

“Justice Department officials sought to limit and control his communications with Congress. This is yet another example of why direct communications with Congress are so important and are protected by law as follows; “Specifically, no officer or employee may attempt to prohibit or prevent any other officer or employee of the Federal Government from having direct oral or written communication or contact with any Member, committee, or subcommittee of the Congress”.

In the past, a program like Project Gunrunner required surveillance of said buyers, tracking of these weapons, and resulted in interdiction and retrieval of the weapons. It was a smaller operation, as well. But not this time.

This time, agents were told to, “let them go”
. Agents were stunned and some went to their superiors,  with  complaints reporting this should not be done now and had not been done in the past. Essentially, they were told to be quiet and do what they were told.
Melson said ATF agents had witnessed the transfer of weapons from straw purchasers to others "without following the guns any further," contradicting statements by the Justice Department.  The link below is for the Issa, Grassley staff report on Operation Fast and Furious regarding the operation and testimony of ATF agents:   

Ultimately, a border patrol agent was murdered with one of these weapons, as was an ICE special agent. This, I believe, began the unraveling of the project. It ultimately provided the necessity for the DOJ and ATF to indict what is called the “straw” buyers who it turned out were paid informants for the FBI and DEA and had been monitored for months. After agents later testified to Congress, the DOJ issued a directive that prohibited Gunwalking.

What in the past was procedure to interdict the transfer of weapons was given a blind eye, and agents were told not to do that but to let them go. One has to wonder why.  Interestingly, $10,000,000 for ATF Project Gunrunner, was in the stimulus package. One can only wonder what else was funded through the stimulus.

Now we have to ask ourselves why this was done. Why were weapons allowed to remain with Mexican criminals? I believe the administration wanted the weapons sales to be believed as US citizens engaging in illegal gunrunning and that this was a national security issue. This would be presented as a crisis, and "the availability of guns to American citizens must be curtailed".  I’m sure we will hear more of this scandal before it’s over; how high up did this plan and cover-up go?
By Priscilla

Z: Thanks to Pris for this succinct overview of a complicated situation and to Mr. Pris Jr. for his contribution of information.  GeeeZ and its readers really appreciate this.

I want to add here that I saw Leftwinger Bob Beckel on FOX today trying to evade this discussion and he did so with "Why would you ever believe Darryl Issa?"   This was a total ad hominem that makes no sense and has no grounds but got him out of answering a pertinent question that could have damned his hero Obama.   This is what we can expect regarding any subject that exposes Mr. Obama's dealings like the one above;  "kill the messenger, protect THE ONE".    Please, everybody, we may never get this whole story from America's media of today, but ask yourself why when we don't.


Always On Watch said...

Why hasn't Obama fired Holder for this gunrunning mess?

Silverfiddle said...

This isn't going away. The only thing that protects Obama is that the top cops, The Justice Department, was in on it. They will slow roll this, but I hope the GOP keeps pressing

Brooke said...

Why has Obama not fired Holder?

Why, indeed?

Moreover, why has Obama not been impeached?

Lisa said...

"Please, everybody, we may never get this whole story from America's media of today, but ask yourself why when we don't."

Well Z that is the question of the century. My guess is that Geroge Soros has his money on it or should I say "In it?"
I guess he learned well from his younger days how to master those puppets.

Z said...

AOW and Brooke....let me say again what we've all been forced to say too often lately.."Imagine if BUSH had done this?"

By the way, had you heard THIS ABOUT SUDAN'S TRIBUTE TO BUSH?

No? Gee, that's funny, isn't it? And make sure you see how Obama takes credit even while the Sudanese bigwig's giving credit to Bush!

Silverfiddle..the media protects him, too, don't you think? I hope Darryl Issa keeps pressing in spite of the attacks on HIM, now because of this.

Lisa...seems like SOros is always a good bet, isn't he.

Lisa said...

I don't put anything past the man,
especially that he has money in like 30 different media outlets.

Major said...

Can we all just quit pretending we don’t know exactly what has happened here?

Obama’s DOJ attempted to make it look like the lie that American guns were arming Mexican drug cartels was TRUE – by providing guns to Mexican drug cartels!

Obama should be impeached, removed and imprisoned and Holder should be tried for treason and jailed. He won't be the first AG either.

This was a cynical conspiracy to further the Marxist agenda of gun control, period. I am fed up with liberals getting away with crap like this. Call it what it is and HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE!

Z said...

Major, who's not calling it for what it is? Nobody here...just the MEDIA.
THis story would be enormous had it been Bush, you know that.....

Z said...

Lisa, my goodness; you've got some wild and mean leftwingers at your blog....I wish I could have kept mine around but they were so nasty that, after years of warnings, I'm happily on Moderation; never thought I'd like it, but I LOVE IT. I'm not even reading their comments they still send anymore :-) "DELETE!"

Lisa said...

Z I met then from other blogs I used to comment on and I never attacked them personally but you know how those lefties are if you can't win an argument attack the messenger. That's why they love President Alinsky,lol!!!!

Z said...

Lisa, I thought you did a GREAT job with them :-)

Z said...

P31Mom...I'm sorry I don't remember you, but thanks for coming by.
My leftwingers were warned for 3 years to be civil and wouldn't but I put up with them, but I finally got one so horrid that they all had to go. I'm on Comment Moderation now.
It's more peaceful now, and I'm happy about that.
am not publishing your comment for various reasons; just wanted to tell you why and answer you.

beamish said...

How come Obama didn't buy me a gun?

It's not fair!

Jan said...

"I’m sure we will hear more of this scandal before it’s over; how high up did this plan and cover-up go?"

Pris..probably just about as high as it can go! But will we ever really know, with the way everything IS covered up?

All this 'transparency' will be the undoing of our country if things don't change.

Thanks for a very informative post!

Z said... funny!

Jan "All this 'transparency' will be the undoing of our country if things don't change." Excellent point.
what happened to the transparency pledge? And yes, Pris did a great job, didn't she?

Bob said...

I am tired of being awed, amazed, and gobsmacked by the arrogance of the Obama Administration.

Of course, Obama didn't invent the Deocrat, er, Democrat Party. If Barack Obama would not have appeared in their midst like a savior, they would have had to invent him. He is all things Deocrat, er, Democrat.

He lies with a straight face, went to Harvard, never had a real job, rolled in the mud with genuine Chicago politicians (and liked it), and brings new levels of class and race warfare to America.

They just don't get any better than BHO. He is the ultimate Plastic Man, being anything you need at the moment.

Spurious Missives

Z said...

Bob...and this man is America's president. How low we have stooped.

BlogMasterScott said...

Obama hasn't fired Holder because 0bama himself is involved in this and doesn't want publicity on this matter. These operations were far too widespread and across multiple key agencies for him not to have known..

0bama himself has previously stated he would achieve gun control "under the radar". These schemes were intended to be the "under the radar" methods of which 0bama speaks.

Key to Marxism is for the government itself to CREATE A PROBLEM in order to SOLVE THE PROBLEM. If one needs to shut down domestic oil drilling, one needs an excuse to do it. If you think the Gulf Oil rig was an accident, think again. It was sabotaged, most likely by a group from within our OWN Government. 0bama waited 60 DAYS to respond to the leak.. Why? So the leak would cause MAXIMUM DAMAGE.. 0bama still refuses to grant oil drilling permits to this day.. We have a Dictator in office.. How is it that our President has the right to tell anyone in America they can't drill for oil? Who made 0bama "King"?

0bama wanted to dissolve American's Second Amendment rights, but he had to find an excuse to do it. Projects GunWalker, Fast & Furious, and Operation Castaway (out of Tampa, FL) which was an ATF gunrunning operation into South America) were the "problem" fabricated by the Regime that needed to be "solved" with new gun control laws.

More alarming than the fact our Government would do such a thing as a means to an end of gun ownership in America, is our news media's outright and intentional failure to report on this story. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE and proof positive that our media is nothing more than a Public Relations firm for the 0bama Regime.

As long as the liberal power-brokers can keep WeinerGate, Casey Anthony or the Debt debacle in the news, don't expect any heads to roll in what can only be characterized as a government-sponsored "guns to terrorists" attack on our Constitution (Second Amendment); Far, far worse than Watergate, with far more serious implications.

Who do we call to report that our own Government is actively seeking to overthrow our Constitution? Do we call the Government? Eric Holder at the DOJ, perhaps?

Z said...

Scott, (is that you?:-)

Excellent points.....
One thinks of that little tiny fish that flourishes in the NW but was supposedly threatened in California's Central Valley, so a large part of the Central Valley is a cracked desert bed to protect the fish......It's horrifying to think of how much food that means America's not producing for herself anymore.
WHat chilled me to the bone was a comment only played once on the TV News, and only on FOX...there was a Councilman from San Francisco who said "I just don't understand why the S.F. City Council's been trying for so long to shut our Central Valley down, and now they found something they can say justifies it"

Closed Central Valley
Gulf Oil Spill
Flooding so much good farm land to protect parts of New Orleans

Ya, who DO we go see about this?
Certainly not OUR gov't.

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