Friday, July 1, 2011

Mr. Jay Clarke on Obama and America

This article is by a Southern Californian named Jay Clarke.....
I thought it was a lot of very good information and surmisals and present it for your consideration.  It's probably not much different than what many have thought, but he gives us much to ponder:

Something is wrong with Barack Obama.  We all know it.  We all see it.  When he speaks about America, Americans cringe.  There is a strangeness to his manner, an unease when he talks about America.  He appears awkward and uncomfortable.  His speech seems performed and practiced yet, oddly halting.  It's reminiscent of American POW's in Vietnam or Iraq reading a forced confession.  His eyes, expressions, and vocal tone are disconnected from his words.  The words themselves often sound American, but the delivery is clinical and detached.  His attempts at patriotic sentiment ring hollow and phony.  "Once again, with feeling!" is how Americans are left feeling.  He just doesn't seem right.  He doesn't seem like, of us.  
Before anyone "goes there" and makes accusations of racism, this is about a pervasive, nagging, national perception that Barack Obama does not intuitively understand or appreciate America or Americans.  Not our past.  Not our present or future.  He just doesn't act or sound like an American.  In fact, there are good reasons and ample evidence for why.
For many of us, "being an American" was a normal part of our collective upbringing.  We learned it in school.  We said the Pledge of Allegiance every morning right alongside our teachers.  Even in liberal Southern California the day began with the Pledge often followed by singing "God Bless America" or "America the Beautiful."  Annual "Flag Ceremonies" were held with quotations from the Declaration of Independence and patriotic songs performed by the student body, in public, for parents and passersby to enjoy.  There were even songs that mentioned God.  Christmas was celebrated, in school.  It was understood that God was integral to the founding of America and that The Creator was the true source of our liberties.  Schools reinforced parental authority, being a good citizen, and responsibility to God.  Religion was never preached or taught, but it was also never denigrated and never censored.
Public school teachers and administrators modeled patriotism for their students.  It was part of growing up in America.  Honoring America.  Being an American.  The 4th of July was a community celebration.  We stood with parents, neighbors, and friends and together celebrated America.  We learned early on to revere the Stars and Stripes.  The Flag was sacred.  Many of our fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and brothers had fought for it in wars past and were fighting for it in Vietnam.  Many had died and would die for the American Flag and the people and ideals it represented.  We saw the sacrifices on the nightly news with continual pictures of dead American soldiers and the daily "body count" recited.  
From the World War II Generation to those who lived and fought through Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan today's Americans are those who know, all too well, the price of freedom.  Our children and grandchildren witnessed the attacks of September 11, 2001.  The memory of distraught parents, difficult dinnertime conversations, and the ensuing War on Terror shaped their youth and young adult years.
These and many other shared experiences before and since have created generations of Americans who cherish this land, this idea that is America.  They do so with heart and soul.  Standing on cue they remove their hats, place their hands over their hearts or salute, and then choke back the tears as the Star-Spangled Banner is played.  They are Americans within the very fiber of their being. 
Naturalized citizens often display this same love of country, for many have escaped oppressive regimes or economic hopelessness to come to America and be adopted as America's sons and daughters.  They came seeking their American Dream, the freedom and opportunity to build a better life for themselves and their families.  There's a common, deep, and intimate connection that Americans feel for their country.  The soul of America is maintained in the hearts of its people, fiercely loyal to the vision of our Founders and the ideas and precepts of our founding documents.
These same kinds of experiences did not shape the young Barack Obama.  His mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was an atheist and politically extreme.  At the age of 6 the future president was ushered off to Indonesia where he attended school registered as a Muslim, recited the Quran in Arabic, and learned how to be a good Muslim.  In these studies, he would have learned that all non-Muslims were infidels worthy of deception and ultimately, death.  Christians and Jews were the enemy.  Despite what Obama may say, the United States remains a Christian nation with a strong Jewish population and deep ties to Israel.  Judeo-Christian principles helped form and continue to influence our national identity with many signers of the Declaration of Independence having been clergy or devout Christians.  America remains home to the largest Christian population in the world.  What bigger infidel could there be than America?
Obama's teen years were spent living with his maternal grandparents on the Hawaiian island of Oahu.  There he met a family friend, communist, purported pedophile, and his eventual mentor, the radical poet Frank Marshall Davis. 
Obama's connections to radical leftists are numerous and well-known.  He's admitted to attending socialist meetings and participated in a rally organized by the Democratic Socialists of America.  In 1996, he sought and received the endorsement of the far left group The New Party.  He has worked with, supported, and attempted to shield from investigation the group ACORN which was recently convicted of massive voter fraud.  Obama's White House is chock-full of radical leftist, anti-American advisors.  As a 20-year attendee at Jeremiah Wright's Trinity United Church of Christ, Obama was steeped in Black Liberation Theology which is rooted in the collectivist philosophy of Karl Marx.  Marx's most oft-quoted excerpt from his work "Critique of the Gotha Programme" seems to foreshadow the future President Obama's stated belief in wealth redistribution: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs."
The reason that Americans feel unease when Barack Obama talks about America is that he is talking about a different America.  His words are carefully chosen and crafted to sound American, but the hidden meaning is much more malevolent.  His goal is "fundamentally transforming the United States of America" into a nation where social justice reigns and injustice is counted as fairness and equity.  He seeks a nation of redistribution where those who succeed through hard work, honest enterprise, financial investment, time, energy, and risk are rewarded with government confiscation of the fruits of their labor.  His is a country where communication systems, travel corridors, and private property are tightly controlled by the State.  It's a country where education is state-run and curricula are state-mandated.  In a fully implemented Obama-nation, it would be illegal to pass the accumulation of one's lifetime on to heirs.  This is the America of Karl Marx's dreams.
Barack Obama does not sound like an American because Obama's heart and soul are not American in nature.  His thoughts are not American.  His attitude and philosophy are not American.  He cannot speak from the heart about America because America does not reside there.  With a Muslim upbringing, a radical family, radical mentor, a myriad of radical connections, radical advisors, a radical theology, and some say a radical spouse, it's no wonder. 
Obama's agenda is informed by Marx and guided by years of close associations with extreme individuals and groups whose stated goals are the demise of America and America's influence in the world.  When he says he wants to "fundamentally transform America," he is dead serious.
For the first time in all of American history, we are at the mercy of an un-American American President.
May God truly bless the United States of America.

Jay Clarke is a businessman and lifelong conservative from Southern California.  He's a proud husband, father, and grandfather.  This article was printed in AMERICAN THINKER  HERE.


Always On Watch said...

He seeks a nation of redistribution...

Straight out of Marx.

Dave Miller said...

So let me pose a question Z since I believe most of your readers will agree with Mr. Clarke,...

What does being American look like? Not what does President Obama do that is not American, but what are the actions that regular everyday people do that make them American?

Z said...

AOW...absolutely have to ask? I believe Mr. Clarke covers it pretty well.
Actually, most of us here could do a whole Fourth of July Post answering your question just from Mr. Clarke's observations.......

Dave Miller said...

I don't know Z...

He does talk a lot about how President Obama does not do American things, but in reality, few of still do those things.

He uses the phrase "were" and "was" frequently.

Is he really saying what being American looks like today, or what it looked like yesterday?

I shared a little on my blog what we did on the Fourth of July when I was a kid. My son did none of that stuff.

And today he still doesn't. Does that make him somehow less American?

That seems to be what Mr Clarke is implying. That there are certain actions that if you do not do, you are being American enough.

Am I misunderstanding him?

Z said...

Yes, you are, Dave.

Why do you suppose your son doesn't do those things? Who encouraged them in you, I dare say...your father?
I don't know your situation; if you live in the Latin American country you work in all the time or just at certain times, but are your children there with you?

What would you say has made people do things that are truly American less and less....?

Silverfiddle said...

Read the post again Dave.

Obama is our first post-modern president, who believes in that America is exceptional, just like Greeks believe Greece is exceptional...

The promiscuous apologizing, the studied intellectual detachment...

He is a citizen of the world first, and president of the United States second

cube said...

What you do on the 4th of July weekend doesn't make you a good American any more than buying your sweetheart a Valentine card make you a good lover. It's more of a day by day commitment to the rules and principles of the USA.

beamish said...

What does being American look like?

Z said...

Silverfiddle...leftists never think of America as exceptional except in that way, you're right.
I used to have a lefty here who would constantly tell me we're not exceptional, but when I asked which country was (by definition of the word "exceptional", one can't not ask that question next), he'd flee......every single time

Most Americans were raised with the feeling Mr Clarke so beautifully and clearly discusses in this piece (and I would include, as Mr Clarke does, those now-American immigrants who came legally desirous of our dream and who made this country great)...and hope to continue that feeling in their offspring...
Some Americans don't see it that way anymore and that's a problem for our WE become "as exceptional as Greece"....might as well spell it GREASE with all its implications

Cube, you're right. it's the HEART.
I believe it's how we live our lives and how we put country first which reflects our love of America and what America's about.
It's the difference of things like raising the debt ceiling now for this generation, knowing full well how horrid this will be for our country and its future generations.....
it's like helping Americans in need first.
It's a media we can trust.
It's so many things........
and so much of that is gone; and our kids too young to be discerning are so often taught the worst....they will reap a harvest I dread for them.

Beamish......'nuff said right there. excellent.

Dave Miller said...

Z, he doesn't, and didn't do those things because times have changed.

We don't let our kids run free like we used to do.

There are not parades in every little city across America any more, partly because people have many other options with which to occupy their time.

Kids now have play dates with friends, gone are the days of just going out, and ringing your neighbors door bell and asking if you best friend can play.

My son, while well traveled in Mexico, was raised in the US, attended both private and public schools, and got his college education at a university in the south.

He loves sports and is writing professionally covering that most European of sports, cycling.

Is he American? Of course he is. But to many, he is not seen as such. Because he does fit the mold.

Are we to the point that there is a mold that people must fit into to be considered a "real American?"

While the writer bemoans a President who does not seem American, he offers no example, and neither has anyone here, in their own words, as to what an American looks like.

Only what, in their opinion, one doesn't look like.

And no, my dad never encouraged me to go to the parade. I went because my friends went and it was something to do.

No one taught me how to be American. I just was. I was born here.

Z said...

My God, Dave, are you suggesting anybody would call your son un American? WHY?

He either feels American and honors the constitution or he doesn't...if he doesn't...I'm sad for him and America but he's not the only one.

My gosh, if Pacific Palisades, California still has an amazing Fourth of July parade, by the way, I'm pretty sure towns all across America do, Dave.
Does that make a town more "American"? Well, I'm tired of being cowed that our patriotism is something bad and flag pins are silly and we need to hide...I'll just say MY truth;yes, it does

I heard a man on Medved yesterday talking about how nonsensical it is for a man to suddenly want the Pledge of Allegiance said at Eugene, Oregon City Council meetings...this man HATED the idea... WHAT? Is it that offensive? REALLY?

I have to go...I am hoping you get some better responses than mine to your comment.

Anonymous said...

Voting for Obama in 2008 was a fashion statement.... much like it was once a fad to buy Beanie Babies, pet rocks and Cabbage Patch Kids. It was to let everyone know that you weren't a racist.

But instead of ending up with a ridiculous dust-collector at the bottom of your closet, the Obama fad leaves you with higher taxes, higher unemployment, higher gas prices, a reduced retirement fund, a bloated over-bearing federal government and eventually a one-year wait for an MRI.

In 2008 you proved to everyone that you're not a racist by voting for Obama. Now you'll have to vote for someone else in 2011 to prove to everyone you're not a complete idiot.

And now...Un American.

All one has to do is look at the manner, era in which he was raised. There was and is nothing intrinsically American about this man. Raised at the tail end of the "boomer" generation he was steeped in the flower power, weathermen underground, Symbionese Liberation Army, Black Panthers and other terrorist / socialist movements at that time. Remember he was 17 or 18 then so he was ripe to be caught up in those philosophies.

To say nothing of the Black grievance crowd of those times.

I still believe that he is NOT, and couldn't be an American citizen let alone someone who should occupy the WH.

Scotty said...

We don't let our kids run free like we used to do.

My son lives in a great neighborhood. His kids run free, just like he did when he was young. Everybody there takes the time to know each other and are often talking over the "proverbial" fence.

There are not parades in every little city across America any more, partly because people have many other options with which to occupy their time.

There are so many parades going on where I am it's hard to chose. A people are still attending them.

Kids now have play dates with friends, gone are the days of just going out, and ringing your neighbors door bell and asking if you best friend can play.

My grandkids are doing exactly what you say is no longer happening.

Is he American? Of course he is. But to many, he is not seen as such. Because he does fit the mold.

What mold is he in, Dave, please expound.

While the writer bemoans a President who does not seem American, he offers no example, and neither has anyone here, in their own words, as to what an American looks like.

Like others here said,Dave, the author was very clear as to what an American is.

But I'll give a few of MY definitions.

An American has a sense of pride as to who he is.

An American makes no excuses for what he is OR for what his country stands for.

An American doesn't feel the need to apologize to other countries, for being American and not like them.

An American knows his neighbors by name. And is often the one that offers a hand of friendship to new folks to that neighborhood.

An American helps his neighbor when they need help. Takes pride in doing so without government help.

That one reminds me of the famous words of John Kennedy. "Ask NOT what your country do for YOU, ask what YOU can do for your country...

I can keep going if you like. Anybody else care to add to the list??

Anonymous said...

I neglected to add..."By his friends, you will know him".

Dave Miller said...

Impertinent, since you have made a decision that President Obama was not born in the US, there really is nothing he can do to be American in your eyes is there?

And Z, as a landed immigrant yourself, (at least I am pretty sure I saw that somewhere) I am sure you yourself were at times accused of being not American enough.

Yes my son has battled that a little since he is a neither... neither black, or white...

BTW, I have done quite a bit of work in the Palisades over the years, painting, etc.

I love that area... especially early in the morning as it comes to life...

Pris said...

Z, excellent post.
Mr. Clarke has captured well, President Obama's lack of recognition of this great country.
He nails it, and spells it out better than most.

Dave, your question is silly. If you don't feel what it is to be American, no one can help you understand.

Your son is an example of a child who has been cheated of the lessons of America's history, and what this nation means to a free people.

You have taken for granted your freedom, your opportunities, and the knowledge that your autonomy to live your life as you choose, is a given, and will never change.

You never asked why, you just did your thing. So why should we be surprised, that you provided no inspiration for your son to learn what it means to be born here.

How you raise your children, is up to you of course, but as we speak, there are those now, who will wrest that right from parents.

They already are. Maybe that's ok with you, but if those who now lead our country have their way, America will be very different, and someday you'll ask yourself, what went wrong.

Then, you'll understand what it WAS to be an American, but then, it may be too late, and your resistance to understand now, will be one of the reasons that day may come.

Z said...

Scotty, if you didn't mind, and if I actually could, I'd reach through the computer, grab your cheeks, and give you a big kiss for your whole comment...and you just gave me my Fourth of July Post...thanks :-)

Imp: "by his friends..." SO WELL SAID..and it says SO much about Obama; his past, his friends, the people he lied about "I barely knew Bill Ayres....I never heard my good buddy Jeremiah Wright ever say anything against America.." wow

Dave, I'm not a naturalized citizen: I was born at Queen of Angels Hospital in L.A....

I'm first and second generation, though. VERY proud to be so (tho I wish I could sport some Mayflower or other founding fathers relatives, like my buddies Karen and Mustang)

Is your son half black/half white? I married late and never wanted children, but, while single, I'd considered adopting a mixed child.....funny, I'd forgotten that. I believe it's the only way countries get over racism........mixed couples, mixed children. God bless them all.

BY the way......if your son covers cycling, I hope he knows of L'Equipe magazine from France...they cover sports better than any (ANY, EVER) magazine going...Mr. Z adored it when we lived in Paris. If Miller Jr doesn't speak or read French, the pictures are worth it! But, I'm thinking it might be in English on line?
Yes, the Palisades is a very charming town, isn't it.....I don't live there, I'm near Bundy/Wilshire...but have good friends there and my hairdresser, etc. I do business in the little town; it's so pleasant.

Pris, I do think it's too late for about 2 generations; they've had what WE KNOW in our hearts and in our blood, taught out of them. What a situation.
There are those who know our history and what made us so attractive to hard-working legal immigrants all these years, and strive for socialism in America...and call themselves Americans. Go figure.

Z said...

COMMENTS ARE GOING INTO MODERATION AND IT SAYS IT CLEARLY WHERE YOU"RE COMMENTING....I'm not responding anymore to any of the Leftists still commenting, but thought I should let you know, since you persist in commenting to me about what a liar I am, etc....and how I'm not brave enough to publish your comments :-)...
No.. I'm not deleting you; I'm not publishing your comments anymore EVER...ever.

is this censorship? Maybe.
We good people have a few venues and our blogs. I did not build this blog for you to spew nastiness and misinformation, TRUST ME, BD :-)

You personally have done nothing but come to an avowedly Conservative site every single day and argue and malign and name-call because we don't agree with you and the kind of gov't you believe in.

So......I'd asked many times to tame yourself, stop the nastiness and you chose other lefties I"m not publishing have.

You're gone. I won't even be reading your comments anymore before I delete them, let alone publish them. SO, fire away, Bd, you're whistling in the (well informed, multi-informed)wind here...go be nasty elsewhere, or just stick with your one-sided viewpoint informed by only one-sided venues.

Happy Fourth....(that's American independence day........)

I dislike being unkind but I'd had enough and I am SO enjoying my blog now...what a relief.
I'll read CNN and other leftwing blogs when I want all sides (we Conservatives believe in being well informed by knowing all viewpoints), I don't need unkind leftists here, TRUST me.

Z said...


Sorry that I've had to get rough the last few months with some commenters; I have been meaner in response to them than I ever dreamed of being in real life to almost anyone. But, our country means too much to me for me to be entertaining their kind of thinking and misinformation here at this blog I"ve worked at keeping going these 3 years or so.

It is one thing to be a leftwinger and offer good information and discuss things with civility and kindness, respecting all points of view; it's quite another to do what my leftwingers have done and so they must go...and it has not been without warning, as most of you know.

I hope all of my other readers are enjoying the tone MUCH more here at geeeZ now and I apologize for not having done moderation sooner.
I appreciate your all being here regardless of the fact your comments are not immediately viewed...there will be times you're published right away when I'm around...and times they won't be for a day or two (like next weekend while I"m away)...but please bear with me. I'm so much more happier now.

I appreciate you all SO MUCH...Z

Anonymous said...

"Impertinent, since you have made a decision that President Obama was not born in the US, there really is nothing he can do to be American in your eyes is there?"

Right..and I stated why I believe he cannot be as American as the topic writer has...or "Scotty's" excellent retort to yours.

Being an American isn't just rhetoric or a campaign slogan...nor does your place of birth guarantee you as an American either.

Being born here is a gift...a privilege to be in a country where your freedoms are in writing for over 222 years.

I don't have a gift for writing....but...I am a vet....I know and see every day how this country has degenerated since the late 60's and mid 70's, having been born in 1948.

Like Scotty...I too have a neighborhood, small as it his.

On the 4th....the city will allow us to block off the street...have a neighborhood BBQ....celebrating the 4th with our friends.

Like Scotty...I know my neighbors celebrate America, love America ( despite any faults ) and I can count on them and they on me. We're in fierce hurricane terrority and have always helped each other in the past through many disasters.

From Andrew to Fran, David and Wilma...we don't run away...we help each other.

You won't see a Katrina fiasco here.

Karen Howes said...

Z, regarding banning lefties who can't behave themselves,don't apologize. This is YOUR blog, and that's your right.

You are far nicer and more patient than I would be, btw.

Karen Howes said...

Mr. Clarke is right, btw-- Obama is NOT an American. Not because of where he was born or not born-- but because his heart and his loyalty is not with us.

That much is blindingly obvious.

Z said...

thanks, Karen...for both your comments.

it does seem blindingly obvious, many people I know feel that way, even those who voted for him. Let's hope they're waking up and they vote differently in 2012./

Mark said...

I think Mr Clarke Nailed it. He thinks like an outsider because he is an outsider.

Major said...

Can I butt in, please? Can I?


Man o man. What a tribute. What a wonderful, outstanding description of what America and an American is.

I salute you, sir. You brought tears to my eyes. Tears that too many Americans today are shedding over this particular 4th. of July.

Tears and thanks to the thousands of American VOLUNTEERS who never question their orders, purpose and mission.

Men...and women that understand the sacrifices that must be made to keep America free.

Men and women who are devoted in mind, body, soul...GOD, Country and family to protecting YOUR rights to vent, comment, spew...or even mock ( BD...ducky et al ) America.

Americans....who have for near 238 years ( since the original Tea Party in 1773 ) realized the importance, the significance, the necessity, and meaning of a freedom from despots and well as monarchists.

Ms. Prisc...By always manage to amaze me ( along with Ms. Z ) with your insight, maturity, devotion and common damn opposed to the ridiculous libby frauds that once defiled this place with their absurdities.

Certainly, in the battle for truth, honesty and patriotism...Prisc...Ms. Z represent to me...the greatness of women....the wonder of women like the "Rosie Riveters" of not that long ago.

To deserve an MOH for your love of America. I'm humbled.

Linda said...

Great post, Z! It'll be on my blog the 4th.

Love the different views in the comments. We were taught as children to love and respect our country. My parents were always the first in line to vote, and we were so excited when we were able to cast our first votes.

We respected our teachers, law enforcement personnel, and anyone in authority.

We said the Pledge every morning, learned the anthems, and were and are proud to be Americans. Our children were taught the same things.

God bless America!

Law and Order Teacher said...

Allow me to take a shot. When I was a young boy I was taught a few things about being an American from some heroes in my life. My dad told me that sometimes you have to risk your life to defend something that means everything in your life. In his case it was a war. My grandfather fought in WWI. That lesson stuck with me.

What does it mean to be an American? It means that you are fortunate to be a citizen in the greatest country in history. A country in which your individual freedom is enshrined in a Constitution that guarantees that a limited government will not interfere with your opportunity to excel.

You aren't guaranteed success, just the equal opportunity to pursue success.

We are guaranteed the right to speak our mind, criticize our government, and hold it accountable; no matter who the president is.

The Constitution guarantees that the government works for us, not the other way around.

We have our rights written out for us in plain, indisputable language.

Our founders believed that we were "endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." They believed it so fervently that they put it all in a written agreement with the American people.

What do Americans do that makes them Americans? They live in freedom and go about their everyday lives in freedom guaranteed against government oppression.

My ancestors and millions of others have felt that this country is worth fighting and dying for.

That's what Americans do.

David Schantz said...

Dave, When Mapelton, Iowa and Joplin, Missouri were hit hard by tornadoes this year a countless number of folks came to the tornado victims aid. Some sent money or supplies. Others went to the areas that were hit as 1st responders to give medical aid or work on search and rescue teams. More came later to help the victims clear the rubble so they could start rebuilding their homes and lives. All these volunteers were a good picture of Americans helping complete strangers in a time of need.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

Scotty said...

Scotty, if you didn't mind, and if I actually could, I'd reach through the computer, grab your cheeks, and give you a big kiss for your whole comment...and you just gave me my Fourth of July Post...thanks :-)

Awww shucks, Mam....swirls his toe in the dirt and blushes ;-)

Scotty said...

Man o man. What a tribute. What a wonderful, outstanding description of what America and an American is.

Thanks Major, but I did nothing but speak the truth. I'm sick and tired of people assuming that the Americans, Mr. Clarke spoke of, have some how gone the way of dinosaurs. That somehow we're relics and has beens, when I know that is not the case.

Z said...

Elmer's Brother and Mrs Brother and Son were just here for about 1 1/2 hours on their way from one place to the was so nice of them to make time to come by.....we walked up to the corner and sat outside on Wilshire Boulevard and had cold drinks and cheese good to see them here in LA!

David..hi....same thing with Katrina. There are independent self-reliant Americans who roll their sleeves up and fix their own problems and there are the others.

Law and Order...that's more than a 'shot'....that's terrific; thanks so much for all your words.........I loved it.

Linda! HI! your comment almost makes me weep in its sweetness of American memories I have, too.
That's SO gone.
Did you hear that a Harvard study advised students not to attend Fourth of July festivities because it's so Republican?
Check this out:

"Die-hard Democrats may want to keep their children well away from July 4th parades, according to a new Harvard study.

Researchers at the university claim youngsters who attend the patriotic events are much more likely to grow up as Republicans.

And it's not just children - the study also claims that adults are more likely to vote for a GOP candidate on election day if they go to one of the parades."

Read more:

ARE THEY KIDDING? Isn't that hilarious?

Z said...

Major...ya, YOU lost a limb fighting for this country and YOU are 'humbled'by Pris and ME>???...are you NUTS? :-)
"Rosie the Riveter"...that's one of the nicest things anybody ever said about me and I know Priscilla will feel the same when she sees your comment.
thanks, Major.

Elmers Brother said...

Thanks for the company, conversation and the hugs. I really like you.

Z said...

Thanks for the treats and the good time, Elbro!
Me, too! :-)

nicrap said...

panthersahib and his pointer

...The real difference between man and his caricature is that a caricature hasn't the fluid lines of the former. However, each to his own. I only wish that they didn't point their guns at mocking-birds, too. :)

nicrap said...

...a better word would have been, perhaps, "train" their guns.

Pris said...

Oh my gosh Major, what a nice thing for you to say. Z is right, you're a hero, and I'm thankful for you, and your sacrifice.

Major said...

This will make you sick....but any libbie idea would too. Way to go Eugene, OR.

An Oregon town's City Council voted down a proposal to say the Pledge of Allegiance before every council meeting, but later passed a compromise that seemed to make no one happy.

Read more:

Z said...

Major...ya, I commented with that information it is "I heard a man on Medved yesterday talking about how nonsensical it is for a man to suddenly want the Pledge of Allegiance said at Eugene, Oregon City Council meetings...this man HATED the idea... WHAT? Is it that offensive? REALLY?"

They're going to allow it at the meeting closest to certain holidays.
Our whole country's compromised...because two people on the City Council find it offensive to say the Pledge and nobody's got the GUTS to say "THIS IS AMERICA, SIT DOWN AND SUCK IT UP OR MAYBE YOU"D RATHER LEAVE YOUR POSITION...SINCE WHEN IS THIS SO OFFENSIVE THAT YOU CAN'T HEAR IT?"
Then, they blame politics; I heard the interview: The Lefty who hates this idea said it's a Republican ploy for votes.

unreal. I fear this divisiveness will never's so ugly, and the left is SO dedicated to stopping anything AMERICAN.
How the heck else can this be perceived?
Oh, he even grouched that it takes too long! Ya, they might get home 1 1/2 minutes later that night..."OH, THAT"S why you object to the pledge!" (ya, sure)

Big Fat Tio Mike said...

A real American....

Z said...

well, well, tio........:-)
Never thought of HIM in his context!


am going to blog on this subject Monday.....

Pris said...
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