Tuesday, July 5, 2011

casey anthony

Do any of you think she was innocent......?   And why?



beamish said...

Caylee Anthony was found rolled up in two trash bags, chloroformed and duct taped over the mouth and nose. Obviously she was an acetone huffer that passed out in a swamp dressed like Lady Gaga.

Wasn't Terry Schiavo executed in the same county the jurors were from?

Pris said...

No, I don't believe Casey Anthony was innocent, and I don't think her parents think so either. If they did, would they have left the courtroom right after the verdict?

There was no justice for that poor baby today, as far as I'm concerned.

Bob said...

The jury did not say that Casey Anthony was innocent, but that she was not guilty of the prosecution's charges.

I watched a little of the trial and the evidence the prosecution presented was BS. They even tried to manufacture evidence (little heart thing found 30 feet from the body).

I don't think anybody thought Casey did not have something to do with the death of her daughter, but there was zero physical supporting murder.

beamish,dude! I am not up to dead-baby humor without a couple of drinks. You point is taken, though.

Z said...

beamish, not sure which county in FLA.
Ya, poor baby got herself all done up like that ... the irony is amazing. Casey "lied"...we are now sure of that because the jury says so. Lied about WHAT? If she lied..... well......really?

Pris, the parents leaving was quite something, wasn't it. One lawyer on CNN was saying the family units always knit back together. Only this scary family COULD, in my opinion.

Bob...I watched enough to know that something happened at the hands of Casey Anthony. Who else?
Imagine going on a 30 binge of partying and tattoos with your baby missing? And your car stinking of human remains, etc etc?

I think the big question now is "did the prosecution indict her on charges they were unable to prove?" I'm hearing now it was too far a stretch to have Murder One because there's no blood, no DNA, no nothing to prove anything.

Maybe not murder, Bob, but WHAT then? Accidental, and then she chloroforms the body (smell was stronger than one expert had ever smelled) and puts tape on her mouth in case she wakes up and screams? really? WOuld that not be Aggravated Assault?

Does anybody here think the Anthony grandparents did have anything to do with this?

I have to ask another thing: If you were the wife of a lifer policeman, would you call 9/11 to report a grandchild missing, or wouldn't you have the number at the nearest station and even some friends still on the force to reach out to?

Anonymous said...

"not sure which county in FLA."

Pinellas and Orange county. The former consists of toothless, ignorant rednecks and refugees from Indiana and Michigan's hither-lands. The latter made up of silly people who dress up in Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and DD costumes.
The major industry of central FlaDuh.

And spend the major portion of their lives stuck in traffic on I4. They live in silly places like St. Petersburg, Maitland, Lake Mary, Apopka, Frostproof, Deland and millions of trailer parks along that I4 corridor.

I'm not saying that South Floridians are any better...but I am saying that the former...are much worse.

This is and always be a supremely dysfunctional state. An abberation and example of what happens when the West coast of FlaDuh is invaded by sick and disgusted Midwesterners and the East coast inundated and overwhelmed with those fleeing the hell holes of NY, NY, RI Mass and...AND....especially...Looooooong Island.

For an example...I give you Debbie Wasserman Schmutz.....and up north...that fraud Alan...whatever his name was that was defeated by Daniel Webster.

Z said...

Pris said...

"Florida....FlaDUH....another stain on this dying place."

Imp, it doesn't say much for Jeb Bush, does it! He was Governor when that first case happened. That little girl was buried alive.

Dear God, how can these things be so sloppily dealt with? Doesn't anyone care about helpless children anymore?

Susan Smith - committed premeditated murder of her two little boys, so as to be with her boyfriend. Convicted, but no death penalty.

The woman who premeditated the drowning murder of her five children in the bathtub - Convicted but no death penalty.

What are the legal pundits talking about? The show put on by the lawyers. How clever the defense attorneys were. Throwing everything out there except the kitchen sink, with no objections.

I say, take tv out of the courtrooms. A trial is not for tv ratings, it's supposed to seek justice, not a show for lawyers, and judges so they can make a name for themselves.

July 5, 2011 4:00 PM

Z said...

Imp; I had a funny thing said to me years ago when I arrived at hotel in FLA on business...it was in Clearwater....big hotel, I can't remember the name.
I told the cab driver "I hear a lot of old people live in Clearwater.."
He didn't miss a beat and said "No, the old people live in St. Petersburg, their PARENTS live in Clearwater!"

Thersites said...

The jury had "reasonable doubt". That doesn't mean that she was "innocent".

Z said...

Thersites...to Casey Anthony it does.

Anonymous said...

I give you the last huge circumstantial case...

Remember Scott Peterson? Lied like a rug...but got hung on mere technicalities and very little concrete evidence.

Tell ya what...with the susan smith trial and the wacko in Houston who drowned her five kids and now anthony....I believe there's a strong bias against executing women.

This jury passed on child neglect....which I will never be able to swallow.

After abandoning her kid for 31 days....she at least deserved a felony conviction and 20 years in the slammer.

Anonymous said...

Z....and what was Jeb Bush supposed to do? Nullify the judge and jury? He had the legislature pass a stiffer law for child abuse and kidnapping.

Z said...

Imp; that's Pris who said that: I published her here because she was commenting on the piece below where we started this conversation; when you alerted me to the Anthony verdict.

I don't think Bush had any other way to go..........I do not think it was his fault at all.
But fire away at Pris; she can stand on her own, that's for sure!!

Z said...

I think it was Bernie Goldberg on TV tonight who said this case wouldn't have even got a mention in a paper in FLA if Casey'd been Black. I think he's right. Disgusting thought, isn't it?

I wonder what'll happen to Casey...I guess there's word she'll get out, totally out, on THursday..or serve a year.
Okay..then what?

Imagine the public's outrage and having to live with that? Think she'd even NOTICE?

Pris said...

Ok Imp. I stand corrected. His supporting the legislature to pass stiffer laws re that area of law, shows he did respond to the problem. However, this resulted in murder.

Too bad those laws didn't exist earlier. Nothing ever happens unless "the boat is rocked".

I thought the DA in that case, could have been "leaned" on to do something about those three who got off. They were accessories in my book.

It was covered by O'Reilly, and was no small deal.

Am I to believe Governors always take a hands off position? They never pick up the phone and privately say, "what the hell are you doing"? IMO, everything's political at that level.

If there's a big enough outcry from the public, it's amazing how things can change.

Bob said...

Z said: " Maybe not murder, Bob, but WHAT then?"

I can't read the jury's mind, but I do know that I could not have convicted her for murder, given the word of the law. On the other hand, she was not (I don't think) charged with child abandonment or abuse. As a matter of fact there was no history of abuse.

I have always been suspicious of the parents. The last few days I got the feeling that Mom and Dad were covering for Casey. If she accidentally or otherwise killed her child, it is possible that Dad, being a former homicide cop, knew how to get rid of any evidence and how to confuse the situation.

It made no difference if he was caught in a lie. There is no way they could get him for murder. Mom lied for Casey, too. So, if Mom and Dad were covering for their kid, they knew how to handle things. Telling lies didn't seem to bother them.

It was a tough case. The prosecution did not produce, even though the defense presented some pretty ridiculous scenarios.

Pris said...

Z, then what is right. Let's hope she has no more children.

I think somehow, some way, she'll pay for this.

beamish said...

beamish,dude! I am not up to dead-baby humor without a couple of drinks. You point is taken, though.

I've been watching the case off and on for the last month as I have CNN on TV and no access to news through the TV. I came to the conclusion that the defense put on its clownish Jerry Springer-esque presentation to secure a mistrial via improper legal counsel if the jury didn't go their way.

There is still the cynical nagging doubt I have that Casey Anthony had anything to do with the death of Caylee at all simply because Miss Piggy, er Nancy Grace is convinced she did. But that's my comtempt for that legal illiterate talking.

My true belief: Casey Anthony is guilty as hell.

Z said...

Bob, this was one of the counts:

•Aggravated child abuse: Maximum of 30 years in prison.

I think there's something wrong when people hear that a woman's googled chloroform something like 75 times, and googled 'breaking necks'....

There is so much circumstantial evidence but, apparently, that's not enough for our jury system.

I think most Americans will always remember the little child whose mother was out dancing a day or two after she disappeared......and whose mother got "Beautiful Life" tattoo'd on her shoulder in that 30 day period between her disappearance and her mother's arrest...the little girl whose mother said a nanny called Zanny had stolen her but did nothing about it and then later admitted Zanny is Xanax, a mother whose car reeked of a dead body and chloroform....etc etc etc etc.

I guess that's not enough to convict but, it sure makes one wonder what other explanation there is for any of it.

Z said...


Casey Anthony will become a rich woman from what happened.
Then her folks will write their version and become rich.
Then her brother will write his story and become rich.

no words here

Always On Watch said...

Not only will Casey Anthony become rich, but also will reproduce again.

Mark said...

If we're going to blame anyone, blame the District attorney who failed to sew the case up well enough to eliminate a reasonable doubt. The jury did what they were charged to do.

This is how the American Justice system is intended to work, and this is how it did work.

Like it or not, Justice is blind.

BTW, the word verification word is "Lawfu"

Joe said...

A little girl is dead. That much is factual.

Sadly, Americans are woefully ignorant about what makes up the American justice system.

Being found "not guilty" says nothing about innocence or whether Casey Anthony killed her daughter.

No one has EVER been proven innocent in an American court of law, because innocence is assumed until guilt is proven.

It rightly says that the prosecution could not PROVE she murdered her.

Killing and murder are two different things.

If I kill you for invading my home in a way as to cause me to fear for my life, that is not murder.

I believe Casey Anthony killed Caylee. But I also believe she is not guilty.

She is not guilty, not becuse she did or did not kill Caylee, but because it could not be proven.

There was duct tape. That was a fact. But the prosecution could not prove who put it there or when.

There was hair. But the prosecution could not prove how it got where it was.

The prosecution could not prove motive (not necessary in a murder case, but helpful), only that Casey was a slutful playgirl.

That does not prove either motive or murder.

The prosecution said they presented "all of the evidence," which they did.

But the evidence did not prove murder.

How do I know?

Because the jury said so...and that's how it works.

Were they right or wrong? They were right, because they are the ones charged with making the decision, not you, not me and not the media.

Personally, I hope Casey Anthony gets run over by a Greyhound bus.

But that's just me.

Z said...

Joe, maybe you're right, but I'd sure like to know what that evidence DID prove.

beamish said...


If Casey Anthony had not lied to police about where she put Caylee's body, she would have beat the minor charges as well.

The defense's case could have been destroyed with a Venn diagram.

The prosecution should have brought in the people that invested time and money into searching for Caylee after the defense's admission that Caylee was never "missing." Something that puts Casey Anthony on the stand to answer why she defrauded an organization that searches for missing children while she was out getting a tattoo, knowing Caylee was dead and disposed of in a swamp.

Then you get Casey Anthony on the stand to ask her about the woman who is suing her for accusing her of kidnapping Caylee, knowing Caylee was dead and disposed of in a swamp.

Get the defense providing counter-evidence for their wild claims or get them thrown out.

That is how you dismiss "reasonable doubt."

The prosecution lost this case by keeping its logic out of the courtroom.