Monday, July 25, 2011 this a JOKE?

And do you hear CHEERING for what he said?  Want to know why and who's cheering?  HERE is the article you don't want to miss......UN-freakin'-BELIEVEABLE.

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Always On Watch said...

Gah! That grin of his is too much!

Z said...

ain't that the truth....VERY disarming, though, if you're a fan.

But, imagine him saying he wishes he could make the rules, AOW? And the cheering over that?

And he IS making rules; read the text re the Dream Act. No, Congress has not enacted it, but he's put a lot of it in's almost unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

After La Raza he'll saunter over to the NAACP,SPLC, Rainbow Coalition, Ebony, Jet then wrap his arms around Waters, Lee and Rangel. I wonder if the "Rev" Sharpton on msnbgeee will ask him to speak before the NAOHWWP too?

The ones who pay the taxes? The middle class? Rather than promising them the Dream act and amnesty.

Yup...the "post racial" Comrade O.

Our country and Republic have been hijacked.

Could this be a part of his grand plan:

"Obama may have his blueprint. The stage may already be set. America defaulting could “throw the world into a financial crisis so large it would be cataclysmic.” Obama has to act now! Congress and democracy is moving to slow! Emergency powers must be used now to avert financial apocalypse!"

Anonymous said...

And this:

"This guy is dangerous. The first time he was just whining. This time he kicked it up a notch and said “it’s tempting to go around Congress on a matter of things” or something like that.

This is serious stuff. This isn’t some street cleaner fantasizing about power.. this is the President of the US.. a guy who may very well be responsible for trafficking guns down into Mexico, who has seized American business, who has destroyed our economy, praises our enemies and stiffs our friends.

Obama has already crossed a lot of lines. He ignores court orders and ignores laws.

This guy is looking at 2012 and is getting really nervous.

Saying this twice in a few days.. this is scary stuff here. Just give him a reason and he will go for it."

Z said...

Imp, are those bolded sentences from one of the links in the article?

Imagine any Republican president saying what Obama does in this video? Imagine the news? WHOA

Major said...

I couldn't help but notice the cheering and clapping from the socialist, racist audience.

Many if not all of which probably escaped, migrated from Latin "America" crap holes to escape their socialist / commie / dictators at home.

Gives me the willies to note that they are not shy about making this Obama their Chavez like leader for life!

This is a line in the sand than cannot be crossed.

Everyone should call their Representatives and ask what they intend to do about these seditious remarks. Which I believe he truly wants as the pompous, petulant ass he is.

Thanks for posting this Ms. Z

Anonymous said...
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Z said...

Imp, just to let you know I really appreciate those quotes...I was only curious who said them....that's all.
Thanks so much.

Major: well put "Chavez like leader for life" I just couldn't believe the cheering! And OH, DOES HE LOVE IT, huh? SEE THAT FACE? It's almost scary ..(I almost said spooky...uhoh) :-)

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Mr Obama wishes he could circumvent all the laws and traditions of the nation.

Simple as that.

What part of Leftist and Socialist do we NOT comprehend?

Power belongs in the hands of Leftists; moreover, in the hands of Leftists to include HIM and ONLY those HE approves.

This, despite many of his appointees having been outed as clear racists.

So very few realize: America, the last and best hope for the entire planet.


-FJ said...

o/t - Did you hear Harry Reid's latest $2.7 trillion dollar debt=swap proposal for breaking the spending logjam in DC? If not, this sums it up. Boehner's ain't much better.

Z said...


-FJ said...

For the first time in US History, America has a Constitutional Spending cap in place in DC. Why would we EVER agree to raise it? Do you believe that DC will ever STOP spending (as % of gdp) if we do?

I don't. Default ain't that bad. It's not the end of the world... just the end of big/UNLIMITED government.

Anonymous said...

Yes...we welcome La Raza into our communities...after all, we must be "racist if we don't hug them...right?

""I was out there chilling with a friend and somebody started dissing somebody else's paint job. And then some people came up together and then started started gangbangin'," said the witness, who identified himself as "Harrison."

Z said...

FJ...I agree with you. I have to plead ignorance to economics, but what you said is what I've been thinking. What do we do, keep raising and raising and not addressing the fact that we don't PRODUCE and HIRE and that, even, our leftwing insults corporations and business people and anybody who's successful? That's positively dangerous and they don't see it.

Imp...I've blogged here before that a guy Mr Z and I used to see and talk to at our local Starbucks was a contractor; he had a heart attack because he'd been threatened so often. Mexicans came to his house to threaten because he was hiring black and white workers... they brought guns, etc.
While on disability, he said he didn't see ONE other white person at the disability office......and that there were lawyers outside at card tables signing people up, advising them to say they were hurt at work and explain how to act, etc. He was horrified. But, nobody talks the truth about this stuff anymore...

And, by the way, some of the kindest, most helpful, sweet people I know are Mexicans; this is not an indictment of all Mexicans, believe me. But here are mafias now that are brutal and threatening and nobody's doing anything about it

Anonymous said...

"some of the kindest, most helpful, sweet people I know are Mexicans; this is not an indictment of all Mexicans, believe me."

Yup...I get it. Same as some of those sweet Muslims too? Let me say this Ms.Z, I don't see loyal Mexicans rising against La Raza en masse...just as I don't see so called "moderate" Muslims raging against CAIR.

What matters is race...not that either of them are a "race". But what I see under the covers is an ethnic solidarity that trumps Americanism and our supposed exceptionalism.

Their blood is thicker than our water. And I cannot fathom why we refuse to call the bastards out. I mean that. Why we refuse to see that the alphabet soups lined up against American values, institutions and laws, campaigning for this crap called "social justice" has any traction at all.

And why we ( the majority of America ) are so cowardly when defending our cherished traditions and values.

This crap with Muslims ( now using this Oslo incident ) to scream "right wing Christian" extremists. When we aren't allowed to call out the Muslims with the opposite bury America with Sharia law. And the illegals with their illiterate dysfunctional, rabid support for their failed societies as a substitute for ours?

So now...all white Christian Americans are the enemy? When it's been 16 years since any thing resembling a "right wing" attack?

While Muslims get away with 911 and 78,000 other attacks / murders since then?

I have no intention to get buddy buddy with any Muslim...gangbanger for Allah...or their Hispanic counterparts.

Lastly....I can't remember my Father saying there were "good" Germans during WW2 either.

And that's the way it is. If the aforementioned "minorities" wish to persuade me of their desire to assimilate and be Americans...rather than waving their ugly flags of opposition or to replace our flag.....I'd still be suspicious of their intentions...which they've made perfectly clear.

Joe said...

AOW: "Gah! That grin of his is too much!"

He bears a frightening resemblance to Jack Nicholson's portrayal of The Joker in the Batman movie.

Anonymous said...

BTW Ms. Z.

I'm not so naive to begin to label all Hispanics as evil either. I patronize a little local convenience store / deli every day.

I know and greet 3 Carlos' every day when they come in for a beer. The local landscape companies stop by every day for cheap .99 cent burgers ( in reality probably out of date Alpo ). I know several Jose's too that stop by for the cheap beer.

All of them are in low wage body shops or like I said the lawn business or the roofing trade.

I've seen the same guys for over 5 years...none of them speak English adequately. None of them ever said God Bless America...all of them refer to, "in my country" when referring to their homelands.

Even this Brazilian guy who stops by for a Coors every day. He always begins a sentence with..."In my Country"...When I interrupt and mean THIS country right? The giggle. No..they don't mean America.

Susannah said...

...this guy is just like a soap opera, Z...No matter how long it has been since you last watched, you can pick right up where you left off, b/c it's always the same. I think I'll go back into hiding...

Z said...

Imp, I don't know why you'd bring Germans into this...I know PLENTY of good Germans and have a book somewhere around here that's 3" thick and full of Germans who stood against Hitler in a many ways.......

I still say that I know very sweet Mexicans...that doesn't mean I think it's wrong not to learn our language, or that they've assimilated as immigrants USED to, but they are nice and beyond helpful oftentimes.

My legal Mexican friends are more against illegal immigration than even you and I are, by the Conservatives who despise the illegal situation.

christian soldier said...

I can not longer listen to nor look at the 'purple lipped one' (my name for him)--all I see are red LIES coming out of his purple lips...

Lisa said...

I'm with CS I cannot stand his voice or look at him while he stands there toying with us with his nose in the air waiting for applause and his s---a-- grin..

"I see are red LIES coming out of his purple lips..."

lol spot on there!!!

cube said...

Christian soldier: Lol. The red lies/purple lips line was priceless.
Thank you for that.