Wednesday, July 13, 2011

BIG win in spite of a sad loss?

Los Angeles - Democratic Los Angeles City Councilwoman Janice Hahn (Z: Father was a very long  time City Supervisor with huge name recognition, brother is a mayor) today savored her victory over Republican businessman Craig Huey in a special election in the 36th Congressional District.
With all 261 precincts reporting, Hahn had 41,585 votes, 54.56 percent, and Huey 34,636 votes, or 45.44 percent, according to results released by the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk.
Tuesday's special election was necessitated by the Feb. 28 resignation of Rep. Jane Harman to head the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. (Z:  for the record, please note that I have never heard any Democrat criticism of Jane Harman leaving her office early)
Hahn's victory prompted Pat McOsker, the president of United Firefighters of Los Angeles, the union that represents the city's firefighters, to declare his candidacy for Hahn's council seat. It's his first run for public office.
Hahn had represented a council district that stretches from the Port of Los Angeles to Watts since 2001.  Huey owns a direct-mail advertising business and publishes online voter guides for Christians.
Both candidates campaigned heavily on job creation but disagreed about how to stimulate job growth. Hahn said she would push for expanded federal funding to support the clean energy industry and for job training for laid-off workers. Huey argued for lower taxes and reducing federal regulations on
Even though Huey spent nearly $800,000 of his own money on the campaign and rallied Tea Party activists and other conservatives to work on his behalf, Hahn had been widely expected to win the race in the predominantly Democratic district.
Democrats in the 36th District -- which includes Marina del Rey, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance, El Segundo and portions of West Los Angeles -- hold an 18-point registration advantage over Republicans.
"Voters supported Janice in this election because she is going to fight for California's working families and protect critical initiatives like Medicare," Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz said in a statement issued in Washington, D.C.

Z: THAT LAST PARAGRAPH IS PURE B.S. (BULL SPIN);  Huey's count of almost 46% in an incredibly Democrat area, a really very liberal district, is astonishing and could bode well for the 2012 national election, particularly considering what Huey ran on.   This is a terrible loss for California, but it's a very, very good sign in the long run.
(now please read the joke below, you'll love it, I promise!)


Pris said...

Z, a little too close to home to suit me!

Hahn's as ditzy as Schultz!

Z said...

I know, Pris, VERY close!

It's astonishing Huey did SO well in such a's enough for a Republican to do well in California, but this area is definitely more Left than Right.
It's very sad for the state that the Hahn name carries such recognition and she won but...Huey is not that well known, and it shows me that people are ready for REAL change; this vote had to include tons of independents and thinking Democrats. WHO KNEW? :-)

Chuck said...

I think this bodes quite well.

Strong name recognition and she won by less than 10 points in a very liberal district? She should have gotten 65 to 70%.

I don't think the House will change much in 2012, most of the districts are now safe after 2010. I think the Senate and Presidency however are the GOP's to lose.

Z said...

Chuck, watching news tonight, I had that exact thought "They're ours to lose". Except, I think we'll do a spectacular job of losing in 2012, I really do...Man, I HAVE TO BE WRONG...I just HAVE to.

And yes, thanks SO much for reading this and commenting; I really did hope a lot of people would read the thing and see this is extremely hopeful's why I posted a California bit of news; if THAT district in THIS State could give that many votes to a Republican, there could be a tidal wave of Republicans coming into D.C. in 2012.

Hey, Chuck, are you hearing much about McCotter in your state yet? The Congressman from Michigan who announced his intentions this last weekend? Thaddeus McCotter?

Anonymous said...

Debbie Wasserman Schultz shares Ducky’s coherence and is somewhere to the left of the idiot Alan Grayson. Jane Harmon is a consummate politician; she knows how to play the game from the Democratic Side … promise people a huge chunk of other people’s money and they’ll vote for you every time. If these attitudes are beginning to change in California, good: it’s overdue. How long does it take people to understand that their Golden State is bankrupt exactly because of leftist fiscal policy?

christian soldier said...

Z - We in Ca have given the US Issa- McKlintock and others-
we cannot give up on our fellow " CAli's" yet :-)
this will bring a smile moment-