Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ronald Reagan honored by Hungary

It seems that Hungary has unveiled a statue of Ronald Reagan in (very) beautiful Budapest to show their appreciation for his leadership in helping to end communism.  HERE is the article, which shows that Condi Rice,  former U.S. Attorney General Ed Meese, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the House majority whip, and several members of the Hungarian government attended.

What struck me as odd is that no White House people went to represent America? I'd have thought any sitting administration would send someone to honor a previous president who is so honored abroad?  Perhaps they weren't invited, that's a definite possibility, but.......REALLY?  And, maybe I'm wrong and one of you will find a list of White House participants....please link them, I'd appreciate that.

Anyway, this is a wonderful gesture on Hungary's part and I wanted to blog it here.

"Reagan will be like David walking past Goliath," said Baranyi, a 24-year-old journalist and sociology student. "The place will have a new meaning and a new atmosphere."

God Bless Ronald Reagan.

Also, I want to thank Beamish for saving GeeeZ by practically taking the whole morning to get me back into my blog.  You bloggers don't want to see BAD REQUEST ERROR 400, but ...word to the wise:  then drop you cookies!  Thanks, Beamish!  xxx


beamish said...

No problem helping you, Z. That's what I'm for :) Sorry it took so long... I had to install Firefox so we'd be looking at the same thing...

(If I decide to keep Firefox, I'll need to spend the next few years downloading plug-ins to make it compatible with the internet, but, that's my Microsoft loyalty talking...)

Z said...

Thanks SO much, Beamish.

What did you think of the info in this post?

cube said...

I'm having a hard time thinking that Hungary didn't invite someone connected to the White House. I'm finding it easier to believe that, considering the environment in the current white house, no one wanted to go.

Name one liberal marxist flunky who wants to honor Reagan...

cube said...

Beamish: Thank you for keeping our girl, Z, in the blogosphere.

Z said...

Cube, it is hard to consider that happened, isn't it.
Seems so unAmerican for an American president not to go honor a past American president.....but, you're right about liberal marxist flunkies.

And thanks for that nice note to Beamish; It was really quite a deal and he was so patient and even complimented ME for having fixed it (as if he didn't email me reams of information and sit there waiting all morning to see how it was going?)

beamish said...

For whatever joy Obama could get out of golfing in another country, I think he'd have a hard sell going to honor a Reagan memorial overseas while his minions are here trying to float the idea Reagan presided over the greatest peacetime expansion of America's economy "by raising taxes."

He's targeting his economic narrative at those who weren't alive when Reagan was President and those that were brain dead when he was President (the left's chokehold monopoly on the young and the stupid)

Not to mention that the Hungarians are honoring Reagan's fight (and victory) against Soviet communism.

Yeah, Obama would be there with bells on. Not.

beamish said...

It was really quite a deal and he was so patient and even complimented ME for having fixed it (as if he didn't email me reams of information and sit there waiting all morning to see how it was going?)

Tech support / customer service indoctrination has me speaking in universal "we's" but really... YOU landed the plane... I just told you which buttons to push :P

Z said...

"Not to mention that the Hungarians are honoring Reagan's fight (and victory) against Soviet communism.

Yeah, Obama would be there with bells on. Not."

Or even one of his minions? Just for protocol?
Maybe nobody was invited...that could be.......but I'd very surprised, as I see Cube is, as well......

beamish said...

Probably deemed not a good idea to do back to back with Michelle Obama's Botswana soul food tour.

Silverfiddle said...

This was a day for free markets and free people in Budapest, not socialists. That's probably why they didn't invite Obama

Always On Watch said...

Beamish is a good friend, so I'm not surprised that he took so much time to help you out, Z.

As for the Reagan statue in Hungary and the lack of "official" presence from the present White House, I'm not shedding any tears over this White House not making a show; any show would have been a campaign ploy.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I would've been shocked had BO or the MSM even acknowledged that a foreign government that was a former Soviet republic honored an evil Republican president. With the mideast in turmoil maybe BO could get some gratitude when Israel finally ceases to exist.

Z said...

AOW, good point about Obama's people using this for a photo op; but the juxtaposition probably wouldn't have worked.
YOu can't take someone who was so loved by the world and most Americans and compare/contrast with the weakness and ineptitude of who we've got now.
I think he had to stay away...
The comparisons are telling.

Pris said...

"Or even one of his minions? Just for protocol?"

Z, we would think so, wouldn't we? But, the Obama administration isn't big on protocol. They dismiss American expectations of observing protocol, and they believe they are enlightened, and need not follow tradition, nor honor what most Americans do.

Would it have been so difficult for Hillary Clinton to show up for this ceremony?

President Reagan was one of a kind. The genuine article, as they say. He spoke what he believed, and we knew it. He followed a course to rid the world of the evil of communism, and along with others, he succeeded.

Ask Hungary. They know. They honor our 40th President Ronald Reagan. A great leader, and a good man.

President Obama is running for re-election. Would he expose himself as a comparison to Reagan? No, I don't think so. I think he would look very small.

Now, even some of his detractors, admit they have respect for Ronald Reagan. They can see, with hindsight, he was a strong leader, and did right by his country.

The greatest irony is, while Reagan is being honored as one who broke the back of communism's hold on their country, here in America, we now have a President who is taking us down the road they escaped from.

So, to Hungary, I say thank you, from a proud American.

Leticia said...

Beamish, a great big THANK YOU! For helping out our Z.

I can almost see Obama or any of his socialist cronies looking at the invitation and then shredding it.

Reagan was a true leader and Obama has failed in every aspect of the word.

I am pleased and very happy to see that Hungary is honoring a great man who is terribly missed. Wish to God we had more like him.

Mark said...

Is there really any surprise that no one from the White house was present?

Not to me.

They are Communists.

Reagan defeated Communism without firing a shot.

Why would they celebrate someone who defeated their kind?

Z said...

Leticia, how nice of you.

And yes......would that there were more Ronald Reagans (Senior, of course :-)

Law And Order; SO good to see you commenting! Please stick around. you make a good, and scary, point about true.

Pris, you're right! We should start a movement to thank Hungary publicly, you know? My own Hungarian friend who came here about 35 years ago is lamenting the election of Obama so badly; he feels America's so turned away from individual self-reliance and hard work and good educations and patriotism. It's hardest to hear non Americans who came because they wanted to, not only were born here, rue what the left's doing here.

Z said...

Mark; you'd think they'd at least have to follow protocol and make an attempt to look like they care.
But, lately, Obama's done so much that shows he doesn't, and isn't really at all serious about listening to half of this country's opinions.
Like today...Yesterday, Obama laments everyone not working hard to fix things, Mitch O'Connell invites him to meet with them, lunch, talk, and he turns them down and flies to Philly for a fund raiser. WOW. That's showing us the truth, isn't it.

WomanHonorThyself said...

dont u wish we had Reagan back Z! Have a fabulous July 4th weekend u patriot u!..(hugs!)

beamish said...

You're welcome to all for the gratitude for helping Z with her computer issues. The problem wasn't all that complex to resolve, but I must say my joy comes from Z continuing to blog. If GeeeeeZ disappeared, I'd be all verklemmt and stuff. I'd probably stop bothering with the internet entirely ;)

Big Fat Tio Mike said...

Didn't candidate Obama once say something complimentary of Reagan before being pressured into recanting at one of the Democratic presidential debates? Perhaps he's once bit and twice shy.

Z said...

thanks, Beamish..I appreciate that.

BFTM; I think Obama did do that, yes.

Do you know that I had a comment in moderation which said that Reagan was just 'there' during the fall of communism; did nothing to promote it? :-)
This is almost a perfect definition in itself of someone wanting so hard not to believe something... :-) If only all Americans could know the truth ...if only we could 'tear down that wall' of hatred toward everything good in this country.
And now I have Dave Miller asking on my new post what being American looks like.
I can't imagine having ever had to ask that.

sue said...

beamish - I have to say that I agree about Z's blog. I check it probably 4 or 5 times a day.

sue said...

Z - A couple of years ago I stopped at the Ronald Reagan Museum in Eureka, Il. - where he attended college.

It is a small, but beautiful, wooded campus and the museum had a lot of good pictures and memorabilia.

But, I told myself, the really good stuff would be in his Presidential Library in California.

sue said...

I read once that on a hot, sunny day, Ronald Reagan would put on a new pair of blue jeans, wade up to his waist in his swimming pool, then walk back out and work on his ranch until the jeans were dry - to get the perfect fit. (-:

Z said...

Beamish! A nice SOuthern Christian boy with 'verklemmt'..that CRACKED me up!
And thanks, buddy. xxx

Sue, thanks to you, too.
That's funny about the Reagan/jeans thing! I was thinking if he walked back and forth in the pool for a while, he'd also get a great work out..have you ever swum with your clothes on? I had to in Girl Scouts when I was little and man, that was tough...clothes get SO heavy in water.

sue said...

Z - I'm sure the heavy clothes would hamper swimming - as I've thought about when watching movies.

What's 'Verklemmt?!'

Big Fat Tio Mike said...

Z wrote:
have you ever swum with your clothes on? I had to in Girl Scouts when I was little and man,

Z, you were never a man. Lies! When will you wingnuts learn? LOL.

...having bd withdral

Z said...

"verklemmt" is Yiddish and also in the regular German language. It can mean a lot of things, but the way Beamish used it would be more like upset, at sea, kind of nuts...!!

Tio....".having bd withdral"
not me...I am in debt to him/her for bringing me to LOVING it :-)

sue said...

Z - I googled it:

choked with emotion

Z said...

Sue, I speak German quite well and know some Yiddish. Did you see how many translations there are for verklemmt when you Googled? :-)
It's what you said and all I said,'s like saying "I'd be really freaked out..sad, unable to continue..OY!"

no one translation. But thanks.

sue said...

Z - Have a wonderful 4th of July!

And the same goes to:

ElmersBrother Beamish Pris

Cube Joe Chuck

Major Mustang Mark


womanhonorthyself bob & aow
silverfiddle bftm bz l&ot
leticia soapster impertinent
opus#6 bd & speedyg


'America truly is the best idea
for a country that anyone has ever come up with so far.'

~Craig Ferguson

from his book:


Z said...

Craig Ferguson is an amazing mind, Sue...quick, funny...
Didn't know about this book.

Happy Fourth to you, too.

Big Fat Tio Mike said...

Z-but reading bd's posts made me feel smart. they also made me realize how accurately Ann Coulter described the debating methods of a liberal in her best seller Slander.

Z said...

I know, Tio Mike...there IS that; but you don't need anybody to make YOU feel smart :)

I'm LOVING not having the anger, the nastiness, the insults, the misinformation.

I liked having LIberals here early on because I had some who argued with civility and links, etc....that hasn't happened for a long time.