Friday, June 24, 2011

Gay Marriage, "you guys"

NEW YORK –By ERICA WERNER and JULIE PACE, Associated Press Erica Werner And Julie Pace, Associated Press
President Barack Obama praised New York state lawmakers who were debating landmark legislation Thursday to legalize gay marriage, saying that's what democracy's all about. But the president stopped short of embracing same-sex marriage himself.   Z; so, wait....what's democracy about here according to Pres Obama? marriage or debating?  He doesn't endorse it (he will after the 2012 election if he wins, wait for it) but he "praised" the lawmakers?

"I believe that gay couples deserve the same legal rights as every other couple in this country," the president said at a fundraiser in Manhattan, his first geared specifically to the gay community. Coincidentally, the long-planned event occurred just as lawmakers in Albany were debating legislation that would make New York the sixth state to legalize gay marriage.

That served to spotlight the president's own views on same-sex marriage, a sore point with gay supporters who've otherwise warmed to him. The president has said his views are "evolving," but for now he supports civil unions, not same-sex marriage.  (Z:  and, of course, 'evolving' today means he's cozying up to the idea, as if anybody who's not for same-sex marriage isn't EVOLVING, right?  Very progressive :-)

"Traditionally marriage has been decided by the states and right now I understand there's a little debate going on here in New York," the president said to laughter. He said New York's lawmakers are "doing exactly what democracies are supposed to do."  (Z:  if it's  state thing, how does a couple married in one state ever move from that state to a state that hasn't EVOLVED? :)

Debate on the measure continued into the night at the statehouse, and the outcome was uncertain.

As Obama spoke a handful of people shouted out "marriage!" And Obama said, "I heard you guys."

Z: "I heard YOU GUYS"?  Like, how very cool, you guys.




Silverfiddle said...

He can afford to be coy, most of the gay community will vote for him anyway...

Big Fat Tio Mike said...

I would like to hear a politician advocate making homosexuality "safe, rare, and legal."

beamish said...

"I believe that gay couples deserve the same legal rights as every other couple in this country," the president said at a fundraiser in Manhattan, his first geared specifically to the gay community.

I don't understand. Fags already have the right to legally marry someone of the opposite gender, just like everyone else.

Always On Watch said...

The president has said his views are "evolving,"

In other words, he's pandering for gay votes, but carefully as he doesn't want to lose those voters who are moderates and not particularly supportive of gay rights.

Ducky's here said...

Not a chance. Gays are relatively satisfied with the DADT repeal. There is no value in pushing the marriage issue.

It is fun watching the fringe right get all crazy about this.

Lisa said...

if he isn't advocating one thing,he's advocating something else.
The advocater in chief.

Lisa said...

Like Silver said he can pretty much say whatever. It isn't cool to criticize he "cool" guy.

"Cool" meaning something else of course.

Z said...

Silverfiddle....It's a risky thing; he knows millions of Americans don't approve of gay MARRIAGE no matter what they think of civil unions, etc...but he knows most gays will vote for him; so why tick off the "maybe they'll vote for hims" just to please a bunch he's sure will?, too.

Beamish...I don't want the word "fags" here.

AOW, exactly.

Ducky...don't look now, but that 'fringe' is bigger than the leftist nutroots. Sorry a discussion of gay rights sends you into a spin of insults all the time. What's up?

Lisa...if only that 'cool' guy would advocate for STOPPING SPENDING and bringing America back to economic success... Advocating for the companies which HIRE people, advocating to keep jobs on OUR shores...well, we could all go on for days with that list, couldn't we.
How about advocating putting AMerica FIRST? (oh, I forgot: the left thinks that's hubris and unattractive of us :-)

Brooke said...

Obama won't piss off his Muslim and Black Liberation Theology friends by 'coming out' for gay marriage, but he also has to pander to the left at least for now. Also, if he wants the posh post-prez gigs, he'll have to walk a fine line.

How funny it is watching a racist/misogynist/homophobe leftist like Ducky pretend he knows what gays want! LOL!

Z said...

Brooke, good point about muslims and black lib theology buddies...

Funny, it's the left which so often says "I don't need a PIECE OF PAPER to show MY LOVE" :-)

sue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Z said...

Oh, yes, Sue, it sure is. And when you own this site, you be more acceptable to your desires.

Speedy G said...

Obama needs the nutroot election campaign support of Hormel's Knight's of Spamalot. He can't get re-elected w/o it.

Leticia said...

I was about to say what Beamish said. They have all the legal rights of everyone else.

Obama is such a narcissist and so blindly confident in his belief that people love him no matter what he says or does. I am fairly certain he will come out and legalize it.

Ducky's here said...

Well z, this is where the game plays out. Small "culture war" issues.

On foreign policy, economy, education, immigration and other larger issues there is no difference between this guy and any other corporatist pimp. Although he is deporting many more individuals than Bush did.

It's a pretty sad spectacle.

sue said...
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Z said...

Hi, everybody...friend's husband suddenly taken to hospital so I'm out the door. Please pray for Nancy...

See you later! xx

Major said...'s obvious you need to take your broom somewhere else.

cube said...

Obama panders to all the special interest groups and will do only what is politically expedient for his career.

Anyone who falls for his lies deserves the outcome.

Lisa said...

Lisa...if only that 'cool' guy would advocate for STOPPING SPENDING and bringing America back to economic success... Advocating for the companies which HIRE people, advocating to keep jobs on OUR shores...well, we could all go on for days with that list, couldn't we.

In a nutshell Z. Well said

Best wishes Nancy

Z said...

Sue, thank you for your email. It's less troublesome that you comment at all than it is such obviously intentionally unkind and unwelcome sentiments.

Mustang...I just don't get it, either.

Lisa, I really appreciate your new readership; thanks, you're always encouraging and enthusiastic, a joy.

Cube, sadly, WE will have to live with the outcome of people voting Obama in again next year.
I'm already seeing people like Michael Brown say "this is all Bush's fault, how can anybody fix the mess in this short a time." That's the memo, folks.....and Americans WILL buy that; never mind that the last years of Bush's administration were trainwrecked by a Democrat congress.
Of course, leftwingers will say it's all Bush's fault and then, out of the same mouth, they'll say "The president doesn't call the shots...Obama can't DO much with a Republican HOUSE" ugh.

Ducky, sad spectacle, indeed. . I agree

Z said...

Lisa, by the way, Nancy's 92 1/2 and her husband's 98 1/2....he's resting comfortably in the hospital and may go home tomorrow, it was less threatening than we thought...
She's mentally sharp as a tack and tireless and so loving to her husband of about 67 years!!
Thanks for your kind wishes! xx

Bob said...

Obama will not do anything until it is politically safe.

About gay marriage: I believe the biggest problem with marriage in this country is married people. Millions of dunces get married every year, and pollute the gene pool with their off-spring who cannot grab their backside with both hands.

Then these dunces divorce, and continue to populate the world with stupid off-spring from other partners.It is the never ending nightmare.

Gay people are such a small part of the population that it would make no difference economically or socially if these people are allowed legal marriages. At least, they would not be perpuating their genetic material in the world's gene pool.

The question that comes to mind about letting gay people get married is, "So what?"

Spurious Missives

tha malcontent said...

News Flash: I just heard that The House voted down giving Obama the authority to continue military action in Libya.

Ducky's here said...

WASHINGTON -- The House has turned back a Republican-led effort to cut off money for military hostilities in the Libyan war.

The vote was 238-180. It came after the House had overwhelmingly rejected a largely symbolic measure to give President Barack Obama the authority to continue U.S. involvement in the military operation against Moammar Gadhafi's forces.


You lose malcontent. The Libyan smash and grab continues. Rethugs can't get it done.

GrouchyFogie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GrouchyFogie said...

Thanks for the news Mal.. Now, we‘re cookin’!

Z said...

You know, Bob, I ask myself that question, too, even as my guts tell me it's wrong.
As a Christian, I know it's wrong; we're told it's wrong.
As a loving Christian, I feel for people who want what I had until my Mr Z died and can't have it.
As a smart Conservative Christian, I know that the gay friends I had never ever wanted to be married. They felt it was a gay agenda thing and were embarrassed of it as it tore at the fabric of the American family. They are a much more promiscuous population and the last thing they wanted was marriage, anyway....
I've known two gay couples well, all four dead now from old age as they were much older than I, who lived happy lives as cohabitating couples I know wouldn't have thought to demand marriage.

Gays DO have the rights of nongays; all they need is a visit with an attorney for small legal points that have to be ironed out. My gay friends tell me it's a big lie about 'don't have the same rights'...

I guess I feel it's best to at least shoot for the optimum family unit: Mom, Dad, children from that union.
Gay families are portrayed as EVERYWHERE on TV, I'm not sure that's the case in real life.
I know that the gay population of America's something like 1.4%...why does every TV show have a gay brother or gay neighbor or gay friend? AGENDA.

Is it my Biblical background and strong belief that traditional values forward a civilization far better than progressives values do...? Probably.

For me, it's a matter of tradition and having children raised in the optimum home.

Gays can live together, they can adopt....let them.

Leave marriage to a man and a woman.

Z said...

Hi, Grouchy (are you an "Old Fogie"? Your picture doesn't look like it!!) :-)

Thanks for the link...Very good news, indeed.
And thanks for coming by!

Z said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Z said...

from YAHOO: "WASHINGTON – The House has voted down a measure giving President Barack Obama the authority to continue the U.S. military action against Libya.

The vote was 295-123 on Friday. The congressional action has no immediate effect on American involvement but represents a repudiation of the commander in chief.

The vote marks the first time since 1999 that either House has voted against a military operation. The last time was over President Bill Clinton's authority in the Bosnian war."

And there's THIS from CNN:

Washington (CNN) -- The Republican-controlled House of Representatives delivered a mixed message on America's role in the NATO-led Libya campaign Friday, opposing a resolution expressing support for the war while also voting down a bill restricting American involvement in the conflict.

The first measure -- similar to legislation introduced in the Senate by Sen. John Kerry, D-Massachusetts, and Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona -- was backed by the White House. It was defeated 123-295, with Republicans overwhelmingly opposing the measure and Democrats voting more narrowly in favor of it.

The second measure was strongly supported by House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, and other top GOP leaders. It was defeated 180-238, with Democrats largely voting no as Republicans voted yes by a slimmer margin.

In short, the House appeared unable to speak with clarity on President Barack Obama's controversial effort to oust Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.

beamish said...

Beamish...I don't want the word "fags" here.

Is "abomination in the sight of God" more acceptable?

Z said...

Beamish...Yes, because that's the truth.

Pris said...

I'm opposed to same sex marriage, because the purpose of marriage is to join a man and woman, who will produce children.

This is nature's way, not man's. It is for the ideal union to bear, raise children, and create a family.

IMO, the law should represent the ideal, and that is for children to have a mother and a father.

When we stray from that which has existed for centuries, we stray from what nature intended.

After acceptance of same sex marriage will come demands for other, even more unconventional unions. It's inevitable, and soon, marriage will become meaningless.

Undefined, and just another slippery slope, as we slide into any relationship, regardless of age, or perhaps what we now regard as perversion, will become acceptable.

Personally I don't care about a person's sexual persuasion. I do care about what's best for children, and what serves society with stability.

The family serves society with order, and a foundation. It is not an experiment to gerrymander at someone's whim, or to make a mockery of, and I think, sooner or later, that's exactly what it will become.

Z said...

Pris, I agree with you 100% as you can see above...suddenly, so many things which were powerful glues that held society together are now denigrated.

Of course, now the leftwingers will come with "and how'd slavery work for America, and how'd sexism work, and ..."

As if because EVERYTHING wasn't good for 250 years (or 2000 when it comes to marriage), NOTHING was.

It's a leftwing phenomenon; this ALL OR NOTHING.
If ONE person spills hot coffee at McDonald's EVERYBODY has to have less hot coffee because they've turned their temps down. If one person falls and cracks his skull, EVERYONE has to wear a helmet, if one person has a problem with a pool drain EVERYBODY in that city has to install expensive new pool drains...

As I"ve said before "with leftwingers, NOTHING BAD CAN HAPPEN. PERIOD..." As if life shouldn't allow the fact that s**t happens!

Ducky's here said...

Well Pris, marriage has been a pretty dynamic institution throughout history. Often having little to do with what you describe.

In the middle ages its function was primarily to allow a defined transfer of property to perpetuate the oligarchy.

So interesting that z mentions the hot coffee incident. There is a documentary airing on HBO called "Hot Coffee". I saw it very recently at a small local film festival.
It examines the infamous McDonald's case and 3 other tort issues. Pretty well done for a first timer. The director manages to pace it well and inject some comedy. Watch and find out how much you don't know.

Pris said...

Z, you're right. The left uses almost anything as an excuse to control whatever they can.

What really get's me is, the people today, who want to bring America down, got where they are, in a free, capitalist system.

Suddenly that system is bad, and they're going to fix it by destroying what they enjoyed and took advantage of on their way to the top.

Now they have theirs, and now decide others don't deserve those same opportunities. That's the ultimate hypocrisy IMO.

Z said...

Ducky, you're getting to be a 'formula commenter'...

try to act superior


Pris...control and legislate.

Pris said...

"In the middle ages its function was primarily to allow a defined transfer of property to perpetuate the oligarchy."

Really Ducky?
We could say that having heirs to carry on the family name was important, and still is for some people. So what?

Tell me, does that mean having a mother and a father isn't ideal?

Or that the family structure isn't stabilizing for society?

nicrap said...

@ Mrs. Z

...fortunately, or unfortunately, "wisdom" will always be the shout in the street.

...hit the streets, I say! ;)

Bd said...

Civilization progresses: Gay Marriage passes in New York State. MY State!

nicrap said...

@ BD

You speak as though civilization were the same as syphilization. ;)

Z said...

Some people are THRILLED, other people have dignity and morality and will never allow themselves to understand agendas that are not good for our children...

go figure.

beamish said...


So, what color will your brydesmaids and groomsmyn wear?

Elmers Brother said...

Suddenly that system is bad, and they're going to fix it by destroying what they enjoyed and took advantage of on their way to the top.

which makes duhkkky one of the biggest 6 figure hypocrites on the board

Z said...

or liars, EB

MK said...

He ain't cozying up to them, they all know he supports it all the way. He's just leading from the rear until the election. Fingers crossed that enough Americans are stupid enough to NOT learn from their first mistake.

"I believe that gay couples deserve the same legal rights as every other couple in this country,"

Typical of the racist bigot to exclude muslim men and their 5 wives.

nicrap said...

deliciae meae esse cum filiis hominum: My delights were to be with the "sons" of man (Proverbs 8:31)

-Devil quoting scripture, perhaps? ;)

Z said...

very funny, nicrap... :-)

nicrap said...

@ Mrs. Z's the feudal spirit, ma'am: one likes to be of service. ;)

Z said...

a friend loaned me all the Jeeves and Wooster DVDs and I'm only through a few but I LOVE them!
You may not polish my shoes, Jeeves :-)

nicrap said...

@ Mrs. Z
You may not polish my shoes, Jeeves.

...I would consider myself Lucky. :D