Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Fed Reserve goes ............RAINBOW?

Click on this letter and tell me what you think! Amazing. When you click on it, you'll be able to clearly read it.............(if you can stand it) z



The Born Again American said...

They're looking for the pot of Federal Reserve Notes at the end of that rainbow... We went off the gold standard years ago... Political Correctness is more deadly than unprotected sex,no matter who's getting "buggered"...

Ducky's here said...

Not being able to spell "judgment" correctly should also be a class six felony in the state of Virginia.

Mark said...

Good for Delegate Marshall!

I don't even know if Delegate Marshall is Democrat or Republican (though I think I can guess), but if I lived in his district, I'd vote for him.

Did the Fed take down the flag?

Z said...

I see, Ducky, that's your big whine, right? That's the "detail du jour" when you can't attack the validity of the excellent point made? :-)

BAA.....well put! rainbow/pot of gold; really good. and REALLY BAD :-)

Mark...not sure about whether they took the flag down. But, who'd EVER dream of putting that up? What's the connnection!!!??

Jan said...

Z...kind of reminds me of that song, "True Colors."

Maybe, they're just letting their 'true colors' shine so many ways.

Ducky, I can think of lots of things more deserving of a class six felony than a misspelled word.

Try, and maybe you could, too.

Chuck said...

I think the best point is that it is not a political billboard.

How about a confederate flag? That would be just as relevant.

beamish said...

Great. What's next? Three dollar bills?

Silverfiddle said...

I think the Fed flying that flag is totally appropriate. They've been sodomizing the citizens of the United States since the organization's founding.

* - btw, the word verification word was "undenial." Is the Obama regime infiltrating this blog?

Pris said...

Some folks are just never satisfied. Pushing the envelope like this is further evidence that those who have an axe to grind, will jam it right down our throats until we cry enough!

Well, this is too much! This country is not here to say, anything goes. This country is here to say freedom of choice is your business, not eveyone's business.

If you are homosexual, well have it your way in your personal life. Don't foist it on everyone else.

The American flag represents Americans. Not certain kinds of Americans, just Americans. If homosexuals believe they're special, I've got news for them, they are not.

Our flag stands alone as it should. It's not a banner for special interest groups, or the cause of the month.

Take down that rainbow flag Mr. Lacker. It doesn't represent all the people. In fact it represents a sexual proclivity, which is not a national priority except to those who are enamored with themselves.

Z said...

Pris! BRAVO! I like that you used 'foisted' we also 'foist the flag'! :-)
Yes, it's not about the sexuality, it's about SPECIAL INTERESTS.... and inappropriateness.

SilverFiddle, that's HILARIOUS! Also funny to get UNDENIAL!!

Beamish, you do me IN. Yes.." a $3 bill" :-)
tsk tsk tsk

Chuck..right... why not a conf. flag?

Jan.."True colors" perfect

Ducky's here said...

Sorry Jan, but this guy is a well known homo hater.

It doesn't take much to get the right all upset. Just an acknowledgement that they exist in Pris's world is "shoving it down our throats".

The flag ain't going anywhere.

I would have thought you'd see it at the Boston, New York or San Francisco fed. Richmond, that's progress.

Jan said...

"I would have thought you'd see it at the Boston, New York or San Francisco fed. Richmond, that's progress."

So, Ducky, are you saying that you're DISAPPOINTED that you haven't seen it in those places, or PROUD that it's in Richmond?

No matter what you think, that's the last place it should be displayed.

I guess you really ARE a PROGRESSIVE, huh?

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to figure out why this country is celebrating queer behavior. This sort of thing has been around since the beginning, so it isn’t unique. As far as I know, no one is denying them the right to participate in deviant sex … and yeah, they’re people too. I get it. They’re queer people. I could care less, but I’m tired of the federal government attempting to force me to celebrate deviant and unhealthy foolishness.

Pris said...

Ducky, in my world I live and let live. I don't believe I'm special because I'm me, and neither should anyone else.

Furthermore, I don't give special acknowledgement to someone because his/her behavior is different than mine, and why should I?

Why should we as a country recognize and celebrate any behavior, because those who engage in it think they're special?

Try to get this through your thick skull Ducky. Having a special flag because one engages in a different sexual activity, is not only ridiculous, it has no importance except to those who engage in it.

christian soldier said...

you have a larger following than I-and I want this to go viral-so -Thanks ahead of time-my friend:
West Point Cadet Beaten by La Belle's thugs---
raw video at Houston airport-

Always On Watch said...

Duck said:

Not being able to spell "judgment" correctly should also be a class six felony in the state of Virginia.


"Judgement" is a recognized variant of "judgment." See this.

Ticker said...

Duckbutts attempt to show his "superior" intelligence fails once again. Put on the tall Dunce Cap Duckbutt and get back in your corner. No one is impressed Duckbutt!

Joe said...

AOW: You won't get a response from Ducky on your spell-check. Once proved wrong on something he says, he slnks back into his mole hole.

Z said...

No, that's not why Ducky does that...he corrects spelling when he can't find anything else to criticize in the post.

This time, he added his other usual tactic: "call him a homophobe" :-)
I guess being against gay marriage is being homophobic, dontchaknow?

Joe said...

When I studied psychology (one of my majors), "phobic" referred to an irrational fear of something.

I know no one who is afraid of homosexuals (except as it relates to having sex with them).

Disliking someone's behavior is not a phobia.

"Homophobic" is a word invented by gays to justify their lifestyle, nothing more, nothing less.

Z said...

Joe, that's an excellent assessment.

As far as agenda of people today:
Something else that I"ve considered is the fact that none of my gay friend/couples ever wanted to marry....I knew two couples considerably older than I and they'd been together something like 30 years each and marriage never came up. They could visit in the hospital, they could will their belongings to each other; they were perfectly happy and thought it weird and unseemly to think about marriage.

They were admired, respected and loved by many.....they didn't need to prove anything, demand anything...just good people.