Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Breitbart and Weiner

For the record, can someone tell me how any news media can say Breitbart "hijacked"  the Weiner press conference?

Andrew Breitbart was to do an interview somewhere nearby and started answering questions from the press who then asked him to take the podium so they could all hear.  That's on record.  Andrew's as surprised as anybody that he was even on television as he thought he was just answering the questions of the crowd.  He didn't HIJACK anything, the media hijacked Weiner's presser.

But, to read all the msm, you'd think he chugged over there to beat Weiner to his press conference.  Of course, there would have been no purpose to that, as Weiner'd been told Andrew had more pictures, but..........

Here's a comment at one of the sites discussing the serendipitous event:
"Breitbart is a *cking tool and someone needs to kill him and burn his family"   Nice, huh?

That site also was getting comments from people watching the Breitbart questioning LIVE and they were saying the media was doing nothing but slam Breitbart.  Amazing.   Don't ever let a liberal do anything wrong.........they kill the messenger in pretty ugly ways.



Jan said...

Z..I think since people are making comments like that, threatening not only Breitbart, but his family, as well, that he should be given some security, paid for by the government, and those making the threats tracked down, and prosecuted.

In my book he has more integrity in his little finger than some of those trying to ruin him, and causing him grief.

He is exposing them for what they are, and that is making a lot of people mad...and I use "mad" in the full sense of its meaning.

I pray that things go well for him...I know he will not give in to them.

Pris said...

Breitbart is a brave guy. He's taking them all on. Hopefully he'll inspire other conservatives to speak up and join the fray.

I have a great deal of respect for him.

Pris said...

"We are a sorry people."

Ducky, we are not a sorry people. The only time you are with solid, common sense people, is when you're here.

Take a look at those flood and tornado victims. Are they a sorry people? They roll up their sleeves and go to work. They don't beg the govt. for help, they help each other and they will overcome their tragedies.

You haven't got your finger on the pulse of America, but that's your shortcoming, not America's.

Z said...

THanks, Jan...
I know he knows this blog and I hope he sees the well wishes.

I should have left DUcky's comment but I'm getting bored of allowing leftists to spew here... still, Andrew would get a kick out of it.

Pris, so do I...big time.

Ducky's here said...

Pris, they rolled up their sleeves in Japan. They manage to this day under inhuman conditions in Haiti (Wikileaks has a few goodies about are behavior in Haiti) and they have rolled up there sleeves all over the world.

What is pathetic is your using this catastrophe to push your exceptionalism silliness.

Z said...

Ducky, deleted you again...you keep forgetting I can, I guess? :-)
What's your thrill of posting nasty comments at a conservative site, anyway? Think we'll learn something? Think my utter and total respect for Andrew is going to flag? bet me.

As for rolling sleeves up, I have two friends who have spent months and months in Haiti; I don't give a damn WHAT you're hearing; the money is NOT GETTING TO THEM and they're not doing any more than Katrina victims did as they sat around the Texas Dome smoking and demanding Mexicans be bused in to help clean up the mess there. One friend is a photographer and the other's premed and there to help....they both were there soon after the disaster and both just got back after a second visit...there was almost no difference they could see between their visits. They were devastated.
I know the photographer, I know the premed student and I know a very important orthopedic surgeon and his team who went down to help ....Wikipedia ragging on us, Ducky!? When I personally know 10 people are doing fabulous things down there...?

And yes, of course some Haitians are digging in to help themselves but...sorry, not like we do here...or all over the world.
Odd you'd take Pris's comments and relate them to....HAITI??

No, they don't roll up their sleeves like we do all around the world, sorry about that. Mr. Z used to always lament "we don't help others in Germany like Americans do".

Don't speak about that which you know not.

beamish said...

I found watching Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid say "I wish I could defend him [Weiner] but I can't" to be... satisfying.

That's one House ethics investigation Weiner should spare himself and just... go.

Major said...

How many of us would take a proverbial "bullet" for this man? A man of uncompromising principles? A man who seeks to root out the lies, obfuscations, corruption, deviousness, degenerates, liars, filthy commie organizations like CAIR, SEIU, ACORN...and evil thieving bureaucrats like the "We willy weeners and Cherry Sherrods" of the world?

Not that I think any mortal man is a saint...nor can he be. But he's the closest GD thing to a modern Paul Revere, an ultimate patriot that this country has today. Maybe a reincarnation of Ole Joe McCarthy who warned us of the red, commie, diaper baby scum and after all these years of scorn...was proved right.

They're still here in the form of the Penns, Sarandons, Mahers, Moores, Sharptons, Jacksons and Wests of our world.

They laugh, mock and denigrate women by calling them sluts ( Laura ) twats and C*nts when they're conservative women. The Bachmans, Palins, and the Michele Malkins of the world.

They never defend womens rights in the barbaric shitholes of Arabia or anywhere in the Middle East. And they call themselves..."enlightened or progressives"!

These scum...are our true enemies. The socialists....the segregationists, the party of slavery and misogyny ...the parasites and ultimate killers of our country.

Pris said...

"These scum...are our true enemies. The socialists....the segregationists, the party of slavery and misogyny ...the parasites and ultimate killers of our country."

Welcome back Major. This pretty much says it all.

Stick around this time, ok?

Chuck said...

Republicans get caught doing this, they resign. Democrats get caught they become arrogant, blame the media, and pretend nothing is wrong.

It's called a lack of class. The left is sorely lacking. If you don't believe this - look no further than the Duck.

beamish said...

How many of us would take a proverbial "bullet" for this man?

Given the violent psychological dysfunctions brewing inside every leftist, the on-record serious death threats against Brietbart made by Ducky and other leftists, and the notoriously poor marksmanship skills of the average communist, you might take a real bullet accidentally.

Z said...

Major, I thought of Paul Revere when I was writing that comment to Ducky...so true.

Beamish, I was just watching COulter on Piers Morgan but had to stop; his bias made me want to lunge for his throat and I like my TV too much :-)
She didn't ONCE correct him as he kept saying "But Hitler and Mussolini were right wing.. FASCISTS!" She droves me nuts tonight; much more interested in selling her book than representing Conservatism.

Major said...

"Stick around this time, ok?"

I'll try Ms Prisc....I'll try. But once I get to 180/80 again....I'll be my own IED..!!


beamish said...


I had planned to watch that, and forgot about it.

much more interested in selling her book than representing Conservatism.

Par for the course.

Major said...

"That's one House ethics investigation Weiner should spare himself and just... go."

And so he should Mr. Beamish. However it's obvious this clown..this pecker head little JO...this philandering, narcissistic, hedonistic filthy little twerp...hasn't any morals, scruples, honor, dignity or the necessary balls to do the right and honorable thing his bulging junk aside.

The man is a pervert...a dishonorable and yet true representative of the "hip, groovy in touch, elitist Soho" crowd.

He's Mr. New York...Mr. Upper East Side....doing Jews everywhere, dishonor and embarrassment again. From Madoff to Schumer to Spitzer and Koch....a meshugana creep....

A sick, disgusting criminal unfit to hold the office or a Congressional representative? Maybe he does represent the true scum of the demorat "party". We'll see if the nuts who voted for him will excuse or excise this stain from their midst.

The House of Representatives is for it's members Mr. weeney...not a house of members for it's representatives.

Jan said...

But once I get to 180/80 again....I'll be my own IED..!!

I know what you mean, Major.

Think about poor Ms. Z, trying to patrol this place, sometimes! :)

Major said...

"Think about poor Ms. Z.."

Oh...I do, I do Jan...which is why I stay away. She has more than enough to contend with on ducky and the little louse called 'bd". True annoyances and squeaky little twerps.

Z said...

beamish, I was really disappointed.
And, would you believe I STILL get shocked at the leftist bias? He was practically screaming at her...demanding.
He also said something about her being so smart she just couldn't buy into the Tea Party people...the elitism is astonishing. The poor guy probably feels he'll lose his job and friends if he doesn't attack.

Major....you're equating yourself with Ducky and Bd? Are you KIDDING?

I don't like refereeing, that's for sure...but I don't feel I need to do that with you.

Major said...

"I found watching Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid say "I wish I could defend him [Weiner] but I can't" to be... satisfying."...

You have to remember where Dirty Harry made his "bones" Mr. Beamish.

He's a product of Vegas...corrupt, mobbed up and as slimy as a Dago in a shark skin suit.

Major said...

"Major....you're equating yourself with Ducky and Bd? Are you KIDDING?"...

Nope...I just know that I'm an all together another kind of pain in the ass for you, is all. I'm nothing like them ( I'm sure you know!! )...except for that niggling fact!

beamish said...

The man is a pervert...a dishonorable and yet true representative of the "hip, groovy in touch, elitist Soho" crowd.

He's Mr. New York...Mr. Upper East Side....doing Jews everywhere, dishonor and embarrassment again. From Madoff to Schumer to Spitzer and Koch....a meshugana creep....

What's the point of focusing on his religion? Would his actions be less scandalous if he were Buddhist?

Personally, I find his attempts to blame "hackers" and "pranksters" and try to play himself the victim to be more offensive than the wrongdoing itself.

Bob said...

Darn! Miss a couple of days in the blogosphere, and you miss a lot.

The Anthony Weiner news was so predictable, and everybody knew he had to 'fess up, except Weiner. It is satisfying to see the little sneak outed in front of the whole country where the MSM cannot defend him.

Weiner is such an objectionable little jerk that he does not deserve to be in the company of decent people. Of course, he does not keep company with decent people. Trash like Weiner and Clinton hang together. It has been rumored that they were both dating the same woman. Ugg!

Breitbart is a hero as far as I am concerned. He regularly goes way out there, calling the shots as he sees them, and always has the goods to back it up.

The world can use some more Andrew Breitbarts.

Bd said...

Breitbart is a sleaze bag and a liar.

Major said...

"What's the point of focusing on his religion? Would his actions be less scandalous if he were Buddhist?"

And yea they wouldn't had he been a Catholic, Baptist, Hindu or Buddhist.

You're kidding right? No..maybe not. Jews the world over are under this huge microscope. Anti Semitism is at a place unseen since 1938 Mr. Beamish.

In Europe...in the ME...in America there are more violent acts against Jews than the Muslims. Each day we hear of another temple being attacked...each day we read of the pressure on the Jews to give this up...retreat or give that up.

Everyone one of these scandalous indiscretions, faux pas, "mistakes" by prominent, successful, educated Jews gives their haters that much more ammo to rail against the "bankers, money makers"...etc. Come on...you know that.

Every day I hear....it's those damn Jews....even here in Montana. It sickens me man. It's a harsh reality Mr. Beamish.

Major said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mustang said...

BD is a sleazebag, a liar, uncouth, and stupid. So there.

I was listening to Andrew describe the “left media” insider network, from the White House to MSNBC … talk about going to general quarters and controlling the flow of information.

So yes, I do agree with most people here that Andrew is quite courageous, and I feel that anyone who disagrees with me about this is a racist homophobe.

Not BD though. It’s just a sleazebag, a liar, uncouth, and stupid.

Major said...

BD...please...GFU...or I will.

Little fooking swinebag twerp.

I didn't spend 22 years in a fight for POS's like you. Come on up to Bozeman....I'll stick my only foot up your sleazy little ass.

You shits...live a lie. And deserve it. Punk.

You need an Ed Schultz to rock your infantile cradle. A man who disgraces a woman by calling them sluts. Makes you hard doesn't it ya silly little boob.

Weener wants your FB address too.

Almost makes me go to 180/80.

beamish said...


I understand your point, but I know that most anti-Semites don't require any basis in reality whatsoever to perpetuate their hatreds of Jews. I'm certainly not going to blame Weiner for a rise in anti-Semitism, nor allow anti-Semites to set the standard for how Jews should behave.

Besides all that, Breitbart is Jewish too, I think.

Should Bill Clinton's infidelities be the mark of shame and condemnation of all Baptists, or of all white people, or of all people from Arkansas? Of course not.

No, my condemnation of Weiner goes to his personal responsibility. That is the standard conservatives and especially libertarians should hold higher over all. Race, religion, ethnicity - these are the considerations of leftist psuedosciences and bigotries.

Lots of people get married, and figure out they shouldn't have. Even more get married, have kids, and figure out they shouldn't have. So Weiner's marriage isn't happy. I don't begrudge him that. Shit happens.

But Weiner's refusing to own responsibility for his own actions, to me that is more reprehensible than his unsolicited lewd photos.

And that has absolutely nothing to do with his religion or marital status. That's all about him as a person.

Z said...

"Lots of people get married, and figure out they shouldn't have. Even more get married, have kids, and figure out they shouldn't have."

Really? I think the divorce rate is 50% now, or something close to that; the irony is that some people would have made it had they stuck it out.

A good marriage is the best thing on earth but it needs two people with integrity and who really LIKE each other even more than they 'love' each other because the word LOVE has become so cheap that it almost seems that LIKE is deeper and more 'real'.........
I mean, a couple on their first date "make love"...how ridiculous in all its insinuations.

When we cheapen LOVE, we lose a lot.

end of sermon (say hallelujah!) (heh heh!)

Z said...

by the way, Beamish, as you know, Weiner's still protesting his deep 'love' for Mrs Weiner.... he has a funny way of showing it.
Any guy who can do what he did and even LOOK at the person he supposedly 'loves'is lacking a LOT, in my never-to-be-humble opinion.

beamish said...

Well, to watch the sausage get made... aren't we supposed to believe Adam and Eve were love at first sight, made for and married to each other without rings, a church, bells, and prenupt agreements?

A 50% divorce rate tells me people are getting married that shouldn't have. Buyer's remorse and all that.

Marriage is an institution... who willingly commits themselves to an institution? ;)

I'm kidding.

I've "played house" living with my girlfriend for years. I much like living alone, in my own space. Things are much saner this way.

I'll probably never be married. For one, my siblings haven't been all that good at it, so it probably runs in the family. And for two, not being single is sometimes... inconvenient.

All we can do is be good people. The rest will take care of itself.

Bd said...

Majorsaid..."BD...please...GFU...or I will. Little fooking swinebag twerp."

Ew major. Sorry, Major, unlike you I guess, I'M not gay.

Breitbart IS a liar. His previous three 'exposes' (Acorn, Sharrad, NPR) have all been fabrications.

Speedy G said...

You mean like Obama's claim that Chrysler owe's the taxpayer nothing? That's not "lying" bd. It's "shaving the truth". ;)

beamish said...

Breitbart IS a liar. His previous three 'exposes' (Acorn, Sharrad, NPR) have all been fabrications.

Except that they weren't. ACORN was caught on tape offering advice of tax evasion and starting a front for a prostitution business.

The NAACP was caught on tape cheering Sherrod's tales of racial discrimination towards white farmers and abusing her office.

NPR was caught on tape offering to take money to be a pro-Palestinian propaganda organ.

All Breitbart has done is let leftists be leftists, and hold a camera up to it to record for playback.

How did Brietbart make ACORN be an organization that offers advice on how to be a successful criminal? He wasn't even there.

How did Breitbart make the NAACP praise and salute racists? He wasn't even there.

How did Breitbart make NPR have a decidedly pro-Palestinian bias for sell? He wasn't even there.

How did Brietbart make Anthony Weiner become an internet creep? He wasn't even there either.

Don't you think you leftists ought to try a little harder to not be the criminal, racist perverts you all are... on camera?

Bob said...

About that 50% divorce rate:

This is a much quoted but much abused statistic. For example, it is measured by the number of divorces divided by the number of marriages. Then, voila! We have a number.

The secret is that many of the divorcee's are repeat offenders, and this skews the statistic significantly. I don't know what the number of stable marriages is, but it is higher than the 50% would lead you believe.

Spurious Missives

cube said...

Breitbart should give lessons in journalism to the members of the media.

Bob said...

beamish is quite right.

All Breitbart does is turn on the camera and let the leftist fools hang themselves. Glenn Beck did the same with American communist Van Jones just by running the same Van Jones' videos over and over.

Now, for people to say Breitbart lied is incomprehensible. This is cognitive dissonance.

It is one thing to BS me. I can understand that there are dishonest people who have no intention of telling the truth (i.e, Weiner).

But, when people people believe their own BS, they are only bitter, little people.

Spurious Missives

beamish said...

The secret is that many of the divorcee's are repeat offenders, and this skews the statistic significantly. I don't know what the number of stable marriages is, but it is higher than the 50% would lead you believe.

Mathematically speaking, "repeat offenders" would skew the stats in favor of marriages over divorces, as each re-marriage would increase the total number of marriages that the total number of divorces is divided by.

In effect, remarriage makes the divorce rate seem lower than it actually is.

beamish said...

Interesting minutiae...

A new 2007 report from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that in 2004 (the year of the study)

•12 percent of men and 13 percent of women had married twice
•3 percent each had married three or more times
•58 percent of women and 54 percent of men 15 and older had married only once
Below we have converted the statistics to graphs to make the data easier to understand. See the last page of the article if you would like to use any tables or graphs.

Summary of Statistics on Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage after Divorce
A new report from the U.S. census bureau shows that

•First marriages lasted about 8 years on average.
•Most people seem to have waited about three and half years between their first and second marriages.
•For those 25 and older, 52 percent of men and 44 percent of women were remarried.
In examining longer lasting marriages, the report found that just over half of currently married women in 2004 had been married for at least 15 years, and 6 percent had been married at least 50 years.


beamish said...

[Men are more like to remarry after a divorce than women are]

Z said...

OH, BD, I had my finger on DELETE but then read your ridiculous assertion!
Could you link those from somewhere other than Moveon and Kos?
Those are NOT fabrications! Don't you listen to news?....what planet are you ON?!!
read Beamish's information and educate yourself........
because someone makes the left look as bad as it is does not constitute a lie. :-)

Bob, that has to be true. I live in the 'land of divorce' and know much more happily married people than divorcees.

Cube..from your lips to God's ears.

Beamish....MANY more men marry again than women, no doubt about it.

beamish said...

And then there's Elizabeth Taylor...

Elmers Brother said...

"The press, like fire, is an excellent servant, but a terrible master.”

James Fenimore Cooper

Z said...

Wow, Elbro...it SURE is our master these days, isn't it. It's horrifying.

To hear Breitbart explain the MediaMatters situation is heartbreaking; who can compete with Soros dollars?

Lisa said...

I am sure the media and bloggers all went to Media matters to get all their talking points when this story broke(like they do whenever a damaging story comes out) and how they were going to all say the same thing by saying Breibart hacked the account and he is a liar,etc,etc,ect..yawn.
They learn how to blame it all on conservatives, FOX news and Sarah Palin!!!!!

Z said...

Lisa, well said...you captured it exactly.
Weiner's people apparently told Breitbart about MediaMatters and how this all works. kind of surprising but I'm not sure how likable a guy Weiner is, so....
And, of course, they haven't denied it.

Scotty said...

A 50% divorce rate tells me people are getting married that shouldn't have. Buyer's remorse and all that.

I see something totally different in that stat, Beamish. I see so many people that don’t understand what commitment means.

The wife and I are coming up on our 40th anniversary. Have we always loved each other? No, but commitment got us through those times. Have we always been friends all those years? No, again commitment got us through those times.

I’ve seen so many folks that once a crisis comes they show their weakness because, they are more willing to bail out instead of addressing issues.

So many are basing relationships on emotion and how they feel. Sometimes you won’t feel anything; commitment is what gets you through that.

Commitment takes backbone, something that is lacking nowadays. We are becoming softer and softer each passing day. It takes a certain resolve that many are lacking.

It’s a hard thing to get stats on but I would venture to say that those that simply live together have a much higher failure rate than those that enter into the contract of marriage. And marriage is a contract. It says for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health…..etc. etc.

So, with that in mind, I have a low view of many politicians like Weiner and others that play around while they are married because, if they can’t honor the contract they made before God and others in marriage, how can I expect them to honor the contract I make with them via the voting booth?

I so often boils down to an issue of trust.

And in closing, despite all the lows in our marriage(there were more highs than lows) we survived it all because of commitment. And now we're into our fortieth year, it's better than is ever was in the beginning!

beamish said...

A 50% divorce rate tells me people are getting married that shouldn't have. Buyer's remorse and all that.

I see something totally different in that stat, Beamish. I see so many people that don’t understand what commitment means.

Same dish, different recipes. People who get divorces don't want to be married, or rather don't want to be married anymore, for whatever reason.

I'll never begrudge anyone for making themselves more happy in whatever form that has to take.

My brother often jokes "Do you know why divorces are so expensive? It's because they're worth it..."

Yee-ow. No bitterness there I'm sure (heh).

It's a beautiful thing when two people can make lemonade out of lemons or whatever to keep a commitment they've made to each other. But that's not everybody. Lemonade gets old.

I stand by what I said. A 50% divorce rate means people got married that probably never should have.

Z said...

I'm sorry for your brother, and sorry for cynicism, Beamish.
There is nothing better than a good marriage and I never felt I was making lemonade out of lemons, trust me.

Chuck said...

Beamish said,

A 50% divorce rate tells me people are getting married that shouldn't have. Buyer's remorse and all that.

I agree with this although I thought exactly what Bob said in that the statistic itself is misleading.

With that said, I think Beamish is right. Too many people get married when they should not, many of them more than once.

Z said...

Chuck, they marry the wrong person, that's all.
We could do with a lot more marriage these days.
But, people don't really have it in them to go through hard times and work things out like they used to. It's so enrichening but discipline isn't in the cards in Western society anymore.

Chuck said...

Z, I don't disagree. I do think that people are lazy now and don't work at anything. Our marriage hasn't always been perfect (Brenda is secretly mean to me away from public view) but we have made it work and we are the better for it.

People get married for the wrong reasons and to the wrong people.

I think the real underlying issue here is that marriage is too casual. As an institution it is not treated with the respect it deserves. This helps lead to the high divorce rate. I think there is a casual attitude in that people think "What the heck, let's get married" knowing that divorce is always an option if it doesn't "work out".

Z said...

Chuck, absolutely agreed upon now...
I'm not sure we have the people who have the capability of respecting the institution anymore; "let's try it and then get out if it doesn't work" is usually a mature, grounded couple of people. What young people see more today is "Gee! We slept together last night on our first date, you're kinda cute...let's get MARRIED!" That's beguiling.

Also, I hate to say it for fear of stepping on toes, but those of us from intact families also have a better chance because we know a good marriage in our parents and we see the give/take....I have many siblings and all made good marriages but not perfect marriages and we're all married still, though two of us are now widows at pretty young ages.

Marriage stats say one has a better chance of having a good marriage when one hasn't lived with that partner before marriage; many reasons for that.

It's hard to generalize, isn't it....I know very happy couples from parental broken homes........I know couples coming from solid married parents divorcing...
who knows?

Maybe I ought to summarize it up here with "when you LIKE a person almost more than you LOVE them, and respect that person too much to hurt them......it works"
And, when you've spent enough time with that person getting to know them before sharing bodily fluids :-) , it's a REAL bonus....because that part of the relationship can really screw you up, so to speak. A good night in bed does not a great marriage make! But it HELPS later!! :-)

Anonymous said...

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