Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Debbie Downer? get a load of this!

Debbie Wasserman are her words, right out of her mouth on tape.......and boy, is she nuts or what?

Thanks,'s good to have a laugh! 



Major said...

It looks as though our conservative allies and friends here are quite reserved about Wasserman. Unlike the disgusting libbs who have no reservations about mocking, harassing, berating conservative women.

Yes...we have class...however this is an accurate picture of the mentally challenged lib platform. Lies, deceit, class warfare and blatant...Oh I said that...LIES.

Clever that Obama is... to put a woman into this position...knowing full well that she couldn't be attacked for stupidity like Steele was.

Such is the dilemma of conservatives....we're always one step behind, playing catch up with the lying, disingenuous scum.

Bd said...

Ah yes, take snippets and call her a liar. She's a helluva lot less bombastic than the liars on Fox News. But we know how the right likes to kill the messenger before their own lies are exposed.

And where are you getting that Obama 'put' her there?

Major said...

Hey Ms.Z...I'm feeling pretty spunky today. I had been away to get fitted for a new Prosthesis....Ya hooo..

And I was getting way too PO'd around here.

Sum bitch gov bureaucrats have given me so much shit to make me back off for two years now. But....I guess they hadn't figured on me being so damn mean, ornery and pissed off.

I got the "Cadillac" fit of a "socket", and all the attachment hardware parts all the way down to and including the foot.

Fits my jeans real well I must say. And eliminates the need for those stupid crutches and I can wear both Tony Lamas now!!@!

What I learned was that so many people donated their time and money lately to our vets...that the sum bitches in the VA couldn't deny us any more.

Shit...I'm up for dancing now.

And now...I can kick bd's ass with both feet!! LOL.

AND To all the duckies out there....lick my boots!!

Major said...

"And where are you getting that Obama 'put' her there?"

Hey crotch squat...he's the leader of the Demrat party...the commie in chief...his name is Obama you turd.

Who the hell do you think approved of her to head the DNC? Demrat National Commies.

It was his decision and his approval....He needs the Jewish vote in Florida dipstick. But...he ain't gonna get it with Scott as the new governor.

Anonymous said...

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is pure filth, not unlike Barack Obama and BD, who is also a liar, uncouth, and stupid. Amazing how as Chairman of the DNC we have not heard a thing from Schultz about her fellow New Yorker, Anthony Weiner. Isn’t that a fantastic display of leadership?

I had to laugh when Schultz commented about “Old Jim Crow,” a travesty that came to us directly from the Democratic Party. Perhaps she will also deny her affinity for Margaret Sanger, Hillary Clinton’s hero who wanted to control black populations by killing black babies and who gave the Nazis a blue print for the Holocaust.

As I said, pure filth.

Major said...

"Amazing how as Chairman of the DNC we have not heard a thing from Schultz about her fellow New Yorker, Anthony Weiner. Isn’t that a fantastic display of leadership? "

How astute and observant you are Mustang.

It's just the same with any liberal scum bags. From the CBC, the NAAACP, La Raza or any other racist organization.

They just can't cast the pervert out...even wasserman as a woman should have been offended and NOW..but you'll never hear from them. This is normal behavior from the elitist, liberal shitheads. I'm sure they're desperately looking for a shrink to explain and excuse this punks perversions.

Wasserman and Weener both need a couch to cry on. Both are not fit to serve.

And Wasserman has does she explain her comrades perversions to them? I suppose the same way they explain sodomy to them.

Soloman said...

Contrary to what Bd said, this is not "snippets."

I wouldn't believe she actually says such stupid things, except I have seen her on MSNBC and CNN many times. She really speaks it with sincerity.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz may very well be the dumbest woman in politics today. She definitely is the next coming of San-Fran-Nan in both stupidity and partisanship.

Between her over-the-top comments and Weiner's exposure as a liar, this has been a politically excellent and entertaining week!

Ducky's here said...

You really think she's dumber than Sister Sarah or Michele Bachmann. That's a serious challenge.

Of course there are fallen Tea Partiers like Rhodes scholar Christine O'Donnell and the one in Nevada who figured we'd just barter chickens for medical care.

Yeah, you're the party of the intellect.

Z said...

Major, ya, the joking is fun, not the acerbic nonsense I'm hearing about Conservatives.
I put on Lawrence O'Donnell tonight, at MSNBC, and he's STILL ragging about Palin and Paul's just amazing.

And yes, Obama picked her as head of the DNC..he put her there.

Bd...the words are HERS, not ours. You going to deny VIDEO TAPE? :-) in what context can you couch "the Republicans are dragging us back to Jim Crow" and not mean it?

MAJOR, I am SO SO very happy about your new prosthesis. Bill O'Reilly gives tons to fallen soldiers..everything he makes on-line; Do you know if there's a liberal venue that does that, by the way?
I'm happy you sound so delighted..this is terrific. God bless you, Major.

Mustang...pure filth, indeed. sad, isn't it.

Hi, Solomon! you bet..some week for the libs. May it continue.

Ducky...fallen tea partiers? No likely :-)
Ya, I think it's dumber to say what she does about Republicans than about anything that Palin's (really) said , and certainly Bachmann, whose degrees and intellect probably tower over yours.

I don't want to be a party of intellect, though we've got our share; I want to be a party of America-loving, COnsitution-understanding/respecting, good value-d Americans...see? we've got you over the barrel!

Dan said...

Love it. It's amazing how otherwise intelligent people go around parroting those kinds of remarks.

Silverfiddle said...

She's the gift that keeps on giving. She and Biden should get the MVP award from the GOP.

Ducky's here said...

Sox win
Spankees lose
Bruins win
Heat lose

Alls well with the world.

Bob said...

If you wanted you could not find a more vicious wench to bad mouth people. She is not stupid. She is a normal Democrat, meaning no morals and no ability for critical thinking.

She is like Pelosi in that she will make a good leader, leading the Dems off a cliff.

Palin and Bachmann are ladies, and comport themselves well in the publics' view. Wasserman-Schultz is no lady, but is the darling of the KoolAide punks in the White House because she will say nasty, unfounded things in public BHO cannot.

Spurious Missives

Pris said...

It's amazing how low the Democrat Party has sunk. Whatever has happened to Ladies and Gentlemen?

My God, I would hope they could at least fake it! But no, it's name calling, lies, mud throwing 24/7, and excuses for unacceptable obscene behavior, not to mention the spreading of hate toward those who disagree with these wayward people.

Some role models these people are for our youth.

And we wonder why we see young people on youtube, treating each other to fistfights, and crude behavior!

Is it too much to ask for some decorum, and statesmanship? Evidently it is.

Pris said...

Major, how great that you have a new and superior prosthesis. I wish you all the best. It's a good day, to see you so happy.

Z said...

Pris, all Eric Cantor had to suggest was that Weiner should resign and all HELL broke loose in the media..

but let Debbie suggest Republicans are 'dragging us back to Jim Crow' and that's okay! NO MENTION in the msm.

Did you see that jerk BOb Graham on FOX tonight? He got asked "you think that shortening the time from 14 to 7 days during which Floridians can vote BEFORE election day is JIM CROW?" He then freaked out and mentions something he didn't like that Republicans did that had NOTHING to do with voting OR Jim Crow..just a cheap shot I can't remember...UNBELIEVABLE.

My answer to his ridiculous bit about shortening the time before election to vote was "we shouldn't vote five MINUTES before ELECTION DAY.....since when did anybody vote before it in the past? Have we become so irresponsible we can't mark a calender and vote ON the day?"

FairWitness said...

Good morning Z, this was great! And she is a depressing woman. Negativity breeds negativity! That's her motto.

Bd said...

Soloman said...Contrary to what Bd said, this is not "snippets."

Yes, they are out of context sound bites. The usual tactic of the right.

Joe said...

She is not only philosophically empty, she is creepy!

cube said...

I can't believe anyone can defend Wassserman's own words.

BB-Idaho said...

Dunno about "He needs the Jewish vote in Florida dipstick. But...he ain't gonna get it with Scott as the new governor."
Better check that one

Ticker said...

"I don't want to be a party of intellect, though we've got our share; I want to be a party of America-loving, COnsitution-understanding/respecting, good value-d Americans...see? we've got you over the barrel!"

Z, Something that Bd(does that stand for brain dead?) nor Duckbutt would understand.

Brooke said...

Debbie Downer here is probably going to be after Pelosi's job really soon.

She's just as vile and incendiary.

Z said...

BB Idaho; Ya, RIck Scott's having a hell of a time in FLA...This is going to be the story of the year 2018, when America's finished and the left bemoans never having tightened our belts through governors like Rick Scott and Christie:
"China's attacking! How'd their military get so much stronger?"
"I can't have that operation? Why not? I'm so sick...."
"My bank closed yesterday, NOW what?"
"My home is worth nothing"
"how long IS the soup line?"

Ya, because people like Rick Scott want things like drug testing for welfare recipients. Gee, or else, we could have a leftwing governor who says "let's just give everything to EVERYBODY! We have an abundant amount of money by which to bring in and pay for illegals...heck, they'll VOTE DEMOCRAT ..!" (legal or not; don't get me on the fraud situation of 2008 I saw with my own eyes).. But, you know, the ACLU will say that drug testing is "unkind, that's profiling :-)"

This maturity and trying to solve our problems without giving our country away is a huge problem for Republicans in 2012...and will be for our country in the years to come.

Scott doesn't need Wasserman/Schulz to bring in the Jewish vote; actually, I think a LOT of Jews are waking up to the dems after what Obama's tried to do to Israel.
And, of course, all retirees in Florida have lost a lot of money in the markets and that isn't coming back any time, you never know! They might turn on HER.
maybe people will wake up.

Z said...

Brooke, I think she's worse than Pelosi...
anybody who says Republicans are dragging us back to Jim Crow is a NUT.

beamish said...

I think Debbie Downer has a point. When enough far left welfare state national socialist Democrats got disgruntled over a black man winning their party's nomination and the Presidency to form their "conservative" ::cough cough:: Tea Party movement, I think there was a kind of mock synthesis to equate Tea Partyers with actual conservative Republicans, but as far as I know a return to Jim Crow is not on the agenda of anyone but the cryptoleftist fringe owned by Ron Paul.

BB-Idaho said...

Well, Z, "They might turn on HER. maybe people will wake up." IMO, probably not; they are one of the strongest social liberal
bloc. Whatheheck, let them
explain it themselves... it is hard to make political converts, has been since Julius Caesar
"Libenter homines id quod volunt credent"...people
believe wha they want to.
Now Wasserman-Schultz is a fast talker, but a tough one knew that while as a very active congresswoman she underwent 7 major surgeries for breast cancer. (Heck, I can't even blog when I get a thumb blister!)

Bd said...

Ticker said...

"I don't want to be a party of intellect,

Don't worry. Not much of a chance of that happening with the GOP, lol. Funny how the GOP demonizes anyone with half a brain and wraps themselves up in the flag with their redneck style of partiotism.

Z Said:Ya, because people like Rick Scott want things like drug testing for welfare recipients.

Isn't it convenient that Rick Scott also owns the clinics they will be tested in? Scott is a scam artist and to make Americans in need take drug tests is fascism at it's worst.

To those who support it because they're afraid some are getting something for nothing or you have to pay for it with your tax pennys:

This will bite you in the ass one day when the corporatist right decides to go after your social security...because they're already talking about it.

Z said...'s hard to convert when a media does all in its power to obfuscate and misrepresent a whole political party, too.
Sorry about her breast cancer surgeries; nobody should have to face that...but it changes not a bit my opinion of her and her platform...not anymore than my respecting the opinion of every soldier just because they fought for us.

Bd....Scott's business is his don't really think he thought he could get away with this and nobody'd notice, right? :-)

And yes, you may not mind welfare recipients spending my tax dollars on Coke or Pot, but I DO.
I absolutely disagree with all State workers being way.

By the way, who do you think will pay our social security forever? The RICH? Think we can keep borrowing from China or India? Or should we print money?
don't answer; it would be far too silly to read...

By the way...tone down the nastiness, or you're OUT OF HERE.


Jan said...

"Ya, because people like Rick Scott want things like drug testing for welfare recipients"

Well, Z...I sometimes think that should be manddatory for all holders of political offices, too.

Just sayin'.

Major...I'm thrilled for you! I hope you do try a little Boot Scootin' Boogie, now! :)

Jan said...


Before Bd or Ducky try to critique my spelling.