Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Faith Blog

"Blessed is the man who makes the Lord his trust...." Psalm 40:4

These days, it really helps, more than ever, to have that TRUST.
Have a wonderful Sunday...



beamish said...

So far, so good.

God knows I love roller coasters... :P

Silverfiddle said...

So true. We think we're in control, until that bolt out of the blue strikes...

Z said...

Beamish...I feel like we're on one NOW ;)

Silverfiddle...ya, and then we think He's gone; until we settle down and understand He's helping us through things and growing us.

By the way, I heard the FABULOUS AMAZING Ravi Zacharias last night on TV answering questions of Christian faith by college kids in PACKED OUT college auditoriums, and finally, he said many people ask him "Mr Zacharias, where was God was on 9/11?!!".

Well, Zacharias had just talked about choosing Christ or not in our lives...and he gave an answer that shook my boat in its simplicity..
He said "Anywhere you want Him to be".


Brooke said...

If you've got to trust someone, He's your best bet. :)

cube said...

Next week at this time Mr. Cube & I will be godparents to our nephew. So much to ponder. We welcome any tips.

Elmers Brother said...

You can't can't hide from the Hound of Heaven...

Daniel Amos
Horrendous Disc

Elmers Brother said...

Dr. Zacharias has a radio show too that's very good. One of my good friends attended the college at his church.

Z said...

Thanks, Elbro...I will find that radio show. What I love the most is how he answers atheists and especially young people who do have faith and are fighting to survive among secular friends who can't just let them have their faith but have to mock or challenge them. Of course, in the challenges, there's a chance for open eyes and ears, but it's tough for kids; so Zacharias gives excellent 'apologetics' (a word I really dislike...sounds to apologetic!)

Cube, you're lucky it's a relative so they stay in your life. I have to admit to being THE WORST godmother on the planet. My Godson's mother divorced his dad and then became quite a nagger and whiner and complainer and I couldn't listen to it anymore; plus they lived a 45 minute drive from me (if there's no traffic, which never happens in LA)...and I haven't seen the boy since he was 10 or so/ I think he's probably 38 or something now.

I guess the responsibility basically is helping your Godchild grow in faith.....Some people think a Godparent assumes responsibility of raising the child if the parents die but that's not necessarily the idea at ALL. Mine was baptized Catholic and they sort of had to sneak me in as it is...I remember jokingly telling friends I feared lightning bolts to hit me in the church! I wasn't as faithful a person then so I didn't see the problem, but the problem is that not being a Catholic should immediately disqualify me as a Godmother because I don't really know much about Catholicism.
I was asked by a Christian girlfriend with a Jewish husband to be their son's Godmother about 23 years ago and declined; by then I knew what the 'job' entailed and they were going to raise him Jewish and I felt he should have a Jewish Godparent.

Give your nephew a Bible...maybe cute Christian CDs for kids;
I hope that helps a little? And Congratulations to you both...and to your NEPHEW!
RAISE A GOOD CONSERVATIVE, that's the main thing !! :-) ON second thought, maybe you SHOULD raise him, too?!!!! HAA!

Major said...
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Major said...

"We welcome any tips."

Congratulations. You have been selected to be your nephews parents if something should happen to his biological parents.

There's a lot of trust that goes with that responsibility.

You should be honored that you were chosen.

Z said...

Major, what faith are you, if you don't mind mmy asking...?
I think that the more widespread view of Godparents is as I wrote earlier, the encouragement of faith in the child...meaning you should be of the same faith so you can help, etc. I think you're right, though: I think that some people do consider a Godparent as the person who'll raise the child if something happens to the parents..and, really, why not?, it's usually someone the parents love and who has the best interests of the child at heart, right?
Still, your response made me curious and I Googled and found that this is the more common realm of responsibility:

Christian Responsibilities of a Godparent

1. Pray for your godchild regularly
2. Set an example of Christian living
3. Help him/her to grow in the faith of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
4. Give every encouragement to follow Christ and fight against evil

Major said...
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Major said...

"Major, what faith are you, if you don't mind mmy asking...?"

I suppose you're asking about a particular brand?

I was raised Catholic. But I cooled on Catholicism when it went "hip hop" a few years back.

I longed for the majesty and the mystery, elegance of the Latin based Mass / Faith that I grew up with.

I wanted it back. But I will tell you that I never abandoned my faith in Jesus Christ in my career. It was the source of all my strength while I was in the thick of things not so long ago.

It was the source too of my firm belief that Christianity is a religion and belief of forgiveness. Not retribution, revenge, hate, murder or a means to settle tribal Islam is. Islam...a soul-lees ideology that does not and cannot account for mans frailties.

I've seen it in action up close and personal. It has no head of state. It hasn't a history of growth towards maturity and mans natural ascension up the ladder of history.

It's regressive....negative and an abberation. A death cult.

Christianity and Catholicism gave me the ability to achieve a bit of peace and comfort when everything around me...was chaos.

God saved me from the brutality and mans inhumanity to man that I saw everywhere. And the certainty of death I knew I was faced with. I prayed to Him each and every minute of the day. To forgive my allow me to sin...and still forgive the sinner.

And my sins were mostly of hate....the hate I felt for those who would never be able to know forgiveness, humility or what being human is.

And Him willing...there will be one day I hope and pray to be beside HIm...if He wishes me to be there.

Z said...

Major. You are QUITE a guy. QUITE a man.
thank you for're a blessing.

Major said...

No Ms.'s you and our friends here at these wonderful Sunday Faith Blogs....that make me realize that I'm not alone in my faith and that I couldn't be in better company.

Otherwise Ms. Z....I know damn well that I still have a long way to go to achieve what we all want.

Z said...

Major, I've got a LOOOONG way to go, too, believe me.
And yes, you sure aren't alone in your faith.
What you said about my Faith Blog is very gratifying; thanks for that.

Elmers Brother said...

Its from the Greek word apologeia. Means defense of the faith"

Z said...

I know, but it sounds like apology; I just wish there was another word :-)