Saturday, June 18, 2011


Have we come to THIS?  People are fighting over getting in line to see a young woman accused of killing her child's trial?   And there are TICKETS to a TRIAL?
Does anybody live their own life anymore or are we so dependent on Reality Shows that we have become a nation of voyeurs?  Seriously creepy.



Major said...

Yes Ms.'s been long known that we relish this type of "drive by" mayhem.

People want to say that they were there. I witnessed on some TV station...coverage of people actually running into the court house as if they were trying to get a great deal at Walmart or some other discount dump ( where people died when the doors opened I think? )'s reality TV to these sycophants who can't get enough of mayhem and the most disgusting side of humanity.

These same trailer trash that would puke their guts out.....if they saw the real thing....a decomposing, bloody human being.

Hell....some Marines might make a fortune selling some of the photos they had to take....

Anyway...what do we expect from an amoral, degenerate, disrespectful society these days?

Exactly what you see on TV.

beamish said...

If Chewbacca don't make sense, you must acquit.

Chuck said...

Z it's our society. We have become amoral to the core.

Killing a baby is considered birth control.

You can buy books on how to have sex with a child.

A fair portion of our country supports the degradation of women in the Middle East.

We have TV shows that exist for the sole purpose of spouses cheating on each other.

We are teaching grade school children that two men, a goat, and a child is a normal family.

It's a brave new world.

Karen Howes said...

Wow. Somehow, my first thought was, "Roman Empire, circa A.D. 250."

cube said...

Allowing the population at large to attend court proceedings began as a way to ensure that the public was being kept informed of the inner workings of its legal system. A worthwhile endeavor.

It has degraded into the display which we, especially thouse of us in Florida, are seeing on TV during every news cycle. A fight broke out on Friday when two men decided to cut to the front of the line.

It would take too long to explore the causes of this deplorable behavior, but I would wager things will get worse before they get better.

Ducky's here said...

Municipal budgets are tight. Great revenue enhancer.

Z said...

Major, the pictures I heard they've shown would make ME sick, I assure you....I saw those people running toward the doors to push in first, too. My's a very sad situation..people can't wait to see decomposing bodies and watch the perp cry and ...sickening.

beamish; really

Chuck: you're so right; and it's a brave new world if you're brave enough to negotiate it or raise children into it, isn't it.

Karen, Mr. Z used to say "America's getting like the Roman Empire with this stuff" and I'd get defensive and stand up for us a little, but I see him now as a's all turning into that, isn't it.
SO much nudity in large group events, kids having sex on the high school prom floor recently, it's like we've reduced humans to animal status and raised animal status, mothers whipping out a breast in full sight at family events as if her breast is reduced to 'just another part of the body we all need to see' because it's time to nurse...hang the poor elderly man who walked in right then and didn't know quite where to look because he'd been raised with dignity (I shared the story recently in a post)...I could go on and on; life can't work that way... ...I supposed, like the Roman Empire's fall, I could laugh and say "But we're not putting feathers down our throats to throw up after eating!" yuck yuck.
Except, some are.

Cube, the fight's what I posted about..exactly.
And, I don't believe we CAN 'get better' ...I've never seen any society in history suddenly start to get better morally. I'm open to ANY information I don't have; cheer me up, pls.

Ducky...some things are worth more than money. Human dignity among them. This isn't free market; it's free sewer.

Always On Watch said...

The Lizzie Borden trial of 1893 drew crowds too. I don't recall reading that any fights broke out, though.

Pris said...

What a terrible, disgusting display of uncivilized people.

I've said to Mr. Pris over the last few years, "I swear, if they had gladiator fights to the death in the Colliseum, they'd probably fill the damn place"!

Every time I see the picture of that poor baby girl who is now dead, I want to cry, and this circus atmosphere just makes a mockery of her death.

Z said...

AOW, I have read a lot on the Borden case; it always intrigued me.
I'm quite sure nobody had a ticket to her trial, but you're right; it was an amazing story , especially back then when America didn't have disgusting stories to cover like that every ten minutes....and millions followed it.

Pris; this really is no different than the gladiators in the coliseum, is it.
And AMerica's so full of these awful situations...mothers killing their babies, grooms killing brides, people killing children, coeds disappearing and found raped and dead (of course, in the old days, young girls didn't leave bars at 4AM unescorted)...there is so much today; and our having to hear every bit of it isn't helping our culture one bit.

Ducky's here said...

AOW, speaking of Lucy Borden, Bill James has a new book out, "Popular Crime".

He's best known as a baseball statistician and the architect of the current Red Sox but he brings an analytic bent to a number of famous crimes here.

He doesn't think Lizzie did it.

Z said...

Ducky, you put us down here for bringing up modern day situations that are important and now you're worried that LUCY didn't kill her parents? :-)

Ducky's here said...

Yes, a typo, z. But AOW is a big Lizzie Borden maven. As she mentioned the trial I thought she might be interested in the book.

MK said...

I saw this on the evening news the other day, yeah that's too much i think. Trial by media and people.