Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dentistry and politics??

For a little LEVITY in an otherwise GRIM political scene today:
My dental hygienist knows I have a Conservative blog and she's a Conservative, too...
This morning, we were laughing and talking (I told her that she'd have to give me a discount for the comedy floor show I was providing as she laughed!) and then she started on the teeth cleaning and I kept talking, of course, as she dug around and poked and prodded with the metal instruments.  I always marvel at the way she understands what I say with my mouth wide open and today I knew that one thing I'd said was completely indiscernable, except she answered totally appropriately.   I said "Ann!  How could you understand that!?" (or , better, "Ahh...ow ood oo unneran at?"    Without missing a beat, she says "it's my second language!"     THAT was funny;  I hadn't thought about it, but Dental Hygienists really are bilingual!

Then, she continued her work, I was silent for a change, and she started telling me I shouldn't clench, etc., and continued working and chatting to me when, suddenly, out came " maybe you need this one tooth's filling replaced...", work........".....I don't like Jon Huntsman, either."

"EITHER?"  We hadn't even mentioned politics all morning!     That was THE biggest non sequitor I have EVER been exposed to and did we laugh!  "Where did THAT come from?"  I asked her!  She said it's been on her mind that she likes some of the candidates but they're not glib and slick like Obama....too true.

I hope this made you smile looks shinier and whiter today!
Here's something weird...I was at LL's blog and my word verification was SOLIB.   as IF!



Lisa said...

great story. I think there are more conservatives around who are coming out of the closet without the stigma. "Solib" wow go figure,lol!!!

Ducky's here said...

Huntsman won't do anything in the primaries.

Irony is that he can beat Obummer.

BB-Idaho said...

My dentist put on so many
crowns I have my own parking sign at his office!
Like most good dental offices, political discussion is off limits
(no use losing good customers). And like most
dentists, the fellow is conservative. So I was very surprized one day as we were discussing dental technology (me "Tho waat
sssnew wid dekaay bakkteria?) He happily announced while injecting
xylocaine, "Just got back
from a seminar in SanFran;
they are doing amazing
stem cell research. What with the politics of floride and now stem cells,
I'm having to move to the
other side a bit". Most hygenists tell me that if
I stopped asking so many
questions about every darn
dental thing...I'd get out wonder the
colonscopy folks put me under!

Lisa said...

I have to add to this thread. I was just watching the show Cash Cab and the host Ben Bailey asked the 3 young guys he picked how they know each other and they said through a republican political group.
See what the Obama admin created.
As a matter of fact they are still on.

Z said...

Lisa, thanks! That's what we need; to come out from the left's stigma; it is happening but they'll make it much worse before the election.

Ducky...probably true.

BB-No Conservative doesn't agree with adult stem cell.. Those are the most effective and that technology should be pursued.

Z said... the way.."Dentists are conservative!?" :-)

BB-Idaho said...

Yep, dentists are owners. Thought it was
common knowledge fact in Idaho, only a few professors and myself are libs. :)

Z said...

"common knowledge"? WHy? Who'd care to know that?

Trust me, in L.A., that's hardly the case. Can you draw some conclusion, BB? Maybe our values have more teeth in them? :-)

only a 'few profs' or every prof?

No offense, BB, but I sense a precipitous decline in your liberalness in the last few, at least. :-)

cube said...

I don't like Huntsman either.

Z said...

cube, that cracked me up! :-)