Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Indecent? Sad?

This strikes me as wrong.....A woman died and they computer generate her into an older age and put her on a magazine next to her son's wife as if they're happily walking along?  Can Diana and her memory ever rest?   Is it just me, or does this smack of almost indecent?
Maybe it's just me, maybe this strikes some as cool....imaginative, etc.   What do you think?


Leticia said...

I think it is a disgrace and very disrespectful to Princess Diana's memory as well as a slap in the face to her family.

The MSM lacks respect and no one is off limits, including the dead.

Anonymous said...

It is indecent, but then we are talking about the leftist media, right?

Z said...

Thanks, that was my instinct, too.
It was shocking and almost spooky and how very sad for Diana.
And for our culture.

sue said...

I'm with you on this one, z.

This may be offtopic, but you know how these days nobody - especially anyone famous - gets away with anything.

I believe it was at the recent Royal Wedding when there were private words exchanged and they actually used a lip reader to figure out what was said.

That really blew my mind.

Z said...

sue, our culture is so sick. Yes, those young people couldn't even have private words without people reading their lips and telling the whole world.

I'm a little more sour than usual right now because I stupidly watched 10 minutes of Dr. Phil and saw what a TOTAL WHORE he is..... He's suddenly turned into Jerry Springer...using hideous gratuitous sexual inferences to sell his show and having such low class guests it blew my mind. HOw can he live with himself?

Suddenly, decency is gone and everybody's out for the buck and then, for saying that, I'll be told it's the Free Market's fault! As if everybody who wanted to make a living 100 years ago stooped to that kind of behavior?

I don't see a return to decency and that scares me for our kids.

sue said...

Z - Of course, you are right about how our culture has become.

If you think back to how things 'used to be,' and about how things are now, it is definitely different.

The question is: How much of it could have been controlled, and how much is just times changing and people too.

The big question is: Can we turn back the clock to a better time, and how do we do it.

Z said...

Sue, I've talked about this a lot, as you know.

What kinds of things do you think caused this? What kind of thinking?

And, no, I see no way this can be turned back. Dad used to say "the pendulum swings back and forth" but we had good intentions on both sides back then, or mostly good intentions and good upbringing. We don't have that safety net anymore and it's swinging now in a direction I find culpable and unstoppable.

Anonymous said...

NewsWeak.....use it for wrapping garbage, dead fish and the bottom of bird cages.

And these morons wonder why they were sold for $1.00?

Anonymous said...
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Karen Howes said...

I don't know if I'd call it indecent, but it IS creepy.

Chuck said...

I have a little trouble getting too excited about it.

Just for the heck of it I asked Brenda and she felt the same way, yawn.

I think because it was making a point (her 50th birthday), it seems a little more okay.

I wonder if this isn't a symptom of things to come though.

"Photo-shopping" pictures is becoming more seamless and makes me a bit concerned for the future.

Will we start seeing politicians framed? "Pictures" of them with women (or boys)? Pictures of them at a strip bar? Drug house?

This is a technology that needs watching.

sue said...

Z - Can we turn the clock back to a better time?

I used to get frustrated (and still do) because I felt I could do nothing about these things we are discussing.

The movie 'Evan Almighty' - a fantasy, of course - is about a man who is elected to Congress,and wants to change the world.

He asks for God's help, and the response from God is:

'one random act of kindness at a time'

Seems like finding a 'needle in a haystack' but if you really try, sometimes you can get satisfaction out of just that.

Like the way you mentioned sending Scripture to someone who needed it.

Or Paying it Forward.

Z said...

Chuck, that photoshopping is another aspect that's very troubling, indeed.

Sue....I agree with you, but it'll take an awful lot of needles to improve this haystack. I hope that can work.
Now, we have to instill kindness and goodness and giving into people instead of the indoctrination of entitlements...OY...so much to do, so little time!

sue said...

Z - One thing for sure - it can't hurt. (:

Pris said...

It is indecent. I call it dancing on someone's grave.

There's been a gradual decline in what proper behavior is. I'm not sure some people would even know what proper is anymore.

It's been the worst of a slippery slope down from morality. People say, rest in peace when someone dies. So much for that.

beamish said...


In America, we feed, clothe, and house our inbred, non-productive citizens and dole them out a government stipend.

In Britain, they do all that AND give them crowns.

nicrap said...

I smell the blood of an English(wo)man,
Be (s)he alive, or be (s)he dead
I'll grind his/her bones to make my bread.

Z said...

It's almost midnight Tuesday night, and I just saw Yahoo headlines are now saying a lot of people are finding this very creepy.
Well, that's kind of comforting, huh?

Sue...maybe we're slightly better off than we thought? :-)

sue said...

Z - I guess the message of the movie isjust that: by creating a small act of kindness, and making the world slightly better, is a step in the right direction - as opposed to doing nohing or something negative.

Always On Watch said...

My gut reaction: very poor taste.

cube said...

I'm not surprised at Newsweek's lack of grace and common sense. It's been de rigueur for the magazine for decades.

Bob said...

It's a marketing thing. The publishers know their market.

The people who buy the mag love that stuff, and are the kind of Americans that sent flowers and Teddy Bears to Princess Di's funeral and Kate's wedding.

These people live in a fantasy world. Leave them alone, else they will come out make themselves bigger nuisances than they already are.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Imaginative, actually. People made her out to be some kind of goddess. She was a "royal." No, she was stupid. She got into a car with a drunk limo driver who killed her. Doesn't take much sensibility to say: "no thanks, I'll just take a taxi, arshole." Seatbelts help too, oddly enough.


cube said...

Z: Decency is hard to find in our culture. It sure would help if so many people didn't buy into the indecent garbage that permeates our lives.

Sue: Practicing random acts of kindness may not change the world in a day, but it can't hurt. I've been doing it for years, especially while driving.

sue said...

Cube - How true. I also find satisfaction in being a courteous driver, getting the little wave when you let someone in.

There's an expression:

'Brighten the corner where you are.'