Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Allen West....who knew he was so funny? Weeeiner........... :-)

the end of this one cracked me UP!

What a sense of humor!
(actually, in German, Weiner is pronounced WHINER, by the way)



cube said...

The more I hear of this man, the more I like him.

Bob Qat said...

The "ei" vowel combination makes the "eye" sound. That sort of written vowel combination is called a "diphthong." Not boxers or briefs. (That's probably why he won't resign.)

Z said..., too...

BobQat, hi!
Ya, I speak okay German and it would be pronounced W"EYE"'re right.
When I go to Germany and come back, it gets confusing to me to change from EI to IE pronounciation!
Thong..briefs......boxers...Oh, that IS GOOD :-)

Speedy G said...

So how do you pronounce Boehner in German? I'll bet it's not BAY-nar. ;)

Z said...

I can't even spell how it should be pronounced,'d have to see my mouth to see what happens to the vowel, I swear, it's tough!.
You put your lips together and forward... it would sound like
BURR-ner (certainly not NAR, no) but without the R's... the R's are kind of 'implied' in the sound but not there. God, it's hard to explain!

Z said...

by the way, Speedy, I'm reading the new Bonhoeffer book and is that a good read...HUGE book but well worth it so far.
I am always amazed at the dignity with which families were raised in Germany before WWII.
His parents were both well connected (grandma took piano from Liszt and Clara Schuman, imagine!??)
His brother Karl-Friedrich split the atom, did you know that? Or was with that team, anyway.

They were so well educated, so decent... and their neighborhood was full of Jewish families with whom they socialized all the time.......
Obviously, Mr. Z was younger than Dietrich! but I always say I'm not sure I knew a person more well rounded educationally than Mr. Z...or with a better work ethic.

I highly recommend the book.

Z said...

at the end of the video, he says Weiner needs to decide for himself whether or not he'll resign...and he promises his family he won't let them down and then hesitates and says...something like " the end of the day I'm too TIRED!" :-)

Speedy G said...

Sounds like a project rivalling in scope the reading of Will Durant's "Story of Civilization" series.

I'll have to wait for the "abstracts" to come out. ;)

Z said...

Speedy, you'll be robbing yourself of the gentility of the book :-)

Major said...

Hey...I lost my sound card today.....anybody want to tell me what West said? I'd appreciate it.

Z said...

Hi, Major!
Somebody tells West that they have two people with the same question for him regarding "WHINER" (that's how the questioner pronounced it)..........and West says "weeeeeeiner" as it's pronounced (like weaner)...then the question is 'should Weiner resign?' and West says it's up to Weiner to make that decision.........then he says what I wrote in the comment just above yours.....
it's so funny when he adds that joking implication that he doesn't fool around just because he's too tired......:-)

Lisa said...

Why do conservatives sound mature and together and libs sound sophomoric and unhinged?
Maybe it's because they are and they are.

Chuck said...

He made a good point in that he won't let them down. I have always thought this was simple - don't do it.

It really isn't that hard not to cheat on your wife, I've done it for 22 years without even having to work at it.

Z said...

Lisa, you got it :-)

Chuck, you's so good to read that.
After Mr. Z died, I took classes from day we talked about fidelity and, having never met Mr. Z., he insisted he couldn't have been faithful; I assured him that he had been and I got a kind of look in the eyes that says "boy, are YOU deluded" was so upsetting to me...not so much that he thought that of my husband and our relationship but that a man would actually feel that way. That someone felt it had to be delusional for a wife to know she could trust her husband!
I'll never forget that.

Dan said...

wow, did Dietrich Bonhoeffer put out a new book? (Just kidding) I'm currently reading "The Cost Of Discipleship". Interestingly, the one I read before this was "The Road To Serfdom" by F. A. Hayek who was a contemporary of Bonhoeffer's. What a juxtaposition of reads. One approached the landscape leading up to WWII from a totally secular view, and the other from a Christian view.

The Cost Of Discipleship is, needless to say, a read that is challenging my own Christian experience and life. It's a book one remembers for a long time.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Actually, auf Deutsch, it's prounounced


W's are pronounced like hard Vs, and there is the e-i combination to consider. Very few people realize this:

When there is an ei/ie combination, the second letter is the hard letter pronounced.

For example, Frankenstein is pronounced Frank-en-STINE.

Not Frank-en-STEEN.

Reminds me of the Mel Brooks film "Young Frankenstein."

Want to know something weird?

My first German teacher was Fraulein Okamura. A Japanese chick teaching me German. My second German teacher was Herr Bonn. My third German teacher was Herr Harshbarger.


Z said...

thanks, German's pretty good...didn't know you knew it, too.
I did take for granted we know that the W is a doubt about it...we were concentrating on the EI vs IE.
Danke schoen! :)

Z said...

by the way, BZ...very funny German teachers' names!

You can see I tried to tell Speedy how to pronounce Boehner in German! Now YOU try it :-)

Always On Watch said...

Check out this video, especially Barbara Walters's comment comparing Weiner and Palin. Sheesh.

Z said...

AOW...thanks, I did see that.
Amazing, huh?
But, did you see that the audience and panel turned on her when she offered her hypothesis on why Weiner did this? she jumped on Palin's back thinking she'd get sympathy?
Even BEhar stood up for Palin against THAT ridiculous attack!