Friday, June 17, 2011

Chris Adolf Christie?

HERE is quite a piece about union people calling Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey "Adolf Christie".

The gathering at which that was used opened with “Good afternoon brothers and sisters. Welcome to Nazi Germany.” 

If a Republican said "Barack Adolf Obama" about anything, how long would he be in his job?
Actually, I could be in trouble with Blogger for even having written all know that.

And check this out, more that was said at that gathering:  “It took World War II to get rid of the last Adolf Hitler. It is going to take World War III to get rid of Adolf Christie. Are you ready for World War III?

Were they going to pass out guns after having said that, or...?   And, is Janet Napolitano going to list the unions, as they have far-right Conservative groups, on the Homeland Security Watch List?   And, by the way, why don't you hear the term 'far left Liberal groups'?

that's all.  Nothing much more to say, is there.



cube said...

I love how Christie takes care of people like this. I don't worry about how he handles himself. I wish we could clone him.

Z said...

I don't worry, either, he's a tough ol' bird, I think...but I think my point is a good one.
Imagine if ANY Conservative came close to calling a lefty anything like ADOLF HITLER? Oh, man!

beamish said...

I think it's time for Rick Perry and Chris Christie to jump into the Presidential race.

Let's go for maximum far left screeching. People will tire of it by say, February 2012.

Z said...

Christie told Piers Morgan there is absolutely no way he'll run this time.

Beamish, you like Perry?
Check out the Reagan joke I just posted! Hilarious

beamish said...

BTW, does recasting Chris Christie as an infamous left-wing Germon labor activist count as "diaper-pissing" and "fearmongering?"

beamish said...


I'm lukewarm on Rick Perry, but his addition to the race would accelerate the "left-wing goes apeshit and marginalizes itself" process already in progress.

Z said...

that's for sure :-)

beamish said...

Cornered rats will fight.

The left has no horse to back except Obama, and they sure as hell aren't going to take America's mind off of being driven into debt and unemployment and poverty by Obama. So all of their antics and screeching are about as tedious as snail porn.

People are already well tired of it. Add more right-wingers to the set of candidates running for President and so many heads on the left will explode into lunacy that come November 2012, anyone sporting Obama re-election paraphenalia will be openly mocked.

beamish said...
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beamish said...

You know Obama's slogan has changed from "Yes We Can!" to "I'm In!"

How easy would it be to put a sticker over new Obama stickers to make them say "I'm Insane"

Bob said...

The unions need to die. They are run by Mafia thugs and card carrying Communists.

No union has ever created a job. Period.

Bd said...

Conservative have said much worse about Obama. Man, you have selective memories.

Bob....c'mon...for real? Lol!

Z said...

Bob, good points. THey've taken a LOT of work OUT of this country, though...terrible.

Bd...REALLY? GOOD! Please link all the worse things about Obama that Conservatives have said on the same level as ADOLF HITLER, okay? cool...we'll be waiting.

See you next week.

Pris said...

What a surprise, public union herds screaming a Hitler rant. So, what else is new?

Our stimulus money at work!

Z said...

Pris, my point was that it's no big surprise but SHOULD BE; that if a conservative had said that, he'd be GONE in five seconds.

Jan said...

Z...remember when Obama was campaigning, and his adorers went bonkers at the very idea that anyone would include "Hussein" in his name, implying that it was cast him in a negative light?

Funny how all that changed, isn't it?

None of them objected to labeling Bush as another Hitler, or portraying him as a chimpanzee, or portraying him as stupid, and ridiculing his pronounciation of the word, "nuclear."

But now, it's okay if one says he has been to 51 states, and has 2 more to go. Just imagine if ANY Conservative did something like THAT!

So,'re absolutely right!

Joe said...

Bd just keeps on spewing.

When liberal/progressives call conservatives Hitleresque, as they did GWB, it's OK but when they call Obama Hitleresque, that's bad.

You, Bd, are incapable of rational thought.

At least Ducky is laughable and somewhat entertaining.

Z said...

Thanks, Jan and Joe; you're both SO RIGHT.

I was thinking how much a few hours of Dennis Prager could help people like Bd. But they can't bring themselves to listen.

I may post a video of Breitbart explaining why he was liberal and then changed...........but, I know the people who should watch are afraid of it. The media's killed that messenger, so the lefties are stuck never believing anything but what NPR and KOS tells them.
Then they slam FOX :-)

THIS is the biggest problem for America: That we have a media and professors who have unthinkingly maligned a whole half of America's viewpoints as evil and uncaring and then blocked any discussion.
THAT's why people like Breitbart feel they must effect changes in the media; or we simply won't make it. There IS no respect and dignity for the other side anymore; we all try to understand the Left and I watch CNN, sometimes I watch MSNBC, etc., just to hear what they're saying. Sometimes, I hear a lib agree with a conservative and I think "Well, that's a pretty rational discussion, maybe I need to listen to that lib a little more if he/she is that fair".. funny, they ALWAYS (always) disappoint me later when I do. it's like they have brief moments of lucidity and then slip back; maybe they get thunked on the head by their fellow pundits. I don't know.

Bd said...

Lol! Yes, be afraid of the smart people! Let's put all our faith in the highly edited hit pieces and lies of Breitbart and Fox. Lol.

Liberal media my arse.

Bd said...

"The most successful lie conservatives have ever told is that we have a liberal media. We do not. We have a corporate media that is so obsessed with appearing balanced that they've turned into glorified publicity machines who are addicted to non-stories like Weinergate and routinely ignore more important items. Combined with the fact that Republicans and the Tea Party have pushed the conversation so far to the right that anyone purporting actual liberal or progressive views is immediately ignored, derided, and labeled as an evil socialist (as if there's something wrong with being a socialist), we get a media that will spend hours and hours talking about Anthony Weiner's crotch shots yet we don't hear a peep about Clarence Thomas' conflicts of interest."

MK said...

"Barack Adolf Obama"

He's actually closer than any Conservative could get.

Mind you leftist baboons frequently smeared George Bush as similar to hitler, so based on their infantile and stupid logic obama is worse than hitler.