Saturday, June 18, 2011

Media's all Conservative..........from GAWKER

"The most successful lie conservatives have ever told is that we have a liberal media. We do not. We have a corporate media that is so obsessed with appearing balanced that they've turned into glorified publicity machines who are addicted to non-stories like Weinergate and routinely ignore more important items. Combined with the fact that Republicans and the Tea Party have pushed the conversation so far to the right that anyone purporting actual liberal or progressive views is immediately ignored, derided, and labeled as an evil socialist (as if there's something wrong with being a socialist), we get a media that will spend hours and hours talking about Anthony Weiner's crotch shots yet we don't hear a peep about Clarence Thomas' conflicts of interest."

"Commenter" Bd posted this, from Gawker, as a response and I thought it was too funny not to use as a post............By the way.........this was only a comment in response to a Keith Olbermann ad for his new show which starts next week.  Do you see what they're doing?  They did this to FOX but the other way around.  Before FOX opened, CNN was bemoaning the conservative channel opening soon and maligning it as much as possible to set seeds of doubt in viewers' minds (thankfully, people saw through it and it's the Number 1 news channel by far).   For Olbermann, they're building it up that the mean ol' Right has maligned him that you can be assured that HE HAS THE ANSWERS and if you don't believe him, you're a product of the RIGHTWING MEDIA :-)  It's a pretty good tactic, really!   :-)  Sadly, his numbers won't quite reflect his hubris, but..they can hope!? (by the way, check out GAWKER, that upstanding font of gossip has a new story on Bristol Palin that shows how important it is we Americans read GAWKER.  heh

Here's a comment I found made more sense:  "When conservatives can reliably count on media operations as powerful as the NYT, AP, Reuters, NPR, CNN, MSNBC (has anyone told Olberdouche how astonishingly lily-white his network is? Where are the minorities, Keith?), then Olberdouche and MMFA might have grounds to bitch. Until then, it’s all motes and beams."   Exactly.

I'll be happy for any responses ..............Sadly, it's Saturday and less blogging happens, but I hope some of you come around and weigh in about the CONSERVATIVE MONOPOLY OF NEWS IN AMERICA! :-)



Always On Watch said...

If there were a conservative monopoly on the news, Obama wouldn't have gotten elected.

I suppose that any news outlet (online or print) isn't without bias.

That said, one of my friends who used to be a journalist at CNN is becoming dismayed that so many news articles actually contain editorializing and spin -- and no longer follow the inverted pyramid model.

Bob said...
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Z said...

Hi, AOW...I've said that too, so many times; with an honest media, we'd have never had Obama elected.

No, no outlet is completely without bias but remember the journalist code honest professors used to teach in America? WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? AND WHY?
I think adding a byline for every writer who wrote the slightest little story started a slippery slope. We had to hear their take on stories and that should be reserved for editorialists/opinion sections, etc.....

What the left fails to grasp is that Conservatives just want FAIRNESS...both sides, like on FOX's news. I know the left is euphoric as they claw themselves into staying in control of all the leftwing networks and CNN, MSNBC< etc., but we just want THE STORY, editorials should be what people want to read; from either side...not the NEWS.

Z said...

Bob, excellent points...

Did you know that 50% of FOX viewers are Democrats and Independents?


it was only 4% in April 2010, but I'm guessing there are a lot more now. This is not about Conservatives, it's about stopping socialism's creep... even some Democrats don't want that.

Z said...

OH, I'm so sorry you deleted your comment, Bob!

beamish said...

My comment disappeared.

Bd said...

It's real simple to understand, guys. 80% of the media in this country is owned by 5 corporations. Corporations are Republican.

"50% of Fox watchers are Dems or Ind?" Lol!!! Yeah, I turn it on once in a while. It's like passing a car crash site, you can't help but look. Each time I watch, I can count the lies by the minute.

The problems with Fox watchers is they don't know when they're being lied to and they don't know about Obama's accomplishments becasue Fox doesn't report them.

beamish said...

It's real simple to understand, guys. 80% of the media in this country is owned by 5 corporations. Corporations are Republican.

not just wrong, but goofy wrong

brianduffy said...
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Bd said...

Who are the most consistently misinformed media viewers? The most consistently misinformed? Fox viewers. Consistently. Every poll.

brianduffy said...
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Z said...

right, BD...
That is the stat; and they always correct the mistakes, too. I blame 24/7 news casting and I blame media watchdogs who think O'Reilly and Hannity are NEWS.
They get stuff up QUICKLY, way before CNN does many times, and I think FOX is wrong with doing that; I believe you need facts before speed. I agree.

I thought this was interesting from the Googling I did:

"Daily consumers of MSNBC and public broadcasting (NPR and PBS) were higher (34 points and 25 points respectively) in believing that it was proven that the US Chamber of Commerce was spending money raised from foreign sources to support Republican candidates. Daily watchers of network TV news broadcasts were 12 points higher in believing that TARP was signed into law by President Obama, and 11 points higher in believing that most Republicans oppose TARP."

So, I wouldn't be too quick to gloat. Don't ever kid yourself...even facts are in the eye of the beholder in this whacked-out news process. We need to STOP 24/7 news and hold all news shows to the fire for stopping the ratings war and give us news, just GIVE US NEWS, I don't want an OPINION from ANYBODY unless I ask for an opinion.

As for FOX? I'll take a channel that gives me a liberal and conservative on every discussion ANY time than any of CNN's constant 'all liberal' shows.
Or Meet the Mess, which has people like David Brooks as the 'token Republican' when he's anything BUT. Or Chris Matthews who gets Pat Buchanan on to support Matthews' stance against the Iraq war because he knows Buchanan was about the only Republican who didn't agree with our going in, too.

Ya, the BIG TOUGH LEFT...don't ever have a conservative on.
If you can't dazzle the public with brilliance, baffle them with BS. Seems to work with some people.
I'll bet you think Larry King and Piers Morgan are unbiased, too, huh. :-)

MK said...

If there's a conservative monopoly on media, why are they only trying to shut down Fox News.

I keep telling bd to take his pills, but he just won't listen, hence you get this sort of amusing stupidity from him.

Bd said...

41% of Fox Viewers still believe Saddam Hussein was behind the attack on 911.

'nuff said. lol!

soapster said...

The MSM plays to the propaganda that there masters instruct them.

When it serves their interests to be liberal they act and report to facilitate that train of thought.

And when, as they did so masterfully during Bush's tenure, they need the masses to buy into the threat of Saddam and the Iraqi regime and whatever else war propaganda they wish to sell they will do so.

This is a fact. It plays both sides. When you realize it you'll be left in shock and awe. ;-)

beamish said...

Who are the most consistently misinformed media viewers?


41% of Fox Viewers still believe Saddam Hussein was behind the attack on 911.

Including, presumably, the Clinton Justice Department officials that listed links between al Qaeda and Iraq in Osama Bin Laden's 1998 federal indictment.

Including, presumably, Bill Clinton himself in his justification for bombing a phamaceuticals plant in the Sudan.

soapster said...

"It's real simple to understand, guys. 80% of the media in this country is owned by 5 corporations. Corporations are Republican."

Rubbish. Perhaps at one point that could be said. The reality is quite different.

"The overall trend shows that all the media conglomerates donated disproportionately more to Democrats from 1990 to 1994. In 1996, they began to favor Republicans with an average margin of about 8 percentage points until 2008, when Democrats had all six (including News Corp.) giving them half, or more, of all donations."