Monday, June 27, 2011

Breaking News: Blagojevich convicted of nearly all charges

HERE is the information.  I think things might get much more interesting he pleads leniency. 


Brooke said...

Now that Blago didn't get away scott free, we'll have to see if he gets the same sort of sentence any one of us would.

Hey, maybe Obama will give him a pardon on his last day in office?

Z said...

Brooke, he could probably tell a LOT.
Let's see what happens; this would be the time to vent his spleen and get people in trouble...that guy's a loose canon.

sue said...
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beamish said...

As he is a member of the political party that is indisputably dedicated to the elimination of the US Constitution with the violent deaths of as many American citizens as possible, I'm surprised Blago hasn't taken a bullet to the brainpan for the corrupt Democrats he's rolled over on already.

A less terrorist organization, say al Qaeda, would have by now.

sue said...
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Anonymous said...

In Chicago, shakedowns for political reasons are an art form. The Federal Government regards this as racketeering. I would like someone to explain something to me. When Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton threaten corporations with allegations of racism unless they cough up large sums of cash, how is this not also racketeering, and why does the federal government turn a blind eye?

Major said...

And al Bambi...our "cic"....was up to his neck in Illinois politics.

Is it wonder then why his state senate / US Senate... voting records, emails and correspondence are all locked up?

Think any member of the LSM seeking a coveted Pulitzer would dig as deeply into this "young, clean articulate" ( Biden ) much as they have in Palins emails?

I hope Blago spills his guts....if he doesn't that means he's been promised added security to keep quiet. A nice cushy lobbyist gig after his 2 years at Club Fed are finished? It's the Chicago way.

Z said...

Major; `the threats are probably SO huge to his family that he may not be able to spill his guts; IF any of what we think actually happened did actually happen.
THat's the only way they could keep him quiet now, I think.
I didn't know his senatorial records were locked up; all senators or just his?
And they must have been gone through by the defense and prosecution, no?

I am beginning to wonder how much of our country is under threat by many rich special interests....islam, soros. Who can argue when someone or something is threatening your family or yourself? Maybe, some day, we'll get a whistle blower brave enough to expose some of it.
as it is, people like Glenn Beck have to have body guards.
Odd, I'm quite sure people on the Left do not. I've never heard of it, anyway; Have you heard of WOlf Blitzer or Candy Crowley or Alan Colmes or Keith Olbermann talk about bodyguards?
O'Reilly has to have them, Beck does...probably many talkshow hosts. How sad.

Mustang: I used to actually believe Black 'leaders' were in it for their people!! I DID! I think I lost my "Aren't the black leaders wonderful?" virginity in Paris over dinner with a bigshot lawyer from D.C......"But, Mark, what does Jesse Jackson do to support himself?"
Boy, did I hear an earful about a lot of things.
Mark is with one of the biggest law firms in DC and also does a lot of work in Saudi Arabia and he's Jewish. THAT's how smart that guy is.

Calming unions for money, and what you said about racism allegations...the fun never stops.
And why haven't they been exposed?

Major said...

"all senators or just his?"

As far as I know...just his. As well as all his college transcripts from Occidental, Columbia and Harvard. Also no examples of published material when he was the President of the Law Review.

No records of his Passport or travel records.
Or health medical records. ( Maybe their hiding the fact he doesn't have a heart? What socialist does? )

Funny one remembers Barry either.

Major said...

"And why haven't they been exposed?"

Ms. Z.....I know you're not na ive.
They have been exposed for the slime, frauds, thieves and pimps they are.

By guys like Breitbart, Beck and a few others. We know Sherrod is a lying thief...Jackson and Sharpton....Waters....Hastings...Rangel, and on and on.

Apparently black "leaders" are offended if you question if they're "wetting" their beaks.

It's acceptable as an underground form of reparations that they justify.

With the exception of Cain and West...I really can't think of any AA politician that's not on the "Low Down".

The black guys that I served with...all of them, everyone...a GD hero and the ballsiest, guttiest bad asses that spit upon these socialist scumbags.

These clowns that are nothing but frauds when they use the race card. The guys I know...are embarrassed by these frauds.

Conservatives go to hypocrites are given another committee assignment or run to the NAACP.

"“If you want to made a conservative mad, tell him a lie. If you want to make a liberal mad, tell him/her the truth.”

I await the ad hominen, usual "racist" canards from the mentally challenged socialists....Next?

Z said...

Major, I'm sorry..I thought you meant Blogo's records were all locked up; I know all too well about Obama's...

As for your friends, I take it to mean your black fighting buddies and my black friends, too, always say "Those pimps aren't MY leaders" if they hear Jesse or Al or Charlie's names.........

Something very strange is going on; or is this just what happens when we have such political correctness nothing CAN be corrected?

Major said...

Ms. problem. I assumed...sorry.

Z said...

Major, no 'sorry' necessary! I was the boob! xx

Major said...
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Chuck said...

It would be real interesting if he really started talking.

My bet is he is going to make a deal for leniency now that he has been convicted and will get it.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Oh boo-fucking-hoo. . .

12 to 15 years.

At Club Fed.


Z said...

me, too, Chuck.

BZ..don't think he'll be breaking rocks, huh? :-)

Z said...

Major, you knock me OUT. Wounded Warriors, huh? I'm SO not surprised. This is America at its best (after the soldiers, who are REALLY its best)
THanks for this comment; we Conservatives salute you and your insight.
I'm sure some VAs run very well...I wish they all did.
I wish it could all be put in the hands of private companies but isn't it astonishing to think that SO MANY AMericans really do believe gov't can do it better?
I just can't understand how much proof they need to know the truth.

beamish said...

I always hear lefties whine about the poor medical treatment veterans get from the government or how people got shuffled into living in FEMA trailers after tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, forest fires, and hurricanes.

My response is always "So let's put government in charge of everybody's helath care and housing!"

Methinks the left is too dense for sarcasm.

sue said...


As a 'public servant' who has constantly and blatantly lied - to the people of Illinois, his family and friends - I don't think so.

One can only picture him in a Federal prison, walking in circles in the exercise yard (still in self-denial of his crimes), muttering to himself for the next twenty years:

'I didn't do it, I didn't do it...

And finally, 'or did I?'

Lisa said...

I know a good bunk mate for him.

MK said...

Hopefully he'll actually be punished and not let off for some half-baked reason.

A Retired Marine said...

One down, many other to follow... Let's hope.