Thursday, June 2, 2011

Primetime PROPAGANDA admitted to..............and DAVID MAMET??!!

There's finally a BOOK telling the truth about what Conservatives have known for years;  Liberal bias in television/entertainment.  This is a book by a Conservative who interviewed ON TAPE some of the bigger names in Hollywood production and writes about their admissions of the totally unrepentant pushing of leftwing ideology not only through story lines but who they hire, and in adult and children's programming, too.  He mentions some of your favorite shows and the ideologies they pushed.  The linked article has a lot of information like:

The late Bruce Paltrow knew that Schultz was a fan of President Ronald Reagan. When Schultz showed up to audition for "St Elsewhere," a show Paltrow produced, to read for the part of Fiscus, Paltrow told him: "There's not going to be a Reagan [expletive] on this show!" The part went to Howie Mandel.  (Paltrow was Gwynneth's father, of course.)

The article linked above is worth reading.....Ben Shapiro is going to be releasing tapes one at a time to make the biggest impact ...he asked those interviewed if he could tape them and they agreed;  some say they'll be surprised and embarrassed when the tapes emerge.... but he says:

"If they're going to be shocked at something, it should be themselves, not me," Shapiro said. "They should be shocked that opinion is so one-sided in Hollywood that it's OK to say, 'I'm fine with discrimination.'"  "My whole book is a plea for openness in the industry," he added. "Hire people from the other side of the aisle once in a while, or at least stop mocking them."

As an aside, I happened to watch some of Imus just this morning.  He was interviewing a woman named Bethenny Frankel and said "you had a kid and weren't married, right?"    She said "Yes....I know that doesn't go over big with these people at FOX."   As if Don Imus is some social conservative? :-)  No bias, right?

I hope a lot of people buy Shapiro's book.....PRIMETIME PROPAGANDA ...we need to support people who tell the truth.   like........ 

DAVID MAMET, the Playwright who now admits he was a 'brain-dead liberal' and has written a book-length, raucous coming-out party: "The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture."  Here's a bit from the Wall St Journal article:

Hear him take on the left's sacred cows. Diversity is a "commodity." College is nothing more than "Socialist Camp." Liberalism is like roulette addiction. Toyota's Prius, he tells me, is an "anti-chick magnet" and "ugly as a dogcatcher's butt." Hollywood liberals—his former crowd—once embraced Communism "because they hadn't invented Pilates yet." Oh, and good radio isn't NPR ("National Palestinian Radio") but Dennis Prager, Michael Medved and Hugh Hewitt.   Check this out from the article:
Before he moved to California, Mr. Mamet had never met a self-described conservative or read one's writings. He'd never heard of Messrs. Sowell or Steele. "No one on the left has," he tells me. "I realized I lived in this bubble."

I thought the Shapiro and Mamet stories dovetailed nicely;   That 'big open minded Liberal' doesn't seem to be quite open minded, does he.  Until he recovers.



beamish said...

What Sir Edmund Burke meant when he said "Conservatives eschew ideology" is that they are hesitant to give up things that work in practice in pursuit of things that only work "in theory."

Conservatism strives to remain grounded in reality, rationality, and verifiable results, while progressivism tends to blame the test for its crapulent results.

And so you have "communists" telling you "communism has never been tried" and so forth.

The world would be a much better, and dare I say it, "progressive" place to live if people would just stop clinging to the absurd notion that leftists can be capable of rational thought.

Anonymous said...

The amazing thing to me is that here we have a group of people who, during the McCarthy hearings, whined and whimpered about how the government was picking on them because of their communist affiliation —which as it turns out, was absolutely true. These Hollywood types were part of the Frankfort school, and they did contrive to destroy American values and culture. Now, they are guilty of that very thing they cried about during the so-called McCarthy Era. So in addition to being dyed-in-the-wool communist acolytes intent upon destroying our great nation, they openly discriminate against conservatives. Wow, what a surprise!

Ducky's here said...

Another video has Leonard Goldberg — who executive produces "Blue Bloods" for CBS and a few decades ago exec produced such hits as "Fantasy Island," "Charlie's Angels" and "Starsky and Hutch" — saying that liberalism in the TV industry is "100 percent dominant, and anyone who denies it is kidding, or not telling the truth."


Shouldn't take much to deconstruct that folks.

Ducky's here said...
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Ducky's here said...

Anyone her remember The Smothers Brothers show? They sure let the liberals run wild on that one, eh?

Mamet is n interesting case but an extremely wooden, plodding director. He presented, from the beginning, a world where people were constantly scamming each other and clawing to the top. "Glengary Glen Ross" is a perfect image of laissez-faire.

What caused he and Silver, a mediocrity to "abandon liberalism" was the issue of Israel. Liberals did not seem sufficiently willing to give Israel carte blanche.

As for destroying American culture well here's an interesting assignment, mustang. Research the CIA's involvement with the Leo Castelli gallery and the CIA's promotion of your favorite artist, Jackson Pollock.

... but let's all go back and watch "Leave It to Beaver".

Bd said...

It crack me up when wingnuts claim a liberal bias in the media when they have the largest audience in their own network, Fox News spouting GOP lies 24/7 and own 70% of the airwaves with talk radio.

Media is big business. Big business is owned by Republicans.

Bob said...

Our whole reference system for political thought is warped.

The old left vs right thing has never been satisfactory. A famous science fiction writer, Jerry Pournelle, once published a diagram fitting various political positions into a two dimensional chart. I don't necessarily agree with him, but it is interesting.

The subject of this post is the mind-locked nature of liberal thinking (oxymoron).

Conservative thought is based on principle and logic. For example, conservatives are afraid of communism and other brands of socialism because millions were enslaved, stripped of their freedoms, and additional millions murdered by socialist dictators in the 20th century. These are logical, thoughtful positions supported with fact.

Liberal thought ignores the fundamental problems and inherent contradictions of socialism, and blindly proceed with the idea that they can do it right, next time.

Couple that attitude with the self-anointed position that liberals are superior in intellect, and you have totalitarian rule. Liberals depend on how they "feel" about something. Facts don't seem to enter their decision process.

Liberalism is the normal way for weak minded people to be accepted in society. They put a lot of value on public figures, either in Hollywood or Washington by trying to "think" like their heros, whether these heros are intelligent or not. Usually, not.

This is why we see about 43% of our nation dedicated to political movements like anthropogenic global warming, believing in government solutions for pretty much everything, and sucking up to self-proclaimed liberal intellectual thinkers. Remember the oxymoron thing. These morons are Democrats.

Z: You are getting me in a attitude for the day. I will be seeing clients, and I need a hot shower and some quiet time to get my blood pressure under control. Provacative post.

Spurious Missives

beamish said...

Media is big business. Big business is owned by Republicans.


You sure about that?

Ducky's here said...

What would it look like if the culture were controlled by conservatives, Beamish?

Let's assume that we have a "liberal" culture. What would yours look like?

Okay, the music would be infinite variations on shredding a standard blues chord progression and we know you can listen to that for weeks on end and find inspiration.

But what would it look like? You've gotten rid of all that stuff from the fifties and sixties like abstraction, pop, modal jazz, bebop, the French New Wave, minimalism, concrete music ... where those "conservative" movements replaced by the likes of "liberal" slasher films, heavy metal, rap and reality TV?

As much as conservatives complain, they never seem to dare to mention conservative movements that were sidetracked by the nasty left. I suspect because they don't want us to know that they want to go back to Leave it to Beaver but, really, what would your "conservative" culture look like.

Assuming, of course, that we aren't looking at it right now.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Herbert Marcuse influenced many radical scholars and activists, including Angela Davis, Abbie Hoffman, Van Jones, Nancy Pelosi, and Ducky. He was a member of the Frankfort School. Marcuse claimed capitalist democracies are rife for totalitarianism; he advocated intolerance of right wing political movements … as reflected in the utterly hateful and unmannered comments deposited here by Ducky and the half-baked BD, who is incapable of being influenced by anyone with an IQ level above a Shih Tzu.

It is inconceivable that Saul Alinsky, Richard Cloward, or Francis Fox Piven never heard of Marcuse, or that they were somehow miraculously ignorant of the neo-Marxist ideas of the Frankfort School. They surely did incorporate many of Marcuse’s ideas … as well as other communists who sought “fundamental changes” in the United States of America: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, David Greenglass, Harry Gold, Martin Sobell, Julian Bond, Jane Fonda, Stokley Carmichael, Marion Barry, Angeline Butler, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Hillary Rodham Clinton, John Kerry, Barack Hussein Obama …

I suppose it is possible for Ducky to claim no connection between the Hollywood elite and the Frankfort School … but while I might agree 99.9% of the Hollywood elite wouldn’t know Herbert Marcuse if he bit them on the leg, this ignorance simply acts as an indictment of America’s public school system more than substantiation of Ducky’s claim.

Ducky's here said...

Mustang, I have friends who are Communists. The real thing, party members.

One is a university professor (down boy, stay calm) and he did his graduate thesis on community organizing. He HATED Alinsky and properly recognized that Alinsky WAS ANTI COMMUNIST. I know he's the fringe right's word of the day but at least do a little study, okay.

Angela Davis and Pelosi? You are too much, man.

Marcuse did have some influence, but it was influence on the so called sexual revolution which was a bit of a disaster.

Jane Fonda? Can't say here film output was radical. Did you find Marxism in "The Electric Cowboy".

Stokely Carmichael and John Kerry? You paint with far too broad a brush to be taken seriously mustang.

Ducky's here said...

Oh , mustang, since you bring up Jane Fonda, I'm curious if you have ever seen Godard's "Letter to Jane".

Came out just after she appeared in "Tout Va Bien". Now Godard, there's a radical and he deconstructs the famous photo and absolutely excoriates Fonda.

I'm just curious if you were ever curious.

Joe said...

Ducky: No one would imply that your brush is too broad. Your brush, like your mind, is as narrow as they come.

You face the world with very large blinders, focused single-mindedly on your liberal/progressive leftist agenda, caring not for even the perphery.

Z said...

My GOSH, Ducky, you read this information and completely deconstruct yourself! Glad it got your goat!
Your Goldberg line is the best, though: because he produced shows with little perversion, you think he can't recognize it? No, Ducky, some people are way ahead of you in grasping reality.

Why can't you just for a second pay attention to the facts? We don't need to extrapolate quite as far as you have been here; we only have to read the interviews and know that backs up everything Conservatives have said for years.
Hey, Ducky, how about proving ALL IN THE FAMILY wasn't leftwing bias? :-)

Ya, if Republicans were in charge of arts, there'd be no arts, right? :-)

Oh, and yes....please..We used to celebrate the good in American culture/family and now we celebrate the perverted. Do you know I'm quite sure that nearly every single cast of a television show today has a gay family member or neighbor? Odd, when the facts show that between 1.4 and 3% of Americans are gay, isn't it? No agenda? Yes.

I remember actually watching the station LEAVE IT TO BEAVER comes on here and the bumpers were put-downs on it. It could have been your nasty little anti-wholesome voice (I know, Ducky, how do I define wholesome? imagine you've come to not knowing?) say something like "and that smart assed little punk will show Eddie off today.." no agenda. I know.

Mustang, by the way, your comment at Chuck's about Bashir and the flag was CLASSIC, thanks for the morning laugh. We all know that's been going on but reading the quotes in this article was something. The tapes are supposed to be even worse. And, as Shapiro said, they'll come out when it's pertinent, so I'm HOPING AGAINST HOPE not only FOX will expose these truths, but FINALLY, the mainstream media might take SOME interest in the truth, too. Fat chance.

Beamish, but "communism has never been tried" but dontchaknow there are Socialists who feel, though it's never ever worked successfully anywhere, we would do it 'better'? :-)

Bob, EXCELLENT commentary there, thanks...and sorry this information worked you up! I know, it's hard to read these things and know that so many Americans simply don't understand the bill of goods they're being sold.
Look at the information Beamish so kindly provided Bd; MAYBE, SOMEDAY, people will learn from the truth. I'm hoping our Conservative blogs are rubbing off..the lefties sure hang around, don't they.

Joe, and they get SO SCARED when they're exposed. It's sad that the lefties interviewed are going to freak when they hear the tapes and they won't know when they're coming out...could get fun.
But, sadly, the media won't pick THE TRUTH up, and when FOX exposes the VOICES to show it's THEM and THE TRUTH, FOX will be said to be 'too Rightwing'...well, maybe, today, truth IS rightwing.

Ticker said...

The idiocy spewing from Duckbutts bill is astounding.
Joe, you are correct, Duckbutts mind is as narrow as a toothpick spanning the Mississippi River. Actually it could be said that it is "nary" as they say back in the mountains. "Nary" is often used as Nary as in narrow but in Duckbutts case it would be more aptly used in it's real sense and mountain meaning as NONE. In other words he ain't had nary a rational thought since he was born.

Anonymous said...

"Mustang, I have friends who are Communists. The real thing, party members."

Really.... why am I not one bit surprised that you would surround yourself with losers who still don't understand that Commies are poisonous, lying, murdering psychopaths who haven't yet seen the writing on the wall of history?

The "Real Thing" indeed.

Z said...

Hi, Ticker!
glad you could come by. believe it or not this California girl often says things like "Nary a person was there yet.." etc.
I never knew where NARY derived from!

Ya, this information of liberals admitting leftwing propaganda really hit a nerve with ol' Duck, didn't it.

Imp.." the real thing"...imagine? How proud he must be.

Lisa said...

The people who rail on about FOX are just upset about the fact that liberal outlets can't carry the whole narrative. The people who watch FOX "want" to watch FOX and talk radio as well,which was created originally to give the opposite viewpoint instead of the liberal one that for years had dominated the airways.
And to say FOX dominates the media, they are only one station where the rest that are viewed by those who don't follow politics and are influenced by them with their Hope and Change Message.
They are so dishonest about the economy and counter it by hailing the deceitful success of the GM payback. It goes back to the "Feel Good"politics.
I also find it ironic that many conservatives were once liberals and not much the other way around.

Tammy Bruce
Micheal Savage
David Horowitz
Dennis Miller
Andrew Breibart

"Mustang, I have friends who are Communists. The real thing, party members"
Gee what a Surprise Ducky

Z said...

Hi, Lisa! Good list

add DAVID MAMET from my post today...quite surprising

add Gary Sinise
Kelsey Grammer
Orson Bean
Alley Mills Bean
Steven Baldwin
Rob Lowe

Most have been too afraid to 'come out'....they don't get work, as you can see in my article.

my friend who comments here under MATISSE is an accomplished painter and teaches painting here in LA....I've told this story before, but she was at an art gallery opening, standing upstairs looking down on all the different galleries and their guests, and the artist next to her said "Man, I hope there are no REPUBLICANS here.." SHe is a staunch Conservative and just has to keep quiet. She recently lost a client for having opened up to someone that she wasn't a liberal, not knowing the person knew her client, who called and canceled after 25 years or so of painting instruction.

It's tough out there and I wouldn't mind the fight except that it's this oppressive leftwing population which touts OPEN MINDEDNESS and is anything BUT..
They're only OPEN MINDED on perversity.

Lisa said...

I like that list as well Z. That's right Rob Lowe just came out too and another adition to that is John Voight and Ted Nugent.
I don't understand why the stigma attached to conservatism.
When people like Ducky say we want to back to Leave it To Beaver it's really liberalism/Socialism/Progressivism/communism/ that is passé'.
Those are old policies that had been around and proven not to work,which is why the US was always called the Shining Star on the Hill and why Socialist countries make for more desperate people.
Great mind opening post.

Z said...

Lisa, LEAVE IT TO BEAVER is the life many of us led as children ...they even went to Sunday school a couple of times...SHOCKING, right? :-)
The left would enjoy it more if Eddie was gay; there'd be no prejudice against its values were that the case, right? :-)

Yes! Jon Voigt is another good example...and was Nugent a liberal, too?

When liberals HEAR, with those 'open minds' they espouse, Conservative viewpoints and reasoning, it's probably hard to resist.
But, you ask about STIGMA: when the leftwingers paint Conservatives as HOMOPHOBIC for their stance on traditional marriage, or AGAINST WOMEN because most of us are not pro choice, or HATE THE POOR because we believe charity should come from the heart not government demands, or we WANT THE ELDERLY TO DIE because we want changes to Medicare (and the changes are so badly misrepresented), then you get a stigma that will be hard to conquer.
Add to that the fact that most profs are leftwing and teach that way now, and you've got an oppressive situation which the left doesn't seem to mind.

OH, I forgot to add that, because Conservatives know that raising taxes yet again on the small percentage who actually pays meaningful amounts of taxes (the very rich) could be very bad for business, we also CHAMPION THE RICH AND THE POOR CAN GO TO HELL !! :-) more undeserved stigma...but, the beat goes on, doesn't it.

Ducky's here said...

Liberal thought ignores the fundamental problems and inherent contradictions of socialism, and blindly proceed with the idea that they can do it right, next time.


Just as Libertarians ignore the fundamental inconsistencies of capitalism?

Just what are your expectations of an economic system. Seems that's a good place to start rather than immediately getting hung up on labels.

My guess that is self contained in the word "freedom" (and your conception will agree with everyone else) as it fights "the liberal agenda" and , as usual, you say nothing specifics. Just a few rabies radio memes.

Ducky's here said...

Yes it's a surprise I'm sure. But a bigger surprise is that mustang was called on his dropping Alinsky's name without having a clue what the man's politics were.

Z said...

Ducky, do you have an open enough mind to discuss the 'inconsistencies of socialism'?

You seem so very unable to filter facts sometimes, Ducky.
This is a BLOG and our comments don't have much room for explanation/details, etc. But, this is how you fight....demanding everyone uses YOUR DEFINITIONS for words we all use.


beamish said...

What would it look like if the culture were controlled by conservatives, Beamish?

You'd be driving a car made from American steel and fueled by American oil from either the Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, or the shales of Wyoming, listening to the news on a radio made in America talking about how famine, pestilence, and war around the world could be eliminated if the primitive barbarians outside America's borders would give up their left-wing fascinations with dialectical materialism and apply for annexation as a state into the United States.

The standard of living in America would be so high, and self-perpetuated, that left-wing ideologies around the world would be the target of cartoons making fun of stupidity. When someone spoke with a Bullwinkle voice, you'd automatically assume they were parodying a left-winger's theory.

Shall I go on?

Z said...

Beamish, DO go's music to MY ears, anyway! :-)
You forgot to mention that the news they'd be hearing would be honest, true NEWS...What? When? WHere? Why? And no EDITORIAL.

Heck, even Diane Sawyer is apparently pulling for us to BUY AMERICAN again...think something's sinking in?? I think she's beginning to see some light...I hope so.

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

I agree with Z Beamish do go on,so far so good. lol

Lisa said...

ok that last comment was a darn mess,do over:

don't know if Nugent was a liberal maybe that wasn't a good one.
Too bad we couldn't get the narrative out enough to call on the true stigma of the bowels of society which are the things liberal policies lead to.
Did you hear that loser Barney Frank come out today and claim that the Republicans voted against a new Obama pick because she's a woman. Meanwhile he probably framed a pic of Weiner's weener and hung it over his bed.
Good Lord,everyone is a VIIICTIIIIIMM according to them.
I am really sick of them. These republicans better stop being woosies and not pull any punches this election season. Ya gotta fight fire with fire thanks to the nastiness of the left.

beamish said...

I could go on, but I want to make a distinction here. Conservative control of the culture would be an organic mechanism. No government intervention in media or government promotion of crap as "art" would occur. People would just tend to not patronize things that suck because as conservatives, their standards wouldn't lower to partake in them. A picture of Chairman Mao submerged in a jar of urine, for example, would remain as generally obscure as a piece of "art" as the infamous crucifix in urine would have been if left to the people who confuse such displays with "art" and not promoted further.

I have to point out here that I'm not using Ducky's dictionary.

"Leave it to Beaver" was no more a reflection of family life or the American culture at large in the 1950s and 1960s than "The Brady Bunch" was the 1970s, "Eight is Enough" was the 1980s, "Beverly Hills 90210" was the 1990s, "Dawson's Creek" was the 2000's, or "Two and a Half Men" is the 2010's.

Unlike leftists, conservatives do not view the world through the tunnel vision blinders of peering at it through a coffee straw. That's how conservatives can see the disconnect between demographic realities and the number of faggots on TV. Conservatives are fairly certain TV-Land is not reality.

But, shocker here - Ducky and I are in agreement that "he who controls the images controls the narrative."

He's just too busy holding the coffee straw of TV and films up to his eye to notice we're all pointing to him holding a coffee straw up to his eye like a telescope and laughing at him.

Z said...

Beamish "But, shocker here - Ducky and I are in agreement that "he who controls the images controls the narrative."
Who can disagree with that?
What do you think I keep bitching about the media/entertainment, etc., for?

And, Beamish, do you really think any Conservative wants to control the culture?

Nobody's arguing for that; just for sanity. But, of course, we'd have to get back to a definition of right from wrong.... or a term like decency or, maybe, the term respect, in the case of Mao or Jesus in urine. I'd not welcome either. Nor do I agree with burning Korans but I'll fight for the jerk's right to do it.

But, I'm more culturally/socially conservative than you are, so....I'm sure you'd define some things differently than I would, too.
And, I must admit, I did have a pretty LEAVE IT TO BEAVER/BRADY BUNCH upbringing; as did nearly all my friends; can't think of one who didn't, actually. But, I'm younger than you are and the generations have changed, no doubt about it.

beamish said...

And, Beamish, do you really think any Conservative wants to control the culture?

Some do, but those that want a "culture war" in America tend to take on other leftist traits, wanting government to promote this and restrict that and centrally plan another and soon enough they aren't even conservative anymore, but just another center-left populist movement like the Tea Party and other champions of socialism. They want to "conserve" the things bringing America to financial ruin, like Social Security and Medicare. (70% of the Tea Party opposes any tampering with Medicare whatsoever, i.e. they're lefties)

The definition of conservative is getting quite a work out and rewrite by this "control the collective culture" meme. People who don't have a conservative bone in their body are calling themselves "conservative" now.

It's full of fail. There may be populist gold in screeching that illegal immigrants are destroying "our" welfare system, but conservatives should see the destruction of the welfare system as a goal, not a fear.

beamish said...

But, I'm younger than you are...

Only slightly :P

Z said...

Beamish, I meant OLDER than you are, sorry!
And by way more than a little :-)

MK said...

This is sort of old news, we all know the bias, the only questions i have are - will they change and can the rats be shamed into doing the right thing.

I'm not holding my breath for leftard rats to do the right thing, they never have in the past.

beamish said...

Beamish, I meant OLDER than you are, sorry! And by way more than a little :-)

I'm 173 in dog years :P

Z said...

MK, it's not old news at ALL..that's why it's so exciting.
We're finally seeing ADMITTANCE of this...that's NEW news :-)

Ticker said...

Mountain folks ain't all dumb Z. LOL. We may talk a bit strange at times but the message comes across loud and clear for those who listen.

Actually the word "nary" has been used by those settling in the NC and ETN mountains for centuries. It tends to reflect the Scotish brogue of the folks who settled those hills and hollers as my ancestors did.