Saturday, June 18, 2011

after obama and boehner's golf game is over and the media proceeds with pictures, take a look at how most of them are going to be obama with his hand on boehner's back.  wait for it.


Leticia said...

I can only imagine. But I have no doubt that Obama will take advantage of the photo op.

Z said...

Hi, Leticia; remember when BUsh swore off golf because he'd put soldiers on the battlefield and the Left laughed at it?
This whole photo op/golf game, is remarkable: A man so out of touch with people hurting in this country that it's breath taking.
As I've said before, I don't take from a president's R&R but this smacks of more BEER SUMMITS and PHOTO OPS, you're right.

Major said...
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Dave Miller said...

Z, presidents of both parties have played golf for years through all sorts of wars, catastrophes, and economic problems.

Ike played golf an estimated 800 times during his eight year term, or almost twice a week.

If our former commander from WWII did not see it as disrespectful to play golf during the Korean War, I cannot see what the problem is.

Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford & Nixon all played golf during hostilities. Were these too improper or photo ops? Were these presidents so out of touch as to be breathtaking too?

BTW, GW Bush continued to play golf up to at least October 2003, clearly during hostilities in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Major said...

"Ike played golf an estimated 800 times during his eight year term, or almost twice a week."

I've got news for you...Ike could have roller skated, hula hooped or skate boarded every damn day of the week if he wanted to! He earned it as probably one of the last damn American heros alongside Churchill. Having defeated the scourge or Nazism....killing Hitler and saving Europe and untold more millions as well as freeing the camps....

His Presidency was a freebie from a thankful America that we still had men like him and his nemesis Patton!

al Obabbi....has no stripes or battle ribbons...and when he "rescues" America as he promised the uniformed and ignorant he would do....he can play more hoops as well as golf.

Until then friend...he needs to keep his skinny butt at his desk. And the Missus drag queen...on a leash.

Susannah said...

I'm sorry, Major...I don't think I quite get what you're saying. Could you be a little more precise? ;) Ha!

Major said...

"The President ... no longer governs for the interest of the State, but for that of his re-election; he does homage to the majority, and instead of checking its passions, as his duty commands him to do, he frequently courts its worst caprices ...

Intrigue and corruption are the natural defects of elective government; but when the head of the State can be re-elected these evils rise to a great height, and compromise the very existence of the country.

When a simple candidate seeks to rise by intrigue, his manoeuvres must necessarily be limited to a narrow sphere; but when the chief magistrate enters the lists, he borrows the strength of the Government for his own purposes.

In the former case the feeble resources of an individual are in action; in the latter, the State itself, with all its immense influence, is busied in the work of corruption and cabal"

Congress must reassert itself, put an end to this fraudulent monarchy and stop the march of an Imperial Presidency.

Ducky's here said...

Woodrow Wilson played virtually every day but Sundays.

Z said...

Ducky and Dave, it's best if you read my posts and comments and then comment.
I don't take away from any president taking time off;
andd, of course, Dave, the point was that Bush decided that his conscience couldn't abide playing golf while the soldiers were on the battlefield. Sorry it didn't happen the MINUTE they were deployed.

My point was that the photo ops will be endless and won't Obama look wonderful patting Boehner on the back? Though the White House made very clearly nothing would be decided on the golf course? :-)

also, I'm thinking there are men with 3 children who have no job and are losing their home and it kind of hurts seeing your commander in chief playing golf all day....kinda , dare I say, "ROUGH?"

Major, good point about Ike.

Susannah...good point about Major :-) He's a keeper!

Major said...

Well Ducky....then Wilson respected the Lords day off. Unlike al Obambi....who has attended church what???? Twice?

( Ahhhh.....that sweet sound of Friday prayers....)

He must really miss the BLA's Chicago's Wright, immensely.

Z said...

actually, Ducky, it was about every other day and he had severe hypertension so it was probably a healthy thing for him to do.

Major, I saw a video today of Obama regarding Wright....Obama bobs and weaves like you can't BELIEVE about whether he knew Wright was spewing the stuff he was spewing. Even ANderson Cooper asked him "You mean nobody told you when Wright would say some of the stuff he said ?"
He never heard it, then he did hear it, then he'd deflect with "he baptized my children and brought me to Jesus"'s astonishing. Youtube has it....and that's our president.

Z said...

Today, Obama said:
"WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama says being a dad is sometimes his hardest job, but also the most rewarding....."

Harder than trying to fix an economy? Harder than getting Republicans to do your bidding? Harder than Middle East peace? Harder than sending men and women to war? Harder than keeping up with the prevarications? :-)

WOW. I hope people who are hurting don't see that.

Ducky's here said...

Don't matter where Obummer's hand is, z. it just keeps going on.

There were bills introduced to drop ethanol subsidies and Bohner (R - Tanning booth) saw that they went nowhere.

Heck, we subsidize cotton growers in Texas for no good reason and when the Brazilians went to the WTF we sent Brazil an identical subsidy rather than deal with the Texas welfare queens.

NOTHING CHANGES. This is nothing but a farcical kabuki for Rollo (I.e. the unaware, term used by Charles Ives).

beamish said...

Fore more years.


Z said...

Ducky, sometimes I agree with you.
a little.

Beamish...VERY good one...but, let's hope not.

Dave Miller said...

Z, my point is this... sure Obama manages the press, as did every president before him since Kennedy.

Yes, he plays golf, as did many of our previous presidents.

To be critical of President Obama for doing exactly what other presidents have done, while not acknowledging that is unreasonable.

Find areas of difference, but to point out behaviors that are exactly the same as past presidents, and be outraged as if that was not true, seems blatantly partisan.

Am I missing something?

Major, I don't think Ike would have any chance at being elected today, given his feelings towards the "military industrial complex." Maybe he was given a freebie, but he was right, and another terrible presidential golfer.

Scotty said...

To be critical of President Obama for doing exactly what other presidents have done, while not acknowledging that is unreasonable.

That in itself seems to be a somewhat innocuous statement but when we watch the MSM and the current administration using the mantra “the other guy did it too!!” it takes on a whole different tone.

I won’t deny any President any type of recreation, regardless of party; I have to assume that the office brings with it an air of being a pressure cooker. They deserve what time they can get to stand down, if only for a few hours.

But, many of the same people that were critical about President Bush’s time at the ranch are the same ones that say we can’t criticize President Obama. It’s about being a hypocrite, Dave.

That’s not to say that there aren’t hypocrites on the right.

To be critical of President Obama for doing exactly what other presidents have done

But I watch this statement being used in the area of policy also. Often times regarding policy that was bad even the FIRST time around!

That’s wrong Dave, and about the poorest defense that the current administration and those on the left can make.

As I said to you on another blog, Dave, making statement like that assuming that we will say, “Oh, in that case it’s OK” even thought it was bad policy or an action from the past.

How many times have we heard, “Bush did it”, “Reagan did it” etc. It gets a bit weary after a while.

Scotty said...

From the National Journal:

2. The Back Pat. After the first hole, the foursome walked back to the carts, and Obama patted Boehner on the back. They rode together (Obama driving) while Biden and Kasich rode in the other cart. Interpretations of the pat were mixed. The Washington Times wrote that "hopefully this sign of congeniality from the Duffer-in-Chief will give the top Republican the opportunity to drive a hard bargain on the green today." The Hill called it a sign "that the round had a nonpartisan feel."

Z said...

Scotty, wait for it: as the election looms nearer, the obama line is going to be "We just couldn't help you yet to come out of the BUSH ECONOMY"
You think you've heard it enough now? :-)

Z said...

Dave "Am I missing something?"
It appear so......
How many times and ways can I write that I don't begrudge a president playing golf, Dave? Read my post and a comment or two here! my point is not that at ALL.
My point is the media and how they slammed Bush for playing golf and then for deciding not to play golf.

One of the only two golf game photos I've seen is Obama with his hand on Boehner's back as if he's the great pal, the great reconciler; it's subtle but very good, isn't it, on the media's part.

And yes, I will criticize Obama only from the standpoint that the WH already came out alerting the world that nothing would come out of the golf game. How about a TEENSY bit of optimism for a change? Hopefully, at least better relationships might have been forged? Does the WH really think Americans figured on a signed agreement to slash spending and not raise the debt ceiling written on the 18th hole?
(by the way, Boehner could do with a little less 19th hole, between you and me)
Just give us some of that HOPE you promised, Obama.

By the way, Dave, I always give credit where credit's due and have included Obama in that.
I have only recently stood up for him re the "shovel ready" line everybody jumped on. Yes, we were not shovel ready and I still would like to know where most of the stimulus money that was supposed to accompany that WENT (as would most Conservatives), but he did not laugh in that panel; I've seen the video five times now and he did not joke about it. That jerk Immelt did (why wouldn't the head of GE? after the good it did him!!?$$$$)...Obama did not.

Susannah said...

Z, darling, you're one of the sharpest bloggers alive. Clarity, dear Dave. Z is about clarity, not muddied waters.