Saturday, June 11, 2011

Obsessing on Sarah.....Why?

UPDATE:  My commenter MAJOR reminds us all that this is the same liberal media which fought against the Patriot Act.  Having added this point this morning, NOW read this:!

As some of you know, I am no longer a fan of Sarah Palin, but this email story has interested me...She has not said she's running for the presidency, but, according to this source (all of which I've printed below), everybody wants to see her emails!   WHY?  They went through her garbage outside her home and office for months, they looked into every single personal family situation they could possibly come up with....why? They say she has no chance of winning, so WHY this?  The request for these records was in 2008, after she was tapped to run as VP candidate with McCain.  Did anybody on the Left have records like these demanded of them?
Here's the piece and, within it, in red, are my comments.......

After nearly three years of delay, the state of Alaska has released 24,199 pages of Sarah Palin's emails from her first two years as the state's governor later today. 
News organizations have been fighting for access to the emails since 2008, when reporters filed open-records requests to view the messages shortly after John McCain tapped the then-largely unknown governor to be his running mate.
State officials dragged their feet on the requests--in part because of the volume of the data and the complexity of retrieving all of the emails. The messages set for release at 1 p.m. EST include emails from Palin's official state account, as well as a private Yahoo account that she frequently used to communicate with her top aides and her husband, Todd.
According to the state, Palin gave Alaska officials a CD of relevant emails from her Yahoo account.
The messages date from Palin's first days in office in December 2006 through September 2008—a period that covers most of the presidential election, but not her time as McCain's running mate. This release of correspondence also does not include her final tumultuous 10 months in office—Palin resigned in July 2009—though there have been public records requests for those emails as well.  (Why?  She's out of the governorship and gave good reason for leaving, which everyone seemed to dismiss, why ask for the emails now?)
Palin insisted earlier this week that she doesn't believe there's any big news in the emails. "Every rock in the Palin household that could ever be kicked over and uncovered anything, it's already been kicked over," she told "Fox News Sunday."
And indeed, her lawyers were able to review the emails before they were released to the media. According to the state, many of the emails set for release today have been heavily redacted, while 2,275 pages are being withheld for reasons including executive privilege. Another 140 pages are being held back because they were deemed unrelated to state business.
It's unclear if anything in the emails could harm Palin's potential 2012 presidential bid--but the drip, drip, drip pace of the documents' release could potentially prove most damaging. (which, of course, is the least this author was honest there.  Is the DNC paying for this?) The former governor's emails are being released in printed form, as opposed to electronically. Seventeen news organizations and individuals are in Juneau today to begin combing through the messages, which are spread out among 85 boxes that reportedly weigh 50 pounds each. That means Palin's messages are likely to be more than just a one-day story.  (SEVENTEEN NEWS ORGANIZATIONS?  WHY?  Did they request John Edwards' information? William Jeffers'?  Charlie Rangel's?  They did really questionable why not?)
Some media organizations, including the Washington Post and New York Times are looking to "crowdsource" the documents in hopes of funding any nuggets about Palin's time as governor.  MSNBC, Mother Jones, and ProPublica are reportedly working on assembling a database of the emails. Meanwhile the Anchorage Daily News has partnered with ABC News to scan the documents and get them online.  (Are they KIDDING?  WHY?)
The episodes of most interest in the emails are likely to be Palin's messages during various ethics inquiries during her first term. That includes the scandal known as "Troopergate," in which Palin was accused of pressuring public safety officials to fire her estranged brother-in-law, an Alaska state trooper who was going through a bitter divorce from her sister.
But more than anything, the emails are likely to shed more light on Palin's day-to-day as governor—a time that, in spite of her rise on the national political scene, is still engulfed in plenty of mystery(Her days as governor is engulfed in mystery?  really?  Why do so many Alaskans admire her so much?)

Z:  Is the Left at all embarrassed about this?   Do they see what this looks like to anybody with a brain?  She inspires SO MUCH HATE that it's breathtaking.........and she's not even said she's running!  WHY THE HATE?  WHERE IS THE GREAT THREAT?  They're scared to death of her.  What is UP?   I don't admire her anymore....I don't like the grandstanding, the open family book, the exploiting of her brand, the "always there Palin" ...but WHY THE HATE?   Even if she was running, has ANY CANDIDATE INSPIRED ANYTHING LIKE THIS MEDIA FRENZY?   Maybe if we'd just asked for 1/100th of this information from Obama........but, alas.
By the way....a very important part of this story, one that supports my own feelings on this, is the COMMENTS PAGE of the article I liked above.......almost all asking the same questions I have.  One says :
the media OBSESSION with this women borders on some sort mental disorder that these people have and quite frankly it is starting to become a bit scary.
You can say that again. 

UPDATE:  I wrote that post Friday and found this Friday night....Oh, the media is so disappointed!  Read a few of her emails HERE.



beamish said...

Hammer meets nail, nail suffers head trauma

Film at eleven :P

FairWitness said...

Good morning Z, the obsession is the same one the Left and MSM had against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. That being that Sarah Palin and Clarence Thomas both represent INDIVIDUALS who achieved their success through their own hard work, perseverance, stellar character and wholesome American values. They are PROOF POSITIVE that the Left's agenda is a LIE, that their big government "protection & regulations" are not only unnecessary, but bring about failure.

This is also about one issue:


The Left wants to keep the free and easy ability to kill the unborn in this country. They will SAVAGE anyone who believes abortion is wrong and lives their lives in a manner that honors the sanctity of LIFE. Like Sarah Palin when she gave birth to a child she knew had Down Syndrome. The Left hates Sarah Palin because she not only gave birth to Trig, but she shows the world how much love and value that precious child's life has. The Left doesn't want us to value Trig's life OR ANY UNBORN CHILD'S LIFE. The Left wants the decision to live or die to be theirs instead of GOD. They want the right to KILL! The ultimate power.

The campaign to smear, sully, discredit and ruin the reputation of Sarah Palin is about ABORTION! Just like it was with Clarence Thomas.

Ducky's here said...

"How about releasing all the E-mails between the Treasury Dept. and Goldman Sachs ?? The powers that be don't want any of that showing up to the public because we might actually see how bad the American taxpayer is and has been getting SCREWED for years now. We should all watch the movie Bulworth to gain an insight into how things really run in this country."


That comment gets to the point. Someone sure doesn't want the press going in that direction.
Better to waste time with one of the most vapid minds on the planet.
Everyone should take a look at "Bulworth" if it's in print. Very insightful.

Always On Watch said...

Maybe if we'd just asked for 1/100th of this information from Obama

Isn't that the truth?

I find the Left's obsession with Sarah Palin to be a serious mental disturbance.

Clearly, the Left fears her -- likely because they see how effective she is in rallying the Right AND in pointing how the Left is anti-America, the America in the sense of how our leaders should be following the Constitution instead of going off on their freedom-eroding tangents.

Always On Watch said...

Check out this story at BBC.

BB-Idaho said...

'Why do Alaskans like her so much?' They don't seem to.

Joe said...

I first liked Sarah Palin, then I didn't.

Now that the media is so frightened and concerned about her as to seek to destroy her, I think I will start liking her again.

One of her emails had the sinister remark: "...I'd better get back to Juno for this one..."

Oh no! The governor of a state should go to its capitol?

Such scandal!

Somehow it doesn't remind me of Anthony Weiner.

(BTW: I actually LIKED Ducky's suggestion "How about releasing all the E-mails between the Treasury Dept. and Goldman Sachs ??" Ducky and I agree on something. What is this world coming to?

Ducky's here said...

Joe, is that the one where she had to get back for a Hagee rally?

Bob said...

Great post, and great comments.

There is something psychological going on, here. The Palin Obsession and the Bush Derangement Syndrome are similar, and the left is breaking new ground in areas of mental deficiency.

I fell out of love with Sarah, too, but she still represents a threat to The Great Joker, Barack Obama, and the left can't stand that.

George Bush was a hero for freeing over 25 million people from totalitarian regimes, and is one of our great Presidents. The left realizes this and has embarked on a campaign of lies and revisionism to discredit GW.

The simple truth is that ANY Republican candidate who criticizes The Big Joke will be attacked.

That's the mentality of the left, and they are incapable of critical or honest thought.

Spurious Missives

FairWitness said...

The Left just has to destroy any successful Conservative political leader with the potential to ascend to national office. Sarah Palin will bring wholesome, righteous, good character, hard work, respect for the sanctity of life and self-discipline into the public eye. She will demonstrate that those values and virtues in a free society can be achieved by anyone. She will set an example for all of us; that big government is oppressive and produces nothing but failure, immorality, irresponsibility, sloth, avarice ... and EVIL!

Z said...

Ya, Beamish, at the end of my post I added what I'd seen last night: they're desperate and didn't find anything.

FW...I believe a LOT more about the leftist agenda is abortion...protecting their sacred cow. It's so important to them it's unbelievable.
"Gotta kill those kids!" But, of course, they're not KIDS yet, they're.......tiny Amana refrigerators?

Ducky, Geithner's too tied in for too many years with Goldman Sachs; we'll never see that truth, though Conservatives have been trying to get the media to wake up, they won't. GEITHNERTHICKASTHIEVES

As for Palin and Hagee, she has every right to see whatever evangelist she wants to...freedom of religion, even to Christians, is still something Americans honor.'re right. Maybe the obama-protecting media's not so fearful that she'll RUN but that she'll EXPOSE him...because she certainly draws a distinction between someone who believes in this country and someone who can barely bring himself to give us a sign that he does.

Ducky's here said...

z, of course Geithner is tight with Goldman Sachs.

The whole Obummer economic team is the same crew that stretches back through Bush I, Clintoon, Bush II and finally to the great St. Ronnie Raygun himself.

As long as you see this a left/right you lose.

Z said...

They were all wrong in the bailouts and we're reaping the benefits now.
Not sure who sees this as purely left/right.
But, I do resent the left's constant drumbeat that this is all BUsh's fault. (nobody on the left sees things as left/right, do they :-)

Major said...

Isn't this the same media that fought against the Patriot Act?

Isn't this the same gang of hypocrites that can't bring themselves to do the same with the emails from CAIR, or the mudslime brotherhood?

The same ones that had to be pulled kicking screaming "it's not a story" about the deviant pervert weener?

Anonymous said...

The Major is making a good point: I’m sure Arnold Schwarzenegger sent a thank you note to Weiner once the Weiner Chronicles became public. Now the left press wants to divert attention from Weiner by focusing on Sarah. The word for this is despicable.

As to Goldman Sachs, they've been running this country for a long time. I condemn Bush for relinquishing his authority to Henry Paulson, who damn near destroyed this country. I honestly cannot imagine why Paulson isn’t in jail.

Z said...

Mustang, what was Bush afraid of? He had better conservative instincts than his Dem congress did; can they bully that much? He kept warning about Freddie and Fannie and nobody paid attention.

Major; BOY, did you nail it.

Yes, indeed...the same media which hates the Patriot Act is ALL OVER PALIN's privacy......gad, that's so true. Excellent. I'm going to add that to my blog post, thanks.

Brooke said...

As you said, Major NAILED it!

Pris said...

"Isn't this the same media that fought against the Patriot Act?"

Ah yes Major, but now, in their minds, it's their Patriot Act.

All this hoopla IS PDS = Palin Derangement Syndrome, instead of the Bush Derangement Syndrome.

In fact I guess we can just come right out and call the left deranged. I mean it surely doesn't need to be qualified in terms of the latest victim of it.

The Obama campaign is also investigating Chris Cristie, who also is not running.

A preemptive attack on non-candidates they must consider viable, and a threat to their winning the Presidency.

Even if neither of these people runs, their endorsements and fundraising ability, is important.

Not to mention if they campaign for the nominee. They would be crowd pleasers, and a draw to bring in supporters and larger crowds.

I've said for years, the left are too emotional to run an orderly govt. with success, but they love a fight, and especially are expert at a dirty fight. The ends for them, always justify the means.

When they operate best is when there's chaos, and everything is dubbed a crisis. So, it's no surprise that the media's become the same way.

They're so into destroying any political threat they see to their ideology, they go into a frenzy, and are not capable of common sense, rational thought, or civility. Actually, it looks like panic to me.

And Sarah Palin? Well, she keeps her cool, does her thing, and drives the media nuts for all the world to see! What's not to like about that?

Z said...

Brooke...perfectly, right?

Pris, they are after Christie, too, I'd heard about that. It seems to me they're more nervous about those saying they're NOT running :-)

We all know the media's got the knives out there and EVERY LITTLE transgression of ANY REPUBLICAN will be found and headlined all over the's just a given.
And then there's the voter fraud.
I'll always wonder who got Gloria Allred to shut up after she'd bitched about the Houston Primaries where elderly were told to go home if they were voting for Hillary. she was outraged, and then it went away. I guess any Democrat's better than one's integrity, or protecting our country from illegal voting.

How we can win against fraud, the media, and the indoctrination of millions who actually DO believe Republicans are evil is beyond me. poor country :-(

Ticker said...

The Left and the leftist LSM continue to attack Palin, not so much as a POTUS candidate but in an attempt to destroy her credibility and ability as a cheerleader for the Right. They, the Left, know that who ever she endorses will be the next Candidate for POTUS for the Right and probably the next POTUS. They can't attack Cain, who is much more outspoken than Palin at times and will become more so as time goes on so they attack Palin.
Palin stands for all the Left hates so destroying her is the only way they can once again feel good about themselves. Ultimately they will fail and they will have to find another target.

Dave Miller said...

As people comment on the Palin e-mails, what seems to be getting missed is that the requests for these e-mails was made when she was named the VP candidate for the GOP ticket in 2008.

It has taken this long for the state to comply with a freedom of information request.

Her public papers then were a legitimate source of finding out about someone who might one day be our next President.

What I find troubling is the tendency of conservatives, many like yourselves, who say they will not support her for president, blaming liberals for that.

What are the reasons the majority of your readers Z will not support her? Are you saying you have been swayed by the "Mainstream Lamestream Media?"

What many fail to acknowledge is that much of the criticism of Palin the last few months has come from commentators and political strategist who, up until the moment they criticized her and her qualifications to be president, were widely viewed as solid conservatives.

Have liberals continued to beat up on Sarah? Yes. But the difference now is that she has also been judged, fairly or unfairly, by conservatives to be lacking.

Z said...

Dave, I did include that they were requested in 2008, absolutely.

And you said "Her public papers then were a legitimate source of finding out about someone who might one day be our next President."

Also very true; and, as I wrote on the bottom of my blog post, 'would that somebody had done that with Obama'....all the lies, the secrets; that's very distressing, isn't it.
No, this was not about a 'legitimate source finding out about someone'....I'm quite sure no rightwing media went through Obama's garbage at his home, aren't you?

I will absolutely support her if she is the pick, Dave. So would most here, I believe.
As for the media, absolutely! NO DOUBT ABOUT IT, they have done their job, they have worn us down with the insults to her, the misinterpretations of what she's said, the constant haranguing on anything she said that was actually incorrect; I saw Katie Couric on one of the late-night talk shows last week, she's STILL on it, STILL on the insulting of Palin.

SO, if Conservatives are worn down, how do you think Centrists and Indies feel? Ya, we need to find someone the media hasn't QUITE thrashed so hard. Your leftwing media makes a huge difference and it's about time what I an several other bloggers have said is finally becoming apparent, isn't it.

Ticker; Palin does stand for what the left detests: She LOVES this country, she stands by the constitution, she's for helping the small business owner and encouraging the rich to SPEND.

While governor, I remember all the kudos from the Alaskans, too.......but if you say that, someone finds the bunch that didn't like her and IT'S ALL OVER FOR PALIN :-) Apparently, it must be a LANDSLIDE of approval or a Conservative doesn't count (never mind we've never seen a landslide for any liberal, either)

BBIdaho...that answer YOUR comment? I think so.

Z said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Z said...

By the way, talk about lowering taxes, as Palin and Pawlenty and so many Republicans would like to do: Here is what the left's doing and then they scream that businesses are moving out of their state or the country:

Major said...

"I wonder if mustang and major are familiar with Alaska's open records law. Probably not."

Probably wrong, as usual.

Most of not all states have open records upon request of those serving in office.

I wonder how they missed Obama's Illinois senate records, correspondence, voting records, education records, college transcripts, real estate transactions ( Rezko ), Ayres, Wright and Hawaii who has been less than forth coming with his records.

In spite of legitimate requests. The left uses this a method to smear good people from serving in government. And at the very same time decry it's use when it's one of their own.

Face it....the left is run by gang / mob rule....anarchy, chaos, class warfare, lies, racism, deflection, misogyny and obfuscation.

With the ghost of Goebbels over their shoulders, the LSM spew inaccuracies, mob incitement and the most infamous of all acts...""The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it."

""If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth. "

The left is a war with the truth. And with all that is decent to serve their purposes.

Major said...

More insanity from one of the lefts most vile, gutter mouthed, tastless, Fems:

"A liberal actress and comedian is strongly defending embattled Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.), saying "everyone lies about sex" and expressing hope he becomes the mayor of New York City.

During an appearance on HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher," Janeane Garofalo said, "Anthony Weiner deserves to be supported and hopefully he will be mayor of New York one day. I'm serious. He is a Democrat [who] actually fights for the things liberals and progressive and rational people care about.

"I don't know why he's being thrown under the bus. He hasn't done any -- he hasn't broke any laws," she said.

The Saturday Night Live alum, who has appeared in the television shows "24," "The West Wing" and "The Larry Sanders Show," added, "Everyone lies about [Weiner's controversy] has not impacted anyone's life negatively."

She blamed the media for being "overly obsessed" with the Weiner story.
I particularly enjoy the part about Weiner supporting things rational people care about. It seems we're all just being irrational to think this turd needs to resign and get help.

On the same day the lamestreamers are poring over Palin emails, she whines about the media being obsessed with Weiner. If only they had been two weeks ago he'd probably already be in rehab.

Once more...the end justifies the means. Is there no morality or shame from these sickos?

Z said...

"On the same day the lamestreamers are poring over Palin emails, she whines about the media being obsessed with Weiner. If only they had been two weeks ago he'd probably already be in rehab."'re freakin' BRILLIANT!

Weiner's now asked for a leave of absence....hours after the Dems finally told him to resign.
He's being 'treated' , going to receive therapy ... no leftist can ever just make really bad choices, it's all sickness with them, apparently...thereby, very little condemnation. WIn/win

"POOR WEINER, he just couldn't HELP himself from sexting young women, even tho he's not yet married a year and his wife is pregnant...oh, poor man"..
I guess he didn't realize it was wrong and never thought to get help before...being caught.
Well, I hope he gets treatment for whatever he has.

Major said...

"Well, I hope he gets treatment for whatever he has."

I call it the Bill Clinton syndrome...pathological lying unmitigated or cured among the species of tenured politicians.

Whenever pols of the hollywood elite have to be responsible for their criminal behavior...they run to a Betty Ford clinic.

Major said...

More hypocrisy...more hate...more double standards from the NYT, Wapo and MSNBC. Apparently they're all incensed over the right's coverage of weener and have descended on Palin...again.

"News organizations mobilized teams of reporters and even recruited online volunteers to scan more than 24,000 pages of e-mails from Sarah Palin that were released on Friday, prompting some critics to accuse the news media of overkill at best and vigilantism at worst."

"Scores of journalists descended on Juneau this week in preparation for the release of the e-mails. deputized 40 volunteers, chosen with the help of the League of Women Voters and the Retired Public Employees of Alaska. They were the reinforcements for the team of two journalists from the Web site and six more from NBC News who flew to Juneau.


They just can't admit how slimy, underhanded and hateful they reallly are.

Major said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
beamish said...

Major's Patriot Act reference was astute. Top notch.

Major said...

"Pelosi, Wasserman Schultz, Israel tell Weiner he should resign..."

Think maybe they realize now that Miscogony and digital rape of women are no longer fashionable or defensible?

That a male member of congress that views women as sexual conquests and meat, demeans them too? And their daughters? Huh?

Ho hum...."It doesn't matter"....they say.

Let's get all over Sarah Palin again.

Conservative women.....understand this...the LSM hates you and all women of conscience. It's clear with all the calls to let weener slide.

New York and the NYT...the Mosuls of America.

Dave Miller said...

Z, you said... "Palin does stand for what the left detests: She LOVES this country, she stands by the constitution, she's for helping the small business owner and encouraging the rich to SPEND."

The implication of your statement, and I've read enough of the comments of your readers over time to know they agree, is that people on the left do not love our country.

It is this viewpoint, along with the charge that someone with whom we strongly disagree, while born in this country, is somehow Un American, that is at the root of many of our political problems today.

Because once someone is judged to not love America, or not be American, why do we need to engage them in conversation, or consider their ideas.

Major said...

"is that people on the left do not love our country."..

Give us some examples where they do.

Leftists are interested in very few things American. Selfishness....AA... hyphenation and the separation of America into distinct classes. The "haves" against the so called "have nots". The continuation of privileges rather than rights. The separation of races using economics as a justification to raid those who are more successful.

The continuation of the public sector to drain the private sector of their resources and earnings through unequal and draconian tax schemes to justify their existence.

The idea that those who are lazy, ignorant, illiterate, illegal and unproductive...somehow "deserve" equal treatment and equal access to the wealth created by others.

The I said before...are always an unruly, violent, angry mob looking for any justification to burn down the house that feeds their insatiable appetite for handouts, entitlements and freebies.

All under the guise of..."democracy"...which is mob rule.

Z said...

Dave,you said "The implication of your statement, and I've read enough of the comments of your readers over time to know they agree, is that people on the left do not love our country."

It's a horrible way to feel, believe me. Do I think all people on the left don't love America? Of course not. But, Obama and many others? Oh, would that I could see otherwise.
I don't believe you can love AMerica and not love her values; I believe capitalism is not something to be insulted or mocked for Socialism and I do believe that what the Democrats advocate is Socialism-lite( not so lite since Obama).
I believe that hanging a flag is politically incorrect and don't give a darn if it is.
I believe dissuading children from drawing a flag in school because ONE CHILD might be offended isn't the most American attitude.
I could go ON and ON and think those are Republicans who advocate any of the above and so much more?

I know it sounds utterly agenda-driven, conceited and ridiculous to say many Democrats seem unAmerican..I know that. Do you think I like feeling that way?!!!!

...Sometimes I get the feeling (with a lot of help from the left) that those on the Left think Conservatives don't THINK and are STUPID because we, you see, it cuts both ways, doesn't it.
We will 'consider all ideas' when we see everyone is fighting to close our borders, defend our country, put NATIVE BORN AMERICANS and NATURALIZED AMERICANS FIRST, Dave...
again, I could go on and on.

We need optimism, Dave...we need a president shoring us up, not bringing us down.
It's probably a cheap shot to remind you of Michelle Obama's remark about not having loved this country until they elected her husband; well...she said it, I didn't. You think Obama feels differently?

you said "It is this viewpoint, along with the charge that someone with whom we strongly disagree, while born in this country, is somehow Un American, that is at the root of many of our political problems today."

You think so? How about the 'viewpoint' that anything Republican is EVIL, Dave. Have YOU had nieces and nephews and friends in universities who have had to write papers shoring up their lib prof's anti-American, anti-Capitalist, anti-values opinions?
Do you think the network's CONSTANT negativity toward Republicans is a good 'viewpoint'?

I absolutely agree that fearing or considering the other side unAmerica doesn't help us move forward, and I can't wait to see some willingness to stop the negativity from the Left.

This is why I often say I respected O'Neil and Moynihan and Kennedy (John); they were Dems who loved this country and would put it first and believed in capitalism and the right of every legal American to succeed and not feel his success will be bled by leftists as if we're ruled by Karl Marx.

beamish said...

The implication of your statement, and I've read enough of the comments of your readers over time to know they agree, is that people on the left do not love our country.

I'll do you one better. The history of the Democratic Party, from its inception until today, demonstrates a pattern of contempt for the US Constitution and an active effort to see it abolished with the deaths of as many American citizens as possible.

I try not to impugn the motives of those that vote for Democrats, though. Most are just blissfully ignorant stupid-heads.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Major. All you have to know about BD is that it is a liar, uncouth, and stupid.

Bd said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mike said...

Good one, BD. You write the most biting satires of college kids who think watching Jon Stewart qualifies them as political pundits.


Z said...

Sorry, Mike, Beamish, Mustang...
I'm deleting Bd now...I hate for him to embarrass himself too much.

Mike, you cracked me up!

Wouldn't you ALL like to see the one lie included in the facts in my post? :-)

Z said...

Dave, by the way....I forgot to mention that I think it's TOTALLY UnAmerican to have professors and a media like ours.
We've had lies for years, from both sides; we've had greedy opportunists in office on BOTH doubt about it.

But we have NEVER in this country encountered professors and media people who are SO leftist they don't even RESPECT the other side, and I hate to break it to you all, but the 'other side' is half of this country still...yes, there are a LOT of Conservatives in this country and we saw a little of that in the Nov election last year.

THAT is the biggest gripe I have of the unAmerican left: You don't have to like our thinking, but you teach kids to THINK, one does NOT indoctrinate or punish for not regurgitating your opinions...and a media NEVER should do what ours does now..ever.

I watched CNN this afternoon; watched about 25 minutes from the top of the hour down waiting for the Weiner announcement today that he's leaving for an unspecified period of time and getting therapy.
NOTHING SAID. THat's a pretty big story, considering it's ridiculously eaten up 3/4 of the news this last week... but on CNN? ....NADA, ZIP, RIEN...
that's not journalism, that's NOT NEWS.

BB-Idaho said...

RE: "I watched CNN this afternoon; watched about 25 minutes from the top of the hour down waiting for the Weiner announcement today that he's leaving for an unspecified period of time and getting therapy.
Z, I thought the interesting part was that
Debbie Wasserman Schultz
called for his immediate
resignation...Ron Paul and
Rick Santorum did not..said it was up to him.
CNN in hosting the GOP debate in NH (I agree, MSM
is stupid) :)

Anonymous said...


Dave apparently represents a growing population of half-smart individuals who believe themselves patriotic for supporting socialist regimes and causes. They seem unaware that it was Vladimir Lenin who told us plainly, “The purpose of socialism is communism.” They stand smugly sure of themselves while those espousing a foreign political ideology hijack the Democratic Party, and then over many years they embrace it as their own. Sturdy Americans left the Democratic Party …

Dave and his ilk are incapable of appreciating the importance of our founding document. They foolishly think the constitution should “progress” through time, which in every way invalidates the inalienable truths handed down to us by our forebears. How anyone can happily destroy the fabric of America while thinking themselves patriotic is incomprehensible.

Perhaps these people are searching for that kinder and gentler place … one governed by Stalinists, where the state takes care of everything, where people don’t have to worry so much about personal responsibility; they only need to do what government tells them to do. But this is not how one maintains a strong republic —something the Romans didn’t learn until it was too late.

Z said...

Hi, BB....I'm not sure who should make that decision, between you and me :-)
Part of me feels that it's the constituents he represents who should decide since they voted for him.
I think Santorum and Paul are just trying to look like they're not 'going there' and taking the high road, don't you?

Ya, I saw that CNN is hosting the debate with JOHN KING as the moderator! I'd always admired John King but he's become a little to biased lately; I hope they can suck it up and quit smirking about the Republican debate like Wolf did today, and Gloria Borger. That bugs me SO BIG TIME.

Hey, BB...could you ever vote for a Republican?

Z said...

boy, Mustang...what a comment; that should be a blog post, too.
You said it WAY better than I could to Dave.......and I thank you for it.
I absolutely agree; it's the tough, self reliant, charitable, success-oriented, patriotic American who made this country great and it's horrid to see the Left denigrate and erase it....because it won't come back.
THen they'll have to live with that "Be careful what you ask for" adage. And so will we, unfortunately.

I had never heard that quote about socialism and communism you mentioned. Excellent.
You know how they call Pot the 'gateway drug'...Socialism is the 'gateway drug' to Communism.....sneaks up on you, makes some high with a euphoria of getting something for nothing, and then you're STUCK, HOOKED.

not that all pot smoking has to be that way, of course :-)

cube said...

I don't get the left's obsession with Sarah Palin, but then again, I don't get the left.

Joe said...

Dave Miller: "The implication of your that people on the left do not love our country."

No, the meaning of the statement is that the left does not hold the Constitution as a document of principles, but a document of rules and regulations, subject to change over time by the likes of the judiciary and society.

Conservatives hold to the strict PRINCIPLES specifically laid out in the Constitution.

CynthiaSeesitright said...

Simply because they are fearful of her.

Mark said...

Z, You asked, "Is the Left at all embarrassed about this?"

The answer is "No."

Truths about Liberals number 8: Liberals cannot be embarrassed. They lack the gene to blush.

Mark said...

Check this out!