Monday, June 6, 2011


Do you ever wonder what's behind the CIALIS ad on television?  I've always wanted to ask you, or ask anybody!  I mean, there's this ad here in the image to the left, and there was another one which had a couple sitting in separate bathtubs on the edge of a lake....that couple on the lake were holding hands, unlike this one.  Maybe this couple had a tiff? :-)
I was thinking that maybe the guy wouldn't need Cialis if they left the separate bathtubs and went into the house?  Just a thought............ :-)  
What's the thinking, what's so sexy, about people sitting in separate porcelain basins..........?  And do YOU have a couple of bathtubs on the edge of YOUR lake?  Do you HAVE a lake? !  Can you imagine who sold this idea to the Cialis bigwigs?   Seriously!?



beamish said...

the answer

Always On Watch said...

Maybe they have separate tubs for the same reason that Lucy and Ricky had separate beds in I Love Lucy?

I don't know what others think, but I'm tired of seeing TV ads for all sorts of pharmaceuticals. Sometimes, those ads state, "Check with your doctor to see if X is right for you" -- without even saying what the medication is for.

Bob said...

Z said: just a thought............ :-)

Just what were you thinking?

Chuck said...

I always found the commercial silly.

As far as the medication ads, I can say, at least anecdotally, that they have increased the use of prescriptions by patients.

I was an RN when pharmaceutical companies started advertising large-scale. I noticed that suddenly, everyone has anxiety, acid reflux, depression, etc.

Some of these people really had these conditions and the meds helped them (I am on a reflux med and it did a lot or me). The point is that the numbers of people on them were clearly too high.

Joe said...

beamish's video explains it all. Take a look at it.

Speedy G said...

An allusion, perhaps, to a sympathetic and frequently accompanying condition of incontinence? Sexual dysfunction and incontinence as medical conditions go "hand-in-hand" (no pun intended). The "prostate" is shared by several organs.

Let's face it, most healthy people would share a hot tub unless there were a "reason" not to.

Opus #6 said...

Beamish's vid is hilarious.

The bathtub has become an icon. A bar in Cozumel, Mexico has two tubs sitting outside next to the beach. Americans love it and fall down laughing.

Mark said...

I don't know.

But, it's a sensitive subject. Probably kind of hard to talk about it without snickering, so they make it an innocuous as they can.

Concerning pharmaceutical commercials-- I never saw the point of them. If your doctor prescribes a certain medication, that's the medication you take.

Z-man said...

Whenever that commercial comes on I just involuntarily change the channel, it's like a reflex.

Z said...

AOW, ...for the same reason? In this society of TV soft porn (I'm watching THE TUDORS now on Netflix!)?

Bob...just that getting out of a bathtub and into their room MIGHT work better than Cialis? !!

Chuck, glad you agree. I have wondered, too, why big pharmaceuticals advertise on TV when it's only docs prescribing but have wondered if it isn't to get people to figure they've got this ailment or that.
What really makes me curious is why they list the things that could happen if the drug's taken...including, usually, "death"! THERE's a good incentive to get that drug :-)
I'd have thought it's the doc's job to tell a patient the effects of a drug and that telling lay people doesn't help!?

you've got quite a mind!

Opus, they laugh BECAUSE of the TV ads, or just to see a bathtub outside? I just don't get the humor!

Mark, I suppose the bathtubs are better than those commercials for the same type of drug where the woman would always be the one dragging the poor guy into the bedroom from on their patio or in their kitchen...kind of dancing him up the stairs. Those used to crack ME up. It was ALWAYS the woman instigating the action once the guy'd apparently taken his drug!

Z said...

Hi, Z-man...
Funny, I do that when Obama comes on television! :-) It's a reflex!

Brooke said...

Beamish: Bwaahaahaaaaa! Idiocracy is probably our real future.

As far as the separate tubs go, Dave and I have always wondered about that, as well. What the hell is sexy about sitting outside in a butt-freezing porcelain half-coffin full of tepid and stagnant water?

And where are the towels?

Oh, and the Tudors sucks. Like you said, it's naught but soft porn. Heck, the guy they cast to play 'young Henry' is so far away from what he was supposed to be built like Dave and I cracked up in hysterics the first time we saw a commercial for it.

Go on Netflix and watch BBC's Jeckyll. It's a bit old but awesome miniseries.

Brooke said...

Oops. I meant Jekyll.

Ducky's here said...

Seems the ad has done an excellent job of imprinting the product name.

That was the goal.

Pris said...

It's pretty obvious that the Cialis ads were made to imply "getting together" while naked, without being graphic about it.

The ads were made for mainstream TV, so it had to be acceptable enough to air. It is kind've silly, but since kids watch TV, I'm glad they're both not in the same tub.

Brooke, I watched The Tudors and liked it. King Henry VIII may have been as homely as sin, but I prefer watching handsome men. I could live with the casting license they took with that portrayal.

Yes there was a lot of sex, but the drama was adult fare on cable.

There's no reason to believe that's not the way it was for a Monarch who could do whatever he wished.
There was more to the story than sex though, political, religious intrigue. Betrayal, etc.

Brooke said...

Perhaps I'll give it a second look, though Dave decided he was done with it right away.

I could've stood them casting an average looking guy, but Henry was supposed to be a big dude in his youth, an athlete with stature, not some sawed-off looking set of abs.

Just sayin.' ;)

Brooke said...

Also, please check out BBC's Sherlock. It is excellent!

FairWitness said...

I hate all of those commercials. Yuck! Who cares about whether you're ready when the time is right? Some things are supposed to be private. This is one of them.

Z said...

Brooke, i'm really enjoying THE TUDORS but couldn't agree with you more on the guy playing Henry!
It IS soft porn, no DOUBT about that...and absolutely gratuitous..
thanks for the recommendations..I hope they're on NetFlix!

Ducky. FOCUS on the subject.
I'm thinking no man went running to get Cialis because the bathtubs look cozy.

Pris, I can't imagine in those days any Lord not caring that his young and beautiful daughter,a Lady in Waiting, whom he hoped to marry off to a bigwig, was doing with anybody.... I think the sex is greatly exaggerated.
Also, I do like the series very much but you know we've emailed about Henry and I still think he's sort of handsome and a very good actor but I just can't quite 'get into him"...of course, every OTHER woman did, so I'm sure he doesn't care (smile!)

FairWitness, I'm TOTALLY with you on this. Also, can you believe what they say now for laxatives?
never mind! disgusting.

FairWitness said...

I'm with you Z. How about that commercial for Luvs diapers??? Hilarious and gross all at the same time. Nothing is off limits anymore.

Leticia said...

I honestly squirm when I see these commercials because my boys start to ask questions! They are not old enough to understand what is being advertised.

I am not sure why the two separate bath tubs, but apparently the produces believe it is romantic??

Seriously, they need to keep tone down the sex in commercials. I am tired of them.

Z said...

FW, I'm surprised they don't show stuff 'blowing' awful.!!!

I am starting to think that these types of ads are just more desanctifying the human than anything else.
WOmen can't be pregnant on TV anymore without holding and rubbing the bulge; what's that about? And remember when our moms wore those lovely loose, twirly pregnancy tops so nobody had to see the bulging distended belly button? gad.
I was at a bris recently, and a lovely neighbor of mine walked in with her 3 month old and immediately pulled her breast out and attached the little boy...A very elderly man walked in and she didn't budge. He sort of looked everywhere BUT there. APparently, it's okay that SHE was comfortable and there was no concern for the elderly man who wasn't and deserved to have HIS privacy, too! I don't believe young women even KNOW that's not something everybody really cares to see and that there's a generation of dignified, lovely older men who are so embarrassed by that. sad.
There's nothing more beautiful than breast feeding (I guess I have to say that to be PC) and it's natural...fine. Just do it in private, or put a pretty scarf over you and the baby...why NOT??

Ya, now EVERYTHING's out there; we're really no better than dogs and cats; particularly when you watch something like THE TUDORS and see sex for nothing BUT sex (which, of course, I'm not necessarily adverse to!!) want to yell GET A HOSE! be crude, there's one amazing scene where King Henry 'does his thing'...'alone'...if you know what I mean!, into a pan held by a page! As if THE MAN JUST HAS TO DO IT, he just can't control himsef!?.......poor mankind just can't be dignified and have sex, alone or with someone, in private!...boy, he gets the urge, and "if there's no girl around, GIVE ME A PAN!"???? WHAT? Ya, like a puppy!

Leticia. ..I'm so sorry for you raising children today, it's got to be SO tough. At lunch today, a friend said "I didn't mind Clinton's doing what he did with Lewinsky as much as I minded my grandchildren having to ask questions and want to know what's up" (so to speak :-)
very sad days.

And ya..imagine sitting in a cold bathtub being romantic? And imagine having bathtubs on a LAKE?

Chuck said...

Mark and Z, these commercials work quite well.

You would be surprised how much info about drugs that docs get from the reps, they can only know so much.

As far as the commercials and the reason why - it is the same reason that grocery stores put kid's cereal on the bottom shelves at the kid's eye level or candy at the cash register. The kids will raise hell until the parents give in and buy it for them.

People see the ads on TV and harass their docs about them. Many docs will give an prescription for the drug to get the patient to shut up and leave them alone.

This seems crass and few doctors would admit to it but it is true. Not all doctors do it, but enough to make the commercials worth the cost.

Z said...

Chuck, I get what you say about why drugs are discussed on TV, and appreciate your having explained it, but are you saying that DOCTORS learn from those ads, too? ...that their reps can't know everything!?

Chuck said...

Z, no - the bit about reps was confusing. The point is, doctors are influenced by more than just their education.

Z said...

Ya, Chuck, so you're saying docs learn something from TV ads, too, right?

Pris said...

I don't know Z, how many lords would challenge the king? He had the power to ruin anyone who got in his way if not having him beheaded or burned at the stake!

We're talking here of the all powerful, not some lackey who could be dissuaded from what he wanted.

It wouldn't surprise me at all if lords with high aspirations would use their daughters to gain acceptance. That was a different time, and one we have difficulty accepting.

Although, think about it. President Clinton sure used his position to get women, didn't he? Can you imagine if he was a King with all power at his fingertips?
Ugh! I'd rather not!

I don't think the portrayal of King Henry was exaggerated at all. It was a different world, and one in which I would have preferred being an obscure peasant girl, rather than a lady in waiting.

Pris said...

"There's nothing more beautiful than breast feeding (I guess I have to say that to be PC) and it's natural...fine. Just do it in private, or put a pretty scarf over you and the baby...why NOT??"

I agree with you. I was waiting in line at a checkstand in the market one day, and this mom who was checking out, got a seat, and sat down while waiting for her groceries to be checked out, and proceeded to nurse her baby while we all waited in line.

Now, she would be leaving in moments and could've fed her baby in her car, or at home, but no, she had to put on a show for everyone. Go figure!

Don't ask me what that motivation is, I can't imagine it. But, there it was.

Modesty was once desirable, now exhibitionism seems to be rampant. I have no clue why, except that the need for attention seems to be the norm, as if we all should care.

mmorelock2 said...

I watch TV with the Nieces and Nephews... they ask me about these commercials, and I tell you: I just don't want to go there. I tell 'em that there are two bathtubs because the pills make you all stinky. Now they laugh when they come on and yell "The STINKY PILLS!".

My brother hates me.

FairWitness said...

Good morning Z, about that bathtub scene by the lake; it's supposed to depict a spa getaway setting, I think. There are spas, particularly in California, that perform spa services al fresco. I think that's the setting the commercial is trying to depict. Not that makes much more sense.

I agree with your disgust at everything being out there now. I love intimacy and sex and passion -- but plastering it all over the movie and TV screens, magazines and the Internet cheapens it. It doesn't have to be tawdry, it's a beautiful, fulfilling, fun, wonderful part of one's PRIVATE life.

As for the nursing mother, she should be more considerate of others. But then again, there are many cultures throughout the world that find mothers openly breast-feeding their babies. It's not something that has been done in America, until recently.

Dan said...

I have two bathtubs next to my house next to my lake. Are you saying that you don't? Go find one... I'll buy it for you. I just received my stimulus check in the mail.

Z said...

nmoreLock2, thanks for coming by. THAT is funny!

FW, but it's what we're used to, no matter what other cultures do......our culture is what's framed that poor elderly man at the bris's thinking; an African elderly man will come in and have no problem seeing some young girl's naked breast. an American raised with decorum and privacy is going to be disturbed and embarrassed and understandably so.
I still think nothing's sexy about sitting in separate bathtubs, no matter WHERE they are :-)

Dan....that prompts more questions, but I'm too much a lady :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm always wondering how clean that water is. I mean, do they drain it and clean it each time they soak?
I say it's a bladder infection in the making.


I liked The Tudors until season 3. Henry lost all appeal for me when he hung the hundreds of rebels (women and children, too). Plus, I couldn't stand to watch him kill the gorgeous Duke of Suffolk. ;-)

Brooke, I've watched several in that Sherlock series, and I's very good!

Anonymous said...


That was a spoiler!!!!! LOL!

Z said...

JEN, he hasn't KILLED the gorgeous Suffolk yet! Oh, NO!! ARGH! (smile, I'll get over it...!!)

Ah,, is he a DISH, or WHAT? :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, he is....mmmm.
But he borders on being just a bit too pretty, in my opinion.

I like the scruffy, odd looking ones.

Z said...

Jen, I liked him in the earlier part of the series with less hair, but I can't STAND pretty boys like Selleck, etc., and I still liked this guy's face a lot :-)
He's still not dead but I have to admit I watched with baited breath!!

cube said...

I blame Bob Dole for opening the door to the embarassing ED commercials. I'm sick of them more than any other pharmaceutical commercials.

cube said...

What? What? What? Selleck isn't a pretty boy. He's a gorgeous hunk of man! Or was anyway...

cube said...
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